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on May 29, 2013
My yorkie's version of "potty trained" is "I'll let you know when I have to pee. Your two minute countdown starts now."

Problem: My yorkie has used a hidden location in a spare bedroom as an infrequent squat stop. It went unnoticed for several weeks until I noticed the smell. Soon as I saw it, I screamed "urine trouble!" (Not really.)

I immediately went out and bought a $300 carpet steam cleaner with 5 stars here on Amazon. It kinda worked. I bought a similarly reviewed $70 hand held spot steam cleaner. I've tried every special edition of Spot Shot, Resolve and steam cleaner secret sauce: pet stain, deep clean, pet safe, high traffic, pet killer, twin engine, unleaded, etc.

All of them kind of worked. Kind of. It was still stinky and there were still yellow shades. Remember, these are multiple overlapping stains at what appear to imply varying levels of hydration which I find insulting because my dog always has fresh water. I digress.

Since chemistry and science failed, I went with the old ex-wive's tale silly remedies like different combinations I'd seen that use vinegar or baking soda or red wine or something. None of that worked. (Side note: baking soda will actually fade your carpet if you leave it on longer then a few hours. My pain. Your gain.)

Then I found this stuff! Keep in mind, the label says something to the effect of "use me first because that other stuff will just set the stain in." Being a veteran of the Carpet Wars, I knew this meant "have low expectations. This stuff is as dubious as that other chemicals you put on what could loosely be called 'carpet' at this point."

If you're listening: Have some confidence in your product, Nature's Miracle! This stuff got it up. Not some. All. Gone. Forever. Wow!

Pro tip: Get yourself a new plastic one gallon pesticide sprayer from the garden center of your home store. Remember, you can splurge and get this $15 back saver because you're reading this review and won't have spent money on the carcinogens with broom and brush attachments.

Pump up the sprayer and let it rip for five to ten seconds on each spot. Nature's Miracle suggests you drown the spot but that wasn't necessary for me. The mister on a pesticide sprayer is very fine which made consumption a bit more conservative. I knew I had enough when the spot went from yellow to the wet version of my normal carpet color. That's correct. It was the kind of magic that usually involves stem cells or a rooster offering.

I left it on for an hour because the label says it's okay for "deep stains" and I knew they were talking directly to me. Patting it dry would have been sufficient but I used my $300 scrub brush (i.e., steam "cleaner") on half of the area and that worked well but not significantly. (At least I got to use electricity.)

That's it. This review is over. Longest review I've ever written. Woo!

Addendum: Adding all of those chemicals to my carpet never resulted in a chemical fire or chlorine gas spill though I'm sure I probably have rickets or halitosis.
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on July 26, 2011
We just moved into a house where there was some old urine dog stains left from the previous people, and I went looking for the best product to remove it. There was a spot on our landing that was particularly bad, the entire landing was covered with old urine and the odor was horrible. It did take a lot, I probably ended up using 2 gallons of this stuff on it over the course of probably 3 weeks, but it worked. There is NO trace left, and urine destroyer saved me from having to recarpet the area.

I also have 3 dogs myself, and my beagle was nervous when we first moved in (was a 1000 mile move) and had an accident when we first arrived and it works even better on fresh spots.

I will say it can take up to 2 applications to fully work, but it does work to completely remove the stain/odor. You must be very generous with this stuff, and it works best to pour it onto the spot, not spray it. Do not judge whether it's worked or not until it is COMPLETELY dry, and not just the carpet, but the padding. You really need to give it a full week to 2 weeks to insure the padding has dried depending on how big the area is. While it was drying I did still smell the odor, and once it was completely dry that odor was gone, so keep that in mind.

As a dog owner I am thrilled with the product, and I hope Amazon will continue to have it on prime.
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on November 28, 2011
My wife's debilitated grandmother came to visit, and - long story short- had a bladder control problem on the couch. Our carpet/upholstery guy did his best, but the odor remained. This product saved us from having to replace the couch. I figure I used 4-5 times the amount of Urine Destroyer as the amount of the original urine accident. You have to use enough! I poured on the whole gallon, let it soak in and spread to the same places as the urine, and waited for it to dry in 1.5 weeks. A fresh odor is left, no urine smell at all. Saved our couch!
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on January 13, 2012
Ok, so I have this really bad habit (which I need to break immediately) where I'll stay up really late, and I'll accidentally fall asleep while watching TV and forget to take my dog out. So this poor little thing is trapped in my room all night with a full bladder, and has nowhere to go to the bathroom but in my room. I recently installed new carpeting in my room, and my little pup has had 4 different forced accidents on my carpet. No matter what I used, the odor still lingered and the stains were still slightly visible. As a last-ditch effort I looked into the "best stain and odor remover for urine" and found Nature's Miracle.

Truth be told, almost immediately after using this product, the odor had faded and the stain was completely removed. I will warn you though, there is one way, and one way only to use this product:

DRENCH the urine spot with a medium-sized glass full of this product. However much pee you think came out of your dog and onto your carpet, pour DOUBLE that amount of this product directly on that spot and LET IT SIT.

As time goes on, I assure you that the odor will go away, and the stain won't be visible any longer.

The key to the success of this product is:

1) Apply a generous amount directly to the spot. This may seem wasteful, but you will only defeat this stain by allowing this product to soak deep down in the carpet padding.
2) Being PATIENT, and letting it dry (2 weeks depending on air circulation in your room and how much product was used)

And me personally, as an added knock-out punch....I like to add a second coat when I've noticed that it's been drying for a few days. I've noticed my dog doesn't even recognize it's own scent in those spots anymore which is phenomenal.

Hope this helps :)
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on April 26, 2013
I first bought this a few years ago when our cat, Stink, was put on a medicine that left her aggressive and angry. She opted to pee in the front hall to announce to everyone entering our home who owned the joint. It worked quickly with doing away with the stench, but left a slight yellowish tinge to the carpet. I followed up with Nature's Miracle Advance and Simple Solution which didn't leave a yellowish cast to the carpet. Two years later there has been no more marking the hallway although Stinky cat is on the same meds, just a lower dose.

I purchased this product again after we rented our former home to a woman who told us she would buy it after she sold some other property. The deal fell through and returning to the house we discovered she was an animal hoarder. (mainly cats) You could smell the inside of the house from the street. Some things only gutting can fix, but in the basement where the concrete block walls had previously been painted and the concrete floor sealed, we hosed the room with Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer. There was so much urine in that room that under a UV light the whole place glowed. (Urine had rained down the walls from the main floor above. Grossed out yet?) Followed by a lysol floor to ceiling scrubbing a few days later, we can finally breathe in there. A fresh coat of Kilz on the walls this weekend and it should be back to normal.

If you have never used this type of pet cleaner, the smell when it is first applied can be strong. Give it a few days to work and it will really help. I give this product 5 stars for removing the stink but only 4 stars overall for leaving a yellow stain on light carpeting since that is the type of clean up the average user will buy it for. However I am grateful it spared me thousands more in repair bills in this case.
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on July 22, 2015
Bought some couches on craigslist ..discovered they had been peed on by cats..and when I took the cushions off they really really stunk...tried several things..scrubbing.hosing them off..finally dumped almost a whole bottle on them..they still stunk..hosed them down again ..dumped on another bottle and now the stink is gone..the couches were unusable so i figured there was nothing to loose..they are black leather..this product didn't stain the leather..but I wiped down the leather that I got it on ...this stuff works..just don't give up....keep scrubbing and dumping and eventually the stank will be gone .
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on October 28, 2015
sooo... i live in a 1000 sf city apt. with three dogs... mind you 2 of them are under 4 lbs..but still the 3rd is over 100 lbs and ..bless his heart he is 12 years old. People are AMAZED when they visit at how lovely the house is- ZERO animal smell. If you have had yorkies you know they are nearly impossible to potty train and add that the newest is a rescue who had never lived indoors. It's a perfect storm for what should be a disastrously smelly apt. but I am super OCD and could NEVER stand living like that-- Natures Miracle is a game changer! IT made it possible for me to rescue the pups and live in harmony. Potty training accidents are not the horrifying thing of thing that they were in the past & it completely removes the smell so the pup doesn't return to that spot etc. Look.. i have expensive taste and very expensive furniture- THIS product makes it possible to have pets AND NICE THINGS.... buy with confidence! xoxo
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on August 20, 2011
Wish I could've given it ZERO stars. I've been using and recommending (I'm a dog trainer) the original Nature's Miracle for a lot of years - it works great. Always has. Recently, we got a new pup. I ended up with an area on a big area rug where she'd peed and it dried because we were unaware she'd gone there. It smelled. I figured I'd try this Urine Destroyer stuff on it since the urine was "old" and dry. Should've stuck with the regular Nature's Miracle which would've handled it just fine. Instead, I put this stuff on it. Most important here is that the regular Nature's Miracle has pretty much no scent of its own. THIS stuff is disgusting. I didn't like the way it smelled when I opened the bottle but stupidly hoped that once it was on and dry that the smell would go away. Um, nope. It's awful. Truly. It is substantially worse than the pee-smell that was there before. Nauseating. The bottle says that it could take *up to 2 weeks* to fully dry. What? Ick... no thanks. It's been about that now, and it still smells horrid. No longer smells like pee, but now smells worse: overwhelmingly a sort of earthy smell mixed with the awful smell from this bottle. Now the entire (big!) area rug has to be replaced completely. I cannot keep soaking the area with more and more stuff to now try to get rid of the gross smell from this Urine Destroyer garbage. Stick with the regular Nature's Miracle. Really.
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on May 3, 2013
I recently purchased a home that had been occupied by hoarders. Ten dogs and eight cats had been neglected and the home suffered too. We tore up the urine soaked carpeting and used this product to treat the base boards. I ordered 4 quarts to treat 800 square ft. You must use a lot of the product concentrated in one spot for it to work. We also used ammonia to mop it up. We were able to save the sub floors! It should be noted after we cleaned the floors we also used a paint on latex sealer to ensure no smell will ever creep up out of the floor. This stuff works!
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on December 12, 2014
My daughter's puppy had turned her apartment into a stink hole. I called natures miracle and spoke to their super helpful customer service rep. Our plan of action was to locate old pee spots with their black light (lots of surprises there, buy one of these!), treat them with their urine destroyer, wait about one week then use their carpet cleaning product in a steam cleaner. We completely followed the directions, be sure to shake the products before use! Bad spots were gone over twice. I COULD NOT BELIEVE THE RESULTS. No urine odor, no odor AT ALL, just clean and fresh. (I got on my hands and knees to sniff the favorite "toilet") For $50-60 (black light, urine destroyer, carpet cleaner and steam cleaner rental) we were able to totally remove all traces of urine. A truly amazing product line. +++
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