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on January 2, 2013
Paris a good actress? Movie simply amazing? Clearly a large amount of viewers have no taste in quality movies and/or acting.

What cracked up mind came up with this movie? All of the acting is horrible, the cinematography abysmal, and the plot is pretty much nonexistent.

While it is a film I will never recommend to someone for it's cinematic value, I would recommend it to people who want a good laugh, but it's not necessarily because of the humor, it's because of how awful this movie is.

Paris Hilton was apparently an executive producer.....first, it has become clear this chick has no talent and should not be working behind ANY camera(or in front of), second, did Hilton even go to college? Everything that happens in this disaster is supposed to be a portrayal of college life. WTF, nothing like what happens in this rotten piece of filth happens in college.
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on January 30, 2007
I like this film because several reasons, unlike most of the National Lampoon's I've recently seen, this was the least silly & disgusting. there was a better plot to it, Paris Hilton is a fine actor! alot of people would say she's playing herself in this movie but if u think that, then u don't really know her. but I'm not getting into that. now to the plot, Veronica(Hilton) is the hottest girl in the school, popular, dating the "hottest" guy on campus & is totally rich! looking to win a chance to get a photoshoot for FHM, she needs the hottest girls to compete with her. only that doesn't go so well when she starts treating some of the wannabees like crap & they decide to retaliate. there is a journey of self-discovery, lessons to be learned but it's not a big part of the film & kinda comes from nowhere. lots of this doesn't make sense but who cares. it's a very cheesy flick but it has humor, nudity, all the things u'd want from a National Lampoon's flick & I give it points for trying something new & actually having a point to the film! I say it's a good film to see, though maybe not a family film, it's still worth your time!
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on October 12, 2011
You usually go into a national lampoon movie thinking you will be relatively entertained. While this almost ends up doing the job it didnt look like it was professionally done...more like it was made by a couple of college kids. The editing wasnt all that slick. Some of the jokes were dumb. Expected more really. Nothing to write home about.
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on December 30, 2006
I was expecting a college comedy with plenty of college girl T&A. But the T&A was minimal, only a couple of quick scenes. And the movie was only slightly entertaining. Since the movie wasn't very entertaining for me (a male), and most of the stars of the movie are female...and the males in the movie are portrayed as idiots (fools), and the plot is mostly about girls trying to get into a sorority....I'm thinking this movie must be a "chick flick"...a movie for girls. Guys will hope to see enough college girl nudity to be interesting, but they will be disappointed. Some Paris Hilton fans may like the movie, but be sure to note that Paris Hilton does not get naked in this movie (...but a few other girls get topless). I wouldn't be surprised to see some girls disagreeing with my assumption that this movie is a "chick flick"...maybe its just a little dull for everyone...(barely watchable).
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on January 5, 2010
All critics called it really bad but in my opinion, I think this is a pretty good movie. Why didn't they criticized Ashlee Simpson as much? I think her movie was far worst than Paris Hiltons. Of course, if you're a Paris fan, you'll probably enjoy it like I did. She started acting in this movie so, nobody could expect much but I think she did a pretty good job for a first-timer. I give it 5 stars despite all the critics out there. PARIS FOREVER!!!
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on March 17, 2012
I purchased this travesty because I mistook it for the way National Lampoon USED TO BE, but not anymore.
Seems they will put anything or anyone in front of a camera today and call it entertainment..
I apologize for the 1 star, but Amazon won't allow a lower rating...
It's all my fault, for sitting through most of this whatever you call it...
Another 90 minutes of my life, wasted..
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on January 3, 2007
My sister made me watch this film with her on Christmas day, and I was surprised that it was not a chick flick. It has a lot of raunchy humor and hot girls, not expected. Paris and Paula Garces are very cute and there are dozens more to stare at. Geoffrey Arend is f'n funny. It's like watching a playboy movie on steroids that's funny with a story. What more can a guy want?
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on May 17, 2013
Love it excellent shipping excellent movie funny, cute, excellent line , excellent for kids and adults , to be kids again , teenage , so be smart go buy it now and enjoy it go go now have fun with your family .
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VINE VOICEon April 29, 2007
PARIS PARIS PARIS, where do I begin

I know you are a lil rich kid, who is trying to make it as a media star, you know TV seroes, record deal, pin ups. and movies...and your choice are farely great to highlight you...However, this movie is a step back for even you.

This National Lampoon film is neither an ANIMAL HOUSE nor a VACATION. It is real weak film versions of the American Pie series combined with Bring it On and Legally Blonde films without the cheerleading. John Waters could have made a better film in his sleep..and I think he has!

The plot is confusing story line. Also with 30 year old adults trying to play college cut ups, it seems like these "KIDS" seem too old to do some of this CRAZY STUFF.

Their sight gags may make anyone gag. The pie scene steals from ANIMAL HOUSE's & Blazing Saddles's food fight and old three stooges movies..and Paris, you get not a drop of pie on you (AMAZING since you are inthe middle of the tossing)

The one star is for the star of the film, Ms Hilton...who is her screen time makes herself seen. It does not always advance the plot much, but she is beautiful to watch.

Bennet Pomerantz AUDIOWORLD
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on May 18, 2008
Victoria English (Paris Hilton) is the rich, beautiful, and sadistic president of the Gamma Gamma sorority. She delights in torturing her underlings and is especially cruel to new pledges. Victoria excuses her behavior by thinking that everyone wants to be like her anyway. Her goal in life is to grace the cover of FHM magazine. The magazine is running a contest to find the hottest sorority and Vicky is willing to do whatever it takes to win the coveted title. What it takes is for her to relax her tough standards of admittance to the sorority and allow girls that she would never think of speaking to pledge. Victoria searches for girls who she thinks will be so flattered by her attention that they won't realize that she is setting them up for public humiliation. The freshmen dorm has been closed down thanks to an exploding toilet and luckily for Victoria they are in need of a place to stay. The cliches abound since the group includes a fat girl, a lone black girl, a few lesbians, and a hot exchange student. She is of Indian descent and since no one can pronounce her full name they call her Poo Poo for short. There is also an older woman who is pledging in the hopes of sleeping with some hot college guys to get back at her cheating husband. The wife has just undergone a disastrous boob job which she's more than happy to show off to her terrified roommates. The movie gives us our heroine in the form of Paula Garces. She's the one level headed girl of the group which is to say she is the most sensitive and vulnerable. The freshmen meet Victoria and the hazing begins. First up for the girls is hunting for used condoms at four in the morning. As the Garce's character performs her degrading task of finding used rubbers she meets Victoria's abused boyfriend who she has just kicked out of her room forcing him to sleep outside on a picnic table. He is played by Simon Rex. Sick of putting up with Victoria he helps the freshmen bring her down and end her reign of terror. The cast isn't exactly strong if Hilton is your main star but they do decent enough considering the lack of material to work with. There is some comedic talent in the presence of Reno 911's Kerri Kinney as the horny wife. D lister Taylor Negron plays a Kama Sutra professor who is the recipient of a lap dance from Hilton.(Her double that is.) Carmen Electra shows up for one scene and the filmmakers even saw fit to throw Paris's aunt into the mix by having her play a fashion teacher. As you might expect from a DVD that bills itself as "the naughty version" there is a generous amount of nudity. This is where the director goes all out because why have one topless chick onscreen when you can have five. It's all the nudity and sex in the film which bothered Hilton and caused her to disown it. This would have marked her film debut but it was held up for a while (wonder why) in which time House of Wax was released first. The funniest moment in this film occurs during the credits. After William Heins is identified as being responsible for this and Hilton is implicated as one of the producers a title card comes up saying "Additional Scenes directed by Stratherford.." I won't name names here Stratherford but it turns out that all the nudity was an afterthought. The producers didn't think the film was appealing enough so they had someone go back and insert more sex into the film hoping to reach a wider audience. Pledge This is like the teen version of Caligula. Hilton and the director thought they were making a serious film but sneaky producers sexed it up and completely ruined the finished film. What do people expect of a film that stars Hilton and that went straight to DVD? Of course it sucks so don't even waste your time or money if you hate Paris and think the film looks terrible. I personally love bad movies and usually find some redeeming thing in them but I can't say that I found anything in this film. There are three good looking women to enjoy though. Hilton, Garces, and Noureen DeWolfe (Poo Poo) are all very attractive ladies and they all appear in their underwear at some point. The lone bonus feature is a making of which features Hilton being mobbed by the press at Cannes where she promoted the film. It also features such acting heavyweights as Randy Spelling and Geoffrey Arend (the pyramid scheme guy from Garden State) boldly declaring that Pledge This is going to become a new comedy classic. Keep dreaming guys.
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