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on March 4, 2011
Let me say that if this game was any more than $20 it would not be a 5 star game, but fact is that it is a $20 game and it is one of the best $20 Wii games I have ever played. You get awesome remixed games that are a lot of fun, and they include Pac-man in them. The arcade classics are also very well done and there is a nice collection of them here. This game even includes Pac-Man the arcade version and for any Wii owner that loves that game well this is the best way to play it on the Wii because the NES version can't even touch the arcade version.

At the end of the day this game can last you a long time if you want to keep getting high scores, and some of the remixed games even have levels and worlds to play through. This is a very fun game and you will have a hard time finding a better $20 Wii game.
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on July 28, 2011
My son came home from camp after playing Dig Dug on an old computer there, and nearly begged me to get Dig Dug to play at home. I hadn't even considered getting it for Wii because it's such an old game that was originally an actual arcade game. I did a quick Google search and found this title that bundles Dig Dug and a bunch of other old games that I remember into one convenient package for Wii. It also adds some new versions of a few games like Pacman, which are not as much fun as the originals, but interesting to play for a short time anyway.

For anyone jonesing for a nostalgic return to the days when you were constantly begging for quarters from your parents, this title is a great value and good clean fun. My son and his friends have even said that they like these older games much better than the new flashy graphics games. Go figure!
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on September 8, 2011
I bought this mainly so I can play Galaga and my son can play some of the other games. The user interface for selecting the games is cute the first time it is used, then tedious. You have to roll the pacman ball around as though playing a game to get into the right venue to pick the game you want to play. Ugh. Games like Galaga are played with the nunchuk which has a very odd feel and game play because the hand that is gripping the nunchuk has to press the fire button while your thumb or other hand has to move the tiny joystick. I tried the Wii Classic Controller Pro and it is not compatible with this (or at least not compatible with Galaga). On the plus side, the performance and fidelity of the games is good once you cope with the controller weirdness.
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on July 16, 2012
I have a Wii system that I thoroughly enjoy. I don't have a lot of games, but the ones I do have get used a lot. I ordered this Megamix for one reason... it has the Xevious game (one of the 24 games it comes with).

I didn't play a bunch of video games back in the day, but one I do remember that I enjoyed playing was Xevious - it was a game in the rec-room of my dorm about 30 years ago.

The fact that there are 23 other games in the Megamix is nice.

This game disk says the nunchuck attachment is required to play. Though all the games I played allowed for alternate control configurations to be used, some of which don't require touching the nunchuck at all. For example, in Pac Man, you can use the "Plus" sign on the wii controller to control the pacman through the maze *or* use the little joy stick control on the nunchuck.

I have to say that with the wii controller + nunchuck I struggle with controlling the activity during the games. It's not the same thing as standing in front of the video game and leaning into the buttons :) One thing that is annoying is that on the nunchuck the little joystick has 8 different directions it can be placed into (as opposed to just 4) so I have found that a little awkward when trying to control a car or a pacman or a jet plane in one of these old timey arcade games that only have 4 directions that they can go (i.e., forward, backward, left or right).

The graphics are comparable to the original.

As other commenters have pointed out, when you start the game disk, you are placed in an environment that you have to physically navigate, as a 3D pacman, to get from game to game. There are 5 or 6 portals to different "re-mixed" games (e.g., a re-mix of pacman is a 3D pacman game, the re-mix of rally X is a little more realistic than the original game, and you get to choose your mii to ride in the car). To get to the other 18 or so of the original arcade games you need to navigate to the "Arcade" portal by rolling the 3D pacman to the door and then enter.

Then you have to roll the 3D pacman to each individual arcade game to see which each one is, and then select it to play.

Kinda klunky user interface.

A vintage arcade game store near my house sells reconditioned original arcade versions of these games for about $2000 a piece. If I had 2 grand to blow I would definitely prefer getting the real thing. In the mean time, this game CD for the wii for less than $20 will have to serve.

I don't think I'll be playing this frequently but I'm glad to have in my collection.
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on September 5, 2011
Arcade perfect classics! The only problem is, you have to use the nunchuck to navigate the menus, THEN switch that out for a classic controller.
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on March 24, 2012
I loved my old atari system & games as a child. Pacman was a favorite to play. I bought this game because it has several pacman games included. My favorite is a newer version of the original pacman that allows pacman to jump over the ghosts as he travels thru the maze. It also has the original pacman & a ms pacman game on here. There is also a more modern pacman game I had to figure out as it seemed to have quests??? (probably the wrong word to use as the main focus on this game is to collect pac dots in order to continue each portion of the level you are playing in as all pacmans are, but its set in scenes like say super mario brother games are instead of original pacman mazes). Being rusty on gaming and new to wii at the time, it took me awhile to realize if you shake the remote & bounce into the boxes, you break them--and many of them contain pac dots inside that are needed to continue. And to break the metal boxes you need to be wearing the metal armour suit. the metal suit is also needed to collect the dots that are located under water. I got bored with the modern version and rarely play it anymore. My 5 yr old plays it, though less now than he used to. Originally he needed my help alot and would become VERY frustrated whenever he would have to go back to collect enough pac dots so he could continue each segment they have per each level. He has gotten better at it and doesn't ask for my help that much. My son also enjoys the pacman space game where pacman basically travels down a slide and shoots at all the "aliens" that try killing him as he tries to get to what I think is a launching pad of some sort. He seems to enjoy that game and somehow does better than me at it. There is also a pacman racing game which he plays often & seems to enjoy but becomes frustrated by it. (I am bored by this game as I prefer the more modern graphics for racing). Before he can collect all the flags, whatever it is chaising him ends up killing him first. This wii game pack has some other non pacman atari games, but I haven't really played them to comment about them.

I will say this about the more modern version of pacman that makes you collect pac dots to continue progressing in the game... when I first put the game in my wii, I didn't realize if you moved your pacman around to the left or right (rather than just forward) you could "roll" thru a courtyard to enter individual buidings that then allow you access to play these games. One building is an arcade which has ???15 games or so. A few other buidings only offer 1 game in them. If you don't roll pacman to the left or right, you will always enter the modern pacman game.

Having said all of this, for less than $20 I do feel this is a good bargain with all the games you get, especially if you love pacman. I wouldn't pay anymore than that for it though. And if you are an avid gamer looking for effects, this probably isn't for you. If possible, I'd recommend renting the game before buying it if you are unsure about it.
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on August 21, 2012
I bought this disc for one reason and one reason only: Galaga. After becoming used to the new control method for Galaga, I have to say that it is still the greatest game ever! I still love it and I got my purchase price worth of fun on the first night I owned it.
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on January 7, 2012
This is one of the best games ive played on my wii. You get all the old classic's that are or seem to be run on an emulator so you get the real deal just like in the day, not a bad attempt at a copy. Also the remix on all the game's are a great addition and very fun. I read a reveiw about not being able to navigate through the arcade without numchuk,then when you choose the classic game you want you can then switch out controller for classic controller, its true and somewhat of a pain i know. But it's the only flaw of the game,well worth the $20.00...Enjoy :)
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on April 19, 2013
The WII controllers and classic controller don't really work very well for certain games like Pacman. Also the buttons don't work for certain games when you try to exit and you get stuck in this crazy loop where you can't exit games. The interface to get into the games is just ridiculously complicated and silly as well. I was really excited about this but I have been disappointed. Knowing what I know now I would not buy it.
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on October 10, 2011
When I was about 14 Pac-Man came out. I loved it as well as Galaga and Galaxian. This collection is great not only for the retro games but the re-mixes are better than I expected. They did a great job with Galaga - it's fast and fun.
For the money this game is a great value. It's amazing how video games have evolved over the past 35 years!
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