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on February 25, 2010
I run weekend-warrior games of Humans Versus Zombies, and since I am the Human Team leader, i need an impressive armament.

I used the Recon and Maverick my first game, and both of those are pretty decent. I then decided to impress by picking up the Deploy, and I am pretty happy with it.

-Quick-release button is not only practical, but very intimidating to Zombies, as your blaster is fully assembled in 1 second.
-Shotgun priming system is very easy to use and reliable.
-Red light is good for night missions/games
-First Nerf gun to actually include a carrying strap; perfect to sling around the shoulder and grab your secondary
-Accepts barrels from Longshot, Longstrike, and Recon (Recon barrel looks WICKED AWESOME)

-Reverse-plunger system (like the Longstrike and Recon) is notorious for shorter distances, and jams (if used improperly or with bent darts)
-Don't expect this to act like a sniper rifle; it's an ASSAULT rifle (meaning short-medium distance shots)
-Collapsable handle isn't as stable as one would like.
-Lots of noise while firing...not much of a problem for people, but the rattle bugs me sometimes.

All in all, its a very decent gun, and you cant beat the price for something as decent as the Deploy (though the Recon came kinda close)
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on February 21, 2010
Ok, I was so happy to see this at my local toy shop since I thought it would not be out until April. This is a fun novelty blaster that Nerf used to make in a large variety. I love the N-Strike line, but like many have gotten a bit bored with the repackaging of the same systems. So here is how the Deploy CS-6 is different, it transforms! Yeah, a flashlight into a blaster seems lame when you think about the light only needing 3 AAA batteries to work, but I still remember the sonic ray gun I had that folded into a radio when I was younger and I loved playing with it!

The stats:
-The plunger is identical to the Recon (which seems to be Nerf's fav since you see it on the Longstrike and Raider), so the power is that of a light blaster. Think Recon range with no barrel extension.
-The size is nice and compact when folded and expands an extra 4"-5" when 'deployed.'
-It comes with a carry strap! Finally all the other blasters have the place for clipping a strap this one actually comes with one.
-N-Strike accessories that can work with the tactical rail and it has a fitting for the barrel extensions from the Recon, Longstrike, and Longshot.
-Pump-action, which is always nice, but the collapsing handle (which has a good additional support) feels flimsy (which I expected since it is collapsible and made of plastic).
-It is a CS (clip-system) so you can buy extra clips and use the Drum-clip (the last seems a bit awkward with the size and weight).

I bought this blaster because of the uniqueness it has and how much fun I had when I was a kid using a transforming blaster and my imagination. I think my son will get a kick out of it also.
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on April 26, 2010
The Nerf Deploy absolutely blows all other Nerf blasters away with it's durable but effective design. I, like many others, think the stealth idea is very hard to use in real life. I fail to see what it would look like other than a HUGE flashlight! Overall it is a very safe toy that shouldn't get recalled any time soon. whenever it is changed into a blaster, it is a fast but not powerful blast that won't hurt you if it hits you in the shoulder or something. It's range and power is very impressive, In some cases it will shoot farther than the longstrike or longshot. The scope gimmick is not a big part of the design. Before i bought the blaster, I thought that the scope would be red or glowing but it really just is a hole in the top with a spike at the end. Other attachments include an option to attach an extension that comes with the recon, longshot, or longstrike. Also it holds one streamline dart at the front of the shotgun pump that falls out frequently. In my opinion, the Nerf Deploy was a fantastic purchase for a low price.
review image
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on September 6, 2010
I have purchased three of these guns. The first one jammed badly to the point where I could not unload the cartridge or even look inside the peek chamber. I returned it thinking it may have been isolated to that particular gun. After playing with the new one three times, it jammed again. Again the peek chamber failed. I exchanged it again. My third one has not been played with yet but I am guessing it's just a jam waiting to happen. The other Nerf rifles have been very good to us an we have had no problems with them. This one needs to go back to the drawing board.
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For modders, this gun holds a ton of potential. My recon broke the day before a Zombie Survival game, and as I was in need of a 'main weapon', I went out to Toys R Us and settled on the Deploy, because of the price and the ability to 'break down'. The light was definitely not a selling point, and even now I am working to replace the light with my own. After the review, my 'mods' will be listed quickly as suggestions for things to do if you plan on purchasing this Deploy and making changes.

Having done the AR mod, I have a word of caution: For those of you planning on modding this nerf gun (for reasons which I do recommend), beware that it is a PAIN to modify due to the transforming capabilities. Additional springs and moving components have to be put into consideration, and closely following guides on disassembly will ensure that your gun will continue to work after a modification.

Before modifying, these were my impressions:
The grey paint on the side of the gun is very useless, and honestly detracts from the paint scheme of the nerf gun.
The scope was obviously a second thought; nobody would bother thinking of actually using it, though using the recon's barrel attachment, it turns out to align with it quite accurately for aiming.
Firing distance was shameful. It wouldn't even cross my apartment, which shots from my nerf pistols were capable of doing it unmodded.
While a nice thought of including a strap, the included strap was too small, and really quite useless.
The gun is prone to jamming if you load darts that aren't completely round (and are likely to jump out of the ammo carrier) This may just be because the spring on the ammo clip is a bit too strong though, as the jamming happened only twice.

I was fine with all this, as again, the greatest selling point was for the gun to be collapsible. For those of you who play pretty intense nerf battles and employ actual tactics for sneaking around, large weapons are really a pain to carry around. Being able to close up the gun allowed me to comfortably sling it across my back and run around at night with virtually no sound. And with a moment's notice, I would be able to sling it around my side, deploy and start firing.
A bonus feature was that while the top fell to the side, it can also be placed back into its original position while firing, which was helpful in some respects.

The Deploy is also universally compatible with the barrels of the rifle class CS weaponry, including the Recon, Longstrike, etc., which allows for an intense looking weapon. I salvaged my Recon's pieces for use with the Deploy.

In comparison to the Recon, the deploy has several benefits, which include (but is not holly encompassing)
-Sturdier design
-Less likelihood of the ammo clip falling out while fighting
-Easier priming while firing
-Extra internal space for adding modifications
-Can collapse into a smaller footprint

I have heard that like the Recon however, the Deploy can suffer from the plunger tube breaking. This was a problem my Recon had, and so I'll have to wait and see if the same thing happens to my Deploy.

Quick list of mods:
-New paintjob!
-AR mod (this is necessary)
-Electrical tape for spring mod
-Switching out the red LED for a stronger one
-Disabling the 'lock' for the magazine release. (This is good if you're in the middle of a firefight and can't be bothered to remember to 'unlock' the release mechanism)
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on April 27, 2010
When my son first got this item, it jammed up pretty tight. It took some muscle to get it un-jammed, and it still sometimes will need a hard pull-push to get it back working. The problem, I think, is that the magazine that feeds the darts squashes them a bit and "un-rounds" them, making the feed mechanism not work properly. I think that Nerf could fix this problem by giving the darts a more rigid interior, then putting the foam over that. When it works, it works well and my son likes it.
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on November 29, 2010
This gun is awesome!I love the pump action cocking unlike the recon where you cant cock fast and support the gun at the same time. this gun doesnt only have fast cocking, but also good range. the accuracy isnt the best, but its better than nothing. when i had my first fight with it, my neighbor hogged it all to himself and hit me right between the eyes. i ended up not using it that day until he left.pretty much, who ever uses that gun will win.
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I love this Nerf gun!

I have quite a few Nerf guns but this is one of the best.

At first it looks like a huge, neon colored, flashlight, that after pressing a button looks like a intimidating assault rifle.
The gun rarely jams (if it does jam, the problem is very easily fixed)and fires quickly and easily.

I would recommend this to any Nerf lover.
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on December 23, 2011
This was my first larger blaster. I got it for about 19$ at a grocery store.

This gun is pretty fun to play with. The DEPLOY feature is dramatic, loud, and sure to scare. It's fun to pop the clip in. It's fun to pump em out. The gun is pretty big so it has a nice feel to it. It's sort of light, and somewhat accurate, so not so bad.

Then again, I notice the ranges. They aren't much further than even my maverick, and about as accurate too. The clip holds six darts, but without more clips, this too is comparatively equal to the maverick. The light it weak, the scope won't help you, and it only comes with one clip...

It won't take long to realize this isn't the blaster to use in any kind of battle, but the deploy feature and the clip are probably one of the most fun things nerf offers. Just playing around and target practice, I can see this being a mainstay, but in a war, the clip falls out, the thing is heavy, it's range is low, etc....

This blaster wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the price tag. Very cool looking and fun, but functionality and performance of any blaster half the price of it. Not recommended.
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on October 10, 2010
The Deploy is one of my favorite NERF blasters. While the actual "deploy" gimmick is neat, but not very useful, the Deploy actually just ends up being a cool, smooth operating N-Strike rifle that works well with the N-Strike tactical accessories... I like using the barrel and light from my Recon and the red dot sight on mine. At $20, it's a great blaster and I recommend it.
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