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110 of 117 people found the following review helpful
on April 1, 2012
I bought 4 of these as lights to take out on location (my studio is fitted out with 5 Alien Bees). Since these are small and cheap - I figured that I could keep them in my vehicle for some impromptu shoots.

I set up one of the NEEWER 300W Studio Photographic Strobe/Flash units to do some testing in the studio. I set it up with an umbrella - with the light aimed upwards at about a 45-degree angle (so that any heat from the modeling lamp would rise away from the light).
After just 2 hours - it started to smoke. I suspect that one of the capacitors overheated and melted.

Afterwards - I re-read the instructions which indicate that you can only use the flash a couple minutes at a time, followed by 5 minutes of non-use.
That certainly is not something that is very useful for a studio shooting situation.
I'm glad that I didn't spend too much on these, and since they are cheap, I am going to tear one apart to see if there is a way to mount some kind of cooling fan inside them (maybe that will allow use under normal studio conditions).

I shoot fashion - and expect lights to be able to fire reliably without becoming a fire danger.
Shame on me for not fully reading the instructions before using the light, but after doing photography for 25 years, I just expected the light to work.
I was really, really happy with it for about 2 hours.

I suppose for people doing light amounts of shooting (some shots of their family members or students who need lighting for doing assignments), these lights will probably work just fine. For my needs, they currently just don't cut it.
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36 of 37 people found the following review helpful
on September 28, 2011
I have to say this light was more than I was expecting for the money. I have shot many years as a professional doing both commercial and portrait photography and was suprised at the performance of this light for the money. While I do not shoot for a living anymore I wanted lights that were portable and could be used for portraiture. At 300 watt seconds it is more than enough power for portraiture even with softboxes. What surprised me the most about this light when I first saw it was its small size - about the size of a one pund coffee can but a little longer. It is smaller than it looks in the pictures due to the fact that the buttons are small, but very usable. How much light does it put out, well with ISO 200 I had a good exposure at f11 @ 16ft using it direct with its built in reflector, this calculates to a guide number of 88 for ISO 100 in feet. The light was even and covered the field of view for a 28mm equivalent lens. It has continuous modeling and flash output from 1/4 to full power, yes 1/4 power not 1/8th, the specs published are wrong - it only has a 2stop range which is a little disappointing, if it really had 1/8th power it would be a 3 stop range. I checked this several times and it always came out to an exact two stop range from min to max on the power dial. The modeling lamp can either be on or off but when they are on they ratio with the flash, so at 1/4 power you can not turn the lamp on full. The Slave works very well and is very sensitive. It has settings for on, off, and trigger on second flash for triggering from cameras that have a pre-flash for red eye reduction. When going from high to low power you have to manualy trigger the flash once to dump the capacitors charge so it can cycle to the lower power setting. The beep is always on as is the modeling lamps turning off while cycling. While many people have complained about the beep not being switchable, I find the modeling lamps turning off to indicate charging to be a more annoying feature that is non switchable. The modeling lamp is replacable, and the reflector is permanently fixed in place. I did not try to remove the flash tube to see if it is replacable, but at this price you probably are better off replacing the whole unit should it ever die. The flash tube does not appear to be UV coated but if you need it, you could always buy Roscolux UV gels and place them a short distance out past the 3.75inch outside diameter reflector. A nice feature is the very long remvable power cord. The adjustable mount is plastic mounted to a metal housing. All in all this is a nice compact flash with good buid quality and basic features
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40 of 42 people found the following review helpful
on October 4, 2010
At $69, this unit is easily 1/3 the price of other similarly-rated monolights. That in itself makes it a great option if you want to get your feet wet with monolight usage. The light works as you would expect and produces plenty of light. I can't comment on how long it will last, and I don't even know if you can replace the bulbs, but I've taken it out 3 times so far, and shot about 150 shots with it without problems.

The recycle time is very short, and at full power seems within specs at maybe just below 3 seconds.

The power range doesn't seem very wide. At it's lowest power setting it's still plenty bright. You may have to back it up manually from the subject, or bounce it off an umbrella.

There is no auto-dump setting, meaning that when you lower the power you will need to hit the test button to dump the power.

The beep that indicates it's ready is a bit loud, and can't be turned off. That means I can't play with it while everyone is asleep.

The model light seems to work ok, though I noticed it turns off when the power is set near the maximum. Not a big deal to me.

There is no fan in it, so you probably don't want to shoot it in a softbox for long periods of time.

It comes with an extra long power coord and Synch cable.

I hooked it up to a pair of poverty-wizards I had laying around and was able to achieve 1/160th a second exposures. At 1/200 and above, you could see the dark bar in images. I don't know if a better trigger will help eliminate this, but I suspect it will.

The power and light color seemed pretty consistent from shot to shot, nothing worth noting.

I plan on trying this out a few more times just to make sure it doesn't stop working the 10th time you use it, and if all goes well I'll probably order another along with the lower-power version.

I'm an amateur photographer, though I do get hired now and then for events. I typically shoot with a couple SB600's fired remotely through umbrellas via wireless control. I'm hoping this unit will help me explore monolights for the few times I might need it, without spending major money.

I'm sure that if I really get sold on monolights, I would probably feel more comfortable with a name brand, but so far this unit has been great to play with.
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20 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on October 14, 2010
As soon as I got it, my first impression was it looks nice and well built and small enough to carry around. Read the manual to see where things are but diagram was labeled wrong. The audible is ON no matter which position the switch is at. The long power cord is a plus as well as the sync cord which is nice so you're able to move around but I'll use with my pocket wizard at later time. Set it up on the light stand only took a couple of minutes. BTW, I triggered it through on-camera PC sync terminal (Canon 40D) and via optical sensor and everything worked nicely. On Line of sight is not required as long as it senses a flash this unit will fire.

I took some shots with only (I believe) half power, it's giving me some nice soft light via white umbrella. It would be nice if this had power level indicator like 1/4, 1/2 etc.. in this situation your power level is good as you guess.

I'll do some more testing in the coming days. So far it does a nice job for what I'm looking for and I might get one more of this at later time. I have to deduct 1 star due to 2 things I mentioned above.
Update: Bought a miniphone-to-miniphone cable to use with PW and it works great. Bad news: The same item now costs $20 more. Highly recommend for low budget studio.
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
I have been using off-camera flash via strobist techniques but now I have been looking into purchasing Alien Bees lights. But I needed something quick for the time being that had a modeling light (a light that stays on) and a cheap alternative was the Neewer 300 W Studio Light.

The Neewer 300 Studio Flash comes with a pretty length plug in wire and sync cord.

It doesn't come with any booklet manual but it does come with two printouts. One with information on the principal parts, warnings and precautions.


I was able to connect and clamp the Neewer 300 Studio Flash on my light stand quite easily. You can easily tilt the light up and down.

Connected the light and on the back, there is a red switch in the middle to turn the modeling light on or off. The modeling light works like a charm and this will be quite important for me to use in darker areas. It's important to note that Neewer cautions for one not to use the modeling light for a long time because it may make the lamp deformed and can burn flammable accessories such as soft boxes.

So, not sure how long one would have it on...I had it on for 10 minutes and shut it off.

I used my Yongnou RF-603c flash trigger and connected it to the sync cord which is plugged in the strobe light and was able to take pictures right off the bat!

Similar to a flash, for my Canon T3i, I had to put it on a shutter speed of 1/200 and I shot closeup on an object with the light about 1.5 ft. away had to shoot at F22, anything less than that was too bright, even with the flash at a minimum. Used it on a test shoot and was able to test the power fuse and set the settings from minimum to max.

For those who don't have triggers, you can use the sync cord and it also detects via light sensor and can use it as a slave. The unit has a prevent pre-flash and it does beep whenever the flash is ready.


The Neewer 300W Studio Flash works great for its intended use. But it's not a light I would use for a long duration. For one, there is no A/C unit on it, there are a good number of warnings on the caution sheet that tell you that even unplugged, the unit contains considerable internal voltage.

Also, excessive heat can damage the unit, over frequent use of the flash should not be used more than six times per minute due to overheating and can result in damages for strobe casing and studio light.

The flash can be used at full power for 5 minutes continuously. Then it should be cooled down to 2 to 3 minutes. Overheating will occur if used continuously and there is no automatic shutdown.

Also, they warn to disconnect from power supply or outlet when not in use.

So, there are quite a bit of cautions included with this unit. Granted, one should apply common sense as these cautions are quite logical.

For my needs and for its price at $66, it's good enough to use the modeling lamp quickly but to use this as an extra accessory to my off camera flash. Mainly for its modeling light.

As for replacement of the bulbs, on the second page of the printout, it does show a picture of a person replacing the flash tube but it doesn't explain what they used to replace the flash tube or if there replacements. I get a feeling that this is a unit that one probably shouldn't mess around with or replace unless they are well-trained.

Overall, the Neewer 300W Studio Photographic Flash works very well, but it's for those who can use common sense and know the precautions of using this device and not use this studio flash for a long time. It's also a unit that heats up very quickly and with each use, I can feel the heat from a distance away, this light gets hot! Remember, no AC/Unit, so this studio flash can be dangerous for those who try to use it longer than what its intended for.

So, while this light will do for most photographers on a budget, spending more for Alien Bees or another brand may give you peace of mind if it comes with its' own AC unit and the device is well-protected. Also, the more you spend, the easier to get replacement bulbs.

I am using this device mostly for its modeling light and occasionally for taking photos with a lone flash on objects, but I would not use this near a model, possibly for an extra flash at a good distance but nothing closeup. While I trust myself in using it for quick shots or quick use of the modeling light, I personally don't trust the unit, especially if you have children or animals nearby.

But for those shooting photos on a tight budget, for those who need a starter light or those who want to use this as an addition to their pre-existing off camera flash, the unit works perfectly. If anything, just be careful and use common sense when using this device! Otherwise, someone can end up getting hurt or it causing some major damage because of its high heat.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on January 21, 2012
I purchased this about 1 year ago and it's still kickin. The recycle time is quick and the lighting is consistant. I have a larger set of Novatrons and this light has made it easy for me to reduce the use on the bigger set and I've taken it on location and used it outdoors. Love it. I've sent so many people here to buy this light and they all rave about it. I don't expect it to last a lifetime but for the price I think it has paid for itself and plan on buying another. I was told by the seller the flash tube is replaceable but not sure the ease of that. I highly recommend this single light or the kit he offers as a starter kit. I've been doing photography for 29 years and do recommend this........
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on January 14, 2015
 I got 4 units of QD400 Neewer, 400 W/s, 2 from E-Bay and 2 from Amazon. They all turned out to be faulty. The very first strobe from E-Bay exploded in my arms, it was really scary. I could see sparks flying out of that unit. It didn't hurt me tho.
That's why I'm so cautious and trying not to look at the strobe while filming it.
Apparently they have some kind faulty parts causing the strobe to produce couple of pops and cracks and beep constantly after that.
My opinion about QD400: the strobe is not safe, do not buy it until Neewer fixes the problem
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on June 27, 2011
To find a 300 ws monolight for well under $100 is really nothing short of amazing. This unit works precisely as advertised, and really seems to have the light output one would expect from a 300ws unit. the built in relector makes the whole thing very convenient as well. My only quibble, as mentioned in another review, is that I would prefer to be able to turn the ready beep off. But that is certainly not a reason to avoid the unit, not to dock it a star. This is a winner
review image
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on September 25, 2011
I have used this strobe for three months and have had no problems at all with it. There is plenty of light, and I fire it with a simple wireless Cowboy Studio flash trigger. [...]

I'm probably going to buy another one as a fill light, since it works so well. I've also got the other 500 watt 2 strobe set. (They are 250 per strobe) These strobes also work great and have plenty of light. [...]
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on October 24, 2012
I tested the Neewer C 300 against an Alien Bees B800 watt strobe and a Nikon SB-600 flash, all three was tested @ 15ft @ ISO 100 and each was test fired at full power from the same distance and height. The Neewer C 300 after three fires using the built in reflector rated @ f9 using Seknoic L358 light meter, Alien Bees B800 @ f13 and the Nikon SB-600 speedlight @ f9 on manual power 1/1. Measured at the lowest setting the Neewer C 300 rated @ f4, Alien Bees B800 @ f2.8 I did not measure the Nikon SB-600 on the lowest setting.

The Neewer C 300 is 4 stops lower than the Alien Bees B800, with a power range from f4 - f9 @ 15ft, ISO 100 and equal to the Nikon SB-600's output, which is great for my setup.

The Neewer C 300 has a beep when ready to use, while the AB 800 does not, even the Nikon SB-600 has a beep to let you know when it's ready. The color temp is different between the Neewer C 300 and the other two flashes, the color temp is a cool blue, but you should always be sure to set your white balance, I used the DGK Color Tools DGK-XL Digital 18% Gray Card to set my WB.

The instruction indicates that the flash tube is also replaceable with no replacement tube information included, but I did not try to remove it, the unit is also lightweight and small with a fast recycle time.

I would recommend this strobe to anyone on a tight budget, it gets the job done. Check the shared image of the young lady in the hat. No Photoshop was performed on the image. I used LightRoom 4 to set the White Balance using the DGK-XL Digital 18% Gray Card. The strobe performed great, with just the minor color temp difference, which manual WB will fix.

10-26-2012 Update
After using the Neewer 300 Strobe on a couple photo shoots I discovered just a few minor annoyances:
The modeling light turns off after the strobe fires and turns back on when the strobe recycles, this is not good if you are shooting in a dark low key setting and must wait for the strobe to recycle and then relocate the model for your next the shot. It just seems strange at first and will take some getting use to. I thought hey what happen to the lights when this first happen.

The light output power range is high and narrow, even at its lowest setting I must shoot at f9 using a shoot-thru umbrella, I like to shoot at f4 to narrow the DOF, and I can't always just move the light further away in a small space.

Other than that the Neewer 300 Strobe is a great little strobe, I now use it more than my Alien Bees 800 and I have not had any problems with overheating at all. If you are new to strobe photography like me get it, it's the best bang for the buck there is and if you shoot portraits using a softbox or shoot-thru umbrella like me it's the perfect learning tool, just remember to set your white balance either in per or post production and everything will be great for you also.
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