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on December 11, 1999
The first Need for Speed, on the 3DO, was an impressive game, but somewhat limited. Throughout the series, EA has expanded the dimensions of the game until now, with the wonderous NFS: High Stakes.
Control in the game is superb. The earliest avaiable cars handle great, but lack the acceleration or top speed of the top-of-the-line cars earned throughout the game. This allows for players to advance their skills while having fun and does not give the game a sharp learning curve; anyone could pick up a controller and have a blast.
The graphics are stunning, especially at night during a thuderstorm. Lightning illuminates the sky and realistically flashes to show off the terrain around you; rain strikes the windshield in the first-person camera angle. The cars have a life-like appeal and suffer real-time damage, adding to the quality of the title. EA did not miss a thing with this title in the graphics department.
Music is more of the usual EA style, with a mix of rock and techno, keeping you aware of the track and focused upon the game. Also, the inclusion of different languages in the pursuit mode, along with the ability to play as police, adds more realism, something gamers are sure to appreciate.
EA has a gold mine with this game, and it is sure to please the racing fan, while being a great game for new-comers to the racing genre.
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on April 28, 2002
Definately better than Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit. The car control is back into the much better form of Arcade racing which categorized the original Need For Speed which started the whole thing off. The tracks are interesting, taking from many aspects of racing strategies. Shortcuts are minimal, but fun to use and easy to find.
The development of the game requires the player to beat certain challenges in order to unlock more tracks. In addition, the hot pursuit mode requires you playing the cop to pull over the speeders before your time runs out to earn faster police cars. Something I enjoy is the choice of "Local Cops." It's an option under the track select. Depending on where the track is set (Germany, France, Great Brittain etc.) the cops will speak in that language. (Believe me, Electronic Arts makes fun of the British here). It adds to the realism and extras.
Playing as a cop you have the option of calling in for backup, setting a roadblock, or requesting a spike strip (or "stinger" in British). The radio between the HQ and your car is realistic and keeps you well up to date on what's going on in both modes of play.
The cars are your standard array of sports cars using everything from the Jaguar XK8 to the Porsche 911 Turbo, all the way to the McLaren F1 racecar (of the Mercedes GTR, whichever you like better).
The police have become smarter and the cars they drive are directly related to the track and the car you are driving. In America, the cop cars are the standard Caprice, the Corvette, and, of course, the Diablo. Foreign soil has the M5, the Porsche 911 and the Diablo. The cops will radio in for a faster car if they have trouble catching you and will set roadblocks (good ones this time) or lay spike strips to catch you.
What can I say? It's the next one out, and its pulling strong. No complaints.
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on December 5, 1999
YES! Even though this game doesn't have 8 million cars, it is better-in my opinion- than Gran Turismo. First off, this game has control, the main part of the game. In here, you don't spin out after turning. It has more modes of play: test drive-where you pick a car and drive around a course once; single race- think about it; Hot pursuit- the main attraction. You can be chased by the cops, or you can lay down the law as a cop. This mode is especially fun when you have two people,one as a cop and one as the felon;tournaments and special events- series' of races where you earn money to buy or upgrade cars, gain access to new tracks, and to unlock special edition cars; high stakes- you and a friend duke it out to see who looses their car and who wins it. Your car is permanently deleted from your memory card when you loose. This game also has wonderful graphics WHILE YOUR RACING.gran turismo only has good graphics during the replayshe soundtrack is also better. On NFS there are 20 songs that you can race to. You can even pick which one you would like to listen to. On gran turismo there are 3 songs. The car upgrades are also very cool. When you upgrade your wheels, they turn from crome to gold. Spoilers and the such are also added to the car, and engine upgrades add pinstripes to your ride. The tracks are international, and look very great.
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on May 2, 2002
Need For Speed 4: High Stakes is the best out of the series yet. It has so many good qualities, i don't know where to start:
1. Amazing looking tracks.
2. Great selection of cars.
3. Great modes: Hot Pursuit (where you can either chase or be chased by the police), Test Drive (where you can go for a 1 lap spin through the course), Single Race (single race), High Stakes, Tournament (where you can race for the money to upgrade and/or buy new cars).
4. Options to drive at night, backwards, and with weather.
5. Great secret cars (Titan, Phantom, and Police Helicopter, and McCleran F1).
6. On hot pursuit mode, you can hear when a roadblock or a spike belt is being set up, therefore giving you a better chance to avoid it.
You should agree, Need For Speed 4: High Stakes is a great racing game.
1. Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit
2. Need For Speed 4: High Stakes
3. Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed
4. Need For Speed: V-Rally 2
5. Need For Speed 2
6. Need For Speed: V-Rally
7. Need For Speed: Road Challenge
8. Need For Speed: Porsche 2000
9. Need For Speed
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on December 20, 2001
Normally, I do not play racing games. But this one sets it apart from the others.It hasthe usual racing game setup. Like you have to unlock cars and tracks. But what DOES set it apart from others is that you can get chased by the police in a mode called 'Hot Pursuit Mode.' You may also to choose to be the cops. Once you arrest ten speeders within the time limit, you unlock more varieties of cop cars. Like, you may start out with being able to play the BMW5 cop car, but soon, you could unlock the Porche 911 cop car. One thing that I find really neat, is the fact that when you drive the speed limit, and stay in the right lanes, the cops will never start to chase you. The graphics are exellent, the sound is superb, and the gameplay is fabulous! I would highly recommend this game to racing fans, and even to those who don't like racing. I didn't at first, and I still HATE ganes, but this is better in every way!
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on December 2, 1999
If you are looking for a great, realistic racing game, here's the one. This game is action-packed with hot pursuit,high stakes mode and much more! This game is a great buy and very fun.
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on January 1, 2000
When I first played this game I was in aw. I mean the graphicsare awsome, the AI is purfect,and the car selection is great. Overall this game is great in so many ways, but their was a problem that I noticed-and that would be that the games weather is not on the dot cool as oh, let's say test drive 5. But go to it, go to it, buy the game-YOU'LL LOVE YOURSELF FOR IT
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on April 19, 2015
A blast from the past. I went through two copies of this game in the past. Had to re-purchase this to play it again. Graphics haven't aged too well but the game play and controls hold up really well today. Must buy.
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on September 14, 2002
This by far one of the best driving games I have ever had the privilege to play. Its just so cool that you are able to choose wich side of the law you want to uphold. You can either have a awesome sports car or be a police officer and give tickets and arrest people that speed. AND if that is not enough you can also do a sort of Gran Turismo mode in wich you buy cars, jack them up, and race them, and when you do this you are also unlocking more cars and tracks to cruise on! Its also got the multiplayer feature so you and somebody else can chase each other or both be civilians or both be cops! Highly reccomended, I guarantee tons of fun!
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on April 3, 2000
Excellent game! Graphics are solid and driving conditions (brakes, skidding, and even damages from crashing) are very realistic. I not only like the fact that you can choose a number of cars, but also the fact that you can customize and upgrade your car depending on the amount of cash you have in your account (another realistic point). Several different driving modes (Hot Pursuit, test drive, tournaments, etc.) will keep you interested in this game for a long time. My only problem with this game is that there is limitation to customizing the controller. Otherwise, I love this game.
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