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on July 31, 2005
I am a psychologist with over twenty years experience. I find that many clients have disregarded their intuition--to their ultimate dismay in their personal relationships--and have to learn how to better develop and trust their instincts. Dr. Lauren's book is well thought out and contains insights I did not find in other similar books. When my clients ask for help with developing their intuition, I always recommend this book first.

Dr. Paul Coleman, author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Intimacy"
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on November 28, 2005
Dr. Lauren has written an amazingly intuitive practical guide for anyone interested in developing their inner wisdom through knowing. Keeping a Knowing Journal was the next logical step to identifying the interactions between the unseen and earthly worlds. Dr. Lauren is an intuitive consultant with a "real" and logical approach to knowing your higher self. I would recommend her Natural-Born Intuition book to all who wish to take that next step to Knowing.
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on April 21, 2007
Is Intuition the Same as Psychic?
"I'm not psychic, but I can be quite intuitive at times!" Does that statement fit you? I've heard it many times. It must be a common sentiment. There is a difference in the connotations of these two terms. People tend to describe intuition as natural, whereas references to psychic often involve supernatural references.
In her book, Natural-Born Intuition: How to Awaken and Develop Your Inner Wisdom, Lauren Thibodeau describes psychic as a process of reaching outside of ourselves, while she describes intuition as a process of going within. Her distinction reminds me of the difference between facts (coming from outside) and wisdom (coming from within).
Sometimes Edgar Cayce distinguished intuition from psychic events and sometimes he spoke of it as a psychic ability, as when he said that intuition is the highest form of psychic ability. In some of his readings, it seemed that he had to add something to his psychic impressions to gain the insight he needed. Cayce could hear the thoughts of someone for whom he was searching, but indicated that it took a bit more to know whether the person was alive or dead. He gave the impression that intuition is a more highly evolved attribute than the psychic senses.
It is common to link intuition with a form of knowing and psychic with the senses. Mediums frequently speak as if they are seeing or hearing spirits, but not always understanding the significance of what their psychic senses are telling them. Intuition may be involved in the process of understanding, or interpreting sensations. It can also operate in the absence of sensations, with direct knowing "out of the blue." Brain research shows that the brain interprets sensory data prior to registering it, implying that there is a lot of "thinking" going on in the act of "seeing." Intuition may involve both.
Karlis Osis once conducted a fascinating experiment with Ingo Swann (the artist who invented "remote viewing") that demonstrated the difference between "knowing" and "seeing." Dr. Osis created a puzzle for Swann to explore when he was in his psychic, out-of-body state of consciousness. The puzzle consisted of a closed box with objects inside. He arranged these objects so that when viewed through a little peep hole, one would see an optical illusion and not realize the true nature of the objects. If it were a matter of knowing what was in the box, the actual objects would come to mind, and the optical illusion would not be relevant. When Ingo awakened from his out-of-body experience, he described seeing the illusion, but did not report knowing the nature of the objects.
As another example, suppose we wanted to find an inspiring quotation in the Library of Congress about how dinosaurs felt as they realized they were becoming extinct. If we used "remote viewing," a psychic form of data acquisition, we would begin by scanning all the words in all the books to find sentences that included the word dinosaur. From these, we would scan for sentences that contained the word extinction, and so on. Such a process would take a long time and leaves some doubt as to how this skill could decide upon the "best" quote. On the other hand, we might randomly walk about the library and accidentally discover a perfect quote simply falling into our hands. Intuitive people speak about such synchronicities all the time. Clearly, the task of finding a suitable quote in a mass of information takes more sophisticated mental skills than simply being able to read the words in a book without opening it. Intuition may include psychic ability plus some other qualities.
There's another way in which Thibodeau's distinction makes a lot of sense. Many people with psychic sensitivities report being disturbed often by their impressions. Being bombarded by undesired information can be overwhelming. On the other hand, people who say they live intuitively seem to be in harmony with themselves. It is this blessing that Dr. Thibodeau hopes the reader will achieve through intuition.
Her techniques for developing intuition are entwined with accessing inner wisdom, almost as if they were the same thing. This conjunction reminds me of Cayce's suggestive remarks indirectly crediting our intuitive nature to our guardian angel. Research confirms a relationship between being intuitive and following the soul's directive. Investigating people's moods at random moments reveals that when people are in moments of intuitive flow, it is quite likely that they will also report that they are doing what they feel they were meant to be doing at that moment, as if fulfilling part of their purpose in life. Trusting one's intuition can bring a sense of peace, which psychic ability alone can not accomplish. Intuition is psychic, but it's wise enough to keep its own counsel on the way to Heaven.[...]
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on March 31, 2005
This book is amazing and so much fun to read. Dr. Lauren has included questionnaires and quizes that allow the reader to "rate" their psychic ability and even categorize where the reader's strengths and weaknesses are. I was so excited, I skipped to the first questionnaire in bed one night and when finished, sat up in the bed screaming "I'm psychic, I'm psychic!" Woke up my husband and dogs, who were not impressed; husband told me okay you're psychic now can I go back to sleep? It is a marvelous tool for those wishing to explore their intuition (which by the way Dr. Lauren says we ALL have) and I recommend it, not only as a good read, but as a reference tool to use again and again while on our life's journey.
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on May 15, 2016
This is an outstanding book that should never have been digitized. The interpretation of the text is so sloppy as to have forced me to buy a hard copy in order to decipher the author's meaning. I download A LOT of "written" material; some survives the scanning and some morphs into hieroglyphics. This Kindle book is a gold medalist in the latter category.

It should also be said that the nature of the text doesn't really lend itself to digitization. The diagrams, surveys, and questionnaires are better processed from the page. If you think I'm off-base here, check out the mutilation of the author's surname. I rest my case.
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on June 16, 2012
I think this book tells more about where about your intuition lies in all places inside of your body and spirit alot. I'm a gambler and wanted to know when my intuition is coming through. I was surprised by the many areas inside of myself where intuition is and I actually discovered the type of intuitive I am. The author says that she is a medium of some kind which is good. But, I didn't want to become one although she gets into it and helps guide you through it. I recommend it to people who are searching for deep connections to the spirit world.
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on September 12, 2005
Dr. Lauren has written a work that contains information that you can return to several times and still get more insight into how to improve your Intuition, and thus, improve your life! This is a must read for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and the world, seen and unseen, all around them.
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on February 21, 2011
This a really good book for all that you will need to develope Intuition as well as other abilities. The exercises are easy to do. The reason for doing them is explained, along with what will be accomplished. I share this book with others and they feel the same as I do.
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on April 26, 2011
The exercises in this book are quite long and involved especially the questionnaires! However, her descriptions of the different types of intuition, symbols and how intuition works have greatly increased my understanding of it. This book has increased my confidence in my own intuition. I really like this book. I highly recommend it.
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on April 9, 2013
Haven't finished this book as of yet, but informative as a beginning to developing inner wisdom. It is very easy to understand.
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