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on December 9, 2007
This is a great little product - Neutrogena took the vibrating rejuvenator unit that it used for its Microdermabrasion kit and added a velcro piece that allows you to attach the rejuvenator puffs. Instructions tell you to use it for 2-3 minutes per facial area - I use it for 5-6 minutes on my entire face just before jumping in the shower in the morning. It replaces my scrub a few times a week. So far I've noticed drastically smoother skin - and at 27 I am looking for something to really scrub away dead skin cells and maybe even out my skin a bit. This feels like it is doing both. The puff foams up with water, and is definitely a bit scratchy. There is a pleasant smell when you are using it.

I had to take off two stars for the following: price. It's overpriced. The unit comes with batteries, but you're still paying $35-39 for a low-tech electronic vibrating device and 12 puffs. Twelve. That will last you 3 or 4 weeks at the most.

The second star is lost by the puffs themselves. They can't be found anywhere. I've looked online and in the store. I'm yet to find them - so I am hoping I do so before I run out of the ones that came with the unit.

UPDATE 1/4/08 - refill puffs are now available on both Amazon and major retail stores. There was quite a delay there, though, so I know the early adopters were really sweating it out. Whew!
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on July 9, 2009
Now that I'm working on my second set of puffs, I thought I'd share my results. Just to give you an idea of my starting point- I get very little sleep as a result of grad school, sometimes I go on stretches of two weeks with less than 5 hours a sleep per night. This does not bode well for my skin, I break out under stress, I have blackheads the size of Russia, and my complexion is dull, rough, and discolored. I recently started freaking out, because I have what they call transition skin- I am noticing aging in my skin, but pimples keep appearing like fruit flies.

I decided to give the rejuvenator a try because I remember going for peels at one point a while back and how they helped clear my skin. Patience is key! At first my skin seemed like it would break out more than usual, but I know it is typical for your first few peels, so I figured I would have to suck it up. The first person to notice change was my boyfriend. He kept repeating, "Your skin is so nice! It is so clear!" Score!

I'm on my second batch of puffs and will continue to use this religiously. I rejuvenate every other day of the week (Mon, Wed, Fri), letting my skin rest over the weekend. I've been pairing it with the Neutrogena Tone Correcting Peel, but I have a feeling that wasn't doing anything for me. I also use the 2-in-1 fight and fade gel to zap those pesky breakouts I had in the very beginning. Now I do very little maintenance on my skin! It looks clear, tight, and good! This gives me confidence ++

ps. I'm lazy and a minimalist, so I do not apply makeup... ever. This is a great product if you don't like hiding under makeup.
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VINE VOICEon January 3, 2008
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
After using the Skin Rejuvenator for several days, I have to say I love the feel and look of my feels tight, smooth and appears glowing and healthy. I was amazed at the ease of use of this product. You simply install the batteries (had a little trouble getting the cover off the back) clip on the attachment head, and stick a rejuvenating pad on the attachment. Simple!! I've been using mine in the shower...apply a little water to the pad, and massage my face and neck for several min., concentrating on the areas I feel need it most. It suggests focusing on problems areas for 1-2 min...for me this won't work, as my skin is really sensitive, and the abrasion is too much, so I just focus on those areas for about 20-30 seconds before moving on. The skin abound my mouth was fairly sensitive the first time I used it, but after figuring out what works for me, I can't begin to tell you how awesome this product is!! For the price, there is NO WAY to beat it. I have tried peels, other 'rejuvenators', exfoliants...and this is by far the best product I've run across yet. I'm not sure what the additional pads run, but you bet it's worth it!!
Don't miss this inexpensive "trip to the spa!"
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VINE VOICEon January 2, 2008
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The experience of using the skin rejuvenator I found most appealing for the sense of relaxation and glamour I felt. The overall sense was of a warm massage for the facial areas - certainly a treat for those like myself who, though well past the age where wrinkles may be expected to evaporate, love a sense of beauty and pampering. It would be an excellent gift - unless, of course, it were given to anyone who'd be insulted at the thought of needing 'rejuvenation.'

The product leaves one's skin feeling very smooth and soft, and there is no irritation (as one might have with certain scrubs). The pressure is light - sufficient to give the 'massage' effect, but not at all rough to the touch. Overall, it is a delightful beauty product.
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VINE VOICEon December 26, 2007
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm always suspicious of products that sell hardware for a reasonable price but that require you to purchase software that only that manufacturer makes (e.g., razors that only take expensive cartridges from the same maker, cheap cameras that require you to purchase expensive film, etc.). So when I saw this product, I assumed it would be the same sort of scam. To my amazement, the Neutrogena Rejuvenator not only works, it works really well and is idiot-proof to use and, most shockingly of all, results really are noticeable right away. It will take more use to see whether in the long-run it minimizes fine lines and reduces pore size as its packaging insert claims, but right out of the box it makes skin super soft and smooth both to the eye and to the touch. The day after my first use I ran into a friend at the gym whom I hadn't seen for several months and he told me that I looked really cute and like I was about 30 years old. For the record, I'm 48 and I wasn't wearing any make-up.

The Rejuvenator couldn't be easier to use (at least once you get the battery cover open, which is a bit difficult and so my only criticism). You pop in the two supplied batteries, open the box of puffs, wet a puff and stick it to the snap-on attachment, which has a rough surface that the pads stick to. Push the switch to "on" and the pad vibrates, creating a soapy lather that helps the pad glide over your skin. As some people have noted, the vibrations are kind of intense, but not painful. After you use it for about five minutes, you switch it off, pull off the puff and throw the puff away. Rinse your face and you've got instantly softer skin. My skin is extremely sensitive and there is no reaction to this product other than a slight reddening of my cheeks which goes away after a few minutes. Also on the plus side, since unlike a scrub there are no granules that get washed down the grain, presumably this product is better for the environment. And although you will have to buy replacement pads at a cost of about ten dollars a month, it still works out to less than a decent scrub and works a lot better. So I am sold on this product and find myself looking forward to using it. What a pleasant holiday surprise this has been!

Update: January 1, 2008 -- Some people have noted that the pads either don't get foamy enough or that the lather runs into their eyes. It helps to wet the pad throughly, per the instructions, then squeeze it out gently to remove excess moisture. This keeps the lather from running into your eyes when you do your forehead. I'm still in love with this product and have already ordered replacement pads. I find I look forward to the days when I can use the Rejuvenator. My skin has never looked or felt so good.
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VINE VOICEon January 16, 2008
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I love beauty products; creams, lotions, scrubs, exfoliators, masks, you name it I love it. When I saw this Neutrogena product up for grabs I jumped at the chance. The product makes certain claims, and I have only been using it for about 3 weeks, so I haven't been able to see if it lives up to all the clinical study results, but this is my experience so far.

Dermatologist Clinical Study Proves: (as stated on the back of the box)
instantly: 91% had smoother, more luminous skin
1 Week: 88% had visible improvement in fine lines
4 Weeks: 88% had significantly reduced appearance of wrinkles or age spots
8 Weeks: 72% had substantial improvement in firmness

The directions are easy, apply the little puff to the attachment head, press down firmly, wet, and then snap onto the system applicator. Massage face 1 to 2 minutes. Rinse face, dry. Discard puff.

With my first use, I confess to not enjoying it. The vibration made me a little woozy and I felt cross eyed. It was really rather uncomfortable. The results however were well worth it. My face felt so soft and my skin looked fantastic. So I kept on with the treatments, and after awhile the vibration didn't make me feel sea sick or cross eyed.

I have really sensitive skin and a touch of rosacea, so I was afraid it might irritate my skin or make it overly red. I was pleased that after about 5 minutes the redness caused by the puff went away.

In the 3 short weeks I have noticed a big difference with the appearance of my skin, I think it looks healthier, and my pores look fantastic. My skin has never felt so soft and with that result alone I will keep using the product. So far I have been impressed and I will continue to use it.
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on August 4, 2008
I used this product for 3 months as directed and saw no visible improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, age spots or skin firmness.
Using the device and pads was a pleasant experience and did not irritate my skin at all, but I was very disappointed with the lack of results on my 64 year old skin.
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on December 16, 2007
I love this product and the refills are now available. My skin looks and feels softer? healthier? younger? smoother?-ALL OF THE ABOVE! I have sensitive skin but I have had no issues with it. I am using it every second day and though it does not recommend it, I was using the puff over two applications and I got plently of suds and benefits from the second use compared to the first. Now, that the puffs are available (finally-I was beginning to get concerned!)-I may continue to still get two uses out of one puff-why waste? In the past I have tried Mary Kay, Clinique and Dove exfoliation systems, but I found this one easier use to and with much better benefits- I even use it on my husband!
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VINE VOICEon January 9, 2008
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Oh this is fantastic! I also own the other face exfoliator from Neutrogena that requires the purchase of a sponge and the exfoliating cream, totaling about $35 for refills of both and while it was a bit messy and it worked okay, it doesn't compare to this! This stuff is truly great, the pods are easy to use, they Velcro in and once wet, massage the face in a seamless manner, I enjoyed the ease and comfort while my face felt like glass. After first use my skin looked like it was air brushed, which is before I even applied makeup.

In fact, okay this sounds crazy, but my boyfriend asked me if I need to take a pregnancy test because I had this ethereal glow on my face. I had to break it to him that it was a face scrub! Sounds ridiculous but it made me laugh, this is one product where I feel for once will not disappoint me. This really produced results, I haven't seen my face this clear ever. Another thing is how often this can be used, I no longer have to wait days to have this smooth skin, not to mention my face serum and cream sinks in like a dream, waking up with clear and smooth skin with a glow is so easy now.

- Kasia S.
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on June 16, 2008
I am going to say this, trying to NOT sound like a freak fanatic, but I AM IN LOVE with this thing!

I recently quit smoking after 14 years at nearly 2 packs a day. My skin was looking so horrible... undereye darkness and bags, clogged up dark pores, grey overtones, it was disgusting, and I'm only 31 years old.

Before I'd quit, I bought this and tried it out. After the FIRST USE, my skin was much more radiant and pink, and oh my gosh how SOFT and SMOOTH!

I'm serious. Anyone... anyone with ANY kind of unhappiness about their skin should try this out. Every 3-4 days is the recommended usage, and I agree with it.

I used it one day before going out on a date with a guy I hadn't seen in a couple months and he remarked at how great my skin looked. He said it looked more even toned, clear, and glowing! :) I love it. I really just love it.

Oh, and I'd read a review somewhere (not sure if it was here) about someone who used it on her elbows, too. I laughed, but after using it on my face, I rinse off the pad a little and hit the old elbows. You wouldn't believe how much dead skin this little pad can take off! Word of caution: Use it on your elbows only AFTER you've done your face... it's kind of gross how much dirt and dead skin hides on the elbows.
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