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on October 30, 2012
Graphics: Most Wanted has plenty of pluses and minuses graphically. When I first saw this game for the first time I thought it looked outstanding. Once I got it, I was underwhelmed. It still looks good, but nothing like the videos. Edges of cars and the environment have a choppy appearance, and the city in the distance really looks like a PS1 or PS2/Xbox game. When it comes down to the races, sense of speed, and the cars themselves though, it looks fairly impressive... especially with how the framerate holds up -- for the most part -- when there are a bunch of cops and/or crashes on-screen. The temporary blindness when looking into the sunset or when coming out of a tunnel is also a nice effect. 4/5

Sound: Again, positives and negatives here. First, some positives: The cars sound awesome, especially if you have a pair of headphones for your 360 (Tritton, Turtle Beach, etc.). The way the cars echo in tunnels and in alleyways is great. It's nice to see Criterion add things like that to the game. The soundtrack, I think, is pretty good. It has a nice mix of dubstep and hard rock that only add the experience when in a race. The downside I have with the soundtrack already is that in just about 3 hours of playtime, I have heard some songs 5 times already. I'm not sure how many tracks are in the game, but my assumption is that it isn't many. If you don't like the song list, you can turn it off completely, or use your own playlist. The biggest downfall -- and it's not really a huge one -- with NFS:MW would have to be the police chatter. It's always the same routine ... "What make and model? What color? We need more cops. These guys aren't messing around. These guys are good." It's really rather redundant, and it's a shame, because it could have added a lot to the game. 4/5

Fun: My first impression of this game wasn't all that great. I was pretty underwhelmed. The more I explored the city, unlocked cars, completed races, and especially tried out the multiplayer, the more I enjoyed it. While the game only contains 41 cars, there is enough to do with each of them to keep you playing this game -- even on single player -- for quite a decent while. The biggest downfall of this game is probably the single player, surprisingly enough. It's been a lot of fun so far, but after just a few hours of playing the game, I'm almost halfway done with getting all of the Most Wanted cars. I really just wish Criterion/EA added more content to the disc. Thankfully, the multiplayer makes me forgive this lack of single player depth. The challenges in multiplayer are, for the most part, very entertaining. While the online isn't without flaws (They're rather minor things, but you'll pick up on them quite quickly if you decide to hop online), it's definitely entertaining, and playing this game without the Online Pass would take away a LOT of what Most Wanted has to offer. 4.5/5

If you have any interest in racing games, you have to get this game. After zipping through the city and thinking I had seen everything, I explored areas I had no idea existed. Fairhaven is a vast, fun city to race around in, and it's only better with friends or even randoms. It may not be without its problems, and it could use a bit more depth, but this exhilarating, essential sequel to Burnout Paradise makes Need for Speed: Most Wanted a must-buy for adrenaline junkies.

Pros: Multiplayer, variety of Fairhaven's landscapes, varied car list.
Cons: No cops in multiplayer, minor online bugs, 41 cars seems a bit low, short single-player experience.


EDIT 11/1/12: I've only had the game for two days, and while I'm still having fun with the game, I have a feeling it won't last much longer. Without trying to get all of the Most Wanted cars too quickly, I already have 9 of the 12. Not only is it easy to get the Speed Points to unlock the races, it's easy to unlock the cars as well. The city is pretty nice as I said in the original review, but I feel like it could get stale within just a few weeks because I find myself on the same major roads over and over again. The multiplayer is pretty fun, but only for about a half hour at a time. The upgrading the car thing and unlocking things for all of them the more you use them online and off is fun and all, but I'm really thinking this game ought to be about $35, and not $60. Super frantic races and events, but there just isn't enough depth, particularly in the single player.

(If you enjoyed this review, check out some others I've written at
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on October 31, 2012
The graphics are ok, but there is no object to the game except become most wanted. Story line, nope. Just the city has a list of most wanted racers, spoiler alert, not really the title can tell you that. Unless you want to compete to beat your friends times and their best that is all this game offers. They give you every car in the game, you don't have to earn them. All you have to do is find them. When you find them don't expect to make your new found car any different from someone else's. You can't even select the color of your car. All you can do is drive through a "Spray n Paint" and get a random color. You can't tune your car all you can do is earn different parts by racing not earning point. Don't worry if you run from the cops, the only penalty that happens is you lose the points from the pursuit you were in. But points don't really matter cause all they do is move you a little closer to the top of the most wanted list, which you can do by racing anyways.

The crash scenes are good, but the annoying flag that hangs off your car to show you what position you're in, just distracts you from driving. Is it that hard to look into the top corner to see what position your in? Do you like knowing which way to turn when you're racing? Don't except this game to show you that. Usually you have to run the race two to three times because you'r going to miss a turn and get well off track.

I was so excited to get this game, my wife was making fun of me. I was expecting a game better than or equal to the the most wanted of 2005. Instead they ruined what could have been a great game. Is it, that hard to build off of a game idea that already exist. The only people that worked hard of on the game were the people that designed the cars and sounds. And is it that hard to get some real police codes not just something they made up.

SAVE YOUR $60 AND PASS ON THIS GAME. Unless you like to just push the Right Trigger button with no idea why you should keep playing. I wish someone would have told me this
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on December 4, 2012
Hard to use with Kinect but the best 30$ i ever spent on an Xbox game. if you like racing and driving nice cars at fast speeds this is the game for you!
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on October 31, 2012
The others have done a pretty good job summing it up. But needless to say, I am NOT satisfied with this game. Not one bit. To be fair, I haven't been a huge fan of NFS for a while now, but this one got me pretty excited. A friend of mine kept pressuring me to pre-order because he wanted to play online with me, so I did and got the game yesterday.

After opening the box feeling like a kid on Christmas, I was immediately disappointed in the mediocre opening scene. But hey, that's not all the important. Game play is what I truly care about. First, I spent several hours playing in single player mode to get the hang of it and explore the "open world" which really isn't all that open. The map and the game play is "OK" at best. I was actually getting pretty bored with it but wanted to practice so I could get good before playing multiplayer. The police chases were fun at first, until I figured out the cops magically appear no matter where you go. The cops can literally predict the future and read your mind, knowing exactly which street you will be driving on at any given time, which allows them to set up magic roadblocks which appear out of nowhere. The cops are pretty stealth too, as they can set up entire roadblocks without even show up on my radar. Super lame.

The handling is marginal, the braking and accelerating is marginal, everything is just marginal. Even the surrounding traffic is marginal. At one point, I was racing a Range Rover and hit an incline which brought the speed of the truck down to 55mph - about the same speed as the surrounding traffic. Really?! I know it's a Range Rover, but it's not an 18-wheeler. Let me get some speed! I wouldn't care if that was the only problem in the physics of the game, but the physics in the game leave a lot to be desired in many areas.

Multiplayer is just awful. They had some good ideas, but they didn't hit the mark. It's almost like they rushed this thing into production before it was ready. Instead of regular races, you join a session with a bunch of different mini-games. Some of the mini-games are straight up races, but about half of it includes other tasks you're supposed to perform either by yourself or as a team. In short, they failed at creating a kick-butt multiplayer mode, which it clearly could have been. Multiplayer is what I was really excited about. Once again, marginal at best and very disappointing. It also froze up twice in about 3 hours of multiplayer time.

If I could return this game and get my money back, I would. I gave Need For Speed another chance and they just proved to me that this franchise is continuing to slide downhill.

Save your money and get another game, or at the very least try it out at a friends house before you blow your money on this. I definitely have buyers remorse at the moment.

*** UPDATE ON 11/5/2012 ***

Ok, I had to come back and update my review a bit so that I can expand on the disaster they call multiplayer. I've seen a couple people say they like the multiplayer. I respect differing opinions, but I can't for the life of me figure out how this could be considered a good multiplayer game (the reason I was really excited about it).

First of all, this is not an online racing game. There are 5 events you have to complete. Of those 5 events, maybe one or two will be a race or a team race. The rest of the events are so boring or so confusing it's just a waste of time. Let's look at some examples:

Drift - The objective is to find a small area and drift around and around in circles. You just keep going round and round and round and round. Sometimes you'll run into somebody and you have to start over which is really awesome because you can keep going around in small circles some more. How exhilarating! NOT! After about 2 minutes of spinning the car around in circles, I'm ready to turn off my Xbox, but I don't, because maybe the next event will be awesome.

Longest Jump - A green diamond will appear on your map and you'll be told to go jump. Sometimes the objective is to jump the furthest distance on a single jump, other times they will combine all your jumps into the score while at other times, they will only count the number of jumps and sometimes, you only get one jump. Bottom line is, by the time people figure out what the rules are, the session is half over. And don't even think about reading the instructions that scroll on the bottom of the screen. First of all, they are useless and second of all, if you take your eyes of the road to read the instructions you'll either crash or somebody will take you out.

Jump Over Each Other - The objective in this one is to gain as much speed as you can and hit a jump. At the same time, other players will be jumping from the other direction. The objective is to jump over as many cars as possible. This would actually be fun, except once again, nobody ever understands the rules. Where exactly do you jump? What do you use as a ramp? Which direction are you supposed to jump? The end result is, the top 3 players get maybe 3 or 4 points and everyone else gets zero, because they didn't know WTF to do in the first place. This is extremely frustrating!

Park - Yes, you read that right. In one game, the objective is to go to an area which is always very difficult to find and park your car at that spot longer than anyone else. For example, your map will take you to a general area and then it's up to you to figure out where you're supposed to park, usually on top of a building. So, you get to the top of the building and that's when things get really exciting, because you don't do anything. You sit there. The longer you sit there, the more points you get. I mean, really?!? I'm driving a Ford GT and the objective for me is to park for as long as possible? THIS is fun?! Usually, the top 3 players sit up there for a couple minutes while the rest of the players get a score of zero because they couldn't figure out where to park their car. What a disaster.

Takeouts - The objective here is to ram into people and take them out. This would be fun, except by default, whoever plays the game the most will win this event every time because they will have the best car for it with the best mods because they have no life and play 24/7. So it sucks.

Racing - Every now and then, you'll get lucky enough to race. This is actually fun. Everyone is constantly getting lost because the GPS feature blows. Sometimes, there will be green arrows showing you that you're supposed to turn but not all the time. So people constantly get lost, miss checkpoints, and it's overall pretty frustrating. It doesn't matter how well you're doing in the middle of the race, either. You better pray some cross traffic doesn't get in your way during the final stretch, or else you'll lose. No skill required, just luck. Another epic failure.

This game had so much potential and they ruined it. I'm now finished playing this game and will likely go sell it at Gamestop for a fraction of what I bought it for. What a waste of time and money.
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on December 23, 2012
I have to say I did like NFS Hot Pursuit and the first Most Wanted. The only thing this game had in common with the old one is the races to get the other outlaws cars and the open world. Other then that it should have never claimed to be Most Wanted.

1. Good graphics just a touch below Hot Pursuit.
2. Big nice looking open world.
3. Cool cars
4. Driving is still fun and easy to take fast corners.
5. I played a lot the first few weeks it was out and never felt like I was always seeing the same maps.

1. Games claimed to be a Most Wanted series but in reality it not at all.
2. Game gets boring fast ( Lots of world nothing to do.
3. The only choice to race your friends is stupid little sub races or jumps that are nonsense.
4. During races its hard to follow the directions because its not a defined track they use hard to see white markers to follow.
5. Trying to find your friends on the map is a hassle.
6. No cops to chase you and your friends in multi player.
7. Trying to find your favorite jump locations is a hassle.
8. Very bad choice of sub games to play. Example jump over 8 cars total in a parking lot so I jumped over my friends car in a small lot and small jump 8 times.
9. You need to drive long routes to meet up with friends to the race site.
10. Every time I play it (not much at all anymore) I keep thinking how cool it would be if me and my friends were getting chased by the cops and what a failure it was to leave that out.

The problem with the great maps and open world is that this game leads you to think there is so much to do but when you try to figure out how you realize they didn't really follow up on that and its a big open empty game.
I think they should have at least made it so you could enter a race mode with defined race tracks or areas.

I really don't know what they were thinking this game has so much potential but they dropped the ball and gave us an unfinished game.
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on January 14, 2014
The game is just OK, is very repetitive and the controls are horrible, especially when it comes to turning. The graphics are OK, comparable to NFS Hot Pursuit. There's no story at all, you just jump into a car a start driving. Every car is available from the beginning, you just need to find it in the map and hop into it.
For the price I think is a good choice but maybe you can find it cheaper somewhere else...
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on January 8, 2013
Both our grandsons got Need for Speed for Christmas, I also got it !!! So far I put in about ten hours and am still having a blast. I am starting to explore the map a little more but there is a lot to do and see in the game. I am not sure about the replay value but so far it is worth the money. By the way, the grandsons love it.
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VINE VOICEon January 16, 2013
Need for Speed Most Wanted is a decent open racing style game. The openness is really just letting you choose which race to run next. There are plenty of cars to be found in the fairly large map and the races generally tend to last between 3-4 minutes each.
Over the course of the game however you will end up doing the same race again and again, just in different cars. It's not to the point that its boring but still more variety would have been nice.
The biggest downer to the game is lasting appeal. I completed the game in around a week, playing maybe a couple of hours per night and really have no desire to go back and play it again.
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I bought this to play with my son. I initially hated it and still believe it has its flaws heres what I like and dont like. I also have to say I am shocked at the overwhelmingly favorable reviews of this game. It is merely ok and not much better.
+Graphics: The graphics look good for the most part. The cars are realistic and the environment is diverse. One grudge is damage. You wreck and there is visible damage but it is in no way proportionate to the accident your car had.
+Music: Aside from a few exceptions the music is really good. I had actually considered making a cd of driving music based on the playlist.
+Gameplay: I enjoy the open world game play and seeking out the races/evading the police/.

-Glitches: I have had the same issue over and over. WHen chasing "The Most Wanted" (the boss equivilant on this game) The cars would disappear and reappear. This happened over and over, was a glaring issue, and was disappointing.
-Gameplay: Driving the cars is fun but the control is not realistic and feels cumbersome to teh point of outright aggravation. This causes accidents which take way too long to get through. You crash way too much at first, it sucks up way too much time with a non game play movie/graphics scene before resuming play which you cant skip. The crashing was the issue that ruined the game for me.

AFter playing for a while I have gotten used to the cars handling and have been able to avoid crashes but the issues almost ruined the game for me. If I had expected this going in that would be fine but based on the reviews I was expecting a better game.
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on February 14, 2013
Love this game. The open world play ,beating up on the cops and the multiplayer modes are fantastic.A must have for all NFS fans!!
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