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Size: Nettalk DuoStyle: 12 Month FreeChange
Price:$38.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on March 22, 2012
This is not the product you want if you are buying for kids. If you go to the site it says free calling, if you click on the details it says free calling. Nothing you will run accross during a normal purchase will let you know this, "Please note our ToS limits calls to 3000 minutes a month." That is not even two hours a day, and I am already paying someone else for the bandwidth! You will only find this if you read the fine print. Couple this with regularly having to recycle the device and a poor support department and it is not worth buying. I could tolerate the flaws and it would even be a good deal if it was as advertised, but the reality is that this product is only for people looking for a "backup" line and not something to actually use.
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on June 10, 2014
They sent me a unit without the USB AC adapter and then, once I found an apple USB AC adapter that has the same volt and amps and tried to register it, found out that the login info on the box not only did not work but was for a unit with a COMPLETELY different serial number from the one on the unit IN the box. Warehouse Deals are a waste of money and time. Buy this new!
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on December 15, 2012
Since I bought this unit it has been nothing but trouble. Been overcharged for international calls tried to call customer service took 3 hours only to get cut off just as I am the next to be connected. This is the worst company. Buy a Magicjack plus. Had no problems just plunged it in and it worked. Keep away from Nettalk this company, very poor service.
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on March 4, 2011
I had positive and negative experiences with this device, but in the end, I am recommending that the product is not ready for market.

On the positive side: call quality is good, most of the time, 'out of the box.' What 'out of the box' means is that you could have issues with call quality that is associated with the quality of your network and other nuances which could be very difficult, if not impossible, to diagnose and repair. The technology is sensitive to the speed of your internet connection and, as we say, there are many 'moving parts' between the voice which you hear on the line and all of the infrastructure which makes that voice sound good or bad. So - if you are unfortunate to have some kind of issue between point a and b, an issue that is SOMEWHERE in the infrasture, you could have many different kinds of trouble. Some of those troubles you can possibly repair yourself, easily. Some of those troubles are unable to be repaired regardless of how many years you have worked in technology. Take a look at the forum and you will see very bright and highly technical people trying, and failing, to figure out what is causing trouble xyz.

On the negative side: the development team is working issues on a priority basis. I guess that all developers should work priority issues, and I guess that all profitable companies are constrained in terms of how much they can spend on repairs versus enhancements. In my case there was an issue with interoperability between netTALK and Google Voice. They don't work together, and it is netTALK's issue which causes the malfunction. In my case, netTALK eventually owned up to the fact that none of their engineering team was working on the errors and there was no plan to do so near term. You will also see similar deferrments and unanswered problems among various customers on the forums.

The product does not work with Google Voice, and there is not one indication of that on their web site. To discover that inoperability, you will need to search far and get deep inside various support forums.

The only conclusion here is that the product is early to market, when considering its readiness and supportability. The other conclusion, however, is that you might have a restricted need that works just fine in this model. In this second case you will be fine and will have near-free telephone calls going forward.

A couple of other products you might consider:

MagicJack - I believe they are in the same boat as netTALK, relative to early market
ooma - I am using this now and it seems much better than either MJ or netTALK. I'll revist this post later with an update.

There will be MORE cheap phone service in our future, not less. These are just the start.


3/16 update:

After two weeks with ooma, it is working very well and no symptoms of GV vs ooma inoperability.

Also now looking at Obihai product which is rich in features though more complex for setup. I was able to install, configure and use ooma within 10-15 minutes; have not touched it since.
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on November 26, 2012
I should have listened but no I figured I would be the exception and get a device that really worked. Well I can tell you I have never been able to complete a phone call using this devise in the 2 weeks I have had it. Calls to tech support have 30 to 45 minute hold times and frankly I have better things to do with my time.
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on June 2, 2014
Ive been using nettalk for about two years now, i never have any problems with it. maybe once or twice in the two years of service when calling someone might of lost connection. Great phone for the price. Easy setup. you better get one save on that phone bill.
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on May 19, 2012
I bought my NetDuo from Fry's and sent my port request on April 6th. It is May 19th and I still do not have my number ported. I have e-mailed NetTalk several times. Once they rejected my number because they wanted my last four #s of my SSN and then the 2nd time they said it was a mistake. What the heck! Phone quality is okay. But, if you want the free number porting, good luck. You may never get your number ported. If you try to call customer service, expect static, extremely long wait times, and clueless representatives.
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on April 22, 2014
We've had NetTalk for three years then last October we started getting calls at all hours. We found out that when our phone rang, it also would ring on someone else's line in India. We discovered that out of 300 calls since January, 180 of them were also ringing in India. I submitted a trouble ticket expecting to hear back from someone within a few days. I ultimately logged 10 tickets in a weeks’ time and got no response so I tried to get on their "chat" session and talk to a "technician", the session timed out after 30 minutes; I did that repeatedly for two days and gave up.

Someone finally called me after I threatened to file a formal complaint with the Florida Better Business Bureau AND the Florida Attorney General's Office. I heard from them the next day and the first thing the tech suggested was I change the phone number I've had for the past three years. They ended up working on it for a few days then came back and said they could find nothing wrong. NOW our call history shows that phone calls are being made to Quebec Canada with our phone number and we have not been home during those times; we also have no reason to call outside of U.S. I've logged two more tickets asking them to look into it and have gotten no response in the past week.

Before you do business with them, try contacting their customer service and see how long it takes for them to get back to you (I would bet never). There is no way to call them and get a live voice at the company headquarters, every option sends you to “customer service” then you're permanently on hold until you retire.

They have an "F" rating with the Florida BBB and their accreditation was revoked in June of last year with over 300 complaints. [...]
I finally demanded and received a refund from my last renewal and will do everything I can to prevent anyone from making the same mistake I did ---- which is doing any type of business with NetTalk.

Also, PLEASE don't believe anything the "NetTalk Amazon Team" says, it's all fluff; once they lure you in, you'll be logging trouble tickets and waiting on the chat line for the rest of your life!!
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on April 16, 2014
<<update 03-17-15>>Here we are a year after I first tried netTalk, wouldn't work, after a month of complaining they finally cancelled my contract and I sent their equipment back to them. So imagine my surprise when I get an email that they have automatically renewed my service with the credit card I had given them last year. So here we go again trying to contact them, phone is always busy. Worst company I have every dealt with, in my opinion they are just a scam and don't actually intend to provide phone service. Sure sometimes they do but I think it is by accident that it works for some. Just another scam from the crappy state of Florida.
<<update July 3 2014>>
I went with Vonage for my phone service and I couldn't be happier. If you want to see what a great product and great customer service is all about use Vonage. I plugged in the device and it worked. They called me to make sure it was working and to answer any questions I might have. It costs more per month, ~$12, but it is worth it to have something that works and to be able to get service if and when needed.
The box I received didn't work. I called customer service and they said to send it back. I did send it back and have been waiting over three weeks for a replacement. I have contacted them through the net and never hear back from them. I think I was scammed for the $70, live and learn I guess. I only wish I could give 1/2 star for this lousy company and lousy product.

Update: I waited a few days after their customer service wrote their comment in here and I got an email that the unit was on the way. The next day I got an email that I had been given a ~$64 refund, they were charging me $7 for the shipping to send their bad product back to them. This has been 7 days now and the unit never showed so I guess that is that.

If you want to talk to someone there call their number on their web site and use extensions 102 or 104. You can also find other extensions where someone will pick up if you just keep trying extension number like 201, 202, 203, 300, 301, 302, 303, etc.

I did register a complaint with the Florida BBB but they are such a bad company they have been kicked out of the BBB so I am not sure what good it does to report to them, but I did anyway.

I would like the balance of the money I gave them since they should take their crap product back without charging shipping. Honestly when I saw they were based in Florida I had a bad feeling but one of the computer magazines made them sound like a legitimate company with a descent product. So much for listening to them from now on.

Update: FexEx did try to deliver the package but I refused delivery. Nettalk's shipping is so slow, but no surprise there I guess.
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on February 26, 2014
Attempted to switch VOIP carriers from Comcast, which worked fine, but costs way more than it should, to this. The number ported over fine. Twenty dollar, non-returnable fee. They make sure and let you know it's non-returnable, because they know that they're going to hear from you just a bit later. The device just doesn't work with my existing equipment. Yes, there is a list of routers and modems that "play well" with this device - but isn't the purpose to pay less? So why should I need to ditch all of my existing equipment that works great, and buy their "seal of approval" stuff to make this work? Further, even WITH all of that stuff, I can look forward to calls wherein the other party can't hear me, or the call just drops, or I have to keep going down into my basement to make sure that the thing is still working?

There are a lot of other VOIP providers out there. Save yourself time, money, and frustration. Don't buy this thing.

I am an IT tech. I know how routers and modems work. I spent a considerable amount of time working with my stuff, doing their suggestions, and it only served to mess up my Internet connection for everything else in my house. So, I had to undo their suggestions that didn't work, anyway.

While they SAY that they have technical support...just try and reach them. It's not possible. You call and get placed on hold, indefinitely (dead air hold). If you attempt to "chat" with them, you WILL be 25th in line, and never move up. Ever. You can open tech support tickets, which, in my experience, are never addressed, no matter HOW much technical detail you give them - because I gave them ALL of my technical data.

For all intents and purposes, you are on your own.

I'm moving on to another, RELIABLE provider.

Rather than go through all of this yourself, just don't buy this thing. It's a waste of money and time.

As an addendum: If it were possible to give negative stars, I would. This isn't a low quality company. It's a no quality company. I'm reporting them the the BBB, and will be VERY outspoken against them.

Snake oil salesmen are alive and well in the 21st century. Witness "NetTalk".

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