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Flavor Name: Green Pea & Chicken|Size: 10-Pound|Change
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on October 2, 2012
I picked up a sample of this stuff at a health fair and figured that I would just use it as treats and keep my cat on her Iams. I came home and gave my cat her normal "welcome home" snack which she normally eats with a standard amount of cat excitement. I actually thought that she would be disappointed-- it's just cat food, after all, akin to giving a 5-year-old a carrot when he's expecting an Oreo (right?)

Not the case. When I gave her a piece of this food she went bonkers. She even jumped on the shelf and knocked over the container to try to get more out and continued with this behavior for an hour until I hid it in my sock drawer. the next morning when I opened the sock drawer she ran right up and demanded more NOW. I have never seen her love a food so much! It's crazy, I feel like I am living in the middle of a cat food commercial for this stuff.

I notice that most people seem to be buying this food for health reasons, but I am buying it because I am afraid that my cat is going to murder me in my sleep if I don't.
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I've always half-joked that I have a bulimic cat... she throws up just about every day, often right after eating. I took her to two different vets about it and both of them ran a bunch of tests and told me that some cats are just like that... but that she was fine and healthy. I tried many things over the years to try to remedy the situation-- smaller portions of food at a time, more oil in the diet, hairball remedy food, a water fountain, multiple switches of food brands, etc. No one ever told me that my cat might have food allergies, nor that MANY cats are allergic to an ingredient that's in more than 90% of store brands.

FINALLY, a friend suggested that I try a hypoallergenic cat food. I'd never heard of such a thing, but came here to investigate and went with the positive reviews. So glad I did. We're now down to one vomit per week rather than every day. And I think that's mostly because she gets into ridiculous things, like eating my daughter's plastic grass skirt.

Honestly, I've had this cat since her birth 14 years ago and I can't believe I never heard about this sooner. All that trauma for her and me could have been avoided! Without a doubt, if you have a cat who throws up a lot, give this a try. It's a bargain considering what it could do for you and your cat.
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on January 29, 2008
We adopted 2 cats from our local shelter - and picked the two who had been there the longest. Tink is a grey and white shorthair who had been found with wire wrapped around his paw and had to have 2 toes amputated. He had terrible dandruff and a bad body odor. Moe is a big ginger tabby - and he had terrible, dibilitating diahrhea, fur loss, weight loss, dry brittle hair. After numerous vet visits, a vague diagnosis of possible IBS, steroids and other assorted drugs with no improvement, I started researching. I was getting desperate - Moe was, quite simply, dying. I kept coming across articles about food allergies/intolerances. Both cats had been on Hill's Science Diet (as are all the other cats at our shelter). First ingredient? Corn. What self respecting cat eats corn? Other ingredients included corn and wheat glutens. I suspected that was the problem, so trotted down to our local Petco and started reading labels. Two hours later, I left with a bag of the Duck/Green Pea dry food and cans of the Duck/Green Pea canned food. I weaned Moe off the steroids and stopped all the other drugs, and within 3 days (THREE!!) the terrible diahrhea had stopped. Within two weeks, I could feel and see a difference in hair coat. Within 6 weeks, Moe went from a sickly 8 pounds to his expected weight of 17 pounds. Tink's dandruff and bad body odor disappeared.

So, having witnessed for myself what this pet food can do, I switched my dogs from Nutro to the Natural Balance Ultra Premium formula. Both of them (a Sheltie and a Bichon) improved in hair coat, breath and dry skin.

Three months ago, I found an orphaned new born kitten. I bottle raised her and weaned her to the Natural Balance Duck/Green Pea. She loves it and is thriving. Healthy, happy, with a gorgeous hair coat and energy to burn. And then a 4th poor cat soul joined our family. Black Jack was at the Petsmart Satellite Adoption Center. He was enormously fat (they kept him in a cage with food in front of him 24/7 - again, Hills) so of course - he ate. 27 pounds of fat, pretty ugly, cat. He had terrible rough, dry hair, excessive shedding and the worst case of dandruff I have ever seen. On top of that, he is rather homely - so no one wanted him. But he is a big time lover and badly needed a home - so he got his forever home. He too was put on the Duck/Green Pea. A bath, regular brushings and a much better diet, and Jack is also greatly improved. The dandruff is gone, his coat is greatly improved, with healthy, good hair growing in, he has lost a pound (more to go), he is healthy, alert - and very happy.

I have to give this pet food 5 stars - it literally saved Moe's life and has improved the health and general condition of all of our furry friends. While the Duck/Green Pea formula is for allergy problems, all of our cats are thriving on it. With 4, I had to feed one thing for all - and this food is the ticket. High quality, manufactured in USDA approved plants, gluten/grain free, and without the normal protein sources, etc that can cause food allergies/intolerances. I would highly recommend this particular formula for cats with allergies and would also recommend any of their other formulas, both for cats and dogs. Moe thanks you, Dick Van Patten - and so do I!
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on March 27, 2012
My guess is Natural Balance has recently changed their Chicken & Pea L.I.D (Limited Ingredient Diet) formula, or their factory has been using different replacement or substandard ingredients! I have been feeding the Chicken & Pea L.I.D to my cats for months now & they have been doing great off of it as you can see from my previous review on this product. Then, in mid February 2012, I opened a new bag for my cats and the coloring of the crunchies were a much darker color than they used to be & my cats wouldn't even eat it! So I went and purchased a new bag from a different store to see if the 1st bag was just a bad batch & this time the crunchies looked normal, however within a week, one of my cats got blood covered stool (which took 3 months to go away!), and my cat with the sensitive stomach started acting mopey & sick. After 2 weeks he would barely walk around. Several tests later the vet found that his intestines were swollen along with his stomach lymph nodes & he had developed pancreatitis. He's off the food now but still recouping. Apparently my cat isn't the only one with problems recently with the Limited Ingredient dry crunchies according to reviews on! Customers on there have the same complaints with the cat & dog dry L.I.D food over the past few months of it doing the same thing to their animals too! Natural Balance doesn't have my business any more, that is until they no longer have Diamond Pet Foods package their products. After doing some background research on Natural Balance, Diamond Pet Foods (who packages for them) has constant recalls & complaints. They have one going on right now actually & were one of the biggest culprits during the 2007 major pet food recall. Just keep an eye on your pets if you purchase this, and also watch for a runny nose or sneezing, my cat no longer does either since taking him off of this food.

Five Stars!!!! One of my cats has a very sensitive stomach but does VERY well on these crunchies! And my other cat had bad dandruff but after a couple of months on this food its completely gone! Her coat looks beautiful and she doesn't frantically lick her back anymore! Both of my cats seemed to prefer this flavor over the salmon L.I.D but all cats are different. So glad Natural Balance makes this!
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on July 29, 2010
This line of Limited Ingredient foods for cats & dogs are excellent. This was the only food our cat could tolerate. All allergy symptoms completely allegiated. Originally purchased at our vet, we saved 50 percent by buying on
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on June 16, 2011
I truly believe I am not exaggerating when I say this food saved at least one of my cats' lives, if not others. I have seven, so finding food that pleases all of them can be a challenge even though they really aren't picky eaters. I had been feeding them Iams since my husband and I adopted our first two cats in 2000 until finding out Iams had been sold to another company. We noticed a change in quality and one of my cats stopped eating and became very ill, which I remain convinced is partially the fault of the food. After his death to cancer a year later, and much research on the benefits of a raw or at least wet food over dry food diet, I switched them to a mostly chicken canned wet diet until I could gather the supplies I'd need to make raw food.

The kitty gods were not smiling on us, however, as one of my cats developed severe itching and scratched his chin and near his ears bloody. He was allergic to chicken. I immediately switched them all to the Duck and Green Pea formulation, which he (and most of them) loved and tolerated well. Unfortunately our newest kitty, who is barely over a year old, is tiny. And I do mean TINY. She barely tops the scale at 3 lbs. And she decided she did NOT like the duck. Even worse, Jinx's allergic symptoms began to return. He seems to be allergic to all poultry. So we switched them again, to the Salmon and Green Pea flavor. The difference is astounding! Tinycat loves it and has gained a significant amount of weight (that she needed), the overweight kitties seem trimmer and their coats brighter and softer, and most importantly, Jinx is rapidly improving from his allergic symptoms. I would still prefer to feed them a raw diet but with so many cats and many of them approaching middle-age or older, there are too many factors to manage, not least of all Jinx's problems. Natural Balance has saved his life (and perhaps Tiny's as well!) not to mention my sanity.
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on December 26, 2010
After spending more on allergen-free food from my vet than I spend on groceries for myself, I looked for a reasonable option for my special-needs kitty who is apparently allergic to something in regular cat food.

This food is way cheaper than specialty food from the vet, and my cat's allergic reactions slowly went away after we switched. It smells like death, but it works.
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on May 29, 2010
This grain free formula works great for my male cat who has/had a sensitive stomach and trouble with digesting grains; his major gas and litter box issues got better in a few days and cleared up in a few weeks. He's a real chow hound also, and doesn't always chew his food well, so the smaller pieces help tpp. I'll definitely purchase this product again. As for shipping, this item arrived on time and in good condition.
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on May 28, 2010
I adopted my 4 1/2 year-old brown tabby, a little more than a month ago. According to his medical history from the shelter, he'd had frequent diarrhea and they gave him deworming medicine which apparently made him throw up and still didn't fix the problem. They told me the problem will soon go away since he had been just treated, so i didn't worry about it too much and took him home with me.

The very next day, he had a very runny stool with dark blood spots at the end! Being a first time cat owner, I got scared and took him to the vet and she said his fecal exam result showed nothing out of ordinary and blood in stool is common for cats.I thought it would go away since I was starting to feed him good quality food, but it didn't.
I kept seeing blood and loose stools in his litter box and whenever he had normal poop occasionally, I would get very happy since it didn't happen so often. Oh, and he was one gassy cat!

I did my research and tried to put him on a raw diet but being a student, I just couldn't afford the time and the money. I heard canned food is better than dry, so I got him all-natural premium canned food but it didn't solve the problem.
I have to admit he didn't seem to like it at first. He LOVED the previous food, but he just sniffed at the new food and walked away. It took him a couple days to get used to eating it. It's been about a week and no more diarrhea!! He's had healthy, normal poop for a week and I haven't detected any gas from him!! I still give him the same canned food, but he mostly eats the Natural Balance dry food. He doesn't go crazy over it but he seems pretty content with it, so I can't complain! It's a big, I mean BIG, relief!
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on March 30, 2012
I've got a cat with a SEVERE food allergy. Her face just scabs right up and she gets staph and ringworm everywhere. She'll scratch where it itches, and then her paws would abscess after that. We spent record amounts of time at the vet and she was constantly taking antibiotics and getting steroid shots. I was getting scratched ALL the time because she was grumpy (steroids) and I had to pill her one zillion times a day! LOL. I tried a lot of foods recommended by the vet, and the Science Diet and Royal Canin had awful ingredients at a premium price. The Z/D did nothing for her symptoms even though it had "Tiny proteins that wouldn't exacerbate the problem".

I was very pleased to try out NB for less than half the cost of these other options. She loves it, the other cats don't mind munching on it either. The ingredient list is one I can stand behind, too.

Just in case you were wondering, it creates feces of a very mild and unassuming odor. Even the wet food isn't bad at all.
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