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Nerf Vortex Vigilon Blaster
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on August 4, 2012
My son LOVES Nerf! He has most Nerf weapons known to child! Here is a video review that he did on the Vortex series. He goes over the differences between each weapon in the series.

Hope this helps you out!
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on September 13, 2011
Am I the only one who noticed the similarity with Duke Nukem's golden gun?

I bought this blaster early, managed to find it at a target, and have been running and gunning with it for 6 days pretty much strait as of this writing (9/13/11). I love how nerf keeps improving their Maverick equivalents, first with the slam fire Speed Load Six, and now this little sniping disc launcher of doom. The night my friends and I found these at target, we bought them out on blasters and magazines, and then proceeded to have a massive, parking lot spanning, nerf war. Then two days later, we participated in a huge Capture the Flag Nerf game. From this I've noticed somethings:

The Vigilon is slow, at least compared to the Speed Load Six. It fires slightly slower than a maverick, because the slide has a special spring in it that double cocks the blaster, so that a pull back cocks the hammer, and the spring pulling forward loads a disk and seals the magazine to prevent jams. This means, you will not be able to keep up with someone with a raider or an Alpha Trooper, they will always fire faster.

The Vigilon shoots obscenely far. Those fancy fast shooters won't even be able to get close to you if you get used to how the discs in this gun fly. They moved a bit faster than darts, but they travel MILES FARTHER. (yes hyperbole, but still they get easily twice the range on the furthest darts. every time.) Because of this, you can easily become a sniper with a pistol. This is probably the closest nerf blaster you'll find to be analagous to the Halo CE pistol. Fear it.

It holds SIX (yes six 6) rounds, not five, because it can chamber one and still load the magazine. Which includes the next point

The magazine is very much like the magazines on nerf's Lazer Tag guns. When you slide the little arm down, the door to the magazine pops open, and you can slap it back up with a very satisfying "lock and load" feeling. Also, the mag is basically a big cavity, meaning it's very easy to just cram five darts into it to reload. This makes reloading substantially easier than trying to reload, say, the maverick.

Together, despite the slowness, these qualities come together to produce a highly competitive blaster, whose only weakness is its small magazine. However, for a nerf war on a budget, or a trusty long range sidearm, this blaster outshines its competitors every time. Just don't expect to slam fire it...that won't end well.
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on September 28, 2011
Just got this blaster, the latest in my ever-growing collection of Nerf blasters, and while I do like it, there are several cons.

But first, the positives. It's a solid blaster, and I love the design. It has a very durable feel to it, not that I plan on pistol-whipping anybody with the Vigilon. The clip release is quick, and the disc eject switch for jammed discs is a good feature. The discs do travel a bit farther than the darts, maybe an average of five feet farther. It also has the tactical rail for attachments, and unlike in some N-Strike blasters, the rail is not located in an awkward place. It's right over the barrel, so it won't interfere with the slide-loader. There's a slight improvement on accuracy, in that the discs don't fly as wildly as Nerf darts will in a pitched battle. Also, they still don't hurt if they hit you, a plus for little Nerf warriors. The discs are more solid than darts, so they won't get destroyed as easily (a major plus considering the cost; see cons).

Now to the negatives. The discs fly farther, true, but they seem slower. If you're firing from a great distance, your target, if he can see it coming, can easily dodge the disc. But when you hit your target, the disc may ricochet in a more random direction than a dart, and farther too. I wouldn't recommend this for office Nerf wars, since the discs are more easily lost in the nooks and crannies of the cluttered cubicles. A major negative point, considering these cost a lot more on Amazon. Looked at the refill price, and it's almost the same as a blaster (the refill costs more than the Proton!). What's up with that? And they do cost more than darts, so losing them is a big blow. Not sure how to rectify this, except maybe making the discs much brighter, so they stick out.

So while the Vigilon may now occupy a space in my Nerf arsenal, I think the old reliable Maverick will still be my sidearm of choice. I may use the Vigilon in a sniper's role, considering its range. But before I do that, I'll be sure to stock up on extra ammo, anticipating major losses.
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on January 22, 2012
This was the first thing my 3 year old son ever bought with his allowance. I was skeptical at first, but it was he saved his money to get it, so we let it happen.

We play 2 games- both made possible by the accuracy and suprising durability of this toy.

1) Swat team: Set up action figures - shoot only the bad guys from across the room.

2) Hunting: take turns being hunter and game. Run around the house like a madman trying to avoid being shot. No shooting in the face (although it happens sometime at a distance).

Since both my son and I like to play these games, it has improved our relationship - we have something fun to do together sometimes. It has also helped him explore, push, and eventually accept, boundaries. No playing rough when one party does not want to play. No shooting his 2 year old brother. My kid NEEDS to play rough and physically, and this toy provides an excellent outlet.

Really, this toy has been nothing but good for us.
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on October 5, 2011
Between my kids and I, we have all of the vortex blasters. I have been a fan of nerf guns since I was little, and am impressed with this new line. They are durable, shoot far, and accurately. The disk does have a bit of 'zing' to it; you will feel it if it hits you, especially at close range, but this is the trade-off for longer range. They also ricochet, off of almost everything! The neat side to this, is that you can now try to bounce shots off walls, etc. The downside, is that the little discs end up in the darndest places... It will occasionally jam (i'm still not sure how) but easily clears with the disc eject slide. This is my kids' favourite out of the vortex line.
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on October 31, 2011
This is a great way to introduce yourself to the Vortex family which is the next generation of Nerf guns. All of the Nerf guns we have, and I think we have just about every one, use some kind of dart. The Vortex uses little green discs.

The design of this thing is awesome, especially the release mechanism for the chamber that holds the discs.
For the price it is definitely worth it.

However, long term we will stick to the Nerf dart family for the following reasons:

1) Although the discs fly much further than the darts they are much less accurate and much slower. Basically, they are like little frisbees and will fly off to the left or the right if you hold the gun even a little bit sideways or if you are outside in a breeze.

2) Can you really justify spending $1 a piece for a tiny little disc? (Maybe if they glowed in the dark?)

3) It takes twice as long to long to fire compared to a Maverick.

Overall, this is definitely worth buying but I don't think we will be spending too much more on the Vortex family.
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on June 6, 2012
This NERF pistol is the Vortex equivalent of the Maverick six-shot N-strike line. For new inductees, this means that instead of firing soft foam darts, the Vigilon fires small hard-foam discs. The discs are not as flimsy as one would imagine--in fact, they lend themselves to DIY loading magazines and robotic apparatus. They are constructed of a hard-plastic inner element, around which soft foam is wrapped. The firing mechanism requires the hard plastic for durability, but fired discs will only contact the target with the soft-foam edges. The gun does have more power ("zing") than the N-strike line, so prudence must be used when aiming.
The advantage of discs over darts is twofold: as mentioned above, discs are far more durable than the standard-issue NERF dart. The soft foam on a disc is still more sturdy than the foam used on the body of a dart, and less liable to crush with the odd pressure. Furthermore, a disc will deteriorate far less with time than a dart, perhaps losing some material on the edges. Since the device is fully mechanical (internal throwing arm instead of air plunger system), the common problems associated with NERF darts are fully eradicated. The second advantage of discs over darts lies in their range and accuracy. Discs, acting like high-speed Frisbees, perform to triple the range of a NERF dart. Unfortunately, along with range come certain problems in windy conditions--this pistol is best used indoors. Accuracy is stellar, a characteristic attributed to the gun's mechanical system: discs are pulled by an arm down the barrel of the gun, so their momentum comes from the front of the projectile, unlike darts, which are pushed from the back by a blast of air. The issue is akin to throwing a paper airplane in two different ways: if one throws from the back, the paper airplane fishtails, dives, or stalls in midair, but if thrown from near the front, its flight is stable and accurate, if less powerful (and with the gun's power, this is a non-issue). One application of the discs are their tendency to ricochet off multiple surface, adding a whole new dimension to NERF warfare. This is a double-edged sword--discs also tend to get lost much more easily, a drawback considering that they are considerably more expensive than darts. (See NERF VORTEX Disc Refill Pack)
The gun itself has many useful features, such as a new ratcheted cocking mechanism that prevents the slide from slamming back before fully cocked, as in some N-strike models. The built-in magazine has a handy door-release lever that eliminates the time taken during a reload to open or remove the magazine of the gun. Once firing is complete, the thumb can easily reach over and throw the lever to instantaneously open the magazine (not to mention that in a different review, the reviewer agrees that slamming shut the sliding door to the magazine after loading produces a very satisfying "lock-and-load" sensation. I have gotten into the annoying habit of opening and shutting the magazine door for no reason). The only disadvantage of this ease is that a single bump in the wrong place can send the magazine door flying open, the loaded discs falling out. Loading ease is otherwise limited, because though the magazine can hold five discs, they must be either placed on top of previously loaded discs or slid underneath them, so loading five discs in one piece is difficult. Nevertheless, loading is considerably easier in the Vigilon than in its N-strike counterpart, in which darts must be loaded separately into six different chambers in the revolver. The Vigilon can accommodate a sixth disc when one is already primed in the barrel for firing, but this requires loading a disc, priming it, and then opening the magazine to load five more. One great disadvantage is that the magazine only opens to the right, making loading extremely cumbersome for left-handed users.
This gun will not cock unless it has a disc to prime with. Neither will it fire if the firing arm is tensed but has no disc to fire (see below). As rumored, this gun is incapable of slam-firing.
In the unlikely event that a disc gets jammed, the jam-release slider on the side of the gun is more than capable of clearing it with ease; however, this mechanism does not relax the throwing arm, so the gun will remain primed for the next disc. For this reason, it is best not to clear a jam and then stop using the gun, because the torsion spring that holds the firing arm will remain tense, and may be damaged with time. One fun application of the jam-release is to prime a disc, release it into the barrel, and then load another disc. When fired, two discs will erupt from the muzzle of the gun (albeit with drastically reduced range).
The gun is fairly durable, but dropping it onto hard surfaces in inadvisable, as it will scratch easily. It has many more flat planes than the Maverick, and also is considerably heavier near the muzzle than at the butt, so it makes an alarming crash when dropped by mistake.

For more information about this gun and other products in the NERF line, consult this very useful website: (...)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 8, 2013
I got the Nerf Vortex Vigilon from a Secret Santa last Christmas and it has been great! (I always wanted a nerf gun when I was little and forgot about it)

I was also given the glow in the dark discs as well so I will not lose those as easily.

When fired point blank into my hand, it was not too painful, just a slight sting.
Some says it hurts a lot, some says it does not, perhaps it depends on each person.

This thing flew crazy far, I was able to shoot from one room through a small hall way and into a bedroom and stopping on a bed on the far wall. The chamber can hold 5 discs and can fire off as fast as you can reset the spring (by pulling back the top back portion).

It also has the unjamming trigger as well that lets you release the disc in case it will not fire. Only took me a short while to figure why there was an extra nob on the side.

The only negative of firing discs is that they are round and can roll a little bit before stopping while darts will just stay closer to the drop range.

I only wish it could have held more and came with more discs. (It can't be THAT expensive to make those right?)

Overall, this was easily used and was fun! Worthy gift to make a childhood fun! (Better than staring at a screen all day) (I wish I had this when I was younger)

Main difference from dart: rolls and you can do ricochet hits, CANT DO THAT TOO WELL WITH A DART CAN YA?

Hope this helps! I just hope this does not begin the need to buy more for others to start a Nerf war.
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on January 1, 2013
This gun is so much fun! We have a few of the Vortex guns. This is the one the boys all want to play with. It loads fast and its light weight and shoots straight. The Proton is a single shooter and has to be reloaded between shots. The Praxis can take clips but the clips take two hands to reload and unless you have a few clips, you have to stop and remove your clip to reload. The Vigilon is great! Thumb the lever and a door pops open. Grab a few discs (from the floor, the air, wherever) and pop 'em in. Fire away. Cocking the firing mechanism at the back is faster than the pump action of the Praxis (and Lumitron) too. So if you're in a battle and want quick reload, straight shots and light weight handling... then this is the gun for you!
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on October 16, 2012
I come from a great lineage of Nerf warriors that stems all the way back to... Well I am the only Nerf warrior in the family thus far. But this gun is by far my favorite.

I live in a small, crowded college apartment, where there is really one rule: carry a weapon on you at all times. This is because we may take apart many of the couches and table to bunker down and see who can hold out the longest. This gun has saved me many times, so many that I bought 2 more to help my flat mates keep up with me. The Gun is very durable being hit by Nerf N-Force Battlemaster Mace Axe, N-Force Vendetta Sword, and the Nerf N-Force Warlock Axe multiple times and still working. Also to further my point I'd like to add that the youngest person using these is 20 and kicks (or hits) like mule. I am not very confident in say that it would last through a hit by the Nerf N-Force Marauder Long Sword, my weapon of choice, but you can test it if you like. (please get back to me on the results)

Alright the pros and cons lists...

-Shoots really fast and is extremely accurate. Watch out, if you aim for someones eye it probably will hit them there. It hurts, do not do it.
-Easy fix if it jams, and this really only happens once in a blue moon or if you put a couple in it at the same time.
-You can put two more down the gun and they shoot with a lot of pressure still, which adds a nice trick shot.
-This item has a some very nice, kid friendly safety too it. The gun wont load if filled improperly, so no random things will be flying at you.
-The farthest shooting gun I own. I can out shoot the old models with ease.
-CHEAP!!!! Nerf can become such an expensive sport, but this gun

-Bouncing bullets... Normally I would say this is not a con, but the disks get lost very easily so take it as both pro and con.
-Only intended to hold 5 in the clip (can hold 6, but it is a tight snug). I wish it could hold more that way i would not have to pick my shots.

This is over all a great gun that i highly recommend, its not big and bulky it is so much fun.
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