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on November 2, 2007
I viewed this film today at the Out Takes Dallas Film Festival this evening at the Magnolia Theater. The movie was very entertaining and received a big applause from the audience at the end. The cinematography was well-done and also tastefully done. It was truly an amazing experience to view this film and I recommend it to others who would enjoy a film version of an off-Broadway production with attractive and talented naked young men. I'm hoping an HD-DVD version will be available soon!
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on December 5, 2007
I saw this live in NYC about 3-4 years ago. I was so enamored with the music and singing that I very nearly forgot the singers were often stark naked! There was great risk in trying to take an excellent play and putting it on film. However, I'm happy to report that this DVD did not disappoint!

All of the songs are here, and one new song. Many of the songs were slightly reworked, all for the better! Each time, the change seemed to play to the musical strength of the particular performer. Where the cameras could add depth and dimension, it did. However, the DVD version managed to remain true to to the Musical Revue genre of a Stage Show.

As a music freak, I can say that some of the chorus pieces lacked some of the well-balanced, locked sound that I saw in NYC a few years ago. However, I don't think most people will notice. The solos are outstanding and many of the pieces actually have been reworked to have more harmony than before.

Oh yeah, and the naked guys are pretty good, too!

Buy with confidence! It's a good one.
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on December 26, 2007
What can I say? I loved this video. I had heard of the play from someone I know who had seen it. If you are gay or a straight woman, you will love this. The men are great eye candy and they can also sing and dance. I particularly liked Perky Little Porn Star. That guy is young and hot and he could also sing very well. The Naked Maid was also a highlight. Who I'm kidding? I'm gay and you will get what you paid for as the opening number proclaims, if you buy this. I have watched it several times and let me boyfriend watch it. He had the same reaction I had of shock. I wish there would be a sequel. Also, I would love to see this in person, up close and personal. The music is funny and touching in places and those guys did have a lot of nerve to do this. The gay man in me wonders if any of them hooked up afterwards. If you are a straight man, you probably will not like this unless you are curious. The fight the urge number I could really identify with. If you are gay and had locker room situations in your youth, you will as well. Beat your meat number about masturbation is hilarious. Of course if you have a TV that is capable of different views and close-ups, freeze frame on DVD, you will enjoy this all the more.I highly recommend this. This should be in every gay man's video cabinet.
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on November 23, 2008
"Naked Boys Singing" was a genuine surprise. I ordered it for the obvious reasons. However, it proves to be a delightful and extremely clever revue. Most of the singing is good, the dancing is excellent, and the performers are all attractive, although obviously not trying to compete with the Hollywood "pretty boy" image. Don't buy this DVD if you're looking for porno. After the first shock of ten good bodies appearing without clothes, the nudity seems somehow rather innocent and natural--not at all suggestive or smutty. In no way do the performers seem to by trying to "turn on" the audience. Granted some of the words are rather suggestive, but not the performers or their actions. I would recommend this DVD for anyone who had a healthy attitude toward nudity and a good sense of humor (actually a couple of the portions are very moving); strangely,if one has an open mind and carefully listens to the words, it is actually easy to almost forget about the nudity! Highly recommended for anyone who isn't afraid to view healthy nudity and has an open mind about gay emotions.
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on November 27, 2007
My partner and I saw this show off-Broadway and rolled with EXCITEMENT at all the characters and songs. It's very entertaining to hear a beautiful song by a beautiful actor and then you look down and realize he forgot his pants. Now that is where the extra entertainment comes in. But seriously, it was a great show to see and now that it's coming on DVD we are going to buy it and we recommend it to all. It became a big hit for Bachelorette Parties where all the real girls would go and see it. I knew it would be a hit even though my boyfriend was shy seeing his first nude play. He showed me yesterday and said you were right, "let's order it!" Order today at the low price and soon you'll be sitting back enjoying your own private bare broadway boys.
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VINE VOICEon December 17, 2007
The opening number in the DVD of the long-running stage show "Naked Boys Singing" about says it all. "Gratuitous Nudity" is the bait that lured many a theater goer to drop in on this musical revue, running in Los Angeles or NYC pretty much since its inception in 1998. Having made the cultural leap from gay cult show to a broader audience, the gay musical enthuasiasts who first attended the shows found themselves mixed in with the bachelorette party-types and the curious, granting "Naked Boys Singing" its ongoing success. One of the telling things about the show actually comes from the bonus feature "Nuts and Bolts," where the creator of the show reveals that "Naked Boys Singing" was born of desperation. His theater was about to close due to lack of funds, so he tried to think of the most obvious thing he could to sell tickets. The top two? Musicals and Naked boys.

Which proves a rather sad tenant about a sizable percentage of the gay male populous: put the words "Naked Boys" in front of anything and they'll rush to see/buy it. Not to say this DVD is bird-vomit, far from it. It is clever cabaret, with numbers running clever (the aforementioned "Gratuitous Nudity") cloying ("Perky Little Pornstar") and even heartbreaking ("Kris, Look What You've Missed" - featuring Jaymes Hodges in the show's best number). You're also being treated to 10 men hitting the stage in the Full Monty. Once you get past that initial novelty, you're - again - left to contemplate the 16 songs performed here.

At a certain level, you're screwed. The fact that this is a NAKED! GAY! MUSICAL! is blasted at you from almost every song to the point of redundancy. Puns about parts abound with the big message being that celebrating your body is OK, love is good when you find it, and heck, we're just having a big ol' goofy time up here. After awhile, the gimmick starts wearing thin, and the filmmakers obviously saw this coming. The show, shot part live and parts staged for the cameras, allows for some Busby Berkeley type choreography shot from overhead to give the show some dimension. It is a welcome diversion from the otherwise distractingly old school film effects.

Ultimately, despite its perky cast and eagerness to accommodate, you're still watching the film version of a stage musical...and a musical based on a singular gimmick. The cast is well suited to their roles (pun intended) and the documentary feature shows that they were actually chosen for more than their (ahem) good looks. Still, the songs didn't really stay with me once the credits were rolling, and the notion tickles the back of your brain that Tony Bennett or Pavarotti probably would not have passed the auditions because - voices or not - they would not have fit into the first two thirds of the concept. "Naked Boys Singing" is exactly what you would expect it to be, which is great for those who wouldn't likely get the opportunity to see this live on the coasts. Just don't get yourself excited by thinking it will be anything more, because frankly, this comes off as something where you really had to be there.

A modest (or is that immodest) success as a film exercise, the DVD of "Naked Boys Singing" will give you plenty to look at and opportunity to use the pause and zoom buttons of your remote. And maybe you'll hum "I beat my meat" after the show is over.
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on July 18, 2015
This DVD was released several years ago and is just as great today, as when it was released. The perfect party DVD, pure pleasure from start to finish. Joe Souza, one of the talented male performers, is a true scene stealer!
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on April 23, 2008
I was eager to see the DVD as I had not had the opportunity to see the live stage play. I expected it to swing on its singular "gimmick." It did not, not at all. It touched deep human emotions. It is interesting that one reviewer objects because it celebrates being gay. Having had movies that celebrate being non-gay shoved down my throat all of my life, (to which, I never objected, thinking that is what life is)this intelligent, eye-opening (hell, who wants to blink and miss anything!), funny celebration of being alive, gay OR non-gay was wonderful. If you have ever watched the body-fear of "straight" men in a locker room (oh, god, what if they see my pee-pee), if you are awed by the sexism of men oogling women, or tired of the heterocentrism of our society, see this movie. If you can get through "Chris, look what you missed" without swallowing hard, you cannot see what you missed. This movie wasn't meant for you at all.
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on December 27, 2013
I was surprised at this movie. I know it was posted as a gay movie. I was not expecting all the guys to be gay. Not only were they gay but they were cute and nicely hung. But really, once you get into the movie you stop gawking at the nudity and start watching and listening to the guys. Great movie. Have watched it several times and will continue watching it.
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on January 3, 2014
I ordered this DVD on a lark, not really expecting a lot from it. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that these young men are all very talented. The music is inventive and preformed with spirit. It becomes almost irrelevant that they are naked, except that the numbers all are relevant in some way. If you are looking for tittiliation, this is not for you. If you are looking for a really enjoyable musical performance, buy it!
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