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NetFlix Streaming Problem - Sony BDP-N460 I've been have major problems trying to stream Netflix movies using my Sony BDP-N460 player. I have used the recommended wireless bridge and I've even run a 50' network cable directly to the device. Both ways I see the same problems. After a few minutes, the movie starts pausing with the message "Loading, please wait" appearing on the bottom of the screen. Sometimes the pausing last for a few seconds, sometimes a few minutes. It makes the movie completely unwatchable, though. A 2 hour movie took 4 hours one night. Also, I have an 8GB flash drive installed, so that's not the problem.

My internet is fine. I'm able to play online games with no problem and I can also play hour-long Madden games online on the PS3 with no problems.

Does anyone have any advice?
asked by S. Smith on September 3, 2010
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Turning CineMotion off did not solve the pausing problem. I did not see any difference after doing so. Since this post was started I have changed from Comcast to Verizon Fios and still have the exact same problem. It has nothing to do with ISP. It is the BDP-N460 player that is the problem. My PS3 streams netflix movies beautifully in HD with zero pauses. It's unfortunate that Sony will not own up to this problem and create a software update to solve it. Most of my electronics are Sony. This is the first time I've had a problem with something they made.
S. Smith answered on January 10, 2011
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I just tried streaming (wired connection) with Sony BDP-BX37 and Sony BDP-BX57. Installed latest update on both. After a few minutes of streaming it pauses, gets into the "Loading, Please wait..." mode and doesn't resume at all after that. My internet provider was on the line running tests when it happens and didn't see any problem from his side. It happens not only with Netflix but with YouTube as well. I can stream fine from my PC, or from my Sony XBR9 TV. I am sure there is a major flaw in the firmware of the Sony BDPs. Maybe they don't work well with certain routers. I have a D-Link 624.
Shimon Adimor answered on October 28, 2010
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I'm a computer engineer, so I did a lot of tests. I did them in different times of the day and week, and with direct as well as wireless connections. In the end I concluded the problem was not at my end.

It seems that at nights, and especially weekends, many more people are trying to stream video. Netflix servers (computers storing video) and communication links to them get overloaded.

This is why streaming video from other services (YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, etc.) will work fine during those peak times, but Netflix will not. This problem will continue until Netflix catches up. My guess is that Netflix is desperately trying to increase their capacity while publicly asserting the problem is someone else's.
Laer Carroll answered on February 10, 2011
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I agree, in part. After using differnt players to stream netflix, I have found:
PC never misses a beat
My samsung will have 1 or 2 short burst of stop and buffering but starts back up (Netflix problem)
Sony stops and will not restart. Keeps buffering for 20 minutes or more and almost never stops rebuffering.
After doing all my testing, replacing units, running them at the same and different times, same movies, I see that both Netflix and Sony has a problem. In fact, when Sony and I called Netflix on conference call, automated message came up stating having streaming problems. Tech said no problems. We advised of message. He stated "huh" I did not know that."
Only thing I can think of why PC works flawlessly is it's ability to load movie into memory when it can, both in advance when movie 1st loads as well as when streaming the movie and they you view from what is already loaded. The DVD players do not load much in advance, and the Sony's do not appear to load into memory when steaming the movie. Only just when movie 1st loads. Even if you use a high capacity USB drive plugged in (Sony's and others need external storage). Way these devices work.
So this supports both conclusions. Sony and Netflix both have issues.
Before buying another Sony, check online with that model number and review. See that even the most current Sony products have problems streaming Netflix. Is it just their lack of ability to "store" an ample amount of movie content in memory in advance, or some other issue. Acts like that is the issue. They when Netflix has an issue, it sits there, along with everyone else's machine, all trying to pull from resticted supply at the same time. Result is problems.
Netflix needs to catch up so they can supply for the demand.(What are they doing with all the $ from all the subscribers? This is same issue that AOL had when it went huge, remember that?!!)
Sony needs to update software to allow more storage in external drive, ability to store ahead when movie is playing as well.
You think that would be a no-brainer for Sony.
Playstation's ability to better stream movies also supports this.
Netflix deserves a class action law suit for not providing as advertised. Sony just needs to lose buyers until they realize they have to fix their problems.
R. Horton answered on February 11, 2011
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I guess I am luckier than most. I was able to stream using my DPB-N460 up until 1/3/2011.
Then same problem. Also have 8 gig USB memory stick. Bought new 4 gig, did not help.
Computer can play from Netflix fine. Same movie even started at same time. So has to be the Sony.
Sony says no, error is in internet varying connection speed, but if this was the case, then eventually would catch up. Also the USB jump drive is supposed to load up movie somewhat in advance to prevent this. Also if everything else works, (including another player or PC) then it most certainly is.
Possibly has to do with the most current software (network) update and when each last updated.
I replied back to Sony if internet problem, then why will my puter still stream ok?
They responded: I'm sorry that the previous response was not helpful. Unfortunately, the issue you describe requires more extensive troubleshooting and communication than can be effectively handled via e-mail. Please contact our telephone support staff who will be happy to provide further diagnosis and assistance at: (800) 222-7669 or (239) 768-7669 Intl.

That would account for difference in time frame. Either that or Netflix has altered something in way they stream movies and changed at different times in different areas. I just purchased a new Samsung from Crutchfield. Will sell my Sony now. Good player, just need Netflix.
R. Horton answered on January 10, 2011
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I think it is a Netflix problem because we have a Roku player attached to our Hd Tv and we have had no problems up until Friday Oct 1, 2010. We can get on the other sites on our Roku player but nothing will load from Netflix. It won't even load to the point where we can select a movie. I have tried to call Neflix customer service but I don't even get connected , it never rings to Netflix. Has anyone had this problem?
L. Baumgardner answered on October 3, 2010
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Why is it i have troble streaming Netflix to my Sony Blue Ray DVD every FRIDAY and SATURDAY night? Daytime and Week nights, NO PROBLEM? Are NETFLIX Servers overloaded? What is the real problem because I don't think its my connection or device. I know it's not my connection because I'm entering this as I'm watching my frequently stoping Netflix movie and my connection is FINE. It has taken about 3 hours to watch an 1 1/2 hr movie.
:( Does anyone else have this PROBLEM?
J. Short answered on January 14, 2011
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I bought a Sony BDP-BX58 at Costco. After using it a few months, I returned it for a Panasonic DMP-BDT215 (on Amazon, it's the BDT210). The Sony streaming strategy is fundamentally flawed. Since they use their own NF implementation instead of the standard netflix interface here's what you get:
- Sony Blu Rays test the streaming speed then pick a resolution. Instead of adjusting the resolution when your ISP gets congested (which is what the Panny, your PC and a host of other NF devices do), the Sony simply stops and waits to catch up. No amount of network setting finagling will fix this if your ISP gets congested.
- You don't get NF RW/FW previews like you do on your PC. Subtitles and Dolby 5.1 sound are nowhere to be found. The panny (and I bet Samsung, LG) does all of this flawlessly.
- And to throw more gas on the fire, you have to register with Sony before you can even use NF or Pandora. Ridiculous
- As for Blu Ray playing, the BX 58 did NOT support Dolby 7.1. Put a DVD in there that only has that encoding (Megamind for example) and you get 2 channel PCM stereo. The panny correctly outputs Dolby 7.1 (or 5.1 if your rec'v doesn't support 7.1)
The irony in this is that I hear the PS3 does everything well with Streaming and Blu Ray.
Steve-o answered on November 3, 2011
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It has nothing to do with time of day or week. I've seen this problem in the middle of the day on a week day. It's the device itself that is the problem. "Grin and bear it" is not an acceptable solution. It's pretty much unbearable having an action movie pausing every few minutes. 3 hours to watch an hour and a half movie is not acceptable. If you stream the same movie at the same time of day on a PS3 it will stream absolutely fine. Has nothing to do with the Netflix servers.
S. Smith answered on January 15, 2011
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Try turning off CineMotion. More discussion here:
jheartney answered on October 31, 2010
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