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on February 24, 2014
I watched this movie with a bunch of friends...we were crying and snorting because we laughed so hard. Warning...very dirty, crude and ethnic and sexist jokes all the way through. You have to be able to laugh at the world because everyone takes a hit in this movie. Christopher Meloni, almost unrecognizable at first, so funny, Robert Klein...great, Mario Cantone at his screeching most hysterical, and the rest of the cast delivers joke after joke.....the premise Christopher wants to make a Dirty Movie and populate it with jokes. You have to be prepared for really crude (National lampoon, HELLO) humor. Totally hysterical, I have to watch again because I know I missed some laughing so hard.
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on June 1, 2015
Vulgar, racist, sexist, homophobic, etc and so forth. I can't think of a segment of society this movie does not take aim at. It is hysterical! Who knew Christopher Meloni could do utterly ridiculous comedy so well. Thank you National Lampoon for making me laugh until my stomach hurt!
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on February 13, 2014
National Lampoon movies started out very funny and well done with the Chevy Chase films, and then they went boring and near humorless...until this low budget sleeper slipped in under the radar. It's not 100% on with all its skits and jokes, but there are so many and at about 80% "laughing out loud funny", the movie is far funnier than pretty much anything else in recent memory. It's not up there with the the Coen brothers movies like The Big Lebowski or like Idiocracy, but it is still very funny and warrants multiple viewings. If you are unfortunate enough to be one of the humorlessly super-sensitive PC types, stay away. This movie will, rightfully, offend you.
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on October 17, 2011
This movie certainly had a lot of potential to be a classic, or at least a cult comedy classic. But it failed to hit the mark and push the boundaries that could have made it great. The premise of the movie is that is not a movie, it is jokes. However, what you do get in the "movie" is some clown who is talking you through this stuff, and goes off to meet the movie executives and hires the cast etc in what seems like HIS movie never gets finished, but in between we do get the joke skits and people young and old telling jokes.

Had the movie just done what the guy was saying, and been jokes and skits, it probably would have worked so much better and been a lot funnier, but by the end of this movie, I was tired of seeing the Hollywood Style Producer and his troubles that are bringing his movie down.

However, in between, the skits and jokes range from a few good laughs, to a, why is that supposed to be funny? While also blended into the mixture is a few "hey, I've already seen that joke played before". This movie does try to bring in classics such as Little Johnny, but I guess National Lampoons are unaware of the 2010 cartoon movie from Australia titled; "Little Johnny: The Movie" made by Kevin Bloody Wilson. Also, many times in this film, I knew what joke they where doing as soon as they started, a lot of the jokes have been around for years, but the idea of this movie is to bring them into a visual experience. Some I thought where not bad, but others I think work much better by telling them, rather then acting them out... and then quite a few others I thought, If I was directing this scene, I could have got the actors timing or reaction times better to make the scene play out funnier and better... in other words, you watch the scene and think, that exact joke could have been better then the way they acted or preformed that joke.

And as an old saying goes, you know you where a child of the 80's when you remember when Chuck Norris was considered cool, Slap Bands where the big fashion, and National Lampoons was considered funny. This movie is not going to elevate them to the top of the comedy game, as in the last 15 years or so, they have had a few decent films, but nothing that would be regarded as high as Animal House or the Vacation movies. So with that said, I can say this one here, well, it wasn't that bad, but again, had so much potential to be so much better had they done more of the jokes instead of the stupid movie maker thing, and done jokes that truly reflected what they talked about in the movie, but didn't tell or show. I'd also say I regard National Lampoons Senior Trip and Repli-Kate to much more recommended viewings then this one, but at the same time, it leaves something like Bag-Boy's or whatever it was called for dead.

This is going to be a hit and miss for viewers... if you like dirty jokes, but have heard them all before, this may interest you a bit to see how they are acted out visually... if you have a sense of humor and don't mind a dirty joke, but don't know many, this movie might seem hilarious... for those of you who think something like Greys Anotomey is hilarious when the head nurse says something stupidly sarcastic and laugh because "it was so out of character for her to be a smart alec like that" then don't bother watching this.
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on March 22, 2011
if you like chris meloni from law and order, you'll see him like you've never seen him before. and that includes these goofy looking teeth and glasses. the plot of the story is to make a movie of religious, ethnic, and sexual jokes of all types. this movie really pushes the limit on the jokes, too. and that's why i liked it. the acting itself is bad, but not the jokes. they are funny. that is if you like the comedy of lisa lampanelli.
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on July 27, 2014
This is a silly, delightful farce of a movie. it is great to see Christopher Meloni come back to his comedic roots and the rest of the ensemble cast make this a movie to be watched over and over again.
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on August 8, 2013
I caught a glimpse of this movie on cable, and had to track it down and find it. I laughed so hard at what I saw, that my sides ached ! ;)
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on February 18, 2011
A man with a dream of making a movie with only dirty jokes (Meloni) goes to the head of National Lampoon (Klein) to get it made. It seems like forever ago when National Lampoon was in it's glory days (Animal House, Vacation). The last 10 or so have been pretty bad, this is the best one they have made since the original "Van Wilder". There is nothing to this movie but dirty joke after dirty joke acted out, for example there is a kid playing "little Johnny", etc.... Alot of the jokes are very offensive but I could not stop laughing. The best way to watch is in parts...after 20 min it loses its appeal becoming to repetitive, but I actually found it funny and if you are looking for a movie you don't have to thing about and just watch, then this is a good choice. I give it a B-.

Would I watch again? - Yes - With some of my friends who haven't seen it.
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on February 23, 2011
Theres a main feature with a bunch of little skits. The "main feature" as I call it is not bad, some pretty good acting. A couple of guys try to make a "dirty movie" meanwhile throughout the movie you see skits of dirty jokes. Some jokes are funny, others are down right offensive. The joke about the Priests, acne and 13 year olds....yeah many people may stop the movie after that one. It's funny in a sick, twisted, disgusting way. if you watch this movie please have an open mind. You will not enjoy it if you get offended by sex jokes.

One more thing. Having kids smoke, talk about sex, drugs and killing and using profanity...I'd have to draw the line there.
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on March 11, 2013
I love this movie but it's not for everyone. There is a lot of crude humor in it but that's the kind of movie I like. The only reason I bought it was because Cyndi Lauper was in it and I was a little disappointed because I wish she was in it more but it was awesome.
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