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on February 20, 2007
This is the story of 3 couples who find out their marriages aren't legal and have to decide whether or not to make them so.

Stella married an older man and now has a stepdaughter her own age. Her groom forgot to tell her about his vasectomy until after the wedding. Children are very important to Stella and now she has to decide what is more important: her husband or having children of her own.

Erin has the mother in law from hell. She should have known her mil would be a problem when she tried to kill her before the wedding. And Erin's husband can't seem to grow a backbone to stand up to mommy dearest.

Casey's husband almost cancelled the wedding the 15 minutes before it was to happen. He can't seem to make up his mind what he wants. Casey has issues with her childhood. She comes from a trashy family and always seems to think that that is how people still see her. She is also the one who did the proposing in this relationship because Nick was taking too long. Even bought her own ring.

This was a great book and I loved hwo it is told in first person from each of the brides. I couldn't put this book down and read it in one day.
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VINE VOICEon December 30, 2006
This was my favorite Beth Kendrick book. I liked all three of the characters - Stella, the fairy-tale princess with fairy-tale princess looks; Erin, the "type A plus" pediatrician who'd rather be working at a teaching hospital in Boston; and Casey, the girl who used to live in a trailer and now owns a store.

These three different personalities are drawn together because they have something in common: the pastor who "married" them died before he could sign their marriage certificates. Thus, they are not really married (hence the title).

This discovery throws them into a tailspin. Should they get married for real? Or toss aside their already troubled "marriages"? Stella's husband has a vasectomy, but neglected to tell her before their wedding night. Erin's husband is cowed by his crazy mother, who will resonate with many readers. Casey's husband, a stud in high school, is unmotivated to show his love for her or do much else.

I finished this book in a day. I just had to know what would happen to these characters.
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on November 12, 2006
Finally, a chick lit book that is enjoyable and fun to read. Its been a long time....

Beth Kendrick has written a witty, different chick lit book. Story of three women who get married at the same time only to realize that they are not really married. This gives each of them pause - do they REALLY want to "remarry" the same man?

The storyline is fun to read and because it is different, the author can go places with the storyline that regular chick lit could not.

It actually made me question a few things myself. When you get to know the guy you love - really get to know him - if you had a choice, would you stay married?

Written in a nice breezy manner - smart, funny and touching at times. I found myself angry, entertained, and very interested in reading what comes next.

Buy this one.
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on February 15, 2015
This was a pretty cute little story. It's not my favorite of Beth Kendricks books, but it's a good read.

Nearlyweds follows the story of three couples who have recently taken the plunge and said, "I Do". However, it's clear from the start that none of the couples are experiencing wedded bliss, but more like Husband From Hell".

Stella, a 24 year old "Princess of New York" whose parents have just been through a scandal and financial ruin, has met and married Mark, a prominent doctor over fifty and with two grown daughters. Stella is in love with Mark, and truly can't wait to be a wife but can't wait even more to be a mom. However, on their wedding night, Stella finds out that Mark has been hiding something from her and it seems that perhaps the two don't have the same goals.

Erin is truly in a wedded nightmare, with a dreadful and quite literally mother in law from hell, and has discovered her husband has no spine. Erin is a doctor, and David is a pharmacist (or something similar). They met and fell in love while both were attending school. To Erin's amazement, somehow she left a possibility of her dream job to move to "the sticks" and just three TINY minuscule miles from her dear mother in law. Erin who is highly, deathly allergic to peanuts is even finding that her mother in law keeps trying to serve peanuts in every dish possible. Luckily Ern survives the one time that her mother in law succeeds in feeding Erin peanuts hidden in a dish. Things only get worse when mother dearest decides a home Reno is in store and where else can she move, but in with Erin & David. David, who seems oblivious to the true nature of his mother, doesn't have the heart or backbone to tell her no. Even if it meets he loses his wife.

Casey was the uber class nerd, invisible in high school. Nick, was the super athlete that every girl dreamed of and Caseys been with him now for three years. She still doesn't feel good enough to be his, and finds herself always delivering ultimatums. Which, it seems is how she got him in the church to begin with. Becoming friends with Stella & Erin have been a heaven send and she soon starts to realize how much Nick takes her for granted, even leaving her on Thanksgiving for a trip with the boys (FOR 4 days!). Casey finally realizes, maybe Nick doesn't love her and doesn't want their relationship to continue in the course it's own.

Most time when you get married, it's a commitment and you have to suck it up and take your vows to hearts. In sick and health and all that jazz, but what happens when you suddenly find that the vows you thought you took, aren't legal? That you really aren't married, if knowing what you know now would you do it all over again!?? Well, these three women will have to make that decision when it seems their marriage certificates weren't ever signed and legalized.
Lit was a cute story, some bits seemed overly dramatized and not believable, but that's ok. If you like to read for escapism, then a little unbelievable is ok. The writing is pretty good and the story is great. It definitelu kept me entertained and hungering to know how it was going to end!
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VINE VOICEon January 26, 2007
Three unlikely women become friends when they discover that the pastor that presided over their weddings died before signing the paperwork. So you could say that the couples will each get a "do-over" if they so desire.

Stella married the much older Mark and can't wait to have a baby. The problem is Mark waited to tell her about his vasectomy when she was too drunk to comprehend. Casey is the girl from the wrong side of the tracks that married the wealthy golden boy who almost stood her up at the altar. Medical resident Erin got caught up in marriage plans before realizing that she was not only marrying David but also his conniving widowed mother. Will they or won't they... Should they stay or should they go? And it features an oversized dog that gets to do things to mean characters we only wish we could do.

Kendrick keeps the reader guessing, with her trademark witty banter and strong female characters. Each chapter is in a single character's voice, but unlike some authors that use this device, each of the women is prevalent throughout the entire story.
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VINE VOICEon January 15, 2007
This is one fastastic Chick-lit novel! Believe me, once you start it-you won't be able to put it down. It's hard to find a good book these days that just makes you want sit and read it and you don't want it to end. Well, this is one of those rare novels. Stella, Casey, and Erin are such engaging characters and you will really want the best for each character. As each of their "marriages" start, they are already faced with many difficulties. I'll try not to reveal too much of the plot but Stella is marrying a richer, older man but something that hurts Stella very much is revealed on the couple's honeymoon. Casey is from the wrong side of the tracks and ends up marrying the popular guy from high school. But he has problems committing. Erin has the worst mother-in-law. Out of the three of them, I probably liked Erin's story the best. This is a great tale of an unlikely friendship that is forged when all three women's marriages turn out to be not legal. The story from start to finish is fantastic and I really liked the ending for all three women. If you're a fan of chick-lit and really even if you're not, this is a wonderful, must-read book for everyone.
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VINE VOICEon March 26, 2008
NEARLYWEDS by Beth Kendrick
March 26, 2008

Rating 4/5 stars

This was a fun, easy-going tale of three women who discover their marriages were never legal. Each of the women is notified that the minister who performed their ceremonies has died, and unfortunately he never signed the documents to make their marriages legitimate.

The fact is, each of the three women are actually having second thoughts on their newly married statuses, and this problem with the legality of the marriages may be a good thing. NEARLYWEDS has all three women, Stella, Casey and Erin, look at their relationships with their new husbands and now they have to decide whether to tie the knot again. All three are very different women from different walks of life, and when the three come together it makes for an interesting combination.

Told in a light tone, NEARLYWEDS is a funny look at the mistakes these women make as they try to figure out where they want to be once the dust has settled. It is anyone's guess which of these women will stay married, or move on without their husbands.

I was surprised at how well written this book was, and how much I enjoyed it. It's not a literary masterpiece but it's the type of book that one enjoys to escape. What are the odds that all three women meet? Not very likely, but one ignores facts like that to focus on the story of the three women and their very different situations. NEARLYWEDS was very enjoyable, and worth the time spent.
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on June 7, 2013
What if you thought you were legally married, but you were not? These newlyweds are faced with that dilemma. They are faced with the choice if they would like to marry their significant other. Add into the mix major first year problems including being the trophy wife whose husband wants her to not work, the ambitious doctor who moved from the city and has a rather difficult mother-inlaw, and the business owner from the wrong side of the tracks but married the boy for the prominent family. These women find friendship in the mix and rely on each other's help and advice.

Overall this was an easy read that was quite enjoyable. The story was a little cheesy, but was okay.
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VINE VOICEon February 11, 2007
This novel has three should-be brides; Stella, Casey and Erin whom were all "married" on Labor Day weekend. A few weeks after their nupitals, just when the "what did I do?" questions start flying a letter arrives telling each of them that they are in fact, not married. Now all three have a loophole and they don't have to be married after all if they don't want to be and get to skip the messy divorce. Stella has to decide if she wants to remain married to a man whom got her blotto to the point of passing out to slip in the fact he had a vasectomy so he didn't feel guilty when the ex-au pair finds out she will not be a mother - to his children anyways. Casey has to find out if its worth shoving Nick towards the alter again - once was hard enough. Erin has to decide if she is willing to love, honor and cherish her mother-in-law for as long as they both shall live, because evidently her faux-husband lost his spine when they said I do. Hilarity ensues when Cash, an adopted stray, is introduced into the story and follows through acting out the girls' fantasies on their foes.

This story is a good one for those girls that have said I do... have said I don't and said I don't want to anymore. The three girls are as different as they could be from one another but their friendship is solid and their personalities leap off the pages in this book. If you love your girlfriends and memories of romps on the town pre marriage or relationship you will love this book.
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on July 15, 2011
These 3 women became best of friends due to unfortunate circumstances. One of the common threads being what many of us believed in - marital bliss! From a meddling mother-in-law, to an unmotivated husband, to a complete liar, these women have had an eye-opening start to their marriages. It's reality and not a candy-coated dream. Marriage is work from both parties, but dreams can be realized without settling. I felt it was entertaining, at times quite funny, and truthful. I couldn't wait to see how they each handled their marriages. -- And might I add, thank God for our girlfriends!
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