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on November 22, 2013
After having NFS: Rivals for the PS4 on launch day, I decided to get NFS: Rivals for the PS3 through Gamefly to see the differences.

And they are stark.

- On the PS4, there is no lag whatsoever. The game runs smoothly with no pop-in. On the PS3, oncoming traffic will pop in giving you next to no time to avoid it if you are going in the oncoming lane (which is quite common), causing you to crash. There is significant pop-in/draw distance as is true of other racing games (GT5 in particular) on the PS3.
- Graphically, there is no comparision, as one would expect. Everything looks significantly better on the PS4.
- As for the gameplay, the PS4 controller not only allows for better control, but also the inputs are real-time. You also don't get the "dead zone" with the analog sticks like you have with the PS3 Dualshock.

Now, as for the game itself:
- It's open world, in that you can drive on any road in the map without being in an event, but if you're expecting NFS: Most Wanted or Burnout Paradise levels of activity you may be disappointed, as it only extends to jumps and speed cameras/zones. There are no billboards/gates to smash and generally less areas to explore compared to those other 2 games.
- You can play as a cop or a racer; the cop path is significantly easier to progress through than the racer path (you unlock a new car with each speedlist you compelte), and the events are generally easier as well. So until you get accustomed to the control, I recommend being the cop.
- AllDrive is the new feature in the game, which seamlessly connects the single player game for up to 6 people at one time. This means you could be the cop, encounter another human players race, and be able to bust them. You also earn additional speedpoints while you are in the AllDrive mode (it'll turn green). However, the aforementioned lag comes into play in these situations and is definitely noticeable.

Bottom line:
- If you only have a PS3, this isn't as good as Most Wanted or Hot Pursuit, in terms of overall content (MW) and actual gameplay (HP).
- If you have a PS4, while this right now is the only racing game for it, it is the superior version of the two games, in all aspects.
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on November 27, 2013
If you have a PS4, or if you ever plan on getting a PS4, then do not buy the PS3 version

If you never plan on getting a PS4, then I strongly advise you to wait until this game is on sale ($20 or less) before you buy this. Buy Most Wanted or Hot Pursuit if you don't own those titles.

First of all, the graphics are horrible. It's so bad that the conspiracy theorist in me thinks Ghost/Criterion/EA/whoever nerfed the graphics on purpose to try and get people to buy a PS4. I felt like I was playing a PS2 game. I should not spend $60 on a video game in 2013 and see pixels all over the place. The cars are pixels. The trees are pixels. Everything is pixels. Most Wanted is beautiful. This game takes me back to NFS II on windows 95.

Second, and hopefully this is just a PS3 thing, the car-spawning is atrocious. I think others have touched on this as well. Cars pop up at the last second and this is annoying in a game where you are switching your focus from the road, to the mini map in the corner to make sure you are staying on course.

Third, the game constantly lags randomly and it will drop you from an online game completely all the time. I'm not sure if there even is an offline mode.

All of the horribleness taken into account, I still found the game kinda fun. The handling is the best out of any NFS game I've played. I also appreciate that they've made the game more realistic. You're not doing 100 mph in 2.5 seconds anymore. I completed racer mode (seriously who wants to be a cop anyway?) in a few days, but I am returning this game to Amazon for a full refund and I'll wait until I buy the PS4 to pick up this title again
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on November 10, 2014
There are NFS games like Most Wanted, Undercover, and even Underground 2 that I keep going back and going back to play because they're just so fun and I like the map and want to keep improving my times. And then there are those NFS games that are fun to play for a few weekends and then I get bored with them and if I do go back and play them again, it's on a very limited basis. This title is definitely more of the latter. Is it fun, sure. Are the graphics good, yeah. But other than the desert stages of the map, most of its pretty blah. There isn't enough going on other than the online play. Which makes me wonder, what's going to happen in the near future when no one is online playing this game? There is no independent single player campaign, you are always online with other racers, which I don't like. I usually like to play through and complete the single player campaign and then play a little online competition until I've had my fill. But with this game if you play as a racer you always are on the lookout for the police which can initiate a chase with you even if you aren't currently doing anything wrong. If you want to "free roam" in peace, you can only do this as a cop, and the number of cars you get as a cop or racer for that matter is pretty limited. Thank God atleast for the Ferraris! But why no tuners?

If they wanted to create a game where you are always online, they should have borrowed from Test Drive Unlimited 2's idea that you are online all the time with other racers, but you can free roam and the police only come after you if you're breaking the law in front of them.

So whilst the game is fun in a gimmicky sort of way like Hot Pursuit (2010) was, it's not one of the better NFS titles. And in probably less than 20 hours of playtime, I've been disconnected numerous times - which is another problem trying to have everyone online all the time vs. having offline play.
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on January 28, 2014
I really tried to convince myself that i could enjoy this latest installment in the franchise but the longer I played the more disappointed I became. Two things stood out for me, the first being the obvious lack of effort to make this version for the PS3 as visually appealing as it is for the PC and PS4 versions. I own a copy of the PC version and it outshines in the visual category compared to the PS3. The overall lack luster graphics made it difficult to play the game for extended periods because of the graininess and pixelation, I kept hoping that somehow the screen would clear up after sometime of game-play.

The second reason being the inability to enjoy a race or chase without oncoming traffic popping up out of nowhere, in many instances. it happened often enough to take the joy out of experiencing the games name sake "SPEED". I have purchased Need for Speed Hot Pursuit,The Run,Shift and Most Wanted for the PS3, it makes one wonder about the rational concerning the downgrade on areas that obviously make this latest rendition unappealing for loyal fans of the series and the PS3. Wait until you can afford a PS4 and the PS4 version of this game.
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on May 12, 2016
So after an hour or so of playing this game I can come up with some things to talk about. This game is a hybrid of hot pursuit and Most wanted (a mix of both) the car handling is one of the major things you will notice as it has a hybrid of HP and ME. You can somewhat customize your car with vinyl and decals (something the other 2 didn't have) the map is fairly larger than both games as well although it sticks to more of high ways like HP but in a most wanted type of way. The game does feel arcadey like as well as MW with some HP feel to it. The biggest complaint everyone has given is the pause button which doesnt pauses. I have no idea why the developers never came up with a patch for it. Even in the games introduction it'll brag about it as if it was a good idea when it just isn't. Its such a simple patch which really gives in the 4 stars and not 5. In some aspects the game is a pretty good racing game and if you enjoyed the other 2 you will enjoy this as well. Overall its a nice racing game with some great handling. The cops in the game are extremely difficult and I find myself in situations where its tough to earn SP when everytime I finish a race there's cops waiting or in driving back to the hideout and a cop appears and everytime your busted the whole XP you earned is lost. Its very absurd and annoying. You can be heading to your hideout with so much SP and a cop car will pop out of the blue making it difficult to earn any SP at all. Its one of the biggest flaws in the game. I had earned 217,000 SP and right when I was getting to a hideout randomly a cop appears in the areas of the hideout and starts chasing me for no apperant reason. If it wasn't for that flaw and the pause button was available I would easily give this a 5
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on November 25, 2013
The graphics on the PS3 version are horrible. The last two games (The Run and Most Wanted) are significantly better. For $60 this is NOT acceptable. The game play is very similar to Hot Pursuit 2 which is good but I can't get over the poor graphics. I'm a long time Need for Speed fan and I'll be thinking twice before buying another. Get a cheap copy of Need for Speed the Run if you haven't tried that because that is much better than this game.

Edit: Raise my score up from 1 to 3 because Amazon dropped the PS3 price and refunded me $20. For $40 it isn't a great deal but now it's worth a look.

I finished the racer campaign. There are a decent amount of glitches in this game. The last race in the racer version was 25 miles long. With 4 miles left the game said it was migrating hosts but let me finish/win the race. It showed that it was completed on the map but it wasn't when loaded that part of the map again. WTF is that about? Now I have to do it again. Can't they handle server migrations correctly? Who the hell coded this game? Server migration seems to happen a lot. There is also a glitch in one particular spot on the map. When you hit this spot the game freezes for about 5 seconds EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have also had issues signing into the servers (~40% of the time). The game will say that I have to be signed into Playstaion Network but I AM! This doesn't appear to affect the single player campaigns.
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on January 24, 2014
Well, I like this game but it should have been better. I just bought my PS3 and I bought this game with it because I really like racing games.

I like the city where you drive and the surroundings but at the same time I don't like the lag and the noticeable drop in the frame rate. You notice this very often when driving into graphics intensive area of the map or when having so many cars together at the same place.

The All-drive feature is good and it blends in multiplayer with single player but at the same time it is difficult to play with another human. The map is very big for you to easily find one. You can always go inside a hideout and then out again, but this takes significant loading time.

There should be some sort of a way to get instantly with other players on a specific task, like busting a racer.

I think the game needs to be better optimized for the PS3, it is not even near the smoothness I experience while playing Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. Making a game that runs on both the PS3 and the PS4 does not mean to make the experience that inferior on the PS3.
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on December 7, 2013
I don't normally play racing games, but I picked this up when I read that it had car customization - as an avid armored core fan, I looked forward to being able to customize every aspect of my car - engine parts, tires, weapons, etc. Unfortunately, the only "customization" in this game is which pursuit tech you choose, your car's color (if your a racer), or your license plate (if your a cop). While I admit this is disappointing, I could still live with it if the game still had good racing mechanics. It does not.

By far my biggest frustration with the game is that civilian vehicles WILL NOT pull over for you if you have your siren on. They keep in their lane no matter what - even if they see five racers being pursued by three police cars, all exchanging fire with each other. The civilians putter along like nothing is wrong in the world, getting in the way of everything. This is unrealistic, incredibly stupid, and a great example of bad AI programming on the part of the developers.

To add to the above frustration, is the biased crash mechanics. A cop can smash a racer at 150 mph, and bounce off the car with minor damage like it's made of some kind of magical safety rubber. If you even so much as graze a civilian vehicle at 60 mph, your car flips 15 feet into the air creates a cinematic where your car spends 3 - 5 seconds tumbling across the ground. This is ridiculous.

I also hate the map. I am on a mission now where I need to jump my car 750 feet. The map does not show ramp locations. I have spent almost an hour driving around aimlessly looking for ramps and haven't found any.

The minimap is zoomed in too far to be of any use. You spend most of your time driving in excess of 100 mph. By the time the minimap shows a turn, it's too late to do anything about it. If you want to make a turn in this game, you have to look ahead on the road and have really quick reflexes. The minimap doesn't help at all. I've reached the point where if I'm chasing a racer and he makes a sudden turn, either I make that same turn the first time or I give up and look for another racer on a straightaway. It's just easier.

I'm not impressed with how the game handles damage. Damage to your car doesn't slow it down or impair it in any way. The only exception is spike strips - but your car will magically re-inflate your tires after a set amount of time. To be honest, GTA IV handles car damage better than Need For Speed Rivals.

The music is terrible. Thankfully you can go into options and turn it off.

I would recommend looking for a different racing game. This one is a complete disappointment.
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on February 25, 2014
My kid loves this game...loves it. But we went through 3 brand new discs with each stalling and freezing at the exact same spot inthe the car is leaving the garage in the beginning. Then, you must shut down the PS3 console and reboot and hope that the next time the game won't again freeze up.We spent literally two months fooling with sending these back, waiting, adjusting all the settings, connections, etc. To me as a parent, I wouldn't recommend this game for PS3 unless you have the time to fool with all the hassle.

If you go to the EA website for this game, you will find that EA has posted a comment that they are getting a lot of complaints about this freezing issue. While I felt validated in our perceptions and frustrations, nobody had any real solutions, nobody offered us any apology, compensation or acknowledgment. Typical corporate response, with horrible, convoluted and super-slow customer service from EA.
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on September 20, 2014
First the ordering and shipping and delivery from the seller was excellent 5 out of 5.....but the game is so so the cars are divided by half,I like dodge so in racer you only get the challenger in cop you only get the charger and viper,the game is not most wanted in 2012 ill tell you that the game is 3 out of 5,just a little hard at times to stay alive when the cops show up and hard to take a turn and the cars look like hot pursuit 2010,but overall the game is ok and not worth $30.99, more like $8.99
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