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Format: Video GameChange
Price:$39.99 - $49.99
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on November 27, 2009
Glad too see EA take the NFS series back into some arcade roots. Picked it up on sale and I gotta say I'm impressed. I'm in career mode and it seems pretty hefty with 6 locals and 8 missions per location for a total of around 50 challenges per career cup (Bronze Silver Gold). Missions consist of Circuit, Elimination, Time Attack, Speed Traps, and Drag. Includes co-op in career too. Over 30 cars to buy then a special edition of each car to unlock by completing challenges. I'm not sure if there is difficulty settings but its quite a challenge to get all the stars on some missions so far, there is auto assist for drifting that I have off. For controls you can use Motion, Wiimote + Nunchuck, Classic Controller, or even a Gamecube pad its good too have all 4 choices with 4p Multiplayer support. EA really went all out on car custumization with the ability to paint your own car free hand or with preset designs using the wiimote. Multiple parts are selectable and morphable for each part of your car(Hoods, rims, body kit, ect). So far its a great racer, may end up as one of my favorites of this gen up with Burnout Paradiseand Flatout: Ultimate Carnage. Art style is very unique with the track changing to your style as you go. Definatley refreshing after the bore frest that was NFS Shift
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on February 23, 2010
I'm actually a 40-year-old woman, been a tomboy all my life but still never gave racing games a second look. I saw this pimped on Ellen and on a whim added it to my wishlist for Christmas.

Now it's practically the only game I play! I've never played anything else in the franchise so I don't know how it compares, I just know this game is FUN. Wasn't at first, before I learned how to drift and rode the brake the entire time. Then when I realized you just have to throw caution to the winds (it's not like there are any real life consequences) and started winning races I developed a need for speed!

My favorite thing about it is you get to drive some pretty serious cars right from the beginning (occasionally). The first time I revved the engine of a Corvette, I finally understood why boys are so in love with cars. The more I play the more I understand how important car selection is for each event. My favorite is the Camaro, but smaller cars like the Beetle, though not as powerful and fast, are far easier to maneuver through the police road blocks, saving crucial seconds in your time. -- all it takes is one crash with a copper to ruin your whole race.

I agree with the other reviewer -- I received Mario Kart for Christmas as well, and playing that feels like a trip to the grocery store in comparison.

I took one star off because twice the game has frozen on me and I've had to reboot the entire console to get past it. Not a huge deal though. This is a great stress reliever and enormously addictive!
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on December 3, 2009
This game is a blast to play, and will appeal to a much larger audience than an actual sim would, imo.

The visuals are colorful, sharp and inviting. The audio has all the engine noise you could want in a racing game. Up to 4 players can play on screen at the same time, and all four screens update at the same frantic rate.

If you need speed, you've got it. The cars really fly, and fortunately the physics are not that realistic, or the car would be very hard to control. But the speed will really get your adrenaline going.

The car shop is a total blast, enriching the artist in you, when the speed craving animal needs a break.

The only areas that could use some improvement are with the small narratives and lack of online play.

Otherwise, a fantastic title for children of any age.
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on January 31, 2010
It was just about three (3) months ago when I saw need for speed shift on a friend of mine ps3, I loved the graphics but it was lacking in game play, to me there was no fun in this game. I had always wanted a need for speed for my wii console but I was not too sure of what need for speed to buy, any way I say a commercial on tv one day so I decided to take the chance and buy a copy of need for speed nitro. When I got the game and played it, I just could not believe what I was seeing; speed, action and fun put into one game. EA two (2) thumbs up, it's a great game; after playing this game it makes marrio cart wii looks as if the cart races are creaping, as I said and I will say it again great game. Keep it up EA and keep making more games like this.
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on November 30, 2009
The game is rated E +10 but my six year old son loves it! The rating is for some mild language but you can turn down the volume of the music or un-check the songs you don't want to hear in the options menu. Easy to play with the Wii Wheel.
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on August 21, 2012
As a Wii and PS3 owner I've purchased Mario Kart, Need for Speed: Nitro, Burnout Paradise and Gran Turismo so I like to think I've played a pretty wide range of race car games and of all of them Need for Speed: Nitro is the most fun. Now fun doesn't mean the others are bad. Far from it, I love all my racing games...well except for Mario Kart but we'll get to that in a minute.

Gran Turismo is very serious. The volume of brand name cars are almost overwhelming and the level of involvement with the vehicles the game asks of you can be daunting.

Burnout Paradise is set in this amazing living, breathing city but none of the cars are actual brands and you can't do anything to them so that gets kind of boring after a while. There are no closed course races so everything happens on public streets and sometime dodging oncoming traffic isn't the kind of racing you're interested in that day.

Mario Kart is just terrible in my opinion. I don't mind losing a race to a better driver but I hate losing a race to some jerk who's been in 5th place the entire race and only beats me because, by pure luck, he picks up a turtle shell 500 yards from the finish line and throws it at me.

Need for Speed: Nitro is fun. It has a nice selection of real world cars. You can add body parts to them and paint in just about anyway imaginable so you really feel like you're driving YOUR car. The Wii remote responds perfectly for driving (get a Wii wheel BTW) but not so much for painting. The only cars on the track are the racers and the occasional police. The tracks are bright and nicely detailed and the police while a huge nuisance early on quickly get left in the dust as you get better and faster cars. Yes the cars are a little cartoonish looking but not so much as to distract you from the game. And despite their looks they still manuever and drift in a believable manner even if the drift mechanic isn't as complicated to pull off as some would like.

If you're looking for a race car game that reminds of you of the kind you played as a kid in the arcade then this is it.

So why only 3 stars you ask? Because as fun as it is to play it only played occasionally. For me this game freezes a lot. Any time I played more then roughly 45 minutes it would freeze when loading tracks and I would have to reboot the entire Wii. Now EA says that they never heard of this problem before and they may be right. I joined the NFS forums asking if anyone else experienced this and everyone there said no. Nonetheless EA sent me three different copies of the game thinking it was the disk but they all did the same thing. Then I sent my Wii console and the game disk to Nintendo and it did the same thing to them so they built me a new Wii and it STILL froze up. So where the problem lies I do not know. So 3 stars because it's a fun game when it works.
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on May 11, 2010
First off I have completed 100% of both the NDS and Wii versions of this game. I still play them a lot, and I want more! Need for Speed Nitro has got to be the freshest, most original car racing game I've ever played on the Wii. GET THIS GAME AND GET IT NEW! Here is why:

The menus and screens are finely designed and easy to navigate. There are 30 cars, fortunately they're all pretty awesome. Plenty different missions, all fun, good times there. The style of the cars and the graphics they're rendered in are nothing short of spectacular! The design of the cars is a very attractive, fresh and original one that goes perfectly with the fun world you'll race in. The levels are gorgeous and while, racing everything just looks amazing! Car customization is crazy good, hand paint your car how you like and choose from many awesome car body parts even tweaking those to your liking. The decals, tags and graffiti designs are cool and watching them cover the cities you race in is very gratifying.

The music and sounds really pull you in! Some songs aren't too hot while most are pretty sweet. Options allow one to edit the play list which I think is awesome. Racing and engine sounds are great, even more so when using the nitro. Like many other elements the sounds also work great with everything else.

For racing this really makes or breaks the game, fortunately it makes it! What's awesome is how they made the game compatible with all kinds of controllers including the GameCube controller. The controls and gameplay are smooth, easy to pick up and natural! Racing like a pro is accessible, in a good way and winning the harder races will require a good amount of logic and focus, and while some races might be easy the gameplay really keeps the fun alive! Pick-ups on the track add a fun twist and they're balanced well so there aren't too many. Have fun, lead the race and watch your graffiti cover the world. There's no open world exploring but I still had more fun here than any other NFS game to date.

If you've got any interest in racing cars then get this NOW! I got it new to support this awesomeness but that's just me. I am quite anxious for a sequel, it will rock. This is an AMAZING arcade racer that needs a sequel, now if you're looking for a Gran Turismo experience then.. no, but if you want a really cool, unique fresh take on racing what are you waiting for? DO IT!
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on December 13, 2009
They got rid of the world and now you just select one race, then select the next one, which I thought was less fun. The cop chases and nitro are different as well. The cops are now pretty much inconsequential and probably should have just been left out. The nitro is refilled by drifting around turns, a change that I liked. Overall I didn't find this one as much fun as nfs underground. I could see some people liking the style of this one better, but it's different than the rest of the series.
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on January 31, 2010
I have prior Need For Speed Games. They are all great. I like this one because since it is for the Wii, do not need to buy a seperate steering wheel controler to simulate driving. All I have to do is choose the steering wheel option as my controller and orient the Wii Remote and move it as if it were a steering wheel. Ofcourse if I want to I can still buy the Wii steering wheel or use the Cars Steering Wheel, but I would still have to put the Wii remote inside it, because the remote would be the heart of the steering wheel. I love using the Wii remote as a steering wheel because it feels more natural than pushing buttons.
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My husband loves racing games and he has since gotten me to enjoy them. They are especially fun with the Wii racing wheel and it always give me such as adrenaline rush. It is just nice to break away from everyday life and play video games every now and then.

Electronic Arts (EA) has just released a new game called Need For Speed Nitro that is super fun! Whether you are a beginner racer or advanced racer, Nitro has skills levels for everyone. You can just race through a course, go through challenges, drag race, and more! The game is set up where up to four players can take part in nine race modes: Race, Team Race, Own It!, Eliminator, Traffic Run, Drag Race, Speed Cameras Challenge, Drift Challenge, and Time Attack Challenge.

The first part of Need For Speed Nitro is to Pick Your Ride and customize it. There are 30 classic and modern licensed cars including muscles, exotics, tuners, and more. You can race on 15 tracks featuring traffic, jumps, canyons, and events. It really is like racing games in an arcade.

I received the chance to try out this game and it really is fun. My husband and I have played it now a few times and haven't got bored with it yet! The levels are realistic, colorful, and with so many choices in cars and challenges, it can really keep you busy. I think my husband's favorite part though is customizing the cars as you can really get detailed and customize everything. I love the racing part, probably because I always beat him! It is very easy to control, we have tried a different racing game and it just wasn't as smooth to drive as Need For Speed. It is fun to as you can set the cops on another racer and they really chase you!

I think the game would be especially fun with four players, but we haven't tried it out with more than two players yet. I haven't tried other Need For Speed games, but Nitro is a hit in our household.

My sons love to watch us play and I know as soon as they are old enough they are going to enjoy playing it too! I would say this game is for all ages, but it does say for Ages 10 and up because of Mild Lyrics and Mild Violence. Even if you don't have the Wii racing wheel, it is still fun but I highly recommend a wheel. This is a great game too if you are looking for something a little more adult than Mario Kart.

I was given this to review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.
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