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on July 12, 2013
I dislike writing reviews, not only is it time consuming, but I believe most people are as skeptical about amazon reviews as I am. I am not recommending this product, nor advising anyone to do what I am without proper medical advice, or claiming neocell had everything to do with my results.

I started my first bottle about six weeks into radiation therapy to the jaw. I couldn't eat and lost a nearly 25 pounds in less than a few weeks. My skin sagged, my face actually dropped; appeared deformed. I literally had a turkey neck. The radiation caused a large burn scar to the treated area and my skin was cracking, chaffing. These are usual reactions. After taking neocell for about a week a started to notice positive changes to the texture of my skin. Chaffing decreased and the skin over my entire body looked and felt smoother and hydrated. After a few more weeks, beyond the end of the treatment, my skin became tauter, moist, and the sagging began to disappear especially in my face. I look entirely better. Not like post treatment, but better. My doctor was impressed how my skin was healing and improving.

I recently finished my first bottle. My skin is now rejuvenated, firmer, glowing, hydrated and moist, even without lotions. The burn scar has greatly diminished and peach fuzz is appearing. My turkey neck is almost gone! I always suffered extremely dry, layered cracked and calloused skin on my left foot. It seemed incurable. Now my foot looks as if I just had a professional pedicure. I haven't soaked or scaled the foot in months. My eyelashes and brows are fuller, darker and reappearing on the lower lid after over 20 years. I've grown to appreciate how the new mini, post cancer version of me is unfolding.
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on December 27, 2014
This firms up all connective tissue...including the tissue that lines your blood vessels. I am 42 yo woman who took this supplement for almost a year. Initially, I was pleased with the aesthetic firming that this supplement gave me. However; over time I started experiencing bursting blood vessels in my fingers.

I have since found out that collagen can firm up the connective tissue in blood vessels too. Collagen also has an inhibitory effect on platelets. Throwing clots with hardened blood vessels can cause spontaneous bursting of those blood vessels. I thank God that I did not have a thrombosis in my heart, head or lung!

We all have different reactions to various medications and supplements. It may be my individual chemistry that does not work with this supplement, but I think that consumers should be informed of these potentially dangerous side effects.

If you have smoke, have atherosclerosis or a predisposition to forming blood clots DO NOT TAKE THIS SUPPLEMENT!!!!
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on April 1, 2011
I am 28 i have been taking this on and off for 2 years. IT IS GREAT FOR WORKING OUT!!!! I recover faster, i feel stronger, i loose weight. this thing rocks im on my 4-5th bottle.. each bottle is HUGE, but so is the amount ur supposed to take.. Although when u work out ur muscle gain is so quick u tend to gain weight before u loose any!!

I get compliments on my facial complextion more than my sister! "your GLOWING!" "your skin is so nice" i get these comments all the time and im a GUY!!!!! i never put 2 and 2 together before though,,, and i realized its this product. i thought i was just pretty~! HAHA!.

Also i've had knee surgery, replaced my acl and torn miniscus. This is most definitely helpful for my knee. i always have a gnawing ... pain/tingling/ache whatever u may call it, those with serious knee issues know this well. This helps... i dont know how much more compared to glucosamine and msn... but those pills are big too.. so i tend to take this if i have to choose one.. but i take both regularly, daily, when im serious about working out, to better protect my knees and my joints.

It does have a smell associated with it, the longer u have the bottle the more the smell ;p, but once u put it in ur mouth and wash it down, smell all gone ;p

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS for anybody working out, joint problems, want prettier skin.. young or old.. for the chance it may work for u
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on September 10, 2013
At first I thought these tablets might have been chewable due to their size. They aren't. These are giant tablets. I take three upon rising and three on an empty stomach before bed according to label directions. I chose this supplement due to the fact that it does not contain copper.

I suspect because three of these tablets occupy so much physical space in my stomach that it makes me feel full hence I've experienced some small weight loss. Not quite enough loss to consider myself over the plateau (I have 8 lbs of fat to go) but every little bit helps at this point. I've experienced a little stomach discomfort taking them in the morning usually because I don't have anything in my stomach so early in the day and wait a little bit to wake up before I eat and none at night, although due to the massive size of the tablets they are not exactly comfortable to swallow.

Other than some mild melasma on my forehead and upper cheeks, I have always terrific skin and didn't think this product could do much to improve it. I found that using this product as directed has knocked a little age off of my face and neck, and seems to have reduced the visibility of stretch marks (from my 2nd pregnancy, 10 years ago) on my stomach and breasts. The fresher skin cells mean that my melasma has evened out somewhat as well (I use lightener which inhibits pigment production, so the faster the skin cells cycle through the lighter the spots, however the addition of collagen seems to have faded the lines between the normal and the hyper-pigmented skin.)

When I started taking 5000mcg of Biotin with hyaluronic acid I started noticing massive improvement with my hair and nails that I didn't see with the Collagen + c alone, although to be fair, there was a small improvement before the Biotin supplement, it just wasn't enough on it's own to stop my nails from peeling (although they did grow out faster, they were still peeling and splitting.)

No noticeable effect on muscle recovery time between workouts or muscle gain.

Slight improvement on quality of sleep (this may again be due to the size of the tablets making me feel full right before bed.)

Slightly more energy (possibly due to slightly better sleep.) Mental focus: no effect.

No noticeable effect on flexibility.

Very noticeable effect on joints, no more weird clicking sensations in my wrist and feet.

So alone this isn't a panacea, but it does help quite a bit when paired up with other complimentary supplements (so far the Biotin is the best "partner" I've found to work with the collagen + c)
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on December 17, 2012
16 years ago I had 2 boys - a year apart. During the pregnancy, at about 6 months, they tried to be preemies so they pushed and dislocated my hip (each time). I had to wear a stretchy belt to put my hip back (talk about pain, the belt was wonderful) So for years after, I noticed now and then my hip would throb like a bruise being poked at. Then this past year, it became worse and I was thinking maybe it was like arthritis and I would always be uncomfortable. It's mainly uncomfortable at night, when I lay still. So, I started watching some of my routines/habits - I stopped doing certain wide-leg squats with weights, I stopped sitting cross legged on the floor - (I noticed it that night when I would sit like this while playing poker with kids), etc. I also started taking this over a month ago. My hip isn't throbbing every day! Now and then I'll notice it after doing something like sitting cross legged in front of the fire and that reminds me that I can't be doing that. But I think these pills are helping a lot because I stopped a lot of these things before and it kept getting worse. I'm doing as the package says, 3 in the morning - 3 at night. It's no big deal - they're about the size of a multi-vitamin. Totally worth it in my opinion. I'm ordering more!

I appreciate all the reviews on this - they are what sold me

Update: 1/16/2013

Just ordered another bottle - very happy with this product

Update 10/2015: Still using this product - no negative side effects - very pleased with it
review image
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on September 28, 2014
I got really sick a few years back and my hair fell out in clumps after surgery and never grew back as thick again. I tried many products (shampoos/vitamins/home remedies) and nothing worked. My mother suggested this product and after only one bottle I have seen a drastic difference.

My nails grow like crazy and are much stronger and smooth. And my hair, not only is it growing faster, but I have tons of new hair growth. Lots of new hairs are poking up and I also seem to be not losing as many as before.

I don't know if the skin inprovement is due to the pills or my new face lotion but it's tighter and my hydrated looking. And I have chronic low back issues but since I've taken these, even that seems to be under control.

People complaining about the size of the caplets and frequency...I guess they aren't used to them. I know that "natural" materials can only be made so fine versus a molecule in a lab. And to get the proper dosage, you do have to take a certain amount of them. I can tell you that I have had no issues with them, even taking them on an empty stomach.

I'm just happy to have found something that works for me. And I sincerely hope if you try it, they work for you too.
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on October 16, 2012
This stuff makes my nails and hair grow really fast. Even my eye lashes are longer. It's like Miracle Grow for your hair and nails!
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on February 24, 2013
I started using this product about a year ago, at that time I didnt want to take the recommended dosage of 6 tablets a day, i thought that was way too much and it would get too expensive to do that longterm, the whole purpose for taking it was to control my acne problem I have, anyhoo I only would take 1 tablet a day and didnt really notice a difference and discontinued use and began to try other products that would be effective, the road lead me back to the remaining bottle of this product and I decided the only way I'm gonna give it a fair day in court is to take it as directed, I started the 6 tablets a day, 3 in the morning, 3 at night and within a week I already noticed a difference, not only with the complete elimination of breakouts but a glow to my skin that I never had before, however my bottle ran out and I became so comfortable with my new skin that I thought it was now fixed forever and may not need the product anymore, nope,,within 2 weeks I am back to breaking out like a teenager so I am ordering right now and plan to never stop again, I figure with amazons price the 6 tablets a day will cost me about $10.00 a month which is a small price to pay for the confidence and ease of having clear beautiful skin.
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on February 25, 2014
I saw this on Dr. U-know-who show. It was a January 2014 episode about supplements for aging. I saw it on the internet since I work during the day. All of them are sold on Amazon but this is the only one I ordered because the Amazon Reviewers raved about it for their joint pain.

You have to take 3 pills a day on an empty stomach and you have to do it twice a day. The pills are large but okay for me. They sell this in powder form if you have a hard time with large pills.

On my 3rd day, I started to notice that my knee pain had lessened. I thought I was just having a rare good day. On about the 5th day, I started to question if this Collagen+C would be the reason my knees were feeling so much better. I got on Amazon and re-read the comments. There are many, many, others who noticed immediate pain relief. Bingo! I'm giving credit to this NeoCell Super Collage + C.

My knees feel great and that is short of a miracle. I've not just told you, I've told all my friends and family that this stuff has been the best thing I've taken for my knees.

A few Amazon reviewers said to make sure you take with Hyaluronic Acid (which Amazon sells and which was also featured on the Dr show), so I'm taking both.

Finally a product featured on that show that actually works.


I hope it works for you, too. I also like that it is Fulfilled by Amazon.
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on March 26, 2014
After going on a two month trip where I partied hard every single night with very little sleep and very little food, I noticed my hair was thinning and falling out in very random spots on my head. After doing tons of reading online about hair loss, I believed my hair loss was just a temporary phase due to my trip. However, the hair loss/thinning was a bit embarassing so I decided on trying these Neocell collagen tablets to speed up my hair regrowth.

As of this writing, It's now one and half months since I've been taking these tablets. I've noticed that my hair started thickening again and small hairs are sprouting back in the places where they've fallen out. I don't know entirely if the hair growth can be attributed to these tablets or if it's because I stopped drinking and returned to my normal healthy lifestyle after my trip. Two weeks ago, I also started supplementing with biotin tablets, folic acid tablets, and zinc tablets as well. These are all items that aid with hair growth or so I've read.

One thing I can 100% attribute to these collagen tablets is that they've helped relieve the pain on some of the joints on the top of my right foot and the pain on my right wrist. This came as a huge surprise to me since this was not why I had purchased this product. I've read other people's reviews about these tablets healing all sorts of joint pain but I just shrugged that off as crazy talk.
Now I'm a believer.

After getting into a motorcycle accident about four years ago, I would suffer pain on the top of my right foot whenever I ran for more than 10 minutes. The longer I ran, the more pain I experienced. And if I ran for more than 40 minutes, my foot would actually bruise. Now the foot pain is completely gone. I can run for as long as I want without issue.

As a software engineer, I work in front of a computer all day everyday and had had begun to develop pains in my right wrist which I think is carpal tunnel syndrome. I've never gotten it diagnosed by a professional so I can't say for sure but from the sypmtoms, I believe that's what I have. I've had this pain for about three years. It had gotten to the point where I had difficulty sleeping due to the pain and I could only sleep in certain positions to ensure the wrist was in a non-stressed position. After taking the collagen tablets, the pain has significantly gone down. It hasn't completely gone away but it's definitely way more manageable.

Note that the tablets are pretty big with rough edges so it takes a good amount of water to swallow one tablet whole. I wish they made the tablets a bit smaller. After I finished my first bottle, I switched over to the Neocell collagen powder. The powder, which you mix with water or juice, goes down much easier but tastes horrible. I've gotten used to the taste now so it doesn't really bother me anymore.
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