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on October 13, 2011
I am a doula and childbirth educator looking for educational aids. This video has a good selection of people's experiences of natural/home birth, but it is little more than an advertisement for the midwifery service in California who paid to create it. If you are interested in people's experiences, this might be helpful, but it had very little visual interest and almost no actual information about childbirth. I am disappointed and wish I had spent the small amount of money to rent it first. I am more than a little annoyed at having been misled into spending money to purchase someone else's commercial.
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on March 18, 2013
Overall it was an informational video but it only really talks about home birth and neglects to discuss the possibility of having a natural birth at a hospital or birthing center. Since I am a high risk but still want to do a natural birth this information was not as helpful for me personally and I would have liked some more different information.
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on January 25, 2013
I was hoping for more of a personal or education film, but instead it was just people talking into a camera. The scene cuts from one person to another very quickly, so the chatter is endless... just a bunch of people jumbled together so quickly my pregnant brain couldn't stand more than five minutes. I got to part two and turned it off... Watching the Business of Being Born now, which is what I should have done in the first place!
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on August 18, 2011
I found this short film to give me inspiration to make it through the last 2 months of my pregnancy knowing that I would have a homebirth at the end of it. For a more educational perspective on the same type of information, I would watch The Business of Being Born or Orgasmic Birth. It explains in detail the types of unnecessary interventions that are mentioned in this film. Natural Born Babies is a great intro to those who haven't yet considered a natural birth!
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on April 29, 2010
This is a great little 24ish minute long dvd to give you a very brief overview of the natural birth experience. It is put together by a birthing center in California. I found it helpful because the people interviewed were more, in my opinion, normal moms and dads. They weren't your all natural, organic, hippie-granola crowd. Rather, they were more along the lines of a make-up consultant or an anesthesiologist. Normal women can do this too. :)When we were warming my parents up for a home birth (a new concept to them), this was the video I wanted them to see, to help them understand what we were aiming for.
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on May 6, 2015
This was a great overview how educated and just regular couples had such a great experience in giving birth at their home or the birth center. Here is my summary of the video:

One Mom said, "you give birth the way you live life, if you live life in your own way, then you might want to have a birth in your own way."

Introduction of their experiences
Talks about a few different couples experiences with birth at a hospital. They all seemed really enthusiastic about their births. After they seemed as if they were missing something from their birth. They felt like they were treated as a sick person would be with the changing of the clothes and all the monitoring equipment.

The Snowball Effect
The couples talk about there fears when one intervention is started then another one usually has to compensate. One midwife mentioned that may of the protocols are put in place to protect the establishment/hospital and can actually change the labor progression. An anesthesiologist was worried with his wife being pregnant that if she got one then it might lead to a cesarean section. According to their statistics the more monitoring and more epidurals/drugs given the higher the cesarean section rate is. He mentioned that cesections are not as safe as natural or vaginal birth for many reasons: increased infection, mistakes, higher risk of death, morbidity, longer healing rates. For doctors it is easier and lucrative to give a cesarean section.

Birth Specialists
Various midwives talk about what they do as specializing in the normalcy of pregnancy and birth. They work with woman who are low-risk and help them stay low-risk pregnancies. Obstetricians specialize in the pathology and diagnosis and treatment of birthing women. Most of what they see are clients who already have complications. Midwifes help remind woman that their bodies are perfectly designed to have babies and that they are there to help them through this new phase of life.

Things Go Right
These few woman chose to go with a midwife for their next birth experiences. Many of their friends asked them why they would do that because of the question of, "what if things go wrong?". There were a lot of things that were said that could go wrong: if baby got stuck in the birth canal, cord wrapped around too tight, and if there was an emergency? The midwifes mentioned that they are usually able to see if a woman needs a cesarean section or transfer to a doctor way ahead of time. With the comparison of doctors showing up during a woman's labor when the head is seen as apposed to the midwife who is with you for the whole labor. The midwifes bring as much equipment with them to the birth as a neonatal ambulance. The husband that was the anesthesiologist asked the midwives about all of their emergency equipment and discovered they would have everything he would have wanted: monitoring equipment, and emergency medications. The midwives are acting like a mini mobile ER and L&D team.

Birth the Way that You Live
these woman talked about how in their day to day lives they live very holistically. They attend yoga classes, don't go to the doctor for everything, etc. There is a saying that "you give birth the way that you live."

Midwives, the Human Epidural
Because this event is a normal occurrence in a woman's life midwifes treat it as such. At home the woman are able to walk around, eat and drink normally, they don't have painful Pitocin for labor, and they get to resting in the tub. At home woman get one on one support from care providers. It was explained that hospitals don't have the amount of staff available to provide this amount of care for each woman and so the main pain management technique is an epidural or pain medications. Midwifes are able to support woman to have more comfortable births. One midwife said, "there's no epidural that can replace human touch."

Water Babies
Many of the clientele that midwives see are because they want to have water births and water labor. In the midwives experience the amount of pain a woman feels is greatly reduced in water labor/birth. One mother said that the water, "takes away 70% of the pain, plus you are weightless so you don't have the pressure."

The Birth Plan
The woman talk about when their labor started and how it felt to them. They talk about driving to the Birth Center or staying at home. Most of them described the feelings as intense. One mom said that her first child was 9 lbs 10 oz and she had a lot of work to do. Another couple was a Cardiologist Doctor for the father and a E.R.Doctor for the Mother, they chose a Birth Center for their birth. They said that "everyone was focused on Pam [the mother]," there was no one else doing other things.

Angels Rush In
One woman said that her relationship with with her midwife was more than just a medical one, it was a human relationship. The different woman talked about how at some point during their labor/birth they needed extra support. One woman's labor started slowing down, and another mom felt like she needed to surrender her mind/body to the process. They took from the experience that they could trust their body's process, and trust in their ability. The woman all had their babies in different positions. Each woman felt like their experience was life changing.

Father's Catching the Baby
The midwives really try to help the fathers catch the baby if they want to. Each father had a different experience, but all of them described the amazed feeling of helping the baby come into the world and the joy of delivering their own child. A mother talked about the intimate and intense moments of touching her child for the first time. One woman very blessed to have those wonderful types of memories, because not everyone has them."

A Good Chance at Life
One mother said that labor/birth was much easier than she expected and that one doesn't have to be "earth momma" to do it. The midwives were respectful and helpful and treated each one with such high quality of care. One mother was feeling great an hour after birth she ate a big meal, was social, and she felt alive." The mothers wanted to "be there, be in the present, I wanted to know that I could do it," they wanted control over what happened to them, and they enjoyed the feeling of being empowered and confident. One Mom said, "you give birth the way you live life, if you live life in your own way, then you might want to have a birth in your own way."

These were the professions of all the couples in the movie:
Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Yoga Instructor, anesthesiologist, Nurse Practitioner, Chiropractor, Developer, Founder of Urban Decay Cosmetics, Church Minister, Cardiologist, E.R Doctor, Director, Producer. There were two Nurse Midwives interviewed.
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on June 21, 2013
I watched this short video per recommendation of my pregnancy forum. After listening to all these highly educated professionals speak about their home birth experience, I am almost conviced I have the strenght and the power to deliver my baby on my own, at home, with the privacy and intimacy this life event deserves. I have yet to make my decision, but this video has greatly influenced me.
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on January 3, 2014
It was short and it was really only people talking about their births. It would have been nice to have some actual births. It also seemed more an advertisement for a particular birthing center.
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on November 22, 2013
I read the other reviews and still purchased a copy of the DVD. It won the American Association of Birth Centers (AABC) Media Award, so I was hoping it wasn't as bad as some reviewers suggested. As a child birth educator and a mother of four, 3 hospital births and one home birth, I will say that I think this wonderfully represents what it's like to give birth at a birth center or at home. This is a great tool for educating others about midwives and for letting parents who are on the fence about a birth center birth or home birth see others who have done it and what their positive experiences were and also to hear the reservations they had prior to. I don't think it's fair to say this is just an advertisement. I know out of hospital birth is on the rise, but it still accounts for less than 1% of all births in the US. So this dvd/instant video obviously has a certain audience it specifically appeals to. If you want to see births or get a crash course in child birth education, this is not the film for that. I think this would be a wonderful video for childbirth educators to keep in a lending library for parents considering out of hospital birth.
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on April 21, 2012
While its true that this film may not be the best for in-depth coverage of childbirth, it's a perfect introduction for friends and family who may not be quite convinced about one's decisions. While The Business of Being Born was helpful for my husband and I, it was a little too negative and hard hitting to show to friends and family who may have made other decisions themselves. While educating people, I don't want to alienate them. Orgasmic Childbirth and others are a little too "out there" to show to people who are not part of the natural childbirth culture already.

I found this film to have enough information (that midwives come prepared to resuscitate a baby if necessary, that home birth is a safe alternative chosen by intelligent and successful people) without shoving it down anyone's throats. It is very positive and upbeat about natural childbirth rather than bashing medicalized childbirth. I would highly recommend this both as an inspiration for those who have made the decision to go with natural childbirth and to show to friends, families, co-workers or others who may want more information about the decision you made.
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