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on November 26, 2013
Immediately after a quick and painless installation the router performs beautifully - with signal strength and range that allows me to disconnect my existing 2 other dual-band access points. The entire family is overjoyed with the wonderful performance until...

After a day or two of great service the router's ability to perform DNS lookups becomes unstable and then fails altogether. It even intercepts and discards DNS lookups to outside servers like Google's, so manually changing the router or computer's DNS settings does not help. However, any sites that happen to be in your computer's or browser's DNS cache work great - with no seeming performance degradation on the local or Internet connections.

A release/renew on the WAN port does nothing to fix the problem. The only resolution seems to be rebooting the device.

Netgear has some lemon firmware here - running the latest v1.0.0.22_1.0.10

Until Netgear fixes the firmware I would recommend steering clear. If I keep the device long enough to get good firmware, I will upgrade this review appropriately.

Update: I just spent over an hour with tech support. The support engineer had many great troubleshooting ideas for my problem - that I had already run through when my router was malfunctioning - and coming to the diagnosis that the router has DNS stability prolems. However, immediately after reboot the problems disappear for a day or two, so everything appears perfect and no amount of troubleshooting will find the problem (because there isn't one until it becomes unstable again).

After repeatedly explaining that the problem was intermittent (every day or so), the tech kept asking me to perform standard troubleshooting processes that didn't find any problem (of course) - and that I had already performed when the router wasn't working and rebooted it as a work-around. Still the tech refused to focus on the root cause and kept looking for a configuration issue.

I then requested a transfer to a supervisor. After putting me on hold for 5 minutes and then asking me 5 more questions "for the supervisor" I insisted that he transfer me. Then told me that he couldn't transfer me and that I would receive a call back immediately after hanging up with him. 30 minutes later and still no call.
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on May 14, 2014
Out of the box, this unit will disappoint due to mediocre firmware. The router will frequently drop connected wireless devices because the DHCP server looses track of addresses for connected devices and the DNS server(s) . So frequent router re-boots are required. And, incredibly, there is no security on their GUEST LAN that protects your private LAN from access by guests if you wish for guests to interact. (like your Kids do at a gaming party).

But the Hardware is the same as the R6300v2, last year's Router of the year.

For the Costco price, you can end up with a $300 router merely by replacing OEM firmware with DD-WRT. That fixes the slow performance, the buggy DHCP server, and the GUEST LAN security problem. Also adds support for VPNs, DLNA, multiple vLANs, full 1.3Gb capability on 801.11ac band etc. Turns this unit into a solid hi-end router.

On 2.4GHz N band, I see 12-15% better performance/range than my old trusty DLink DIR-655. And total bandwidth saturation goes up from 300 to 450Mbps.

The 5GHz band works well, but range is less on 5GHz band as it is impacted more by walls and floors.

If you are willing to replace the firmware with DD-WRT, this router is a good value at the Costco price. The 800GHz dual-core processor is as strong as the $225 ASUS RT 68U. DD-WRT does take some knowledge of networking to deal with, but the rewards are significant. If you don't want to mess with new firmware, then stay away. The Netgear OEM firmware is not ready for prime-time, and Netgear does not seem inclined to fix it.
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on May 13, 2014
I've had this for a year now. I bought it at Costco for a great price and it's been nothing but trouble. I'll rephrase that, if you want to surf the net and use a bunch of devices it is great.

If you want to use the full feature set and you know what you are doing, that is there it's bad.

Previously I have used several Netgear routers, the latest being a WNDR3700 v1 which was amazing. It worked, it was relatively fast, port forwarding and other features were easy to use, and the bandwidth tracker was accurate.

It's easy to set up

1. No wall mount
2. I hate the Netgear Genie config. The old style was much better.
3. Bandwidth usage counts all network traffic. This includes internal and external. I worked with tech support and they essentially said this was working as intended after two weeks of back and forth via email. I tried this twice with the same results.
4. The speed is lousy. I never get above 54mbps on either 2.4 or 5ghz using N or AC devices.
5. Hard to understand 20/40mhz config options, see #2. This probably causes #4.
6. Very limited Dynamic DNS options. Actually none now that DynDNS has stopped service.

UPDATE 7/28/14
OK, I will revise my opinion of this router, but not raise the stars. The hardware is great, it is the exact same hardware as is installed in the AC1750 router. Costco and Netgear put out the AC1450 as a gimped version of the AC1750 with reduced functionality through poorly modified firmware. Over at the DD-WRT forums it was discovered to have the same components after being dissembled and examined in great detail.

This is where my revised opinion starts. Being that it is the same hardware as the Netgear AC1750 (R6300v2) people have managed to get DD-WRT loaded on it and it works. It works very well. I can now connect at +700mb/s and has high as 867mbit/s. The throughput is massively better even at 802.11N speeds, while on AC it approaches wired gigabit.

Look for the DD-WRT Kong builds, K3-AC-Arm STD to be precise. It works.
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on January 12, 2014
I purchased this router from Costco 2 weeks ago. I checked online reviews before buying it, but didn't believe all the bad reviews it received here on Amazon. Since I got it was on sale for a lower price than on here, I went ahead and bought it. I've been using this router for 2 weeks and here's my review.

After using cheap routers for years, I decided to spend some money on a better one and the AC1450 has been wonderful.
I currently have an Xbox One, a Google TV and a Dish Hopper hard wired and 2 cell phones, 2 tablets, 3 laptops and 1 desktop all connected to this router. Everything is smooth and I didn't have a single issue with this router freezing/crashing for the whole 2 weeks I've had it.

Set up was easy, the web interface is easy to navigate through and I love all the great features such as guest networks and DLNA server. Wifi coverage is great in my house and I get 5 bars everywhere and even outside the house, 150 ft away from it.

The only issue I had with this router at first was when I plugged a 4 TB hard drive to the USB 3 port. It would not recognize it. After a little research, I found out I needed to set the driver up as GPT and create 2 partitions of 2 TB each (using Windows Disk Management). I now have the 4 TB hard fully working and the thing is loaded with music, videos and pictures. USB 3 transfer speeds are great and having a reliable network shared drive through READYSHARE is awesome. I also have another 2 TB hard drive connected to the 2.0 USB port. That's a total of 6 GB of data hooked up to this router and no hiccups.

I highly recommend this router.
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VINE VOICEon April 18, 2014
I picked this router up to replace an aging D-Link router whose radios were starting to give out. It was a pretty good buy, albeit much costlier than basic wifi routers lacking dual-band gigabit support. However, it's been nothing but a frustration since setting it up, and I'm about to return it if I can find all the packaging.

I have had many problems with legacy (802.11a/b/g/n) devices on the 2.4GHz bands. These devices have problems connecting (often reported as an "authentication problem" by the devices despite correct settings & credentials), and even once connected, service seems to be very spotty, with my Motorola Android phone showing a weak signal when located inches from my Kindle showing full signal and a laptop with a 802.11g card showing no signal at all. Even once connected, DNS seems to fail frequently, as others have reported, so that one will have full signal strength but be unable to utilize the Internet (even when using a local DNS server--it's like the router is dropping DNS requests altogether, so neither devices nor my local DNS server's requests can get through, even going over wired Ethernet instead of wifi).

The 5GHz 802.11ac functionality actually works pretty well on mine, though only my new laptop and my office laptop support it (my recent tablet does not, for example). DNS issues seem to be less frequent than with the Ethernet ports or 2.4GHz wifi, but they still occur.

Rebooting the router usually fixes the problem, but only temporarily. I'm having to reboot it on a daily basis right now just to keep things functional. I'm running the newest firmware, too (updated shortly after installation to as of this review), but it doesn't help.
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on October 19, 2014
There are two versions of this router R6300 and R6300v2. The R6300V2 has exactly the same hardware as the Netgear ac1750. If the ac1450 has USB 3.0, it is the R6300V2 and can be converted into the AC1750 in at least two ways:

Follow the instructions here: and it is converted to the Netgear ac1750 firmware. These instructions are clear except they forget to mention that you need to reboot the router before applying the new firmware.

or install DDWRT open source firmware. I did not try this.

I did the former on three different routers (refurbished ones purchased elsewhere) that I use as access points, and they perfectly.
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on April 18, 2014
I have two iPads, a Mac laptop, two smart phones and a desktop. We set this router up in about 15 minutes and it worked perfectly. My Desktop had Win 7 on it and so I didn't have the issues that people are having with Win 8. I did, however, have to get get an add on adapter for my for my desktop because the network card that came with my box (new from Ibuypower in April) wouldn't properly connect and maintain the connection or get the speed. I've had absolutely no problems since. I never discard the negative comments that I read here about the router and so I hope that I have no problems with the AC 1450 in the future.
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on December 30, 2013
I bought my router from Costco since I appreciate their return policy. When first hooked up, the router is fantastic with great range and performance. The problem is that I am about to return my second attempt to use this product because it will die without warning. There is no trouble shooting help and when I go to the login screen, it asks to test but no advice once it is done. So, for the cost, I would not recommend this device. The first router lasted 5 months and this second one lasted 2 1/2.
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on January 30, 2014
I bought a Netgear AC1450 wireless router from Costco a few weeks ago. It was easy to set up, but the internet connection cuts out intermittently, and the only thing I need to do to temporarily resolve the problem is turn the router off and back on again. I have had to do this three or four times already in the three weeks I've owned it. Since I do not need to tinker with anything other than this router to get back online, I believe the router alone is causing the problem. Furthermore, this router is much larger and more expensive than other routers I have owned. I ordered an ASUS RT-N56U wireless router to replace it, because it is highly rated on and somewhat less expensive than the Netgear AC1450. Once it is set up, I plan to return the Netgear router to Costco. Hopefully, the ASUS will be more reliable.
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on February 3, 2014
I purchased this from a big box discount warehouse. After a recent IOS update, none of our i-devices could connect with our home wireless network. The router was about 10 years old (Old Linksys). I figured it was time for an upgrade anyway. It would be nice to have the new N or AC speed. I found this on the shelf while loading up a gallon pail of pickle chips and 5lbs of cottage cheese The prices are great when you buy in bulk, right?

A quick look up showed the existing reviews were kind of "meh" but took a chance on it anyway. I knew better, but the price was right so I decided to take a chance. Bad decision. I had major issues right out of the gate. I had devices that could not get a DHCP address from the router. Our home VOIP service (Ooma) would not connect properly. Online gaming was having all kinds of problems. I did some reading and found others with similar issues. I tried a few troubleshooting steps but quickly decided if this router was going to be this much work it was not worth it. Also, this router is not supported if you wish to use alternative firmware like dd-wrt or tomato.

Luckily the store has a great return policy and back it went.

On the positive side of things, the UI is pretty good. I like the status screen and the parental controls worked. well. I wish there was more granularity in the filters and scheduling options. The replacement was also a Netgear. (N900) The new Netgear has worked very well so far. Everything connected right away and I have experienced none of the issues I had with this particular model.

Overall, this router (AC 1450) is to be avoided.
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