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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on February 12, 2003
A giant monster rising out of Tokyo Bay to rampage in downtown Tokyo is practically a stereotypical cliche. However this show manages to add some extra life to the old cliche.
Each episode is about 12 minutes long, so it is somewhat difficult to have the story unfold in a smooth manner. Nonetheless, this becomes a rather intriguiging saga of family troubles, mysterious conspiracies and the power politics of weapons of mass destruction.
On the surface, it is the story of what happens when 3 orphan sisters (2 still school-age) become the beneficiary of their older brother's death. Their older brother had married into the royal family of an obscure pacific island nation (that had once been occupied by the Japanese in WW2). The islanders worshipped their own god that just happens to be a real, multi-storey monster. With the death of the royal family, Ranga decides that the 3 sisters are the new ruling triad, and goes to Tokyo to be with them. From then on it causes crises in National Security, local tourism, property values, and parking permits.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
This is the simple story of three sisters - Minami, Ushio and Yuuhi - who discover that a long lost elder brother has disappeared, leaving them the kings of an island paradise (Barou) and owners of a 'god' that looks suspiciously like a drop-out from Evangelion (Neo Ranga). Simple, that is, unless you live in a community on the edge of Tokyo and Ranga decides to leave Barou and take up residence with them - trampling houses, highways and the National Defense Force in the process.
The youngest, Yuuhi, is a bit ill tempered, and keeps grabbing control of Neo Ranga to pound some Yakuza or corrupt government officials. Since this often involves pounding local traffic and architecture as well, the god of Barou is getting a lukewarm reception, and the sisters are being harassed by police, media people, and friends. For Ushio, who has a strong moral sense, and Minami, who wants to have a nice, simple, Japanese life, these are woeful circumstances. In addition, no one is sure what Neo Ranga is thinking.
The story is told in a light, witty style that contrasts with the footage of parts of Tokyo being turned into dust. Other than Yuuhi, who is the incarnation of one of the Furies, characters are predictable within the limits of the story. In addition to irritated neighbors, we have suspicious government agents trying to find out what makes Neo Ranga tick.
I am not quite sure where this story is going. Thematically, it is a serious story, and the antics of some of the characters distract from this. It is hard to accept the woes of three young women who are trying to fit a 60-foot tall god into their back yard. Think of this as light entertainment with some potential for becoming a strong story. The only thing that really irritates me is that the story is told in 15-minute episodes. When you discount intro and trailer, there isn't a lot of story time. And this distracts from the larger story arcs. So far, I like it, but it is too soon to go overboard.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on March 13, 2003
I have to admit, after buying the Argentosoma box from Bandai, I was a little skeptical about how Neo Ranga (from ADV) would be. I'll admit it, I'm not a "otaku" nor do I really brand myself as anything (as I feel that is a waste of time), but I'm a average anime watcher thats really big into fansubs, and gets through about 6 hours of anime or so a week :-\. Here's the review :)
It came in a nice little box, that wasn't a fold out piece of paper like Argentosoma. ADV opted for clear cases, and it looks good. Although it isn't the original cover art (edited for the states), it still looks very nice.
I remember watching this series on HORRIBLE fansubs, and I have to admit that the quality of this is VERY good. You have to be a fast reader cause the subtitles are rather quick with japenese audio, but you could always opt for the "english" audio.
Very good series, definetly worth buying instead of renting (if you find it from a local anime store to rent). 35 bucks (if you didnt preorder) is a bit of money, but well worth it. It is well worth the price. It has great packaging, great quality audio and video, and is one of the better anime series out there. Buy
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
"Neo Ranga - A God is Risen (Vol. 1)" is a fairly mediocre anime, one that seems to be pushing a formula established by Neon Genesis Evangelion. Now, I have no problem with formulaic anime, so long as the variation on a theme entertains. However, this fledgling episode of Neo Ranga failed to capture me, and I have little interest in pursuing the series.
The 15 minute episodes seems like a good idea at first, allowing quick viewing over breakfast without a long time commitment. However, ultimately the story does not advance in a logical enough manner with the short episodes. One minute, Neo Ranga is warring with the army and destroying Tokyo, the next episode, without much explanation, the army has decided to back off and Neo Ranga is a wacky tourist attraction giving the girls rides to school.
The three sisters make for interesting characters, but again their personalities are not developed well enough, and they remain little more than one-note girls.
It is possible that the story fleshes out more with the remainder of the series, and some of the illogical points link up, but with such a lackluster initial offering, it seems like few would stick around to find out.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on June 3, 2004
Three sisters--Minami, Ushio, and Yuuhi--are sent a letter from their missing brother telling them to come to the tropical island of Barou, all expenses paid. When they arrive there, they learn that their brother married the last princess of the island. Both of them have died, leaving their only child, Joel, to inherit the throne. He's way too young to run the kingdom so the God of the island, Neo Ranga, has advised the nation to call in the sisters to run things. Of course, the three girls can't believe it, and want no part of it and decide to go home. In the process of trying to convince them to stay, the ancient god Neo Ranga, a skyscraper tall creature, is awoken and follows the girls, destroying all that stands in his way, including parts of Tokyo.
For the moment, the girls seem to be able to control his actions, but what is he really? A military secret weapon? A heartless killer? A guardian of the girls? Is he an animal or plant? An alien? Most of the later episodes on this dvd deal with the city's reaction to having an incredible behemoth walking around like he's somebodys pet, stepping on cars or knocking chunks out of buildings, obeying the whims of 3 immature girls. It's pretty dangerous.
The first couple of episodes on the dvd are just really bad. The animation is mid-80s style, whether intentionally, or due to budget, I don't know. They also work on the Pokemon level of anime with annoying characters. For example, Joel, the nephew, walks around with a large iguana on his shoulder and wears a bad Chuck Norris karate outfit. The music is even more discouraging. It was composed by a person pushing orchestra hit on his electronic keyboard. If you can survive the torture of the first few episodes, all of which consist of the military uselessly attacking Neo Ranga, the anime becomes more involved and a noticeable improvement in the quality of the story and the animation creeps in.
The extras are rudimentary, with some production sketches, notes on the episodes, and clean opening and closings. I recommend this dvd with some reserve due to the low quality of the early episodes. Hopefully, volume 2 will be all good.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on August 3, 2003
When I bought this box and watched the first few DVDs, I wrote up a review for this series with 5 stars on it and a glowing review of how this series was both unique and well done. After finishing this series, I decided to write a new review based on my opinions after I was done.
The first thing to notice different from my old review is the change from 5 stars to 4. This doesn't mean that the beginning isn't as astoundingly good as it was when I first reviewed it, it's just an indication of the downhill trend of the series. It's not that the series really gets worse; rather, the problem is that the series fails to go anywhere. In the beginning of the series, one gets the impression of a great potential in the relationship between the sisters, Ranga, and the people around them. Not just the potential story of those people getting used to having a god-mech amongst them, but the possiblities of those opposed to Ranga being in Japan working against the sisters.
Unfortunately, the series instead seems to stall a little bit and become a deep philosophical ride about the nature of right and wrong, what makes a god, and the thoughts of the three sisters. Now I like philosophy along with many other thigns, but the end of this series seems to stall out and fail to truly pick up like I thought it should (the beginning is a little slow as well).
In the end, the series still deserves 4 stars, though not 5. The animation is amazing, the philosophy is interesting occasionally, the action is well done, and the plot is very original and well done. Now if only the series had truly picked up all that potential and gone all the way, this series would be more than just another good anime and be one of the greats.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon August 16, 2003
Neo Ranga is hard to describe. Played out in 15 minute episodes, it has the feel of a slice-of-life show that just happens to include a giant god (Neo Ranga) from a tiny island kingdom. The three sisters who, often reluctantly, are the masters of Neo Ranga continue to live their lives. For example, the youngest sister, Yuuhi, rides Neo Ranga to school.
Neo Ranga's charm, then, is not in Neo Ranga himself--while he has emotions, he's essentially a mirror of the inner thoughts of the individual sisters, acting (or not acting) based on their impulses. The sisters all have well-defined personalities, with qualities and flaws. One thing this is not is a mecha show--Neo Ranga is not a giant robot (at least not obviously), and the show is not about Neo Ranga fighting things (although this happens). That kind of show's been done a thousand times; I'm not sure this slice-of-life approach has ever been done before. It's always interesting, often funny, and sometimes sad. Highly recommended.
This edition comes with a box to hold all of the discs for the entire series. The box is weak in two ways--first, it's paper thin and low quality. Second, the artwork is a weird editing of the original artwork, designed to cover up that the sisters are wearing only paint. (The covers of the individual discs also have this editing, but they are reversible to show the original artwork.) This reflects one last point about Neo Ranga: the artwork and the title sequence for the episodes are crawling with nearly-naked images of the sisters, but the show itself doesn't have them. While this is a good thing in my view, it does smack of false advertising. Neo Ranga is no more about bouncy girls then it is about robots blowing up.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on April 17, 2004
I have seen all 6 dvds and this was an enjoyable series. I wouldnt buy it unless you can get a good deal on it though. I bought mine used so it was worth it to me. I would however be dissapointed if I had to pay full price for this series since its not good enough to spend that kind of money on. Dont be fooled by the covers, the series has no such outfits or weapons for the characters I dont know why they used such missleading covers. Basically the series is about a giant god (Ranga) who is controlled by 3 sisters and is seen as a media icon, they have news broadcasts, TV specials and souveniers about Ranga. The city hates Ranga at one moment then they love him the next depending on what good or bad deed he does. There is a whole revival of ancient gods thing going on too, as you can guess Ranga has to fight the different revived gods. Dont want to give away any of the story, buy only if you can get it cheap.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on July 8, 2003
"Neo Ranga" checks all the blocks of your average anime feature: occasional scantily clad women (first episode even! add one star!), the kid who just wants to be a "typical Japanese middle-school girl", some fantastic mecha-type monster (doesn't matter if it is a good guy or a bad one), and a really-cute chibi-type animal who contributes zip to the plot. Beyond that, this first DVD is largely inexplicable. It may get better in future DVDs. After watching all the episodes in this one, I didn't bother to find out.
"Neo Ranga" didn't intrigue me like "Lain", didn't engage me like "Neon Genesis", didn't charm me like "Fushigi Yuugi", didn't entertain me like "Cowboy Bebop". All of those titles, with one or two episodes, I was hooked. "Neo Ranga" just didn't do it for me. It is not the worst or most intellectually insulting anime I've seen, but it is nowhere near the quality of many other titles available.
Three stars, though, for being better than "Silent Mobius". Now THAT's saying something. I think.
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on December 31, 2009
So i bought this for at the time it cost a penny...and...well I hated it...on most levels..I bought the first disk...I have been quite drawn to it for a year or two though. I really hate giving it a low review because i wanted to like it. And it's not like i had high expectation for it or anything. The series might get better but the first disk was so bad that i couldn't proceed spending my money on it. a few reasons why...

-The episodes end right when you get into it.
-When the next episode's not where the last left off...It cut out what was drawing me in.
-It seems a little ...well way to jumpy.
-Not the dubing or anything but just the dialouge was not to my likeing
-It's as if they wanted to do nothing but make you want to ask questions just so you'd by the next one to "hope" that they will finally answer them.

I'm really sorry for the fans out there...but normally i don't do this. but it's not as if i am being ignorant. or i didn't like one aspect...the story seemed choppy the characters seemed bland..

but there are some good things.
-I liked the opening...ALOT
-i liked some of the design
-I liked the idea of it...

but this is really just what i saw from the first disk just keep in mind the series might get don't let me keep you from a good anime because you might honestly like it everyone just has there own pref.
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