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24 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on August 30, 2013
First off I wanted to give a big thumbs up too AVS house for their great customer service!. I want to compare this sub-woofer too 3 others I tried: BIC F12, Energy 10.3 and the Klipsch RW-12d. I used my receiver to control the crossover and set my speakers(polk rti8, csi5) at 70 hz so everything lower was going to the subwoofer. When I first started using the subwoofer I set the volume too full, the sub was clear but it didnt quite have the same umph as the Klipsch, or Energy 10.3. Second I couldn't feel the low low vibration I could with the Klipsch. I wasn't to happy with it, I actually contacted AVS house about a return, they promptly responded with a return authorization. But during this time the sub started to break in, I also moved the sub too a different position(Corner), it seemed to react differently than the Klipsch, F12 or Energy. Now I can feel the subwoofer, but the volume was way to high, currently I have my level on the receiver set to -1 and the volume on the sub set to half, its more than adequate umph for my 2000 cubic feet room(scares the dog).

NX-BAS-500 vs BIC F12: I've had the BIC F12 for about 3 months, it was a mistake too buy I was being too cheap. The F12 can rattle the floor and get loud, but not as loud or as low as the BAS 500. The F12 is ok in Movies, but absolutely horrible in Music the Bas-500 integrates in music perfectly. Additionally the NXG is a smaller sub.

NX-BAS-500 vs Energy 10.3: The energy is a friends sub, I only used it to test for a direct comparison, its a good sub, but when the Energy is cranked up to a comparable volume as the BAS-500 it sounds very distorted and muffled.

NX-BAS-500 vs Klipsch RW12d: I bought the RW12d on a sale, the same time as the NX-BAS-500, the loser would get returned. First off the Klipsch has a control panel on the front top of the subwoofer, this is pretty convenient, the Klipsch is about 25% larger than the NXG. In music the Klipsch was good, hit very hard without getting muffled but didnt rattle the floors unless turned up, whereas the NXG even listening to low volumes, you can feel it, plus the NXG is a smoother sound. In movies during explosions I liked the Klipsch more, but in everything else I prefer the NXG, I think its a better sub. Secondly I think the NXG aesthetically looks great, of all the sub-woofers I've used its the clear winner.
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24 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on May 15, 2013
I write reviews for Home Theater Shack and one of the subwoofers I evaluated recently was the NXG NX-BAS-500. This one turned out to be a pleasant surprise, especially considering the cost. I didn't want to recreate the entire review here - because it's rather long - but if you're interested in reading it copy and paste the following link into your browser:

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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on May 19, 2013
I recently ordered this subwoofer from amazon. I had been looking for a powerful subwoofer for a good price that can reproduce the ultra-deep bass that the vast majority of in-home subwoofers fail at. I was slightly skeptical that less than $300 could buy a sub like that but the stated frequency response down to 18 hertz and the clearly high excursion speaker surrounds made me feel like this was a relatively safe bet. I've been disappointed by many more expensive subwoofers, but this is a real deal low-bass sub. This NXG gets deeper than even most 12" automobile subwoofers that I've heard. This turned out to be an exceptional sub that can handle high volume and the upper range to very low notes without distortion or lack of accuracy. I recommend you forget about most of the other less-than-$1000-subs out there and consider this one, it will not disappoint.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on September 8, 2014
I ordered this subwoofer, not expecting to be impressed. Boy, was I ever wrong.
I am using this with an audio system that occasionally does double duty as a home theater system. I use 1976 Klipsch LaScala speakers for my mains, a Belle Klipsch as a center channel, and 1976 Klipsch Heresy speakers for my surrounds. In case you are unfamiliar with these speakers, they represent an investment of about $11,000. The electronics used for testing the subwoofer is a Denon AVR receiver. Cabling is The DCVSC102 Hybrid speaker cables are constructed of four 13AWG conductors. Each conductor is made from 277 strands of wire, which make these cables very flexible. Each of the four conductors is formed from three bundles of OFHC, and three bundles of silver plated OFHC. The four conductors are joined to make 2 conductors, which are rated at 10AWG. This cable is laid out in a Star Quad configuration, which is a superior method to attenuate EMI (electromagnetic interference). This is the cable used for all the speakers, including the sub.

I gave the subwoofer a 50 hour break-in, and then sat down to do some serious listening. As a home theater sub, it does a fine job. "Black Hawk Down" and "Top Gun" provide some amazing passages, and the sub doesn't disappoint. I expected the subwoofer to be overwhelmed, but it handled these Blu Rays with grace.

Switching to music, I first demoed the Telarc DDD cd of the 1812 Overture. This recording incorporates live cannon fire, with microphones placed 10' in front of the cannons. I kicked the volume up to live concert level, and this subwoofer did not distort. THe cannon fire was like a punch to the chest. I could hear it, feel it, and almost taste it.
I then moved on to the Telarc DDD cd called "Time Warp." This cd is capable of destroying speakers, and yet this little subwoofer took it completely in stride.

Finally, I played some Jaco Pastorius bass recordings. Jaco playing 1/16th notes on the bass were fully articulated by this subwoofer. This is not a one-note boom box. The thing is actually MUSICAL.

If you can find a better performing sub for the price, I will buy a container load and sell them. I put this up against the Polk PSW505 (at $255), and the Polk fell short of the performance of this subwoofer. That's not a slam against the Polk, which is a fairly priced sub for what it delivers. I make the comparison simply to point out what great value this NXG delivers.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on August 29, 2013
The NXG flat out performs, it's the only sub I have found that will literally do it all!!! In the past I've had high end brands that sounded good as well but still the NXG smokes the competition and for the money you can't beat it!!!
Amazon & AV House rocks!!!
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on May 3, 2013
My old servo controlled subwoofer finally died. I had paid nearly $1000 for it 14 years ago. I wasn't expecting the NXG BAS 500 to perform to the level of my old sub, but I was wrong. The NXG actually has much more output and appears to go deeper. It actually rattles the door of my home theater when I played my 20 hertz test CD. The NXG blends very well with my 5 channel PSB bookshelf speakers. Music sounds great, with clean bass, not boomy, but goes low. I listen to Transformers in surround and it was a huge upgrade to my system. Highly recommended.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on March 24, 2014
Very pleased with this sub woofer so far, especially for the price. To give some context, I replaced a 10 year old Yamaha 8" 150 W sub, so take this review with a grain of salt. Poor little yammie was just OK when I was living in an apartment.
My living room is 12 x 18, open to a large dining room and entryway.The NXG hasn't even been broken in and the difference is really incredible. Had to turn down the sub for Audyssey calibration. Started out at 12 o'clock on the gain, now Its about at 9 o'clock (about 1/3 max?). and still got -8 db after Audyssey setup.
Its not all about volume though. Music sounds so much better! Integrates really well with my mains (80 Hz crossover at LR, 100 Hz surrounds and center). I listen to all types of music from Classical/Jazz to Metal. Really shines with upright bass, and kick drum! It is also a great sub for Home Theater. You can really feel the LFE. While watching "The Conjuring" on Blue Ray, my wife almost jumped out of her seat. Can't wait to try U-571.

Denon AVR-1910
B&W CM4 fronts
B&W LCR-3 center
B&W DM 303 surrounds
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on December 10, 2014
Pros: Cheap price, surprisingly low bass extension
Cons: Cheap quality (don't expect it to last long), poor customer service

I had ordered the NXG-BAS500 about 3 months ago and have been pleased with the value up until now. I noticed when I played my music one day that it sounded more flat due to lack of bass. The subwoofer seemed to have stopped working. I keep it at a little less than 50% volume and auto power on. Thinking that it might be the auto-on switch, I've tried toggling that to manual on, but that didn't resolve the issue. I've also toggled the master power rocker switch in hopes that it would start working, but it didn't change. I've switched power outlets, but that didn't work either. Normally, I would hear the subwoofer power on whether there is an active audio source or not, but it is totally silent when I try turning it on. In fact, the power indicator LED does not even light up anymore.

The subwoofer has only seen light use since I received it (only seen 2 movies with it and less than 30 minutes of usage a week playing music) and is paired with a Yamaha RX-V475 receiver via low frequency output connection. Due to the low levels of stress (never used at max potential and light usage), it is extremely unlikely that the woofer is blown or damaged. Since I don't hear the subwoofer power on, it leads me to believe it's an issue with faulty electronics or more specifically with its built-in amplifier. Item still looks new so it has not endured any abuse.

I emailed the company's support and got a response a week later that told me to test it various ways like using another input source. After testing it only to have the same dead results, I replied back to the company's email support with my results on the same day. After 3 weeks without a reply, I emailed them again to inquire on how to resolve their faulty sub and in case they failed to receive my prior reply. It's almost an additional 2 weeks now since my last message and haven't heard from the company since their initial response 5 weeks ago.
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on July 18, 2014
I researched this sub for about 6 months before deciding to buy it. The reason I decided to buy it is because the other speakers in my home theater are the NXG in wall PRO series: (3x) NX-W5.2-LCR-P, (4x) NX-W6.2-P, (2x) NX-PRO10 SUB.
I started out with the NX-PRO10 SUBs in wall in separate cavities as the right, left and center speakers so they would not vibrate or resonate the other channels. They sounded fine at low volumes but when I watched movies they made the sheet rock vibrate against the studs. It sounded horrible. I even stuffed the cavities of all the speakers with insulation. So I figured that the house was not built withstand these vibrations. (Not the speaker manufactures fault). So instead since the PRO10s are dual voice coil I took one wire from left sub and connected it to the left channel the other to the center channel. The then right I connected one to the right channel and the other to the center again. Doing this made my front sound stage sound better.
I then decided to buy one NXG NX 500BAS. I have been VERY SATISFIED with the results. The reviews are for the most part spot on. I have only used the sub with the switch in the on position. I did try the auto on position once and it did not turn on at low volume. It would be helpful if the manufacture would add a turn on lead plug so it be connected directly to the amp. I did have an audible hum after connecting the LFE cable from my Denon 2310ci. But I discovered it was because I had not plugged the sub into the SAME CIRCUIT as the Denon 2310ci. Once I did that the hum went away unless I had the volume turned all the up on the sub. The hum is barely audible if the sub is turned on with the volume all the way up without the Denon on and no other noise in the room. After playing with and adjusting the volume to the 12 o'clock position I ran the Audyssey program on the rec, the sub was maxed out at -12dB with other speakers between -1.5dB and +0.5dB. My front sound stage was crossed over at 40Hz (as low as my Denon will crossover) and the four surrounds were crossed at 80Hz. I lowered the volume on the Sub to 9.5-10 then re-did the Audyssey program. All the other speaker crossovers stayed the same and the Sub dropped to -8.5dB. I then played "Star Trek Into Darkness" Bluray in 7.1HD it was Awesome!
The area in the living room is open and I have about 5050 cubic feet of air volume. The room which includes the Foyer, dining room and kitchen is approx. 22x27 with cathedral ceiling from 8-11 feet. With the living room 16x25. I placed the sub in the rear of my living room in a corner of about 45 degrees with the port facing the wall. About 4-6 inches from the wall.
The Sub was able to vibrate my 1800 square foot house while playing "War of the Worlds" on DVD with my blue ray Player. And the volume set to 12 on the sub and the speaker level set to 0.0dB on the Denon 2310ci. I went outside placed my hand on the outside wall and I felt the vibrations from the sub.
Would I buy this Sub again? MOST Definitely.
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on September 6, 2013
I ordered this sub after reading James Wilson's review thatt he links to in his review here and after getting feedback from other owners of this sub on [...]

My sub is in a 20'x15' room that opens up into another room just as big. I didn't feel that the sub was too small for a room this size. The quality of the sound it produces is exceptional. I could feel the effects of this sub on the floor above even if I wasn't directly above the room with the sub. There is no distortion in the sound and it is very clear regardless of the source being cable TV, DVD's Blu-rays, PS3, Wii or Youtube videos.

When I was researching subs I was told to get the Klipsch Reference RW-12d 12" Powered Subwoofer which is a little more expensive than this but it can't be found anywhere. I don't regret giving a chance to this brand I never heard of before. I highly recommend it to anyone. This is worth every penny.
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