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Color: Stainless Steel|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was excited to try out this urn through the vine program. I have two of the 100-cup West Bend Urns that I love and use for larger groups but that are too big to use for smaller groups.

***Note to anyone who hasn't used an urn before--a cup is generally something along the lines of 5-6 ounces of coffee, which is funny to a coffee drinker--that's a SIP not a cup! My mugs at home are 12-16 ounces, so this urn, which makes "30 - 5.7oz cups" according to listing, actually makes enough for about 14 - 12 ounce cups of coffee, or enough for a group of 10-12 people. This makes it a perfect size for a large family or small group gathering.

I like the sleek styling of this urn that doesn't overwhelm my counter in either size or appearance. Bonus point for being made of a nice, heavy stainless instead of aluminum. I love the double walled insulation as well. The base is sturdy and sits flat on counter instead of on legs and the spigot doesn't dribble.

As with all of the urns I have owned it takes about 1 minute per cup to brew a full pot of coffee.

The coffee was very hot (yeah!), rich tasting, with no off/bitter taste and the double-walled construction keeps the coffee that way for hours.

The only potential negative I see on this urn is that the handle on the spout seems a little flimsy, but only time will tell if that is so.

I have had good long-term experience with Nesco appliances (some of them are 30+ years old and still going strong) so I have high hopes for the longevity of this urn. I am also pleased with's pricing on this item.
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on November 18, 2012
Both Amazon and the Nesco website confirm this urn can hold 30 5.7 ounce cups. Given that:

30 x 5.7 ounces = 171 ounces

FACT: 1 Liter = 33.814 US ounces

THEREFORE: 171 / 33.814 = 5.06 liters

So basic math tells you this urn can ONLY HOLD ABOUT 5 liters - NOT 6.8, as Amazon is advertising.

UPDATE 12/2/2012:
I now have this item (received it as a gift) and I must say it is pretty wonderful. For the looks and price, nothing I have seen comes close.

Regarding the earlier discrepancy on the capacity I have noticed that IF you use this urn for coffee it can hold only 5.06 liters. This is because the large coffee basket takes up quite a bi of space and you cannot fill the water level above it (well I guess you can if you don't mind lousy coffee). However if you use this as a hot water urn only (as I do) it can in fact hold the full 6.8 liters! Keep in mind though that the water below the spigot (25-30 ounces) is basically unusable (you can tilt the unit but I wouldn't recommend it because of hard water deposits that settle at the bottom, plus it's dangerous).

Here are the pros and cons of this unit as I see them:

- Very stylish looking - shiny stainless steel
- Strong build quality (the only thing that seems "cheap" is the spigot but only time will tell)
- Large capacity - can hold almost 7 liters when used for hot water
- 950 watts when in boiling mode, 85 watts in warming mode (according to Nesco) - it heats water/brews coffee fairly quickly and keeps it very hot (190 degrees F coming out of the spout)

- Power cord is hardwired into the unit and not detachable like some other water urns. This is a drawback because when you take it to the sink to refill you need to unplug it from the wall every time
and the cord tends to get in the way
- Unit makes a LOT of noise when in warming mode - like a constant pinging/rattling noise.. to the point I was concerned the unit was malfunctioning. So I contacted Nesco and sent them a video of the noise but their engineering department confirmed this is a "normal" cycling noise the unit makes while the water is being warmed.
- While the unit itself is double walled , the lid is not and gets EXTREMELY hot (you can burn yourself if you touch it for too long) I imagine it looses a lot of heat and must be less energy efficient than it could if the lid was double walled so this is a bit disappointing.
- The water gauge is not as useful as it could be because when the water level is below the visible point you still have about 60 ounces of water/coffee left which is quite a bit
- The unit is about 17.5 inches tall including the knob on the lid. This just fits under my counter top but might not fit with lower cabinets
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VINE VOICEon August 23, 2012
Color: Stainless Steel|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Since there is no way I could possibly drink that much coffee myself, I took it to work with me. Everyone was happy to see it rather than the little coffee maker we had been using. So of course everyone had a comment for this review.

Very nice looking and not very heavy. Makes 30 cups. Easy to use and because of it's weight, fairly easy to clean.

Day one.... I made 15 cups (a little week because I was unsure of the amount of coffee to use) - the machine is so quiet we were unsure if the coffee was done. There's the little tube on the front where you can view the amount of coffee in the pot, however when we looked at it, it was like tinted water so we didn't think it was done. After inspecting it and finally trying it, we discovered the coffee was done and this was just some sort of measuring thing. The coffee was weak but good.

Day two..... I made 15 cups again, and this time we were wise to the tube thing, but this time there was condensation in it so we couldn't see what was going on. But the coffee was done and I had gotten the proper amount of coffee.

This urn stays warm until you turn it off, however it does not burn the coffee. I tastes fresh all day. For 15 cups it took about 20 to 25 minutes to brew.

The only problem we've encountered is when there's about 2 or 3 cups left in the pot, it is hard to dispense. We had to tilt the thing to get the coffee out. I'm not sure if this is the norm for an urn.

But we love our new urn and look forward to many years of use.

Addendum..... After about a week of use this urn ceased to work. I was greatly disappointed, however I did the last resort..... I read the directions. I felt the need to add this because I found that if the urn is left on when there's maybe a few cups left in the pot, it automatically shuts off. (Duh!) The directions lead you to the reset button (enlightenment!). And if you're wondering, it isn't the little red button one expects to find, rather a 1/2 thin piece of metal. Taa-Daa! It worked! But now I keep an eye on the coffee level and shut it off when it's low.

Thank you.
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VINE VOICEon December 17, 2012
Color: Stainless Steel|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have had this Nesco urn for over 30 days and it has been used in my old law office, where it is kept running 24/7. We have used it for making coffee as well as just heating hot water for hot chocolate. I am almost completely satisfied with the product. Only thing about this urn I do not like is that the power cord (3 prong by the way) does not detach from the unit itself. This has made the unit a little harder to clean, but not so hard that I would deduct a star. Although it has not been a concern to us I would also point out that when the urn is in warming mode you can still hear the coffee or water sort of simmering in the urn. This is different from our other urns, which make a lot of noise while actually brewing or heating but then go silent once the brewing stage is completed. The water guage is helpful (our other urns do not have that feature) and helps let you know when coffee or water are getting low without touching or tipping the urn. You turn this urn off when the water guage gets to its lowest visible level (per the instructions). If you fail and the urn overheats you will likely have to use the reset button on the bottom after the urn cools off. The double wall construction seems to hold the heat in better than single wall which in theory should result in less heat loss and electricity consumption. An added benefit is that people are less likely to get seriously burned if by accident they touch or brush up against the urn. The lid however is not double wall and does get quite hot. I do like the 3 prong grounded plug for extra safety. Bottom line is that we have put this urn to continuous 24/7 use for over a month with no problems at all and we are quite happy with it. Like the Timex watch, it has taken a licking and kept on ticking. The handles and black base by the way appear to be some type of heavy plastic like found on most other urns. We do recommend purchase of this product.
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on November 20, 2012
UPDATED - see below for great first review.
After a while using it (about 1.5-2 weeks) - as others noted there is a reset switch - but the switch is under the machine... in the middle... so to get to it you have to turn the machine upside down - or have 2-3 people 1 or 2 to lift it (if full) while another gets to the button (careful not to spill). I wound up sending it back over that. AND because it really doesn't keep coffee warm for long. So I was making it, then emptying into insulated carafes.

Probably still fine if you won't be using it all the time. Since I was using it all the time, I found the resets unacceptable when combined with the other hassles for the price.

Previous Better Review: Besides adding # timer to the nice long cord - the only other thing I wish is that the spigot hole were low enough to empty it entirely without tipping it on its side. Nice though with all stainless and filter tray too! Not in any way plasticky. Even if the spigot were to break , it screws right out and has pieces that I could fix through home depot if needed. I expect it to last great for many years (used daily!).
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on December 1, 2013
I've used this once a week for nearly two years, only for heating water for 24-hour periods.

My negatives are (1) the spigot often leaks when the water is cold -- and curiously, once the water has heated up, it stops leaking. This can also be very position-dependent, i.e. I turn the spigot's handle to the far left and the probem seems to resolve. No doubt this is a problem not all urns will have. I just dodn't want to return the thing for this defect. (2) the spigot is far above the bottom of the water reservoir, so the bottom 6 or 7 cups or so are inaccessible without tipping the hot pot.. (3) the spigot does not have a "stay on" position when you lift it up (it does when you push it down) so it may confuse people who are not used to it.

My positives are: stainless steel interior. Double wall seems to keep water insulated, but I never looked at actual energy usage.

Note that ad this product was ETL listed, rather than UL listed. Many people prefer UL.


Update as of end of 2014 (bought item in 2012). The spigot is getting worse -- leaks faster, so I keep a cup always under it. The leak is worse when water is cold, so I guess the problem is improved by heating and expansion of some materials. I have no idea if they have improved the spigot since I bought it, but now that I am looking to buy a replacement after 2-1/2 years, I am CERTAINLY not buying another of the same. Suggest you sigh and look elsewhere. I really wanted this to work, its other features were good!
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on October 18, 2012
Color: Stainless Steel|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have had a West Bend 30 Cup for a few years now. It is aluminum - a little funny build-up is starting to happen. and it gets too hot on the outside. Otherwise, I have loved it.

So happy I got this new gorgeous stainless steel urn. It appears to be slightly skinner than the West Bend, much shinier of course.

It brewed a full urn (about 15 cups at 12 oz.) in about 20 minutes, same amount of time as West Bend but quieter.

The coffee is very hot, yet the outside appeared cooler than the West Bend.

The Spout works smoothly.

Same as the West Bend, the last 2-3 inches left in the Urn needed to be tipped and dumped out. The spout won't be able to dispense it.

That's all people. I love it.
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on November 30, 2012
Very nice coffee urn. Works as advertised, Looks and acts like a quality piece of equipment.
The coffee tastes great and it does keep the coffee warm without burning it.
The only complaint that I have is they do not tell you how much coffee to put
in the basket.
We have found that 1.5 cups of coffee for 30 cups was a good place to start. Then you can adjust to taste next pot.
It is stainless steel not aluminum.
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on January 4, 2014
Have had this pot 24 days shy of one year. Started having problems last month with it not wanting to turn on. First the reset button on the bottom of it fell out on morning when we tried to make coffee; then it didn't want to turn on. Have been fighting this problem off and on for about a month now.
Don't know about you but I think when you buy something like this it should last longer than 11 months!!
NOT a happy consumer

Update: The manufacturer sent me a brand new pot in March of this year after repairing the original urn once. The new pot stopped working this morning after less than 2 months of use. Same problem as previous pot. I don't recommend anyone buy this product.
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on February 8, 2013
It really needs to be filled almost to the top to work properly. When it gets about a third of the way to the bottom, the liquid is difficult to access - need to tilt the machine for the spout to expel the contents. That's kind of a pain when you're entertaining. Since it requires a large batch of coffee/water to run properly but only dispenses 2/3's of that, the machine is not as useful as I would have hoped.
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