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on October 26, 2012
Setup: Paired with an AT&T U-Verse gateway (2-WIRE model)

This little device works well, but one thing I dislike is that both the instructions and software itself try to steer users towards using a different SSID than your home wifi router. It automatically attempts to append "_EXT" onto your SSID to create its own. While this is fine for stationary devices like media streamers and cams it is not the correct setup to allow one to move freely about a home, between floors, etc. with a mobile device.

The way most consumer devices work is that they will hold onto a wifi signal and not try to hook onto a new SSID until it drops below, say, 50% for a given amount of time. For example, if your main wifi router is upstairs, and you place this device downstairs, once connected to this repeater your phone/tablet/etc. will likely stay connected to it even when you go back upstairs. This can be a problem as many devices will boost their wifi antenna power in order to try to maintain a more stable connection to a wifi router, and this puts a drain on the battery.

The better way to set things up for max mobility is to perform the manual setup ("Option #2" in the user guide), and change the SSID to match your main wifi router's. For example, if your SSID is called "mywifi", set the SSID on this repeater to "mywifi" as well. Most consumer devices move much more freely between multiple matching SSID points than they do between disparate SSIDs. This way, no matter where you move within the space your device will likely swap to the closest/strongest wifi. I have verified this behavior on Android, Chrome OS, and iOS.

Using a single SSID works for stationary devices, too. If you see your SSID repeated in the list of available connections (this is how it appears on a Roku player, for example), simply select the first one in the list as the entries are ordered by signal strength.
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on September 28, 2012
We have an older house, and our bedroom and office are on opposite sides of the house. We got the best modem/router that the Cable company said they had, and we had ZERO signal back in our bedroom. We could pick up our neighbor's wifi back there, but ours would die out as soon as you got two rooms away--most likely due to the building materials and additions on our house. After months of aggravation, a friend suggested a booster as a solution, so I ordered this the same day. When it got here, I could not believe that this little white box could work. I plugged it in the middle of our house and was shocked to see we went from zero signal to FULL signal back in our bedroom! The set up was a little confusing to me. My modem allowed me to set it up wirelessly by a push of a button (WPS), but when I went back to my Macbook, it kept asking me for my username and password, but it said, "Netflix." So I thought it wanted my netflix password. I tried my phone and it kept asking for my username and password, like it wanted my Apple ID. What it was doing was just going to my homepage on my browser, but didn't really want the password it was asking for. If you look on Page 9 of the little Installation Guide it says "Open the browser window from the same wireless device, and the browser will take you directly to the on-schreen setup guide." This was NOT true for me on any of my devices. Like I said, it kept asking for a username and password. The trick is to turn to Page 10, and at the bottom is says, "If you want to make changes after using the web browser setup guide...if prompted log in as admin with password as the password." This is what it had been asking for the whole time. Once I did this, I think I had to put in my passcode for my wireless (which shows up as whatever your network name with the _ext tagged on.) Then I went to Netflix and was thrilled to see how quickly everything loaded. So far this has been an excellent solution for dead zones all over our house. Thanks for a great product!
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on August 21, 2012
Disclaimer: I beta test lots of different products and this is one that I tested, so I had a pre-release version and got it for free. I am a software engineer, not a network engineer but consider myself reasonably skilled.

I got this for two reasons, 1 to get WiFi out in the backyard, and 2 to set up a guest network.
It works well for both.

During the summer we spend a lot of time in the backyard and the signal from the router is weak and unusable. By installing this in an outlet about 2/3 of the way to the back window and door(instructions say to put it in the middle but I have problems following instructions) I have a good solid signal all over the patio and clear out to the fence. Set-up was simple and initially I allowed it to use my existing SSID with the ext suffix. I used it like that for about a month with people connecting phones and tablets, at one time I had 7 devices connected to it, without problems.

I then decide to try changing the SSID so I could use it as a guest network and keep the kids off my main network. I had some difficulty but after doing a hard reset of the device was able to access it and change the broadcast SSID.

When I did that I got complaints from my teenage son that using the other wireless was causing his Minecraft to lag and disconnect. This makes no sense since the speed for this is limited and it goes through the router, but he wasn't happy until I let him log in to the guest network.

I continue to use it without problems. When the grand-kids came to visit my wife unplugged it for a couple days then plugged it back in and it went right back to working. I have a wood frame home but there are a lot of walls between the router and backyard. I also noticed it added a bar of signal strength to the computer and Wii down in the basement(unexpected but pleasant surprise)

I am really happy with this, it is compact and doesn't look bad hanging on a white wall (which I have). I figure it is worth about fifty bucks so if you need something like this and can get it for that price or less I would go for it. Understand that you can't put it at the end of your signal and extend it, it needs a good signal and will then extend that good signal further from that point.
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on August 25, 2012
I set this up in about 10 minutes. I find any time I adjust my wireless network, I have to take a couple of minutes to get my bearings, but this device really is easy to install. I now can use my iPad and laptop with a much stronger signal in a "dead zone" of my house. This device is small and white so it looks fine on the wall. The price is very fair. I highly recommend this booster.
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on August 17, 2012
When I first saw this product announced I called Netgear to see if this product was compatible with my Apple Airport Extreme - they assured me it was. It arrived today. It took me about 15 minutes to set it up using my laptop,though part of that time was due to my confusion - I'm not a techie - about where to find my wireless network manager. Once I did (I didn't realize it was just the place where all the available wifi connections are listed - I mistakenly looked in my control panel) the instructions were easy to follow. (Though another three minutes were lost when I realized - and this is not in the instructions - that you do need to first log on to the web settings as admin/password.).

But the bottom line is that after just those 15 minutes of time I took my ipad out on my back porch and, for the first time, could effortlessly browse the web. Great signal. And the booster is in my living room about 15 feet away.

And yes, the setup allowed me to keep my password security.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 6, 2012
I bought this so my wife could listen to Pandora in the back yard without using data from the data plan. Unfortunately I could never get it to work.

I'm pretty persistent and consider my networking skills very good but this product has me stumped. I couldn't get my PC to connect to the device via wifi using Windows 7. After about an hour of beating my head against the wall I called Netgear. The first three guys I talked to (with very heavy Indian accents) all tried to get me to connect this device to my network via Ethernet cable. Of course there is no Ethernet connection on this box. I said to each one, "It appears you've never seen this device, how can you support it?" At which point they all put me on hold and eventually transferred me to someone else.

After a long time, I eventually got to a guy that must have been one of the developers. He knew the product pretty well. He had me reboot my PC and I was able to connect to the WN1000RP and see the web page for configuration. I selected the wizard as instructed. I entered all the information about my network including SSID and password. At the end of the wizard it tries to connect to my network. At that point if failed to do so.

You can imagine I'm pretty frustrated at this point. His comment was that it wasn't compatible with my WPA2 security connection and that I needed to change the security on my network to WEP. RED FLAG. Anyone that knows anything about networking knows that WEP is not very secure and with free apps on the Internet the security in WEP can be broke in less than 30 seconds. I tell him that WEP is not an option because it's insecure and I'd also have to change a dozen devices in my house to reconnect. It's not an option.

He gives up and tries to transfer me to his networking group but tells me that's not a free call and I'll be charged for it. No thanks, I say, I'm not going to pay for support on a $39 item. We end the call.

Over the weekend I try at least 10 more times to make this puppy work but without luck. Except for the one time while talking to tech support I can never get the setup web page from the WN1000RP to show up.

This product is a great idea but it looks like it was rushed out of the lab before it was fully tested.

Sigh, I wanted this to work, I really did.
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on October 26, 2012
This product had few poor reviews. I thought it was what I need to extend a better signal to the back of my house. It would not communicate with my router at 25 feet away. It did work at 15 feet from router. Also it's signal could only be picked up within 10 feet. I get a very good signal from my router to my iPad at 50 feet through two walls.

It would not stay connected to my iPad more than a minute. Now I can't connect at all. I must have a defective one. Even if it would communicate, it does not have any range.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 5, 2013
Buyer beware.

The Netgear WN1000RP is more trouble than it's worth.

This product will not work without compromising the security of your existing wifi network.
I made the mistake of purchasing one of these and attempting to set it up. It goes through a constant loop of saying that everything is fine and the setup is complete, then it returns the user right back to the start of the setup process. After hours (yes, about 3 hours) of wasting time trying to talk to Netgear "support" (which is ONLY interested in getting personal information from the user, no doubt for marketing purposes), getting bounced around from one wrong person to the next (each one asking the same questions over and over again about "what's your name?" "what's your email address?" followed by "this is the wrong department...") I FINALLY reached someone who explained to me that the only way to make the unit work is to downgrade the security on the existing wifi network.

Whether or not downgrading the wifi security will actually make this unit work remains to be seen. Nothing in the scant instructions that come packaged with the unit actually tell the user that this could be an issue. Instead, the firmware just keeps giving the messages that everything is fine and everything is working, when it's actually doing nothing. That's what makes this booster so frustrating---the software keeps saying that everything is setup properly (old network, extended network, even the MAC addresses of connected devices), but it just doesn't allow devices to connect to the internet.

This unit is a nice idea; but out-of-the-box it just plain does not work.
I'm returning this unit for a refund.

As far as Netgear's so-called "support" goes...well, let's just say that it's a waste of time calling them. Endless hold times, at least 30 minutes to talk to one person only to get put on hold for another 30 to talk to someone different who still won't help, makes one a very frustrated soon-to-be-former-customer. "What's your personal information?" is their very top (and seemingly only) priority. On the other hand "how can I help you to make this product we sold you actually work?" doesn't seem to be on their to-do list.

Buyer beware.
If you make the mistake of buying this, you will probably only have to return it. Save yourself the trouble and look elsewhere.
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on September 21, 2012
This is a great plug and forget product. I was nervous after reading the poor reviewe but most had little substance so I gave it a shot. Plugged the unit in under an end table, pushed the button, it synced in 7 seconds and forgot about it ever since. I use to supply my blue ray, my kindle, and my laptop on the patio. Great job Netgear.
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on October 4, 2012
I wish it was a simple WPS button press on the booster and a simple WPS button press on the router to synch everything up quickly and painlessly. For those that successfully synched up within minutes, oh how I envy you! What I discovered was a whole other matter as "option 2" was my only option.

I consider myself reasonably tech savvy. After many hours trying different configurations with 2 different home networks, different smart phones, different laptops on PC & Mac, I finally got it to work. It provides a solid wifi boost to the previous dead spot room in the house. But it took a lot of wasted time and effort trying to make it work.

Some of the issues I encountered, which I'm sure some of you will come to experience:

- The instructions really aren't very clear. Not clear about when to use the admin/password or when to type in your wifi password.
- Seems like the access page is ONLY accessible with IE. Chrome and Safari had problems connecting, so couldn't even access the login page.
- Trying to connect via my smart phone, didn't realize that "admin" and "password" were case sensitive. By default, my smart phone automatically typed in "Admin" so it didn't work. Of course, didn't realize why it didn't work until much later after researching online.
- Thank goodness for the reset button on the booster, but you need a paper clip handy at all times.
- For a WEP security setting, I had no idea that you're supposed to input the wifi code into the "key 1" text box and leave the rest blank. You would think to enter the password into "passcode" section and then press the "generate codes" button. That threw off the process once more. Apparently, pressing the "generate codes" button isn't even necessary (than why have that button at all???). Anyhow, tech support eventually walked me through that. No way I would've known that on my own.
- I encountered a certificate "authentication" error message on Windows XP, so thankfully, tech support walked me through that as well. I had to unselect a IEEE check box within my Control Panel. Once again, no way would I have known to do that without.
- Not clear on whether it should be WEP or WPA security setting. Or should it matter? I eventually discovered that it works for both.

Perhaps I should've called tech support from the start to walk me through everything. But I generally rather avoid calling if I don't have to, especially if it's in a far off call center land.

I guess I was FOOLED into thinking it would be a quick & painless setup so I figured I can easily take care of it myself. But the bottom line was that it can take a lot of time tweaking settings, testing it out, resetting the booster every time, rinse & repeat! Really frustrating experience.... but at least it works now, the price point was good, and life can finally go on.
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