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467 of 490 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 16, 2011
We have owned the Nespresso CitiZ for a year and have been very happy with it. Recently we also bought the Nespresso Pixie for our vacation place and are slightly disappointed with the operation of the machine. Here are our thoughts (listed in no particular order):

- Small footprint makes this machine well suited for smaller kitchens that don't have a lot of counter space.
- Heats up very quickly, i.e. making coffee is quite fast
- Cute design
- Coffee is very good and hot, with excellent crema, just like it is with the Citiz.

- Smaller water reservoir means frequent refilling.
- Reservoir is more difficult to remove than on the Citiz. It clicks into the machine at the top via two plastic 'hooks' which only retract when one opens the reservoir's hinged lid. With the lid open, one then lifts the reservoir up and out. We found this a bit tedious, coming from the more straight-forward design of the Citiz where no opening of the lid is required, one lifts it out and is done.
- The cup tray folds up for taller cups such as latte macchiato glasses but it does not stay folded up on its own, i.e. one has to hold the tray with one hand and place the cup down with the other. As soon as the cup is removed, the tray falls back into its original position
- We found that there is noticeable coffee spray during operation. We had to place the machine on a towel and move it away from anything that could be permanently soiled by that spraying, such as walls.

The coffee quality is excellent, absolutely no gripes here. Our problem with the Pixie is with the operating aspect of this machine. We feel that it is too small for its own good. The smaller size apparently required design changes which in turn lead to all those inconveniences listed above. Where space is at an absolute premium, we would probably still recommend this machine but if there is sufficient space (and the Citiz is not THAT much bigger) we think that the Citiz is definitely the better and more thought-out machine. In our opinion the slightly higher price for the Citiz is worth it.

UPDATE 8/16/12:
When ordering Nespresso capsules from the Nespresso website (pretty much the only place where to get these), they have now set a requirement for their customers to order multiples of 50 capsules. Which means you can either buy 50 or 100 or 150 etc. capsules when ordering. This rule of 'multiples of 50' did not exist before. To me this is a very annoying move on part of Nespresso because it doesn't allow the customer to order, let's say, 30 of a decaffeinated variety, 20 of a Lungo and 20 of an espresso variety. Now one must place orders for higher (or lower) quantities in order to reach the 50/100... multiples.

I thought I'd mention this because if you decide on a Nespresso machine you will need to order your capsules from their website exclusively (if you want genuine Nespresso, do not live near one of their boutiques and do not want to shop on eBay). I for one will take a long hard look at this marketing practice and probably scale down my usage of Nespresso considerably because of it.
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131 of 140 people found the following review helpful
Do not confuse a Nespresso machine with a Keurig or other capsule type coffee maker because this is an entirely different animal. First, the coffee is much better. Next, you get true espresso with a lovely, brown crema on top. The best part is that you don't have to spend time tamping grounds and cleaning them from the machine. About the only maintenance you have to do is the occasional descaling and emptying the internal bin of used capsules. If you buy this with the Aeroccino Plus, then cappuccino and lattes are just minutes away. You can make two cup sizes with the Pixie, espresso and lungo, which is roughly twice the volume of espresso but, of course, also weaker. Not weak, mind you, but not as strong as espresso.

I first encountered Nespresso while staying in Mallorca, Spain, and our townhouse came equipped with one. I was expecting blah coffee, and I found out that it was anything but. I was hooked. At the time, Nespresso was just making inroads in the American market, and you couldn't buy one anywhere but through the website. I asked some of my European friends if they knew the machine, and they all raved about it. Believe me, Europeans care deeply about the quality of their coffee. If they feel that this pod system produces great coffee, then you know it does. But, of course, it all depends on what one likes. I'm a Nespresso junkie.

Nespresso machines have two downsides: the price and, in some cases, a shorter lifespan than I'd like. I owned a different model that had a milk frothing arm, and I had to send it back to be repaired within the warranty period. Nespresso customer service is absolutely awesome, though. They sent a loaner machine overnight, and paid for all the shipping for both machines. I was shocked. This Pixie replaces the more expensive machine that stopped working when I stored it in my closet for over a year. If you plan to store yours, follow the directions closely for emptying the machine.

I was originally disappointed that my husband chose to replace the old machine with one that didn't have the milk frother. I had wanted a Latissimo, but he decided that he'd buy me the Pixie instead with an Aeroccino Plus as a gift. Now I'm glad he did. The Pixie takes up less space, and the Aeroccino is probably easier to clean. Plus, with fewer components on each, I figure that it's less likely that something will go wrong. The Pixie has a one-year warranty.

If you don't understand why Nespresso owners are so passionate about their machines, find a way to try one out before buying. If you like espresso and/or cappuccino, I'll bet that you'll fall in love, too.

-- Debbie Lee Wesselmann
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81 of 92 people found the following review helpful
on June 22, 2013
I love coffee.

Ever since I came to the US (from an European country where the Espresso is the king of coffee) I was struggling to adopt to American style coffee (you know, the one that is server in a huge 300-500 ml+ cup full of flavors, sugar, milk etc. that destroy the taste and smell of original coffee, not to mention that there is too much water and the coffee is not too strong). I ended up visiting Starbucks too often, and you know that an Espresso is over $2 and Doppio Espresso is $2.56 as of today. On average day, over $5/day, or at least $150/mo plus inconvenience to walk to the local Starbucks that is located 1-2 miles away every time is time for a cup of an elixir :-).

It was time to do something about it.

I started brewing my own coffee in a cezve / ibrik (so called Turkish coffee which is the way many people in the country I came from do it if they don't own a espresso machine). It was good but takes time to prepare, grind coffee beans and cleanup.

But I wanted Espresso, not a Turkish coffee. I still drink Turkish coffee occasionally since it is different than espresso.

After a research I've purchased Gaggia (cost me around a $1k with good grinder). I was considering Rancilio Silvia but decided that it will not fit my lifestyle as it needs over 30 min to warm up and some polished technique to produce consistent results. Gaggia was OK and I even was able to brew a really good cup of coffee few times. The problem is that it is very difficult to get consistent results, especially if you change the beans often. It was also not fun to cleanup everything after each and every cup of coffee.

So Gaggia went back to the seller and I've continued my visits to Starbucks and my attempts to make good turkish coffee.

Sometimes around the Gaggia time I visited a office of customer who offered me a cup of espresso that was with good crema, strong, tasty and aromatic - exactly as I like it. I asked him about the coffee maker and then he showed me Nespresso machine - an old manual model he purchased 6 or 7 years ago similar to current Essenza.

I was impressed. I was so impressed so I drunk 2-3 different flavored cups of Nespresso every time I visited his office. And then I just came here at Amazon and started looking at available Nespresso models.

Pixie was the one I like most mainly because the size and because it doesn't have any of these additional features like milk frother I do not need.

I still can use taller cup if I have to but mainly I use 2oz Illy designer cups.

Some remarks:

Machine is not too loud when pumping, not noisier than my espresso maker I had 10 years ago.

Brown color is actually very cool, it corresponds to the color of coffee and is much cooler than chrome, aluminum or red. And dark brown model is 172 usd vs 221 for chrome at the time I ordered it. Exactly the same machine, just different color.

There are 16 coffee pots inside the package, so you have a few for a day or two. I've ordered a starter pack directly from Nespresso with 200 capsules that came a day later at the price of 0.65 per capsule.

Made in Switzerland.

Since the patent for coffee pods (capsules) expired, you have a choice of third-party Nespresso-compatible capsules. This will ultimately bring the price down. Haven't tried any yet but based on comments in 'net some flavors are as good as original.

There is a third-party unofficial app on Google Play that tells you some details about each flavor, cost like 2 bucks and very helpful in determination what is the strength of the coffee in the capsule in addition to other details.

Machine is ready to brew in 15-20 second, shuts off automatically so it wont affect your electric bill like Rancilio.

Easy to cleanup. Usually I do it after 8-10 coffee cups.

Overall very clever design.

....and, most important:

consistently good cup of espresso. Every time. Any time of the day. Any capsule you choose.

Exactly what I was looking for,
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on January 4, 2013
Just bought this as an impulse buy while I was returning other stuff at a local brick and mortar place. I stood there for an hour looking at reviews online and debating the "real" espresso machine vs. cartridge thing. Finally decided on the Pixie with the frother thingie and $100 credit for online stuff from Nespresso. Brought it home, fired it up and have sampled 3 espressos so far. That's my druthers: espresso. The stronger the better. Only ever got it out until now. Not real picky, so I may not provide the best review on quality or taste of what this spits out. Since I'm now bouncing off the walls, I figured I might as well type in my thoughts so far.

It's the right size. Small. My wife would have hated the "real" espresso machine because the smallest one there was 3 times as big as the Pixie. So the name fits.

It looks great. Being able to stow the extra length of power cord makes it a neat fit on the counter. I got the black one so it matches our other stuff on the counter.

Easy to use. I know I will drink more espresso because of this. Just put in a capsule and hit the button. Then drink. Easy peasy. I did decide to preheat the cup in the microwave for 30 seconds. That matched the cup temp more closely with the espresso temp and made for a more immediate, enjoyable experience.

It's fast. went from flashy, flashy lights to ready to brew in about 15 seconds.

Espresso was hot enough for me, but you better preheat your cup and drink it right away. It's not piping hot. Just hot.

It's noisy. But not terribly so. Wish it were quieter, but it's kinda cool because everyone knows you're making espresso when you are making espresso.

The capsules taste good so far. I have only tried the 3 strongest varieties so far. The Ristretto made a good espresso. Good "creama" resulted (whatever that is), and it had about the same taste as the Starbucks espresso. I liked it. The next one I tried was the Indriva from India. This was mmmm,mmmm good. Smoother than the Ristretto but still strong. My notes said it was very good. Next up was the Arpeggio. This was listed as one notch down in intensity from the Ristretto. I thought it tasted like watered down espresso. Not for me, but might be good for those who want a milder tiny cup of espresso. I had those 3 in the first 15 minutes and that is why my review is titled the way it is. I need to go lift weights or build a bridge or something.

I went to the Nespresso club to order capsules and found out you have to order 50 at a time. You can mix them all up to get to 50. I'll get through some more of these and if I don't die of a heart attack, I'll order up 50 of my favorites.

So far, this is the perfect machine for me. If I had to grind beans and operate a real espresso machine, I'd probably not bother and just stop at Starbucks like I used to. This system will be just fine. I did read that the Nespresso capsule patents expired in 2012, so maybe someone will step in with some competition for them. $0.65 a capsule is a bit steep. I think someone mentioned in another review that that came to $80 a pound. I'm okay with that for now.

Thanks for reading.
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
The Nespresso C60 Pixie was an Xmas gift, and I couldn't be happier with it. For one thing, as Nespresso users will gladly admit, Nespresso is sort of the Apple Computer of single shot pod coffee makers. Nespresso works hard to keep its image upscale, cool and classy -- the ads they run in Europe exude Euro lux. That said, the machine backs up the image, with a high quality feel and excellent design.

The system is tiny, compared to a hulking Keurig machine, and the warm up is almost instantaneous. Hit the on button and thirty seconds later you're brewing an espresso, lungo, cappuccino, making a latte or cafe Americano. The disposal of the used cartridge into a holding container is a handy feature. The rear mounted water reservoir is easy to fill in place or remove to refill if you leave room around the machine to do so.

Although some people have complained about it, I found the flip up drip tray to be brilliant, and it easily accommodates big latte cups, then drops back down when the cup is removed. Of course, you have to buy the Nespresso coffee cartridges to make your coffee, and a cup of Nespresso will set you back about three to four times the cost of what a cup of coffee made with a French press or drip maker with ground coffee would. It's a little like buying into the inkjet printer and inkjet printer ink cartridge bargain, another variation on the cheap razor and not so cheap razor blades deal. But for those who value the espresso like taste of Nespresso coffee output, and don't mind the trade off of cost to convenience, the Nespresso C60 Pixie is a winner. It is fast, looks great, and the coffee sure is good and tasty. RECOMMENDED.
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44 of 53 people found the following review helpful
on May 20, 2011
I've had a Nespresso Pixie for a few weeks and love it. The coffee is great and the machine easy to use. I looked at other models, but the Pixie is faster, making a cup of coffee in 20 seconds rather than the 60 seconds required by older models. It has a convenient handle that also serves to enclose and puncture the capsule and is light enough to easily carry to another room by the handle. Also, the cup support folds up so that a large cup can be put under the spout. It holds almost as much water in its container as the much larger Citiz. About the only downside is the small quantity of coffee dispensed. While not a problem for expresso, The lungo is only 3.75 oz and I like to sip a full 12 oz cup in the morning. I don't think I want the expense of three capsules every day. So some days, I drink Nespresso, other days I make a regular cup of coffee with my old Braun. I purchased an aeroccino with the Pixie and this works quite well producing a nice froth and I have been bery happy with the capuccinos I've made.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on December 6, 2014
I have to write a quick review of this product, as I have now had it for 3 years and cannot say enough good things about it.

I am a coffee aficionado. I love scoping out the best new local cafes and enjoying a perfectly pulled espresso. However, I don't have the time to sit and indulge in a perfect espresso every morning, and my Nespresso fills in during the week when my schedule just won't allow for the cafe experience.

Since I am a real coffee drinker, I have tried and own almost every different type of home brewer - french press, pour over, stovetop espresso maker, cold brew, etc. Every single one of them would be my "go to" for a few weeks or months before I would either grow tired of either the product or the process. Nespresso is the only option I have tried that has earned it's place on my countertop every single day since day one. It could not be easier to use. The quality, though certainly not as good as a true espresso at a cafe - is extremely consistent and good enough to enjoy as a daily cup of coffee.

What most impresses me at this point, however, is the build quality. I have used this machine probably on average 3-5 times per day every day for 3 years. The ONLY thing I have done to take care of the machine is running the Nespresso descaling / cleaning kit about once every six month. I think they even say to do it less often than that on this machine, but that is what I do. The machine, to this day works as new and shows no signs of age. I am confident it will easily last for several more years without a problem.
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27 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on May 5, 2012
I have been an avid coffee drinker for my adult life. I have worked for both Starbucks and Peets coffee companies. One of the biggest challenges I have faced is the ability to make a consistently good coffee at home. I have bought top of the line home brewing equipment and grinders. I ordered coffee from Peet's, which is shipped out the day it is roasted. I have regularly cleaned both grinder and coffee maker following guidelines. What has continued to be an issue for me is:

1. How quickly coffee becomes stale. Even in half pound bags the coffee begins to go bad after about 3 days.
2. Maintaining a maching at optimum level of cleanliness. Within about 1 week of cleaning the taste of my coffee would decline.

Please note that in addition to enjoying American coffee, I like both Espresso as well as the "European" style of American coffee (smaller cups made individually).

In my current search for a coffee maker I decided I would try some type of pod system to overcome some of the issues I had above. I had used Keurig in the past and I have never been able to get a strong enough cup of coffee from their machines. Also, in recent search in stores the quality of the machines did not seem to match the asking price.

I was on the fence with Nespresso due to how coffee has to be purchased from them, but finally sampled the product at a local store and that was it, I bought it immediately. I have had the machine for 2 months now and can say that this machine produces hands down the best espresso and "European" style American coffee I have had in recent years. This includes both home and at coffee bars (Starbucks). Each cup is consistant, intense and fresh flavour with a beautiful crema. Also, it is so simple to operate that you would have to work at not getting a great cup each time. Ordering the pods has been a breeze from Nespresso. I have read reviews regarding faulty machines and cool water temperature but I have had no issues like this.

Like some reviewers have said my consumption of coffee has increased due to both the quality and how easy it is to make a shot. Also, one would argue that at about .60 per pod, I am not saving any money and perhaps my 4 - 5 pod a day habit is costing more than my prior brewing system. This is worth every penny though.

If you were to compare this to the perfectly prepared coffee (freshest beans, perfect grind and tamp) you may be able to get a slightly better cup of coffee BUT, the above is very rare even at experienced espresso bars....

For anyone who enjoys European style or espresso coffee and wants to be able to consistantly prepare this at home do not waste your time looking any further, this is the machine for you.
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14 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on May 4, 2013
At first I was hesitant to purchase one of these. I liked the small size and ease of use but was concerned about the cost of the proprietary coffee capsules. I thought about it for over a year and finally decided that if I wanted to make good espresso at home I had to either buy a very expensive machine that took more time to use, required more work to operate and keep clean, and had a learning curve to get the best results from it, or I could get the Nespresso machine.
I've had this machine for a few weeks and I'm very impressed with the quality of the espresso it produces plus it's extremely quick and easy to use. You would have to spend much, much more on a very expensive, complicated machine and learn to use it properly in order to get better espresso and even then it wouldn't be that much better. (I also like the fact that the Pixie is made in Switzerland rather than in China like most things these days)
The cost of the capsules is a little high but the convenience makes it worth the cost, for me at least. Also, there is another European company that makes capsules for the Nespresso machines and they will be available in the United States later this year so you'll have additional coffee options that will be slightly less expensive.
Overall I'm very satisfied with the Nespresso Pixie and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to a traditional espresso machine.
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36 of 45 people found the following review helpful
on November 17, 2011
Got the Pixie for my wife's birthday. First use to clean leaked water all over the counter, this was before we had even powered the unit on. checked the reservoir was seated properly. leak coming from the base of the unit not the area where the reservoir sits. Tried to load a capsule and not only does it not puncture the capsule, the water leaks from where the capsule sits too.

How this unit could have gotten through any form of quality test I will never know.

Waiting on a replacement unit, I will revise my review once we have it.
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