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on March 4, 2012
I love this author on Investigation Discovery programs such as Deadly Women and Dark Minds, that when a good friend told me she was reading this newly released book by M. William Phelps I purchased immediately. As a Houstonian I followed this case very closely and felt immense sadness for Rachel's family. The writer is so vivid in his detail that at first I had to put the book down because I felt I was reliving this tragedy back in Clear Lake in 2003. Upon returning to the book, I found it to be not only immensely engaging but extremely well laid out along the timeline of events.

I have read a ton of true crime books and I have to say that the author ranks up there in not only detail of events but the emotion behind it. Not all true crime authors are so engaging.
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on March 9, 2012
My Look:

In NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN, the author gives the true accounts of July 18, 2003 in a suburb of Houston.

M. William Phelps starts his story just before four young adults or teens bodies are found, but it doesn't take him long to arrive at the horrific scene. All police know, at the time, is that these kids were found dead, and the scene was a bloody rampage, execution style kills.

However, the lead detective notices that all shots were hits, without strays or misses. Almost too perfect.

The other variables seeming easy to add was that this scene has possible drug connections. In addition, the scene screamed at investigators that the shooter was a known and trusted entity to the victims, easily determined without force entry and some victim's backs facing their shooter. They had trust in the wrong person.

However, the hardest detail to understand is why one victim, Rachel Koloroutis, suffered the most. And she did suffer.

Rachel Koloroutis was brutally beaten and shot in her female reproductive organ, among many other places. Meanwhile the other occupants of the home are dead, but they sustained much less in the way of physical injury. Tiffany Rowell had been shot numerous times, and her boyfriend, Marcus Ray Preccella suffered some blunt force head injuries with execution style bullets. Marcus' cousin, Adelbert Nicholas Sanchez, suffered execution style and other shootings.

What the police did not have and the crime scene refused to tell them was why or who.

Given that this crime happened during the day, it was just as frustrating to discover not a neighbor or friend heard anything. With the enormous amount of spent shells in and around the scene, it is hard to believe that no one heard a sound.

My Take:

M. William Phelps' meticulous documentation helps him walk his readers through the scene, the investigation, and the trial. Even if given who, the readers will need to know why, and the answer to that is something you will never guess.

In NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN, you will find exactly what the police find as they find it, and you'll know every step of the investigation, as if you were there while it happens. This true crime thriller will keep you glued to your seat and turning pages. You will almost feel the interrogator's frustration, and you'll feel the coolness of the suspect, as if you were sitting in the room.

Sadly, NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN is not fiction; the murders in this book are all too true.

Though it reads like any novel, M. William Phelps keeps your mind focused on these young victims and their families throughout so that we can never forget their names or their lost lives. Here are more true crime thrillers by M. William Phelps: DEATH TRAP (March 2010), LOVE HER TO DEATH (March 2011), and others. ***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***
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on March 23, 2012
I have never heard of author William Phelps before; nor have I heard of the case covered in this spell-binding book. Yes, some of the chapters are only one page long, but that didn't bother me. I prefer that to a chapter that may be forty pages long. None that long, thankfully, in this book.

This case is an example of a seemingly unsolvable crime that,thanks to a determined father of one of the victims and an equally determined police detective, brought to justice those responsible. It is also an example of people casting blame on a stereotypical individual who immediately fits the profile while ignoring a perpetrator living right in their midst. Sort of not being able to see the forest because there are too many trees in the way. Interestingly, the crime would have been solved much sooner had authorities checked cell phone records back three days instead of only two.

I must say this author, Michael Phelps, kept me riveted to this story throughout the 355 pages. It's a cliche to say I hated to put the book down, but yes, I did reluctantly close the book to tend to other tasks that were begging for my attention. Some books which I don't write reviews for have put me to sleep. If you are interested in true crime stories this is a book that will hold your interest. I'm going to look into more books by author Michael Phelps. He knows how to put words and sentences together.
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VINE VOICEon August 23, 2012
I find M. Williams Phelps to be a wonderful crime writer. I have read almost all of his books.

This book is fascinating in that it is so very tragic for everyone involved. I did not want to put it down. It kept my interest throughout. Mr. Phelps does a wonderful job at setting the scene for this horrific story and it was very intense. From the beginning, I immediately had a suspect in mind and I guess I have read too many crimes stories because I was correct. What I did not know was the WHY! Very sad indeed for all the families and the young people who were viciously slain. This is a book you will not soon forget.
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on March 25, 2012
This is my first true crime by M. William Phelps and I wasn't disappointed. Phelps offers insight into the brutal slaying of 4 teenagers that no newspaper could articulate. The timeline was laid out so that someone like me (who isn't from the Houston area and never heard about this crime) could follow easily. Each time that I put the book down the story stayed with me, beckoning me to finish.

Phelps starts his book with the discovery of the 4 teens and takes the reader thru clues that were right there but because of mislabeling and an understaffed police department, the discovery and conviction of the killer doesn't come to pass until October, 2008. The reader feels the hopelessness and frustration that family members went through. One thing that is obvious is that there were a few people that never gave up and because of them the killer was eventually caught.

I will definitely be picking up another book written by Phelps. Caution to some people, Phelps goes into vivid detail of the crime scene and it is not for the faint of heart.

(ARC was provided by publisher for an honest review)
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on September 9, 2014
This book is OK. I was really fascinated by the the story after seeing it on Investigation Discovery channel. I read the reviews, and despite there being quite a few really scathing ones, I bought it anyway. I went into reading it knowing what people's complaints were so they wouldn't come as a surprise to me. That being said, I think some were unfair in their assessment of his writing skills. Yes, he used silly words like "BFF" and"ginormous" but, hey, I've used those words so they didn't bother me. What did bother me however was his inconsistency when quoting people. He's very accurate and detailed when quoting someone who uses terms and slang like "umm" "like" and "you know". Christine used these phrases ad nauseum. However, he goes to great lengths to NOT quote the swearing. Quoting Christine, he writes "Marcus...talking [stuff] know like real bad [stuff] to Chris." We all know what "stuff" means and we all know that's not the word she used. So why sugar coat it!? If you're going to QUOTE someone using "", then quote them verbatim. Otherwise, if you're going to pick and choose what you repeat, do us all a favor and leave out all the umms, uhs, you knows and likes! I can bear that language if your going for authenticity, but not if you're going to edit out words you are uncomfortable putting in print.

All in all, it is a decent read. He will not be winning any Pulitzer Prizes for his work, but I was entertained.
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on March 16, 2012
I have read several of Phelps' books, and this one has been the most heartbreaking and intriguing. The book was well-written and very detailed. Like all of Phelps' books, the true-crime reads as a novel; his books are in no way dry or boring! I feel as though I got to know the sister of one of the victims through his book, as well as on his Facebook site. Don't judge a book by it's cover by basing your opinion on the negative opinions of this book. A must-read!
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on June 26, 2015
M. William Phelps is right up there with true crime writer Ann Rule. For all those Ann Rule fans, you MUST pick up some of Phelps books. They are told skillfully and make you feel like you personally know the crime from firsthand experience. Phelps’s writing style is on point, flows easily, and keeps readers glued to the pages.

This particular book tells of the murders of 4 innocent teens at the hands of two monsters. While we never get to understand exactly why this crime occurred (the murderer never gave motive), we are taken into the minds of the victim’s families and what their takes are the crime- why it occurred. We get to know the killers, the victims, the families, and others who were touched by these horrific crimes. We gain an understanding why it took nearly 3 years to finally catch those killers. And, we get a look at the interrogation- one of my favorite parts.

This is a great true crime book. The only piece that was missing for me was the exact motive. We have assumptions but the killer never truly confessed the crime or gave reasons why she did it. Very interesting read and I highly recommend it.

Genre: True Crime

Overall Rating: 4.2

One Word to Describe the Story: Horrific

Would I read again: Maybe, after I finish up his other books.

Would I recommend: YES!

ElleGatto – Find me on Goodreads!
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on October 27, 2012
It's always hard to say the a true-crime book was "really good" or "excellent," because the topic or the scenario behind writing the book is so horrendous. That being said, Mr Phelps has, once again, written a true-crime book that gives enough detail and enough background for the reader to get to know the victims, their families, and their killers. This was a particularly heartbreaking story, because it involved the deaths of 4 teenagers. Mr Phelps doesn't glorify them in death (sometimes the victims can become virtual saints after they have been murdered); rather, he lets the reader know that the victims and their families had faults as well. He also provides websites and phone numbers at the end of the book for organizations that would be helpful to other victims' families.

This book reenforces the importance of victims' families (in this book, in particular, George Koloroutis) to stay on top of the investigation and to keep their loved ones' names in front of the investigators at all times. Despite dealing with changes in investigators, Hurricane Katrina (and others), and many other obstacles, the Koloroutis family never gave up or dropped the ball in trying to find the killer(s) that took the life of their daughter/sister. They were able to encourage the Houston Police Department without being too overbearing (usually!). Overall, this is one of Mr Phelps best books.
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on March 26, 2012
Phelps lays everything out: the crime which took place in Clear Lake, Tx, the investigation and events leading up to locating the killers, Christine's trial and justice for Rachael, Tiffany, Adelbert and Marcus.

The killers were living right under everyones noses the whole time. It took three years to solve a case that would've gone cold if not for detective Harris and Mr. Koloroutis not giving up and doing everything they could do to seek justice for those kids who were shot multiple times and beaten up.

These kids were killed before they had a chance to begin their adult lives. Rachael and Tiffany, victims befriended Christine Paolilla, a misfit and one of the killers while they were in high school and Christine repaid her friends by killing them.

The book is well written by Phelps. I could feel the detective's and Mr. Kolouroutis's frustration at having this case take so long to solve and for the killers to be brought to justice.
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