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Nature's Best Isopure Natural Chocolate, 3-Pound Tub
Flavor Name: Natural ChocolateSize Name: 3 PoundChange
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209 of 223 people found the following review helpful
on June 25, 2012
Flavor Name: UnflavoredSize Name: 3 PoundVerified Purchase
I'll start by saying that I hate protein powders in general regardless of the flavor and I can't stand any of the low-calorie sweeteners on the market unnatural (asulfame k, asparatame, etc.) or natural (stevia, xylitol, luo han guo, etc.) Sadly, they all have some weird aftertaste to me which left me at a loss in the protein powder dept until I found this supplement.

There is nothing in it except the whey protein. So the unflavored they're talking about really means it just tastes like protein which isn't altogether pleasant, but it's not bad at all and I'm able to tolerate it much better than any of the flavored proteins on the market and trust me, I've tried quite a few and wasted a good bit of $.

Despite the mild flavor, I never just mix this with a liquid (milk, water, etc.) and drink it. I almost always add this to a smoothie and sometimes to oatmeal and yogurt and then it's barely noticeable except for the "fluffy" texture it adds.

So if you're like me and don't like or don't want sweeteners in your powder, this product is the way to go. Also, it's 26g protein per scoop is at the high end of the average 16-20g I usually see.
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192 of 214 people found the following review helpful
on January 16, 2012
I will be doing a review of all nine Perfect Zero Carb flavors in this one review, as I use them. NOT THE ISOPURE ENDURANCE you see pictured here. The reason for that is when I typed in zero carb isopure alpine punch I got the "no image". After I started the review the endurance image came up. I bought all nine flavors on the same day and am going through them alphabetically. The reason I take a protein first and foremost is for its effectivness. Taste is of minor importance. Sure I don't want to drink something that tastes horrible, but I'm not going to be a big baby if the taste isn't exactly great. First up is Alpine Punch. The taste was niether good nor bad. It was just wierd. It was a little tart and biting. As for its effectivness, I found the no carb no sugar, 50g of isolate protein to be very beneficial after a work out. I mean seriously who wants to throw all that sugar and carbs back into your body so soon after a workout. I know sugar and carbs can't be completely removed from our daily lives, but you don't need them immeadiately after a work out. That is why Isopure Perfect Zero will be my post workout drink from now on. I also take a half dosage in the morning to start my day. From here on out will be my opinions of the eight remaining flavors. Apple Melon. Now watch out, I personally think this flavor tastes too good for its own good. I'm not sure of the type of apple it has but the melon flavor seems to be honeydew. The reason I say too good for its own good is it may cause you to want to have a lot more than you should have. Like at least four servings a day. And too much non-food protein per day can be harmful to the body. So be careful with this flavor. Next up will be Banana Cream. Until then find a workout routine. Change it up, but never give it up, and drink Perfect Zero Carb Isopure. UPDATE: 4/6/2012. The Banana Cream flavor tastes pretty good. A little weak in it's actual banana taste, but a flavor I would consider buying again. Cookies & Cream. Not much, in fact not any in the way of any cookie flavor, but it does have the taste similar to the cream of an Oreo cookie. Or the taste of Reddi whip when you fill your mouth from the pressure can. Creamy Vanilla. Similar to the previous flavor, but much stronger in its actual vanilla flavor. Personally I won't buy it again, only because I think vanilla is boring, but if you're a fan of vanilla flavored protein drinks then the Isopure brand is the one you should get. Now we have Mango Peach. This flavor disappointed me. Not really awful or anything, but mangos are my favorite fruit and I was expecting something much better. As one reviewer wrote on that actual product, it does taste like the chewable asprins we were given when we were cute little kids. St Joseph's was the brand I had. Mint Chocolate Chip. EEEEWWWWWW... This by far was the worst one of the bunch. I don't know what flavor it REALLY was but it certainly did not taste like what the label said it's supposed to. There wasn't even the slightest trace of a mint flavor, and every time I opened the cannister it smelt like a musty basement. For me this is a never again flavor. Pineapple Orange Banana. Now we're finally back to great tasting Isopure again. I really enjoy the taste of this one and most definitely is on my buy again list. I will return to comment on the final flavor Strawberries & Cream. Final Update: 4/17/2012. Not very happy with Strawberries & Cream. It's not awful or anything like that, but I was hoping it would taste like Nestle's Strawberry Quik. I think it tastes kinda mediciney. Well there you have it a complete assessment of all nine flavors available in the Isopure Zero Carb line. Remember these are my opinions of the flavors, but the one thing they all have in common is they mix real easily, they are very easy on the digestive system, you never feel bloated or cramped, cleaning whatever you use to mix it in is a snap. And always ALWAYS use cold water from the fridge or cold water from a bottled water dispenser. You can use milk if you like if you wish to bulk up, but using water is what is recommended for the zero carb, zero sugar, zero dietary fiber, zero trans fat, 1g total fat of this protein line. ANOTHER UPDATE: 5/2/2012. There's a new flavor and it's the best one yet. It's called Banapple. Okay, it's not really a new flavor, but if you just simply mix one scoop of Banana Cream with one scoop of Apple Melon in 12 oz of cold water you get the tastiest and possibly healthiest protein shake ever.
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Verified Purchase
I was so tired of all the too sweet protein drinks and powders, I could hardly get them down anymore. They made me gag. This one has no flavor. I put it in my coffee every morning and I don't even taste it. If you are a gastric bypass patient, as I am, and you must use protein supplements, I highly recommend this one.
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on February 9, 2012
Flavor Name: Banana CreamSize Name: 3 PoundVerified Purchase
Whey protein powders such as Isopure have mostly been associated with bodybuilding and it is a great product for those who do. My husband who works out swears by the Isopure Zero Carb powder. Although I don't work out, I am diabetic and need to be on a balanced diet that includes protein but without significant amounts of fat. I also have to watch my carbs (sugars). Protein foods, for the most part, have a higher fat content and this is a problem since I need to keep my weight down. I'm limited to protein sources that don't have much fat and are low in carbs. This leaves greek yogurt (which I've yet to acquire a taste for) and protein powders.

The Isopure Zero Carb formula seems perfect for my needs as it balances my daily protein requirements without including a signifcant amount of fat or adding more carbs to my diet, though I wish it had a little less sodium. On days when I need to increase my total protein but my fat levels are already where they need to be, a half serving does the trick! The product mixes easily with water and tastes pretty good considering it's a protein shake. The Banana Cream has the least 'chalky' flavor of the ones I've tried. As another reviewer mentioned, don't expect a vanilla pudding taste. It is, after all, a protein shake.

For those who are counting (from the Banana Cream flavor label):

2 scoops (scoop included) mixed with 12 oz. water = 1 serving
Servings per container = 22
Calories = 210
Calories from Fat = 10
Total Fat = 1g
Saturated Fat = 0.5g
Trans Fat = 0
Sodium = 340mg
Potassium = 730mg
Total Carbohydrate = 0
Sugars = 0
Protein = 50g

Calcium 70% DV
Iron 6% DV
Chloride 20% DV

Vitamins A, C, E, B6, B12, and K, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorus, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium and Molybdenum = 50% DV
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83 of 103 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon April 10, 2011
Flavor Name: Natural ChocolateSize Name: 3 PoundVerified Purchase
This is a review of the Natures Best Isopure Natural Chocolate 3 pound tub.
My mom had to use this before and just after her gastric bypass surgery. I have never been able to use whey protein, it always left me with undesired GI side effects. I got hungry and was running out the door, and she suggested I try this "shake"
I was in such a hurry I took a larger jelly jar, added a scoop to about a cup of water, and shook it as I ran out the door.
A serving is TWO SCOOPS, but because I didn't know how it would affect me, I only did ONE scoop to start.
I hoped it wouldn't upset my stomach, but I was so hungry at that point I didn't care (side effects for other whey products often didn't till later anyway)
First was texture, NOT grainy at all, and all I did was shake it a few seconds in water.
Second was taste, it tasted great, reminded me of a more chocolately tasting YooHoo.
Third, STOPPED HUNGER, and held me for about 3-4 hours comfortably.
Fourth, is it is not flavored with artificial sweeteners. I hate those chemically tasting fake sweeteners. This product uses NO artificial sweeteners.
Fifth, this product is nutritionally fortified, not only filling, it is REALLY good for you :)
Sixth, compared to other mixes, this one is really NOT that expensive, and is MUCH cheaper than premade shakes.
Seventh, STORAGE is easy, on the shelf, no refrigeration needed till after you mix it, and then it is so yummy you won't have any left over, but if you do, then it should be refrigerated if it is in its liquid form. But dry as purchased, it takes up LESS room, great for a renter like me who has limited shelf space and only a tiny fridge.
AND, THE BEST PART, NO STOMACH UPSET AT ALL. I use this now when I need a quick snack or breakfast. If I am using it for a snack I use one scoop and I know I can go comfortably for about 3 to 4 hours. If I use two scoops, I count it as a meal and can go about 5 to 6 hours comfortably, the protein keeps me from getting hunger pains.
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20 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on November 2, 2007
Verified Purchase
As a bariatric patient, I'm looking for good sources of protein. This tastes great and I can get a large dose of protein in one setting. Item was priced right and I appreciate that it came quickly.
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27 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on June 28, 2011
Flavor Name: Cookies & CreamSize Name: 3 Pound
This is my favorite protein. It tastes great specially compared to a lot of other brands, just like previous reviews its not to sweet or overwhelming. I saw a review that said its hard to mix, most protein is hard to mix with a spoon and this is certainly not any easier or harder than any other shakes I have used. I recommend using a mixing glass which you can find on amazon for under 8 bucks, these mixing glasses typically have a mixing ball or some type of mixing mechanism that helps blend together your shake or other drinks when shaken. If you want to go a step further use a blender and add strawberries, bananas, ice, eggs, nuts or any other healthy add on for flavor or additional protein. I personally use a magic bullet or a blender when at home if I'm out at the gym I use a mixing glass. Remember protein is at its most effective when taken within 30 minutes of your workout, not before, but right after and when taken with glutamine pills which help your body break down and absorb protein.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on April 14, 2013
Flavor Name: Cookies & CreamSize Name: 3 PoundVerified Purchase
Amazing taste, highly recommend.

A little more expensive than your generic whey protein, but this is a great product/suppliment if you are looking to trim down and muscle up at the same time. (Insanity/P90x).
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on December 19, 2012
Flavor Name: UnflavoredSize Name: 3 Pound
The main filtration used for this product (and other Isopure lineup) is ion-exchange method. One benefit to this is that it yields very high protein and very little fat/lactose. However, here are the cons:

The cost to set up ion exchange chromatography is cheaper compared to micro/ultra/cross-flow filtration that uses gentle ceramic membranes. Ion exchange uses a more harsh method that involves chemicals (hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide). These chemicals damage some of the valuable sub-fractions of whey (such as beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, serum albumin--immune boosting & antioxidant properties).

Ion exchange should be the cheapest whey isolates on the market. But due to its ability to yield proteins with very little fat/lactose, Isopure is doping people into paying a premium price. If you're looking for unflavored whey (and don't mind a gram of carb per serving), NOW Foods Whey Protein Isolate (microfiltered) is the better deal.

***[UPDATE] The original review was for the unflavored version, but I guess they collected all the flavors into one review section.***

-As mentioned in the comment section, the flavored version lists taurine as the first ingredient (most abundant) in their amino acid blend. More and more companies are using taurine/glycine and even creatine (which costs less than whey per gram) and counting it towards protein as these amino acid fillers register as nitrogen (method used to measure protein count). This is a labeling loophole (also known as amino spiking)
-I am personally not a big fan of protein products with added vitamin/mineral blends. It is just a fancy glitter tactic and typically, they use the cheapest and the worst forms of vitamins. For example, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate & magnesium oxide--two worthless (low bioavailability) forms of vitamin E and magnesium.

-Nature's Best has been recently acquired by Glanbia (who owns Optimum Nutrition among others) so hopefully, things will change for the better...
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11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on November 1, 2010
Verified Purchase
I've use Isopure protein for a few years now. When I first started weight lifting, I was looking for a whey protein that was lactose-free and tasted good. I'd never found one that was either! After some research, I stumbled across Isopure and was hooked. It was a great tasting protein and it never gave me any digestive problems. Plus it mixed with a spoon which was a godsend for a college kid in a terrible dorm room. I'd just get a plastic cup, fill it with water from the drinking fountain, and mix the protein shake in with a disposable spoon (the protein mixes the best if you add the water before the powder). After I drank it, I'd throw everything away. Now that I've got my own place, I generally use a shaker bottle with a metal ball and I've moved to Optimum Nutrition protein because it's cheaper and I'm no longer lactose intolerant. That said, I still go back to Isopure every once in a while to mix things up.

In terms of flavor, I've tried the following:

Apple melon - Has a strong taste of honeydew melon, which overpowers the apple. I'm not a fan of the melon family, so I did not like this taste.

Alpine punch - I have no idea what Alpine punch is supposed to be, but it tastes like a fruity lemonade, almost like a strawberry lemonade. It's not a bad taste at all.

Mango peach - One of my favorite flavors. It tastes more like peach than mango.

Pineapple orange banana - Another of my favorite flavors. This tastes like Dole pine-orange-banana juices.
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