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on August 27, 2012
As clearly described in the game's "Additional Info:" details. This game activates on, and requires, Steam.

However it also has the additional requirement of needing a US IP to activate on Steam. Keep this in mind if you're buying it as a gift for a non-US friend.

Update: I've spent around 6 hours now on the single player campaign. Haven't tried multiplayer yet.

The big "thing" with this game is gravity control. It was used well in a few early levels where the entire level is turned 90 degrees one way or the other. Later there is a free-floating zero G section which I found a little confusing as to which way I was meant to proceed. I doubled back on myself a few times after getting disorientated during fire-fights. The game doesn't have a map feature.

The AI partner is useful from time to time dealing with the cannon fodder, although in the boss fights tends to get shot to bits and has to be saved from death. Generally this leads to the player's death as you have to leave cover to revive your partner.

Only 6 hours in and they repeated the same mini-boss battle several times. I think they could have come up with a different type of unit to fight instead of repeating the same one over and over.

The controls are a little jarring (E to zoom?). But you can alter them to your liking so it isn't a big deal. Graphics show the game's console roots but are overall serviceable. No crashes or bugs reared their heads during my time so far with the game.

Overall it's an average 3rd person shooter that you've seen a few times before. Gravity manipulation is a fun addition, but most times you're better off shooting your enemy in the head than making them float around in the air.

I got it on sale for $10 during the labour day sale and am happy with that price. At the list price of $40, I'm giving it 3 stars. If you can get it under $20, I'd say it's a solid deal and would bump my rating up to 4 stars.
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VINE VOICEon December 10, 2012
Developed by Saber Interactive and published in July of 2012 by Namco, "Inversion" is a co-op third-person shooter set in the near future metropolis of Vanguard City. The story follows police officers Davis Russel and his partner Leo Delgado as they fight against a hostile alien invasion and search for Davis' missing daughter. Vanguard City's once peaceful existence is quickly shattered when an unknown enemy emerges from beneath the ground and begins destroying everything in its path. The enemies, known only as the Lutadores are a brutish and post-apocalyptic looking race who utilizes powerful gravity manipulation technology which they use to easily reduce Vanguard City to ruins. Amongst the chaos, Davis' daughter along with countless other children is taken prisoner and hidden deep away in the land of the Lutadores. It's up to Davis and Leo to find and rescue Davis' missing daughter and stop the Lutadores from destroying all life on Earth. Here are my thoughts on Inversion;


+ Some nice atmospheric music and soundscapes.

+ Nice looking graphics. Character models are well detailed with very realistic facial expressions.

+ Backdrop provides an excellent sense of devastation and destruction.

+ Gravity manipulation powers can be fun to use.

+ Zero-gravity sequences although sometimes challenging were a lot of fun.

+ Bloody gunplay which often involves shooting off limbs and other gruesome shots.

+ Environments can be destroyed.

+ Interesting game concept.

+ Can be activated on Steam.

Cons <Contains SPOILERS>

- Repetitive and looping dialogue from your partner can get stuck with him uttering the phrases "Come on! Hurry Up! Move it! I'm not going in there alone!" over and over.

- Plenty of stuttering and lag, even on the title screens. This can be deadly during difficult boss fights.

- Aliens have a ridiculous look and name. The Lutadores which is Portuguese for fighters or wrestlers. They look like poor Mad Max clones and are rather laughable.

- Your partner Leo can get stuck in certain areas and won't be with you again until you die or restart a checkpoint. This can make passing cooperative areas impossible.

- Some awkward controls which take some getting used to. They can be reassigned however.

- Lutadores speak in a random gibberish language and it's never fully explained how you're able to understand them

- Use of gravity manipulation can be hit or miss at times.

- Throw away story complete with a cheesy "Bromance."

- Several Boss battle enemies are reused.

- Quite a few plotholes.

- No jump or crouch options.

- Lots of invisible barriers.

- Water effects look very static.

- Bland angst rock action music.

- No Vertical Sync option.

- Lackluster characters.

- Some long load times.

- Random crashes.

- Requires Steam.

I purchased "Inversion" from Impulse for $10 during a Gamestop Summer Sale and at that price I feel like I got my money's worth. I was able to add it to my Steam library (although you don't have a choice when activating this title) and play directly through the Steam Client. The game was a fun diversion and took around 10-12 hours to complete mainly due to a few cheap deaths. I played the game solo with an AI partner but I'd imagine the game would be a bit more fun with two live players. The game's graphics were nice overall and the cover combat system was entertaining although a tad run-of-the-mill. Sadly the story is largely forgettable but there are a few twists and turns to keep you interested. That being said, this game is really about the action, not the story. By the end of the game I was glad to be finished as the repetitive boss fights began to wear on me. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed in this game after really enjoying Saber Interactive's 2007 title Timeshift. Sadly, "Inversion" isn't going to win any awards but it does a decent job of providing 10+ hours of gaming entertainment. Just don't expect to remember much of it afterwards.
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on February 3, 2013
After playing this game to completion I have to wonder it all the mainstream reviewers actually played the game or just copied each other's notes. Speaking as someone who has been playing shooters since Castle Wolfenstein on the old Apple II, I enjoyed this game -- a lot. It was immersive, and challenging. Unlike some reviewers, I found that the elements 'borrowed' from other games made gameplay familiar and comfortable ... After all, isn't that why we primarily prefer a particular genre? How many others have 'borrowed' from DOOM etc.? I had no problem with the voice acting even though some of the phrases were a bit repetitive as noted elsewhere ...but come to think of it, many of the guys that I frequently play these games with also tend to repeat some phrases from time to time ... Maybe I do too. One point that we all seem to agree on is that the game is obviously linear and you are expected, no, required to follow specific paths for much of the game. I found myself constantly pressing the spacebar to jump to places that should be within easy reach, and was frustrated by the invisible walls. There were also places where I wanted to take cover behind an object where I was not supposed to, so I couldn't. Other than that, or perhaps I should say, in spite of those minor gripes, I liked this game .. It provided about 20 hours of entertainment, including time to replay some parts to test different strategies against the many bosses. I have not played any of the multiplayer as yet, but even so, for me, it was good entertainment value.
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on January 12, 2014
I have not spent much time in multilayer, so I really can't comment on that aspect of the game.

I bought this while it was on sale to fill my craving for a new game during a rather boring period of game releases.

As for single player...
I found the storyline mildly interesting. I don't think the character attachment and immersion was as strong as telltale's "the walking dead", or even Biosock infinite. At least there is more here than just rampaging through corridors of some "infected" spaceship.

The one thing that makes this game standout from many others is the gravity gun, but it only ends up being a major tool on the occasions that you are forced to use it. You can't randomly decide that you want to scale some building and check out what hidden passage or stash might be on the 7th floor.

Boss fights are just too over-done and the environments too linear. At $40, I would absolutely NOT waste time on this game. To me, $20 would be a hard sell but is perhaps a more fair value. There are plenty of aging titles around that would be more enjoyable at that price range though. I think I would recommend waiting for this one to hit the $10 mark.
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on June 17, 2013
The game looks decent and the mechanics are solid but nothing special. Manipulating gravity is only really useful in the situations where the game forces you to use it or your low on ammo. Other then that it won't be your go to method of attack. The story is fair basic and uninteresting until the third act reveal/twist that then isn't really explained and just adds confusion to the plot. Half way through an annoying mini boss is added and repeatedly used for the rest of the game. The worst part is that the boss isn't ever really changed up to make it more interesting. You will use the same tactics every time and none of those times will it ever be particularly fun.
Overall it's not a game to avoid but not one you'd buy at anything above $20. I got it for $10 on digital amazon sale. So worth it on the cheap, pass on it otherwise. It falls squarely in the technically functional but totally forgettable category. You probably won't play this more then once and the multi-player was totally dead.
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on April 24, 2013
First off, I bought this game at $4.49 during an Amazon Feb sale. It is hard for me to say any game is not worth that price. I can say the game is not worth the $39.99 it is currently priced at.

In summary, the game is a Gears of War clone. Two main characters act and look sort of like Marcus and Dom, there is the loud veteran commander at one point, there are the drill machines where enemies pour out of the ground, and there is the rifle that looks exactly like an old Lancer. There was definitely some "cutting and pasting" going on. Inversion does add some quirks of its own with gravity related physics, some environmental destructibility, and a cool twist in the story. It reminds me of the equivalent of a good bad B-movie. One thing i appreciate, even if it is a clone, at least it controls well.

Technically speaking the game won't break your PC with requirements and the end product reflects that. It looks better than the console versions and there are some really good environments and details at times, however the character models are bland and aren't really animated all that well. Highs and lows.

The 3rd person cover shooter never really made it to PC. Just one Gears game. For PC enthusiasts this will be a nice treat, for the rest of us that have played Gears it is an average title that if you can buy under $10, I recommend. Otherwise, skip it, you won't miss any sleep wondering what you're missing.
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on September 4, 2012
Nice graphics, pretty good story. I got it for 10 dollars and at that price it was a steal. I finished the game and really liked it. I have to say at first it was easy but I died a lot after about an hour or two playing and it was challenging. I pressed on and finished the game. There were nice set pieces like a fire stage and such. I didn't play co-op but I suppose that's a nice addition to the game. It's great when PC games drop in price or have these radical sales because I'm always looking for something different to play. I enjoyed my time with this.
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on August 27, 2012
This game seems like a standard third-person cover shoot inspired by Gears of War, but the ability to mess about with gravity adds loads of extra fun to the game. Also the story and characters seem pretty generic and uninteresting at first but as the game progresses tensions develop between the main characters, and the plot becomes more interesting as there is mystery as to where the invaders come from and why they are really here. The story has a pretty amazing twist which does actually have clues earlier in the story but you are unlikely to guess in advance!

The graphics are excellent and there are decent menu options that allow you to configure the settings according to the power of your PC. Also if you have a 3D monitor or a 3D TV this game is a must-buy as it looks amazing in 3D, the game has been fully made for 3D and even the cutscenes have perfect depth. Note that you do not need to have a 3D screen to fully appreicate this game, even in 2D it looks great, but if you do have a 3D screen then it adds an extra level of awesomeness. The game has loads of bits where debris and objects and body parts and blood are floating about in zero gravity and it looks amazing walking/floating through all the floating stuff in 3D. Metro 2033 is similar, the amount of dust floating everywhere makes 3D an impressive experience.

The multiplayer is excellent fun. Normally in games like this the person who camps somewhere with a sniper rifle will win the day, but in this game you can use your low gravity power to make him float out of cover and be vulnerable. I like to then run up to them and do a melee instant-kill finishing move such as slamming them into the ground and stamping on their head. But because this game is not very popular there are not many people playing multiplayer; sometimes you can get good games with 8 people but at other times you end up with just 2 or 3 people in a match; your best option is to join the Inversion steam community group and that way organise a game with other Inversion players.

I did not have any trouble changing the controls. Most PC games nowadays have your "aim" button bound to the right mouse button, but by default Inversion binds your "aim" button to the E key and instead puts your gravity powers on the right mouse button. This is not a terribly new situation, I remember both FEAR and FEAR 2 had your right mouse button being your melee attack key and the zoom/aim button was the SHIFT key. I think Sin Episodes: Emergence had the zoom key being the Z key. Anyway, you CAN change this if you want, you can make the right mouse button be your aim key if you want. Though apparently a few players have had a bug which prevented this from working, but on the Steam forums most players have reported being able to bind actions to the mouse keys without a problem. Personally I found I did not need to modify the controls, after just a couple of minutes I got used to pressing the E key to aim my gun and using the right mouse button to fire my gravity powers.
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on July 1, 2014
..if the game would be well ported to pc, if it would not piss me off by spawning me from far away from my death, meaning I had to do at least 4 minutes of the same things I've done before death, which were totally unnecessary. And that you repeat every time. The plot is not all very exciting. The characters are okay and graphics are all right too.
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on March 31, 2013
Okay game.
Nothing special but can be fun with a friend (coop)

Just don't expect much and you will be okay

Wait for price drop 5-10 USD max, grab two copies and play

Again, its not bad with a friend, but all in all its an average game..
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