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on January 13, 2013
The Netgear WN3500RP eliminated all the dead wifi-dead-spots in my home. The set up is very easy. It was literally up and running within 10 minutes. Areas of the house that used to have low reception now had "full bars" according to my Ipad. The trick of course is to find a place in your house that still has a good signal but is close enough to the "dead spots" that it will cover those areas once it's turned on.

Dual Broadcast:
At its default settings this range extender operates like two separate wifi signals for your home. For example, I have my main router's broadcast going out first (upstairs in my home office). Then once I placed this range extender downstairs (living room), it connects to my router's signal, and then broadcasts its own pair of signals - one in 2.4ghz, and one in 5ghz. These two additional signals is what you connect your streaming devices and game consoles to (Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, PS3 etc). The 5ghz band is the faster of the two signals, but only newer devices seem to use this. That is why the 2.4ghz band is also broadcast - so that all your devices can utilize the range extender's coverage.

Fastlane Mode:
The WN3500RP also has "Fastlane" mode where it dedicates its resources to only one band (you choose which band) and by doing so, increases the speed and performance of the range extender. In my case, I chose to turn on the Fastlane mode on the 5ghz band, and for one of my devices (the Roku 2XS) I directly connected it to the Range Extender with an Ethernet cable (the WN3500RB has an Ethernet port). Of course, this meant that the 2.4ghz broadcast wasn't going out from the range extender anymore. I figured that was ok because I use the Roku to stream video the most, and if other devices needed to use the 2.4ghz band in the future, I could always turn off the Fastlane mode and turn the 2.4ghz band back on.

Speed is good, but I wish it were faster:
There is a noticeable difference between the speed of the router's signal and the signal from the range extender. For instance, if I connect my Ipad wirelessly to my main router instead of the range extender, I typically notice a 20%-30% faster download time, even with Fastlane mode turned on. But since my HDTV is too far from the router, the range extender is the only choice I have to stream video to the HDTV. Yes, it's a small gripe. But since this range extender is typically more expensive than most, it's somewhat disappointing.

To set the range extender up, I followed the user's manual and used a laptop connected by Ethernet to my home network (you could do this wireless as well). At this default setting, the range extender works perfectly well - broadcasting both the 2.4ghz as well as the 5ghz band. But I wanted to run the Fastlane mode which meant I needed access to the configuration menu. In order to do this, I first had to use a device that was on the range extender's network (in this case, my Iphone). Then I could easily sign into the range extender's configuration menu and adjust settings to the Fastlane mode. (Devices not on the wireless network of the range extender couldn't seem to do this). This wasn't explained very well in the manual included. I had to actually go to Netgear's forums to find this out.

If you're looking for a good range extender that has dual band functionality, this is a good one. Just know that that accessing the configuration menu can be a little confusing after the initial installation. But once it's up and running it works quite well. Netgear even supplies a stand and separate power cable so that you can have it free-standing instead of plugged into a wall.
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on February 17, 2012
I bought this after having a bad experience with the Amped line of extenders. This repeater was a breeze to setup, even the advanced functions. There wasn't a need to take a computer and reconfigure it to do the initial setup, right out of the box all I had to do was connect my laptop to it's temporary wifi ssd and reconfigure it from there using a simple step by step setup. I really like the fast lane technology where you can have it communicate on one band to your router and one band to your devices. Doing this increased my repeat speed by 300%. I live in an apartment building and can see over 20 wifi networks from my normal operating area, using the fast lane setup where I use 2.4Ghz to connect to my router and then 5.Ghz to connect to my devices works best as the farther out you take your devices in a 2.4Ghz wifi cluster environment, the more interference you have. One thing people should realize in that the signal is being repeated. . .don't expect to get the same speed as connecting directly to your router. When connected to my router I get aprox. 60-95MBs throughput, when it is being repeated on this product I am getting at max 30MBs using fastlane which is much better than other repeaters I've used. Also the 2.4Ghz will generally get about 15-20% better range but the 5Ghz works much better in wifi dense areas.
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on April 7, 2012
A year and a half ago I had DSL and tried everything to extend my wireless network to no avail. I even tried to connect two routers wirelessly through DD-WRT. After two weeks of frustration and returns I had nothing left to lose and bought a WN2000rpt range extender. Within 20 minutes I was able to extend the range of my DSL modem all over my house without any hassle or frustration. Occasionally, you had to reset the range extender, but just a simple power off and power on usually keeps it working for weeks on end without any problems. For that convenience and simplicity alone, I gave the WN2000rpt 5 stars.

Unfortunately, this January I upgraded to uverse and my WN2000rpt range extender doesn't work with it. I tried going googling all sorts of fixes, which occasionally worked, but nothing provided a consistent internet connection. I loved the range and convenience of my old range extender and was frustrated to see that I would have to go back to having practically no internet on the upper floor of my house.

I even called ATT, but they have no clue what products will work with Uverse. They told me to configure a router behind the uverse gateway, but that did practically nothing for my range. Googling gave no answers and by sheer luck I searched for netgear range extenders and saw in one of the lines of text on amazon that this could work with Uverse so I gambled and bought a range extender the next day hoping it would fix my internet problems.

Again, THANK YOU NETGEAR!!! In practically 5 minutes of configuration, my new range extender worked with my 2wire modem and I now have regained Internet all over the house! I have 5 bars everywhere, (you do need to know how to carefully place the range extender for maximum range), and I can actually use the 5GhZ band without any issues. For that alone I give this product 5 stars.

However, I do have to complain a little about Netgear's customer support. I went to their website and asked numerous times if they had a product that would work with uverse and I never received a response from them. It shouldn't have to take random luck to discover that they have such a great product which could have saved me a lot of time and frustration. They already had my trust with their earlier product, I just needed something else.
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on August 14, 2012
I have used other wireless range extenders that are just repeaters. While these are effective, and offer the convenience of defaulting to the same SSID so as to cut down on confusion for your users, they also have some limitations... That is, by the nature of repeaters, certain functionality is broken. In my case, the issue was multicast. My Xbox 360 associated to the repeater could no longer connect to my UPnP-based media server, since UPnP uses multicast for discovery. Enter this Netgear WiFi range extender...

So, for my fellow geeks, this is NOT, technically speaking, a wireless range extender/repeater. It's a wireless bridge with an additional dual-band WAP built in, and it is AWESOME. So here's how it works:

1) You plug it in and turn it on.

2) You associate your laptop or whatever else to it and navigate to a URL. It will capture your request and forcibly redirect it to its internal setup wizard.

3) In the wizard, you associate the range extender to your main access point and pick out TWO new SSIDs for the new 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz networks. In theory, I suppose you could set the same SSID - I didn't try. I decided I'd rather actually subdivide my network into different SSIDs so I'd have control over which WAP my devices connected to. The wizard points out that they recommend doing it as I did it, so I guess that implies you *could* use the same SSID, but I don't know for sure.

4) Profit!

I don't think the 2.4 Ghz side supports 40 hz (300 mbps) 802.11n, since the highest connection rate I saw from my laptop was 130 mbps, but the 5 ghz side connects at 300 mbps consistently. According to my main router/WAP (which only supports 2.4 ghz), the range extender is connected at 144 mbps. Again, I don't know if 40 hz is supported.

I didn't see any option to choose which channels the new networks transmit on. According to Vistumbler, the 2.4 ghz side is broadcasting on channel 3, which is the same as my main network. Whether it does this because it's what I chose for my main network or because it automatically chose a non-saturated channel, I can't say.

Using, throughput and latency through the extender was virtually indistinguishable from my main router/WAP.

Some hardcore geeks might take issue with the lack of fine control I've illustrated, but overall, I really don't miss it. It's simple to set up, it works well (every corner of my house has good wifi coverage now), and it has a four-port switch built in, so I have no complaints.
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on December 8, 2012
I am a Taskrabbit and someone needed assistance with Wifi coverage in their home, they had great coverage downstairs but when u go upstairs to the second floor, the whole 2nd floor was a dead spot, so I purchased this Netgear range extender, SUPER EASY to hook up, you just plug it in to the outlet push the WPS button on both the router and the Extender and it's hooked up, it copies the wifi Key from the router so all you gotta do is change the wireless connection on your personal device to connect to the extender and it works like a charm, the speed is super fast on the 5GHZ channel, I HIGHLY recommend this device to all that need extra coverage in the home or business and there are no wires to attach to anything so it's a clean setup, it even comes with the option to slide the plug off the device and put a power cord in the device, such a great price. I have had many Routers and extenders and this is the best Extender I ever purchased. BUY THIS!!
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on February 15, 2012
Plugged it into the wall for power, pressed wps on it and wps on the netgear n750 dual band router to pair them. Both bands showed green on the extender which is a sign of good signal being transmitted from the router and that's all she wrote. Wifi is very strong throughout the entire apartment. Highly recommended, especially if being paired to a Netgear dual band router.
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VINE VOICEon December 27, 2012
Model: Wall-plug or Desktop|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is the third wifi signal extender we've tried in our attempts to extend wifi to the rear part of our house. We have a long, narrow row house with lath and plaster walls covered by plasterboard, and our router sits at the very front of the house. The extender is a compact little box that comes with two adapters, one for a direct wall plug-in, and the other for setting the extender on a desktop. Installation was a snap, even for me, a techno-dinosaur. Simply plug it in; wait for the power light to turn green; press the WPS button, and within 2 minutes press the WPS button on your router. They flash at each other for a minute or so, then you have wifi. (There are also instructions for routers that use the WEP protocol.) The extender creates a new network with the same name as your existing network, with an extension showing 2GEXT and/or 5GEXT depending on the connection you're making. Enter the same password as the existing network, and you're ready to go.

There are lights indicating the two bands, 2.4GHz or 5GHz. They shine green, yellow, or red, indicating strength of signal. In our house, the 2.4 GHz light is shining red for a weak signal, but Netgear's idea of a "weak" signal is my idea of the strongest signal we've ever received at the rear of our house, a distance of about 70 feet, and we are extremely happy with this device.

My husband has used it to experiment with the music streaming feature from our stereo, and it works fine. But he will have to buy another one for that. A user can also arrange a printer for wireless operation, if the printer is not already wifi enabled.

Great product.
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on October 29, 2014
Beware!! Netgear outsources their tech support to a company called Iyogi. I called the Netgear cust svc last night needing help to configure this product with a new Verizon router I had received. The tech asked for access to remotely access my computer, which I was unsure about, but I agreed to. Within 5 minutes, the tech said I needed extra services from him that would cost $350, in order to configure the router....he said at a minimum I would need to pay $150 for a 1 year plan. He said if I agreed, my issue would instantly be solved and my Netgear extender would sync perfectly with my new router. He said Netgear's free service within 90 days offer didn't count in my case because my laptop (1 year old MacBook Pro that works perfectly), has "issues". The tech acknowledged that he was based in India. I have read many Iyogi reviews online, and many speak of words/phrases such as "scam", "beware", "promised but never delivered refunds", "untrue responses to negative reviews suggesting all has been resolved", and "dishonest". I can't confirm all of it, but I sure can relate. I have bought many routers and such over the years and never have I felt so taken advantage of. I was tempted to pay the $150 to solve the issue, but I'm glad I didn't. I decided to return the Netgear extender and find/buy one from a company who chooses their partners more wisely.
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on February 14, 2012
I purchased the wn2500 to extend my wifi into the back yard and my garage. It raised my wifi signal from one bar to 5 bars, goes thru my large metal garage door without any problems what so ever.
I couldn't get the wpa to work very well so I manually set it up which is easy and I'm totally happy with it's performance.

My whole network system is netgear, router,range extender and wifi adapter in the garage, Roku players and other.

It's been almost a month now and I must say this extender is fantasic. It's very easy to connect to, and of cource it's password protected.
My power bars maintain 4 and 5 bars strong (2.4G and 5G)where as before I barely had one bar when in the back yard or garage. I perfer to use 5G when I can and this extender allows me that option and maintains the power to do so.
I would recommend the WN2500 with ease.
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on November 12, 2012
Great product in many ways.
1) Wifi extender to have wifi even at the back of the garden or in the darkest corners of the house which can't get wifi through the usual router
2) DLNA ability to play music from any device on the HiFi sound set : from all our Android devices, iPhones, Tablets, and even through the PC using WMP or iTunes via Airplay. You can play any music stored on any devices connected to the network without getting out of your chair. Really nice feature
3) Printer server

The best thing is its small size which means if you want to use it as a wifi extender in a different place as where you'd use it normally as a music DLNA "player", it's so easy : just unplug it and replug where you want.
All in all, a fantastically versatile tool !
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