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on December 28, 2010
First: the Navien NR-series tankless has only been in service since Oct 2009, so the 2yr+ ownership reviews were done on the CR-series. The CR-series did have issues which were addressed in warranty fixes and massively updated on the NR-series. Second: do your research. I replaced my 17yr old A.O. Smith gas tank with the Navien NR-240A. The NR met my criteria of long warranty, EF, min GPM (zero). It didn't hurt either that I was getting the governments credit either, so I went to to do a lot of research heavy lifting. The "A" model included a small buffer tank (to eliminate the "cold sandwich") and a built in circulation pump. Make sure your plumber (or if you DYI) installs recirculation T's at the longest runs (in my case, master bathroom). Combinded with the built-in circulation pump, this will also eliminate the time it takes to get hot water to your facet (example: from 60sec to 5sec). Do not go with marketing fluff from other manufacturers (such as "market leader", "brand leader", etc...), go with what you need and what your criteria is (EF, GPM, warranty).

4JUN2011 - UPDATE: Instead of commenting on each of the "BAD" reviews - I'm going to generalize based on their issues:
* Again - anyone claiming 2+ yrs ownership, take that to mean they have the "CR" not the "NR".
* Installation/Plumber - the absolute key to these products. If the installer doesn't know what they are doing, you'll not have a good experience. If done correctly, you should not have to wait more than 45s for hot water (even if recirc is off).
* If your installer is decent, you shouldn't be calling Navien direct, you call your installer/plumber to resolve your issue.
* You shouldn't have to "doubled" your piping for recirc ... that's a good salesman to sell you that with this unit.
* If you do have a dedicated recirculation line and it's not working correctly - the installer is an idiot and doesn't know the system.
* Bootleg units, doubt it. That "NAVIEN" employee is full of crap. Anyone can purchase just about anything from distributors and resell.
* I have a SINGLE NR with 4 family members (sometimes 5... 3/4 female ... 2/3 of those ... <15yrs old), 3.3k SF, 3 story conditioned space. You cannot tell me that you needed 2 units unless you have a larger family/home with all the stuff (3 x full bath, 1 half bath, laundry, dishwasher).

The level of satisfaction on the NR-Series comes down to this: INSTALLER - If they "just kinda figured it out", you'll end up with a crappy experience. If they know how to size your unit (incoming water/gas lines, incoming water pressures/gas BTUs, upgrades to services (water/gas), upgrades to meters (usually gas), how Navien recirculation works (even if you life is unpredictable), give you the EXPECTATIONS of the install and performance (and hold THEM accountable)), then you should be good to go. Be an EDUCATED consumer PRIOR to making this decision. I'm not pushing NAVIEN as the end-all ... but rather pushing the TANKLESS technologies ... doing research ... educated decision-making ... expectations ... customer support.
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on September 23, 2010
Not sure of other reviews, this thing has worked well for way over 6 months. It heats quickly and reliably. It generates more than enough water for my rain-shower shower system, and has capacity to spare. I ran it today with 8 faucets open, and its 140 degrees of red-hot water just kept going. Only caution note is make 110% sure you have at least a 1 inch gas supply line AND make sure you have a UPGRADED gas meter (most meters can not handle a tankless along with other appliances - they have a maximum of ~250,000 BTU, not enough for a furnace and tankless at same time!).
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on February 1, 2011
We had the Navien NR-240 (A) installed in July 2010. Knowing what we know now, we would not do it again. Here's why.

The Good:

So efficient that the exhaust pipe is plastic and vents out the side wall of the garage thus reducing installation headaches and cost.

Saves on Gas however it will take maybe 12 to 15 years of service without further cost to make up the difference in purchase and installation cost.

No tank in the garage taking up room.

The Bad:

Loud, like a small gas engine

Hot water recirculation feature does not work, in fact it takes longer to get hot water to the faucet now then it did with out conventional water heater, thus wasting more water. (Save on gas, waste water)

It is supposed to have a expansion tank built in but it does nothing to reduce the minor pipe noise that has developed in the last couple of years.

The first few minutes in the shower require 6 to 8 adjustments as it spikes then cools repeatedly before it settles down.
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on December 2, 2010
I really like my Navien it works exactly like promised. Three showers can be used a once with no problem.The main thing with all tank less heaters is gas supply.My gas meter was only rated at 350,000 btu's. Not enough to run the tank less plus other appliances. The gas company upgraded it for free to a 1,000,000 btu unit and I have had no problems at all.I put it in myself in one day and sold my used hot water tank on Craig's list. I would wouldn't be afraid to buy one of these they are a good product.....
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on March 6, 2013
Do not purchase this water heater. I bought the Navien NR-240A from a business that has delivered and installed other gas appliance for me in the past. This unit has been in service since July of 2010. It stopped working in September of 2012 and required a new sensor unit because it had cracked for no apparent reason. Of course we had to wait for parts. Now 4 months later this product has stopped working again. I have every confidence in the company that installed it so I believe that the product is likely to fail again and again. I have had water heaters, gas and electric, that were a whole lot cheaper and most of them lasted over 10 years without a problem. Efficient it is not when you have to run the water for 5 minutes to get hot water 15 feet away. Efficient it is not when it breaks down and you go without hot water. I would never buy this brand again. When the repairman comes tomorrow there could be a decision to go with a new standard gas water heater because this is not saving me money nor energy and creating a whole lot of frustration in my household. Try living without hot water when everyone wants a shower to go to school and work.
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on March 13, 2011
My thoughts on my NAVIEN 240 A On demand water heater.
Ok, When I was thinking of getting a on Demand water heater I had read pretty much nothing but bad things of the navien. I then heard that the 2 gen Models which are out now I guess were better so I decied to try one for my self.

My house has 4 sinks and two bath tubs (1 is 100 Gal Whirlpool) 2 showers dish washer and washing machine.

I take showers some times that are pushing 45 Min and not once have I ever ran out of hot water, I have ran two baths at once and never have had a problem the water stays hot and the temp doesnt fluctuate much at all if at all. I have some hi out put water fixtures also.

If I put the unit on recurlation mode it keeps the water hot in the line and the hot water is pretty instant when its called for and it can be adjusted to recurulated at certain times. The unit is in basement is pretty quite and not bad looking its tucked up out of the way.

The Unit makes a little noise but I only hear it when in basement.

The Manual is a little confusing since I guess it was in Korean and had to be translated to English.

I leave the water temp set at 125 Deg.

I am in NY so the ground water is cold at this time of year and the reps from navien were worried about this but not one issue. I can turn the water temp up but 125 is plenty hot.

Figured Id tell you guys and I am very happy with the service ( Had set up questions ) and the unit it self and I do reccommended it.

I hated the Propane or Electric Tank type Hot Water Heaters, Always Running out of Hot Water, I had a Boiler with a Indirect Tank in my old house and That was a great set up but This set up is even better.

Its got four stars due to Cost and the Manual. I Also didnt purchase this from Amazon I picked it up from a local store.

I Run a 3/4 Hi Pressure system in stead on a 1 In Low Pressure.
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on October 24, 2012
Why in the world is a DIYer or Heating & Cooling companies attempting to install these units in the first place. As a Master Plumber with 21 years experience, this is the best product I have seen in years. This unit SHOULD be installed by a professional plumber not a Chuck in a Truck with a Crack in the Back. I have installed these in commercial applications such as restaurants and hotels as well as residential applications. Technical support has been exceptional. Every issue that has occurred was responded to and immediately resolved either by phone support, replacements part and even replacement unit...all shipping was overnight. I truly believe that the negative articles against the Navien product were originated by competition or an installer that did not know what they were doing. Posted by Dave of 9-1-1 Plumbing.
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on January 24, 2012
The CR series was the first of this type of waterheater. Navien learned from the problems and fixed them in the NR series. I originally had the CR240 and it gave me problem after the intial period. Navien eventually replaced it under warrenty with the NR-240 and it has worked like a charm for about two years now. BTW the picture in this ad shows the older model so beware. Check Navien's website for a picture of the newer model.

Make sure and hire an installer that knows tankless hotwater heaters. I know several people that had a regular plumber install their tankless hot water heater and they had problems from the start. There are many things to consider when installing them such as air supply and exhaust flow, gas flow and pressure and water flow. If you don't get them right the computer in the heater will detect there is a problem and shut the heater down. So do it right the first time and everything will work.

Right now ther are eight of use living in the house and the heater easily keeps up with all the showers, dishes, cloths washing etc.
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on May 21, 2013
We installed this Navien Model #CR-210(A) in our new home at the suggestion of our plumber in November 2009. Since installation we have had nothing but problems. Now we never know when, but always anticipate, the next breakdown.

First the machine would not run consistently because error code 038 would not permit it. Of course that error code was not in the Operator's Manual so we placed a call(one of many)to Navien's Tech. Dept.and were told the Flow Sensor was indicating enough water was not flowing to the unit. Eventually we were sent a new flow sensor to replace the other one that seemed perfectly good. We were also told to put some cooking oil on the flow sensor so it would spin more freely(I'm not kidding!)

Next, we were sent a new mother board(2.0) to replace the one that was factory installed(1.7). We were also told to put a surge protector on the 120AC plug to protect the machine. In a subsuquent phone call regarding an operating failure we were told to remove the surge protector. Hmmm.....

Some of the failures we don't even bother reporting to Navien, due to their ferquency.The cause of outages with this unit ranged from error codes 038, 010, 012,027 and so on. If we did not possess some maintenance skills,by now we would have spent a small fortune and undoubtedly done without hot water for much longer periods during each breakdown waiting for repair personnel.

Some of the outages have been unexplicable, but for some time we would have periodic outages because the frequency of duration of "cold sandwiches" began to increase. Initially we attributed the cause of the "cold sanwiches to reduced hot water usage. Frankly, we also were in denial, as we just couldn't believe we were having another issue with this relatively new machine.

On 3/13/13 this new problem began tripping our GFI breaker this circuit was on. After speaking with Navien's Tech Dept. and trying to isolate the problem, Navien's Tech Dept attributed this problem to our circuit. Hmmm.... That circuit works with anything else running on it, but trips when we plug in our Navien water heater.

So, I plugged the machine into a GFI receptacle and ran it for another 2 months with only some intermittent outages.Now,the GFI circuit is tripping and as of 5/20/13 we were told that the machine should not be plugged into a GFI circuit. Of course the machine is in an unfinished basement where non GFI circuits are hard to find. The Installation Manual does not contain this non-GFI circuit stipulation.

How do we find the cause of the problem which is error code 03? Why we must plug the machine into a non-GFI circuit and allow the machines internal breaker to trip or blow a fuse after first unplugging all the leads into the mother board and then, one by one, plugging the leads back into the mother board to see what trips the machine's breaker to determine the culprit.In an effort to just take a shower, we plugged in the machine and it ran a couple of hours before tripping the breaker. Now to find the problem......

By the way, we would NEVER, EVER buy this machine again. When it works, it's great. When it doesn't... Well.... If we had only known!
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on April 5, 2013
I have been a home builder for 28 years and have been responsible to select products for my clients that will be reliable and trouble free. They must also have a good warranty and reliable service from the manufacturer. (example Anderson window company) In June of 2011 my wife and I moved into a "green" home we had built for ourselves and installed a Navien NR-240A
The plumber did a great job of installation with a recirculating loop and the unit works well when it is working. In the year and a half that we have owned the water heater I have had to clean the water and air filters twice. Our water supply is from Lake Michigan and very clean. A flow sensor failed costing me $240 in labor (not in the warranty after a year) to install the new warrantied part which was overnighted from California in three days. The repairman told me "Oh yes we replace a lot of these sensors." The bottom line is: this is not a worry free product. If you wish to build a house with low maintenance, better stick to a conventional water heater.
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