Customer Reviews: Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen, 1 Fl. Oz
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on March 23, 2012
I'm 65 and expect and accept signs of aging. I earned those wrinkles and think of them as signs of a life well lived. After a long and stressful winter however, I took a good look in the mirror and was taken aback by what I saw. Deep cheek creases and wrinkles where they hadn't been before had aged my face by at least 10 years -- seemingly overnight. It was scary! Through the years I'd tried various products off and on, but never had a regimen and was happy using a tinted moisturizer and letting nature take its course. It was time to be more proactive, so I tried Rapid Wrinkle Repair and am amazed by the results. The face in the mirror now looks like the gently aging soul I remembered. The creases are gone (or at least not noticeable) and my skin looks well cared for. There has been no burning or flaking and I couldn't be happier with the product. Thank you, Neutrogena.
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on July 6, 2012
This product really works!
I was skeptical, but after one week my "furrowed brow" lines, my crow's feet, and my laugh lines were greatly reduced.
Now these wrinkles are barely detectable. I use it *every day*and will continue to do so.
This works better than wrinkle creams I've used that cost upwards of $100.00. I love it!
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on August 14, 2013
My dermatologist recommended this because I kept bugging him about getting rid of wrinkles. He told me that this was a good product and less harsh than others. He said these type products work by turning your skin cells over more rapidly (that's what the retinol does) and the hydraulic acid helps your skin retain more moisture, so your skin plumps up. That's how they work, and this is one of the best products out there (I've tried a number of others). I've had great results from this BUT - my dermatologist told me I need to include in my routine a good cleansing product, one that will get rid of all the dead cells (since the skin cells are turning over more rapidly). When I added a mask/cleanser/cleansing brush (I've used a variety and they all helped my skin), I saw better results, I guess because I was clearing away debris from the new skin. My face was brighter and my skin was softer (in texture) and firmer. He also told me that the Nutrogena would work well to encourage skin turnover, but in order for you to get younger healthy skin to reappear, you need to have the building blocks available to build new skin - vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids, etc. Back to my research. I found Bel Essence All-Natural Anti-Wrinkle Treatment - Intensive Anti Aging, Facial Lift Skin Care Formula - 1.5oz which is all natural, and is made of plant oils that contain most of the building blocks for skin. I started using this with the Nutrogena and my variety of cleansers, and THAT'S when I saw amazing results. And permanent results. My skin is completely different. The caverns on my forehead are gone, with only slight lines that I can easily cover up with make up, no crow's feet, my upper lip wrinkles almost completely gone, the dark spots on my skin are faded to barely noticeable, again, good makeup and you don't see them. My skin is softer than my daughter's and much brighter and firmer. To sum up - Nutrogena is always in my medicine cabinet, I use different cleansers (jury is still out on which works the best), and I use the Bel Essence every day morning and night. You won't start to see serious results for at least a month (per the doc, skin regenerates every 28 days), but after 6 months of this routine, I have never looked better. Super happy.
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on February 28, 2012
I recommend this product pretty wholeheartedly for women who have aging skin. I am in my mid 50s and like most women, have tried many many products that claim to help with wrinkles and elasticity. When good housekeeping came out with their anti aging product recommendations a couple of years ago, I was excited to try some of the top scorers (tested with real women and results read by special machines that could determine things like wrinkle depth, etc). I tried L'Oreal revitalift deep set wrinkle repair for at least a 6 month steady use. I also tried the no 7 one, can't remember the name now for at least 6 months (different time period). Both of these rated on the top of the lists of the gh reports and when I was using one, I used it once a day for a long time, experimenting with either day or night application. I would say that those helped me ever ever so slightly, barely noticeable and kind of disappointing.

I then saw this neutrogena product and decided to give it a shot. I'm into about my 4th week of using it and the results are more noticeable than those other products. I cannot say it works miracles...most lines are still visible. I will say a few fine lines are just about GONE and that deep wrinkles are definitely less pronounced than before. They won't go away, I know, but if you are honest about just how bad they are when you begin using the product, there is a good chance you will see a change for the better in time. It seems that it also slightly improves sagging in my lower face, around the mouth and jawline. It also reduces visibility of pores but that could be partially due to using apricot facial scrub lightly once or twice a week.

I do have a tip that has made a difference to me. When I started with it, I used it at night after washing my face. Didn't see much improvement that way. Now I use it in the morning after showering and it definitely works. I think because it stays on my face longer...all day instead of for like 8 hours at night. Kind of bummed because once summer hits and I am in the sun a lot I may have to stop using it in the daytime. I don't wear much makeup but have used this under my tinted moisturizer and it works well. It sometimes leaves a sheen on my face that I tone down by lightly blotting with a towel. If your face has some wrinkles, give it a try. It has helped me.

**update, in september of 2013. Well, yes, it was good. But eventually, improvement stopped and it's back to the drawing board, hahaha.
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on July 2, 2013
I am 47 and I have always looked much younger than my age so I assumed that I would continue to look younger because my mother always looked at least 10 years younger than she really was. In any case, my age started to show on my face and especially my neck - I was horrified but never trusted any of these products. I decided to try this product I liked the idea that it said "rapid" and that it was Neutrogena and also the price was right.
In less than two weeks using this on an off my lizard neck disappeared. It is 100% true. I have never seen anything like it I am a believer - it's real it works. My forehead lines have not gone away but seeing how quickly it worked on my neck - I am truly amazed.
Go Neutrogena you really hit it out of the park on this one.
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on July 18, 2012
I am a 50 year old African American female with carmel colored skin. I bought this product at my local drug store and have been using now for about two weeks. I had about three set of wrinkles under my eyes, laugh lines around my mouth and one line above my forehead that was from eye brow to eye brow. I can truly say this really works. The lines under my eyes are shorter and it appears that I can only see two lines now instead of three, the line on my forehead is barely noticeable and the laugh lines are about 50% gone.

I do not wear foundation; however, I wear concealer, eye liner and mascara. I apply the repair cream before I leave for work and at night after I wash my face. Because my face requires a little more moisture, I apply the repair cream in the evening with olive and shea oil body butter (this product is rather light).

I could not be happier. This is now my staple. If this product can make this much of a difference in two weeks, I cannot imagine what it will do if I continue to use it.

Great product!

Update - August 30, 2012 - I have now been using this product for a couple of months and I must say it is AMAZING! The line on my forehead is gone. The lines under my eyes are now down to one and half. My laugh lines are just about gone! One other thing I noticed is the dark circles under my eyes are diminishing as well. This is something I have lived with my entire life! I became aware of the reduction when I started using less concealer each day.

I really wish I had taken before and after pictures to show you how great this product works!

IMHO, if you have had wrinkles or lines for awhile, it will take a while to work. My recommendation is don't give up. I thought it was not working on the laugh lines around my mouth but they are diminishing as well.

EXCELLENT product! I'm sold!
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on February 19, 2013
I am 33, sensitive skin, prone to breakouts. Not only did this product not irritate my skin, it as improved its overall texture and clarity. I am the youngest of the women in my circle of friends, but easily looked the oldest. Over the past few years I was developing deep wrinkles in my forehead, the dreaded "11" between my eyes, and fine lines around my eyes from squinting. I've never been very good about keeping up a skin care routine, and definitely never long enough to see results. The 3rd day of using this, I thought the deep wrinkles looked like they were relaxing, but I ignored it thinking it was probably just wishful thinking and didn't want to get my hopes up. Now, day 10, it is like looking at my face 10 years ago. The difference is undeniable. I regret not taking close up before and after photos. When I relax my face, there are no signs of wrinkles, only when I scrunch or squint do they reappear. My skin feels really soft, no greasy feel from the product. I know that everyone responds differently to products but I really hope that you get the same results I did. I stop and look when I pass a mirror (sounds vein, I know) but I have been hiding from the mirror for so long!
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on July 30, 2012
I tried this product because I was impressed with some of the reviews. However, it did nothing for me but make my face extremely oily, especially first thing in the morning. It seemed like it didn't soak into my skin. I feel like I gave this product a fair try but after a couple of months of use I saw no changes except very oily skin. This may work for some but it sure didn't work for me.
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on July 17, 2011
I'm a 50+ y.o. nurse and tend to be skeptical about over the counter anti-aging skin products. On occasion when I've given in to my vanity and bought one, I usually have to discontinue it because they give me pimples. The last one I used from Sephora's Philosophy, Help Me, didn't break me out, but didn't seem to "help" either.
Another nurse talked about this product and how much she wanted to try it, but it's been sold out at our local pharmacies. When I saw how cheap it was on Amazon, my vanity justified the cost and it came really fast. (Thank you Amazon Prime).
I've been using it for a week now on my face and the back of my hands. I have to say it does seem to be reducing the fine wrinkles. I don't really know what "brightening my skin's tone" means...but if it means lightening age spots, ummm not yet.
I haven't had any problems with redness or irritation. Most impressive, it has not caused me to break out! Now this is a lotion I can be happy with. And at this price, I'll be back!
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on April 14, 2011
I read a lot of reviews about this product online. It's the reason I decided to try it. My opinion is slightly different from the majority.
Although everyone said the product had a pleasant scent, I'd have to disagree. I wouldn't exactly call it pleasant. It was a bit overwhelming. It wasn't a super smell but it had a slight old lady perfume mixed with hospital shampoo too. However, I had been using a product with no scent so any scent would be too much. I'm getting used to the smell and barely notice it anymore. I've been using the product for a little over a week.
Results: I wouldn't say it's as spectacular as everyone said either. It is however one of THE BEST smoothing lotions I've ever used. This product takes the place of a lotion and a serum. I wouldn't call this product thick either. In fact the consistency is very much a thin lotion or serum but becomes slightly sticky when rubbed on the skin. But the funny part is after it feels hard to rub in there is no sticky feeling left...only the feeling of smooth skin. It works instantly for that. I was skeptical of some of those posts but after the almost 2 weeks I've been using it, I'm still getting the same super smooth effect. The best part about this product is that even after you wash it off (I use a different night cream), my face still feels as smooth as when I put it on.
As far as the over all appearance of my skin, there may be an initial glow but i haven't noticed a huge change in anything. Nothing has been smoothed or minimized. If anything it took a few days for my face to adjust to the product (slight breakout) but all seems fine now.
I would recommend this to someone with sensitive skin. I have extremely sensitive skin and a majority of products irritate my skin (even products for sensitive skin) This product did not bother or irritate my skin at all.
I'm going to continue to use this product and hope it helps with some of the fine lines but if the smoothness continues to remain constant I most likely will stick with this because overall I'm pleased
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