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on September 18, 2005
no question about it...Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious is Carcass's defining moment. a glorious splatter platter of brutaly fierce, melodicly medical metal. does that make sense? the songwriting here is top notch...every track is a monsterous example of how much power these guys had. technicality and killer hooks are all combined with great (and amusing) lyrics to make an excellent kind of album that Carcass would never make again. and the cover art is great...scary, creepy, and artisticly well done. overall, an unforgettable album!
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on July 19, 2007
You heard me right, "Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious" is without question Carcass's best album of all time, and it also really stepped up the band's career as well. It's also one of the best death metal albums of all time, as well as one of my all time favorite death metal albums ever. This was the one Carcass album along with "Heartwork" that really got me into this awesome band. Whether they'd be goregrind/grindcore, death metal, or even melodeath, Carcass are truly one of a kind in the metal world.

Everything on "Necroticism" is just excellent. The production by Colin Richardson is just top notch here. The lyrics are great, and the album art cover is very creepy. The musicianship on this album is also top notch as well. You got Michael Amott (formerly of Carnage, and he would later go on to play in Arch Enemy) and Bill Steer's orgasmic dualing guitarwork, lots of great heavy riffs and awesome technical dualing solos throughout. Ken Owen is a great drummer. His double bass drumwork is just awesome especially on my favorite song "Corporal Jigsore Quandary" in which he does an excellent drum loop at the beginning of the song. Jeff Walker is a very unique death metal vocalist. His vocals can range from low death growls to high pitched black metal screams, and he also tends to use a cleaner approach to his vocals as well.

Every song on here is just excellent, but if had to pick some standouts, they would definately be "Inpropagation", "Corporal Jigsore Quandary" (my favorite song which I mentioned earlier), "Incarnated Solvent Abuse" "Symposium of Sickness", "Pedigree Butchery", and "Forensic Clinicism/The Sanguine Article". Overall this classic album is an absolute must have for all metalheads. Guaranteed to get those heads banging, enjoy!!
Jeremy's song ratings:
1. Inpropagation (7:06) - 5/5
2. Corporal Jigsore Quandary (5:48) - 5/5 My favorite song
3. Symposium of Sickness (6:56) - 5/5
4. Pedigree Butchery (5:16) - 5/5
5. Incarnated Solvent Abuse (4:59) - 5/5
6. Carneous Cacoffiny (6:43) - 5/5
7. Lavaging Expectorate of Lysergide Composition (4:03) - 5/5
8. Forensic Clinicism/The Sanguine Article (7::12) - 5/5
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on February 8, 2006
This is possibly Carcass' best work. It is definitely there most polished production wise. While the production got better, they didn't lose the things that made them so great.

The album kicks off with the track, Inpropagation which is a excellent piece of musical work. Tempo changes, excellent vocals both low "death" and higher almost "black metal" growls. The opening drums and riff in Corporal Jigsore Quandary is excellent. The grinding of Incarnated Solvent Abuse is what we have grown accustom to. The guitar solos in Lavaging Expectorate of Lysergide Composition are beautiful and flow perfectly with the ambiance of the entire album. Finally closing with The Sanguine Article. This release will not disappoint any fan of the previous releases. If only they would have kept this up...
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on May 15, 2015
Carcass' 3rd full length finds them lengthening their grotesque odes, edging away from grindcore into pure Death Metal. Bill Steer & Mike Amott make the best of this, with a multitude of intricate soloing & riffing. Ken Owen is still a monster behind the kit, and Jeff Walker is hilarious and verbose as usual. This is probably my favorite Carcass album, but really, i guess, that depends on what in the mood for. i also love their masterful comeback album of 2013, Surgical Steel. Oh, that reminds me, the Tools Of The Trade e.p. is appended to this release. It's nowhere near as strong as Necroticism, but the live tracks are nice.
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on June 1, 2011
One helluva great album. Carcass at their best - thank god they grew out of their silly grindcore phase and released this record. Brutal/humorous (humerus) lyrics, cool dueling vocals by Walker and Steer, excellent riffs & drumming. Quality.

'Corporal Jigsore Quandary', 'Forensic Clinicism - The Sanguine Article', 'Inpropagation', and 'Incarnated Solvent Abuse' are my favorite tracks.

Any fan of early 90s extreme/death metal should have this one. Hard to believe it's been 20 years since this was released. It still stands the test of time...
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on June 27, 2006
I just dug this one out of my cd case last week. I got this album back when I was in high school. I played the s**t out of this disk. This is an absolute perfect d.m. release. Heartwork was good, and a bit more melodic, but this was their banger! Who would have thought that now 14 years later, I still hold this album up in my top ranks. This release is flawless and timeless in my opinion. This is Carcass at their peak! Pick up the newer version of this release. I hear that the 3 tracks from Tools of the Trade are on it. Enjoy!!
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on April 7, 2007
I no longer listen to metal as much as I used to, but this is one of the few death metal albums that, for me, stands the test of time. It really is the apex of Carcass's career and really, of the genre as well. After Carcass and Obituary reached their peaks in the early 90's (while Cynic and Atheist were pushing the boundaries on the prog end of the spectrum,) there really was nowhere to go but downward into a glut of clone bands.

At the exact midpoint between their nauseatingly fast grindcore material and their more melodic, NWOBHM throwback albums, this one has the best of both world - medical dictionary derived lyrics, vicious vocals, speed and melodic leads - witness the choruses on the opener "Impropagation." Truly a keystone of the sub-genre and a landmark heavy metal album in general.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 27, 2014
Every so often a work of art comes out that sets a new bar and shows humanity what is possible. "Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious" is no less than a masterpiece. As far as I am concerned, this CD *is* Carcass; all of the band's other attempts at audio terror pale in comparison and do not have a place on my top shelf next to Descanting the Insalubrious and other audioscapes that are among the best our species has to offer.

LOOK FOR THE RELEASE WITH 11 TRACKS. There were numerous versions of this album pressed, and some only give you 8 tracks; while these 8 tracks are the best, why wouldn't you want the 3 bonus tracks? Do a deeper search on Amazon until you find all versions, and then compare the prices to make your decision. One version even includes a DVD!!

How to listen: these tunes are *not* to be paired with wine, red or white. If you find yourself Descanting the Insalubrious, I recommend having a bottle of vodka in hand, and not bothering with a mixer. You'll score extra points for using your headphones while Descanting the Insalubrious (it best messes with your head that way), but the most important factor in the equation is overconsumption of ETOH. (I quit drinking a couple years ago, but I won't lie: Carcass is best served with chilled vodka.)

Trivia fact: Carcass were/are vegetarians and vegans... which provides some insight into the fixation on flesh in their lyrics.
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on December 9, 2006
Out of all the death metal bands I have listened to throughout the past three years of my life, I must say that Carcass was definitely the most influential death metal band of all time. Scratch that. They're the most influential BAND of all time. They have changed their sound and gained a wide fanbase during the early 90's. From goregrind to death metal to melodeath, they covered a whole spectrum of not well-known music.

If there is any Carcass CD that definitely stepped up the band's career, it is no doubt "Necroticism". The production is top notch here. It was muddy on their previous two records, as they tended to steer towards the goregrind side of music. With "Necroticism", however, Carcass shows their pure talent here and tells people that "We're not just a grindcore band, folks".

Mike Amott (of ex-Carnage/Arch Enemy fame) and Bill Steer's guitars are just orgasmic, especially in my all-time favorite track, "Incarnate Solvent Abuse". "Corporal Jigsore Quandary" has an excellent beginning drum loop played by underrated drummer Ken Owen. Jeff Walker is one of the most unique death metal vocalists of all time. He tends to use a cleaner approach to his vocals and steers away from the "grunting" and "gurgling" that makes death metal/grindcore so controversial these days.

This album is simply a masterpiece in the death metal genre. While it may not be as melodic as "Heartwork" and "Swansong" would be, "Necroticism" will definitely have some heads banging, especially for the death metal fans. I definitely recommend.
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on May 13, 2007
The best deathmetal record ever made and probably the best there ever will be. All the songs on Necroticism have character. They are all great complex compositions and have a melodic infrastructure. The songs fit eachothers to make this recording a piece of metal history. I cannot praise this record enough. It never gets uninteresting as new sounds are discovered everytime I listen to it.
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