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on June 18, 2013
I've shelled out money on the entire franchise (except for Shift and console-only) for over 20 years, and have finally started to roll my eyes at where it's ended up. Still, I'm hooked enough to play this, and am enjoying it.

1) I really enjoy the cross-country theme. Not much is repetitive, and that's a huge deal to me.
2) Graphics are pretty sweet.
3) (SPOILER) Avalanche. Wow. Seriously, WOW. I don't think I've had my adrenaline pump in ANY game as much as during that section in this game.
4) Action sequences. I think they added to the story, and I actually didn't mind that I had some input into an extended cut-scene. (However ... controls!)

1) Controls. This game seriously pissed me off. When I failed to re-map the accelerate/brake to stick #2 on my Logitech Dual, I figured that maybe it was time to do what the game was hinting at and get an X-BOX controller for my PC. I spent $40 on it, plugged it in, and got the EXACT same mapping. Or should I say 'UNABILITY to re-map'. Nope, you will NOT use a stick as a throttle in this game. I tried using the X-BOX emulator software (as well as XPADDER), and found that the game simply would not UN-map throttle and view-look keys on either gamepad. Closest I came was with XPADDER .... throttle mapped to stick #2, but hah ... so still was the view/look. Arrgh. Anyway, I had to re-learn to use buttons for throttle ... which is how I used to play 10 years ago with older gamepads. Haha, but that's not enough defeat from this game: every once in awhile when you start up a game, your (force-ably flawed) mapping has reset itself to default. Arrgggh.
2) The action sequences. Enh. Since I wasn't used to an X-BOX controller, I had some difficulty knowing where the heck A, B, X, Y were. This wasn't insurmountable, though, and I was able to get by those areas.

Sooo ... the racing is kind of fun. I haven't played online yet. Probably won't.
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on January 16, 2013
The first need for speed was wonderful, and simple. Just a bunch of cars the normal guy could never do more than dream of driving, that you could race. from there things have gone down hill need for speed 2 lowered the detail of the cars, but added a few more name tags, then they went and added cars that you had to find a way to unlock (not at all simple and straight forward like the first one).

Then they added police chases (which was a lot of fun until you figured out that all you had to do was keep driving and ignore them), then the police got a bit smarter and harder to avoid (spike strips are very annoying).

Then things really got stupid when they started making games about cars that anyone can pick up for almost nothing. Of course there were mods and such to make them run better and a back story to go with it but that's not at all what need for speed started out to do. It was a simple idea that had go terribly wrong. when you start a game with a used Mazda or nissan as your car, you feel a bit ripped off, it used to be corvettes, lambo's, and Ferrari's

Don't get me wrong they were fun games, but something has been missing, they have fallen from the need for speed ideal to being about making, well basiclly just another game for the masses, that is so much like other racing games that it doesn't matter much if you get a need for speed game or the other one.

Then they made the new hot pursuit, which stood out from the drivel they have been putting out, and was a good game, not quite as straight forward as the first game, but everyone has to evolve with the times. There is a great selection of high end cars and allot places to drive them. so I was pulled back into the need for speed world, and decided to try to get them all (what a waste of money).

The run is kinda of a take of of the old as dirt movie cannonball run, or gumball rally if you prefer. They are both old as heck and have the same story line. Basically your in a race across the u.s.a. The problem with this game is obvious from the start. You have to interact with what should just be the starting back story shot, need for speed is about driving, not getting out of a car, the game should have started when you got into the car, not before, whoever came up with that idea should be drug out in the street and flogged. Then when you get in the car it says to get away from the mob, Okay no problem, lets just go up here a bit and grab a side street after letting them get just a bit of a lead, NOT. This game doesn't let you take side streets to evade anyone it makes you just go one direction, its a race to the finish where a train gets them off your tail, Dull, unimaginative, and just plain lame.

Then you get to race across the country in short stages, of about 4 miles but when it shows your progress the 12 miles you have raced is shown as 145 miles. You race from checkpoint to checkpoint with no other racers around for a stage, then they let you race other racers, but only a few, and tell you how many you have to pass in order to pass the stage. I don't know what they were thinking when they made this game. If this is your first need for speed game I apologize on behalf of the makers of the game, and ask that you please try one out the new hot pursuit, at least give the need for speed name a second chance with a game that's worth playing.

If you haven't purchased this game already, DON'T!!!! get another racing game that will hold your interest long enough to play it for more time than it takes to install.
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on November 19, 2012
Video game was created as console game but was "ported" to PC- Yes
I am a PC gamer. To me that means I only game on PC. I occasionally buy games I know were not developed for PC play and "takes my chances" this was one of those. Was the "port=job" well done and intuitive or did it complicate control of the game- Yes and no. The driving controls were easily mapped however you wanted. I had a problem with my mapping scheme resetting to default sometimes between play sessions so I adapted by checking it before play each time I loaded the game. There are some cut scenes where you are required to participate in some ways that have nothing to do with driving. Things like escaping a wrecked car, running from people or helicopters shooting at you, jumping barriers etc. It's kind of annoying because you don't get the PC standard W-S-A-D-SPACEBAR layout for controls. What happens is it runs like a movie and they flash a random key onscreen, bottom, center that you will need to push in order to have the game character perform whatever actions necessary to continue. It's easy and kind of stupid. It is like having a normal game storyline cut scene except they break up your immersion in the story by forcing you to push a random key occasionally. I don't know for sure, but something tells me the porting made this worse. I just hated it. It was distracting and cheap.

Was the game fun overall? Yes
Once into the racing, the physics and eye-candy are all there. The way they break the race up is OK, I don't mind the fact that you never get the feeling the racers you are passing even know you exist or even that they have their nitrous button slaved to yours. Really, it's not the greatest but I have played much worse from this franchise. I think Hot Pursuit or even Carbon is a much better game if not as pretty. Lovely graphics with lots of obvious shortcuts are nice. The best thing about The Run might be the actual physics of the cars and the wreck factor is nice too. I like games where you are wrecked if you hit something at 200 MPH. I also managed to get the impression of crossing the whole continent with the varying landscapes. Very nice work that.

Installation was a walk in the park. I have had a lot of experience with Steam and Origin over the last few years so before I even put a disk in; I first try to activate it on Steam and then Origin only if I must. I hate Origin. Origin accepted the serial and added it to my library. I downloaded it with Origin and patched it. The game was up and running fully patched in about an hour and twenty minutes with my 14M cable connection. I have Win7 Ultimate X64 with a Phenom X6 3.1 CPU. I am running 16GB of DDR3. The only bug experienced was losing my key mapping occasionally. It was moderately annoying. I use the keyboard for control of most non flight games because Win7 left my Logitech wheel behind and I am stubborn. I would bet money this game would rock with a good wheel.

This review is on a game I paid less than $8 shipped for. If I had paid $60 for it, this would all have a different and more angry tone. I feel like they messed the game up trying to exploit the "Frostbyte" graphic engine in ways we didn't want to start with. So 4 stars for an $8 game 1 star if it had been full pop $60
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on November 17, 2012
Well the title says it all. THIS IS FOR THE PC DOWNLOAD

This review is about both the Amazon download of this game and the game itself

First the download...
It took me downloading this game 3 times between two different computers and trying to install it before I gave up and had to contact Origin. I searched amazon high and low, googled everything i could to see if someone else may have experienced this problem and came up empty.. the best response that I received was looking at the FAQ which pretty much said "contact manufacturer". Amazon had no solution for not being able to install the game and the screen reading "insert disc to finish install" every time I tried. ITS A DOWNLOAD, why would I have to insert a game disc when ITS A DOWNLOAD. It wasn't until I contacted Origin and went through having to download the game for the fourth time directly from them that the game started working... Purchasing this game and downloading it with the Amazon Software Download app then having to turn around and download it again from Origin REALLY doesn't sit well with me and was a complete waste of time..

I have always been a fan of The NFS Franchise's storyline and the graphics in the storyline since the first NFS Most Wanted and I am still a fan.. They always have really good storylines behind racing. Its like a very, very, very, very lite version of an RPG. In "The Run" mode I am not so happy with having no garage and having to switch cars by trying to pull in a gas station in the middle of a race to switch cars. Call me crazy, but when I am in a race I don't want to have to think about anything else but the race itself. If I wanted pitstops in a game then I would have loaded up Gran Turismo. NFS gets a serious THUMBS DOWN for that one. Another thing that needs improvement is the multiplayer mode. Though I have only played the game for about a week, I did not see any type of mode to where I can play with someone in the same room hooked up to the same computer. The online multiplayer is cool because you don't know who you are racing and it builds up your skills faster than anything else but I like some good old fashioned multiplayer racing too where I can talk trash or get trash talked to me by someone in the same room. For someone who are a bit of a lone ranger with video gaming this is not a plus.. ESPECIALLY considering that you have to play the multiplayer mode to unlock some of the best cars to use in THE RUN mode. That type of feature should be an option and not a requiremnent. Maybe set it up to where you can unlock a car faster in multiplayer than playing by yourself.. Also, what happened to being able to load up game and jump straight into a quick race against the computer?.

That being said, the game itself isn't the greatest that the NFS Franchise has done and I am glad that I waited soo long to purchase it. This review would have been MUCH worse if I had paid the initial asking price for it. I still give it three stars because it is a different challenge to automatically start every race in last place and try to finish in first. I love how you can hit oncoming traffic and will most likely total your car as well as cause so much damage to your car that it totals. Why?, because I started playing Gran Turismo 3 before NFS. I have lost a couple of races to people who would just bump up against a wall and spray nitrous all over the place who were not better than me. I'm not saying that they cheated and know that its specifically game preference but, personally, its a little irritating to lose that way than to someone who is purely a better racer than you are. The last part is strictly personal preference in what I expect from any kind of racing game and not a reflection on the quality of the game itself......

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on February 1, 2012
I am a huge fan of Need for Speed series. I have collected since NFS Most Wanted (except ProStreet and Shift Series), I got most on Xbox 360 but I got Hot Pursuit and the Run on PC.

The Run features controls more similar of NFS Most Wanted to my opinion, it is hybrid of simulation and arcade similarlly to Most Wanted. While the main campaign can be considered short, as it simply long race from point A to B (San Fransico to New York), you do race through some easy to challenging roads, I think they should have added more roads to travel as simple driving on highway in straight line, to give it feel of staleness and same time most Cop Events to give it more feel of Running for your life. It does succeed in giving the Michael Bay style action and feel of racing like its end of world, but it is over too soon. You have quite a bit of selections of cars, while they are NOT customizable by parts, variety of kits and paint is available.

A dude named Jack has gambling debt from some Chicago Mafia and needs to win the debt in order to clear his debt. Of course the Mafia will atempt stopping from winning the Run. I will not spoilers as the story does not contain anything fancy twist element of surprise or variety of characters to make the Run more engaging.

*Extra - Soundtrack - I am big fan of good music in a video game. I believe music can affect the feel of gameplay significantly. Forunately the Run features an original soundtrack composed by Brian Tyler (Fast and Furious Series, and variety of movies). The music makes the game more exciting and there is inspired soundtrack by Various Artists, as always NFS team creates a very good soundtrack.

The same tech from Battlefield 3 - Frostbite 2 Engine, You can expect quality environment graphics in shading and shadows. Unforuntalely the game doesn not run 60 frames VSync, it is capped 30. You can turn Vsync off to get higher frame. The visuals of cars aren't impressive at all, bland shading and lack of detail, it looks very shameful. I expected more high visual fidelity. Since EA is making Frostbite 2 as new standard for their games, we can expect future games to look significantly better.

I played a little bit and found it to be quite laggy indeed so it must be running a very poor P2P connection tech. (I am playing Battlefield 3 with no lag or whatsoever) Otherwise it has great selection of race types with particular cars and Autolog brings great experience of making races more challenging by asking you to defeat a friend's lap times and so on. There are plenty of people playing the Run multiplayer, so you should find games with ease.

The Verdict:
The lack of customization, short campaign and boring story, makes it a just a ok or good game in my category. I bought as for my collection of NFS games, I hope to see NFS team to make the old style of Underground series with better visuals and more immersive gameplay.
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on March 1, 2013
I am a need for speed freak. I have bought every need for speed game since they first started making them. I have an old computer I built just to play my older versions that will not run with modern hardware or operating system. This game is set up for X-box and it frustratingly shows while trying to play it. First off it does not save your controller settings. eveytime you log in you have to re-map your controller buttons. Their are some action scenes that require you to press X,Y,A or B really fast to complete them. This is a tad confusing and frustrating if you are not using an x-box controller. I had to keep repeating these segments until I figured the buttons out. I tried to use my x-box controller for the game it installed fine on my computer but of course the game did not recognize it. The keyboard functions do not work well either. Example would be "press B to continue" so any sane person would press b on the keyboard to find out that it does not work. it is mapped to a different location. Near the end of the game it kept crashing not fun during chase levels and of course after it crashes it is time to remap your controller keys again. My computer is new and the video card temp did not go above 48c (using msi sfterburner to control fan speed) and cpu temp stayed at 42c. So it was not my computer. I did love the graphics although they are capped at 30 fps no matter what seems a shame.
I loved the game itself when I was able to play it. your always moving forward everything feels new. The game really gets your energy pumping. I got the game stable enough to complete it. it only took a couple hours from start to finish I felt robbed but most games these days are way to short for the money you spend.
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on September 19, 2014
First up if you love the original arcade game Outrun or even the original NFS 1 and 2, this game will bring back fond memories. The variety of scenery are one of the best features of this game as you go from the west coast to the east coast. Everything from snow/ice, deserts, interstate freeways, mountainous hairpins/passes, cityscapes, and farm lands will let you experience them all as you race cannon ball run style.

Graphics and art departments are top notch. Head-on collisions could have used more realistic damage modelling from the Hot Pursuit series (headon collision at 300kph still leaves the car looking like it's still driveable :-().

Voice acting and scripts are not so great but I don't mind that after all I got this game to race the cars. The set pieces are superb and raise the experience of the game to the Fast and Furious level.

Car modding are limited but the game is designed to put you back into racing as soon as possible. I would have liked to have the ability to photo the cars in full 3D rotation as some of the models and texture do look awesome and get me droolings.

In the end: this is one very enjoyable game for me with full range of scenery, many driving experience including drifting, lots of cars with excellent modelling/graphics/textures, great set pieces to feel satisfied when you beat them. Bring on the next NFS!
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on October 31, 2012
First thing First, the game is absolutely beautifull. The Forstbite engine did really well on this game and in eyefinity, the screen is filled with all kind of eye candies. Now, back to reality and it is not pretty...

This game is probably one of the most frustrating game I plaid in a long time. I love the Hot Pursuit but this one, for some odd reason, they tried to add a "simulation" element into it...seriously, it is an arcade game or a simulation, not something in between, which is exactly what they did with The run.

In Hot pursuit, you could drift forever, this one, apply the handbrake, and the car won't slide properly. The AI is amazing at catching up on you even if you put a major lead. Out of the blue, they come back, pass you, and you lost. So main thing, slam them into the wall (even that, they might recover in a magic way).

Honestly, this could have been a lot of fun, but they screwed up on that one. Waiting for the Most Wanted since criterion is the one doing the game and they did also the burn out series and Hot Pursuit.

Another thing, the game seems to suffer of alzheimer since when starting the game, my setup for the control was gone every time. I had to go back in the menu and reselect the buttons...

So sad, I wanted to enjoy it, but no dice on that.
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on November 9, 2012
This is a very disappointing game. The graphics are nice enough but everything else makes you scratch your head wondering what the designers were thinking.

Wining or losing has got little to do with racing. There is obvious rubber-banding, speed limiting, and opponent supercharging. It seems that it's all in the name of making the game "fun" for everybody, but they just make you feel foolish for bothering when everything feels so fake. Try this: pull up right behind an opponent, then apply your nitro. You keep your exact same positions. Wow, they thought to use their nitro the exact microsecond you did! Every time!

The idea of being in a long race in large field is an interesting one with lots of possibilities of falling behind and catching up, but in actuality you can only finish in one position. You either come first and beat all other opponents or you have to race again. The positions are meaningless and fixed and you're actually running a series of simple races. It's incredibly short for this seemingly grand race.

I spent only $5 on this game and I'm really not sure it's worth it. It seems to take the joy out of driving instead of creating exceitment. Unless you pay less than $5, give it a pass, or go down to the arcade and pay to play a proper arcade racer.
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on June 23, 2013
I considered not buying this nfs game because people kept writing about its various faults. But with only 5 euros, i wanted to give it a try. And funnily, game had nearly all these flaws ppl thought it had, but i still liked it very much. Even more i had hoped for.

Sure, the story is lame and you cant fast forward boring cut scenes. Sometimes it even forces you to "play" these cut scenes by pressing space or enter at right times. Sure, it's lame that often times you can drive 200km/h to wall and get away with it. Driving away from the road somehow treats your error randomily or mapwise; sometimes you get autoreset and sometimes nothing. And the rubberband effect with fellow drivers is frustrating.

Its way too short. Campaing lasts only few hours. But you have countless hours to go at the challenge modes, which are pretty cool. And the campaing, short as it is, is very fun, nice to go.

With cheap price, i would certainly recommend it. With all its faults, i still had very much fun with it. Graphics are very beautiful. Tracks are fun to drive and the general mood is thrilling and fun. I might buy next nfs game with similar faults some years later.
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