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on June 23, 2011
I bought the original Abs Diet book several years ago and intended to go on the diet but I never got around to really starting.

Eight weeks ago, I weighed 185 pounds (I'm 5' 10") and I was starting to really show some of those love handles. I knew that I didn't need to lose a ton of weight, 10-15 pounds maybe.

After being on the diet for 8 weeks, I've lost 11 pounds and I'm still losing weight. I've probably lost more than that amount in fat since the goal of this diet is to put on a few pounds of muscle. My love handles are almost gone and my abs are starting to show.

The best part of this diet is that I'm never really craving all of those bad foods. Eating tasty yet nutritious food six times a day and a cheat meal once (OK, for me maybe twice) a week is more than enough to satisfy my cravings.

Two small drawbacks: The healthy foods (fruit, veggies, low fat dairy, poultry, etc.) tend to be more expensive than the bad food (candy bars, pasta, hot dogs, etc.). Also, eating six small meals requires a little planning to make sure that you always have them so you won't take a trip to the convenience store for a Snickers bar.

People who want to lose weight the healthy way and, more importantly, improve their overall health should definately try this.
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on September 29, 2011
I am very pleased with this book. I've been on the Abs Diet for a couple of weeks now, and feel so much better because it is a _highly doable_ sensible eating plan with the most current information on how to fuel a body to run efficiently and burn fat.

Also, the options are laid out in a way that can fit various life styles and limitations. Time, expense, family obligations, and not wanting to always put a lot of energy into managing meals are all factors that I have to contend with at various times. I must have a plan that I can easily tweak to adapt to my daily circumstances. This plan is the first one I've found that works for me. I also follow Dr. Oz, and find much of the same information about healthy eating is presented on his show. This book, however, synthesises a lot of confusing dietary recommendations into an achievable process. This book makes it easy and takes the stress out. I'm feeling so much better and my cravings have subsided. I am beginning to lose weight at last. I highly recommend this.

Individuals can taylor it to meet their needs. I am hypothyroid, which makes it hard for the weight to come off under 1500 calories a day. I combine this plan with a to monitor my intake. This is working well for me.
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on June 28, 2011
This is my first review; on anything. While I do rely on Amazon reviews most of the time, I never thought I'd actually write one myself, but this book soooo inspired me! I'm not new to diet and nutrition, I actually ate most of the 12 powerfoods prior to reading the book and knew how bad "white stuff" was (as opposed to whole grains). My problem like so many others is just plain over eating! I was at my heaviest when I got this book and was basically in denial. This book really opened my eyes and actually got me obsessed with losing weight. In just under 3 weeks I lost eight pounds and went from a size 12 pants to a 10. I have a long way to go but this is the first plan that I feel I can live with forever. You truly are not hungry on this plan if you follow it properly. The book is very easy to understand and the author is witty and interesting. After I read this book I also got the new abs diet cookbook, as I wanted a physical book also (I got the ebook version of this particular book so I always had it handy). There are plenty of recipes in this one too, but I just couldn't get enough!
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on August 11, 2012
I'm no stranger to health and fitness. I started exercising when I was 12 and have watched my weight my entire life. I'm vegetarian and have never had any issues keeping my weight at a certain point. When I turned 40 everything changed and my body wanted to start gaining weight. I upped my exercise routine and restricted my diet even more than usual, but saw no results. In fact, I ended up dropping my calories down to 800-1100 calories a day out of desperation (I know that's not healthy) and was still seeing no results whatsoever. I went to every doctor in town and had my thyroid, hormones, insulin, (you name it) all checked out and I was told repeatedly that I was very healthy and I just needed to find a good diet that worked for me. The problem was, I had already tried every diet out there and couldn't lose even one pound on any of them.

I kept restricting my calories even more trying to lose the weight I'd gained. This went on for two years and still no results of any kind. I had forgotten what a healthy sized meal consisted of. I knew my body was in starvation mode and I needed a diet that would, not necessarily show me what to eat, but show me how much to eat. When I came across this diet I noticed I already had all the foods in my pantry. I didn't even need to go shopping, so I knew this would be the diet for me. It would use all my usual foods and show me the amounts I should be eating.

I'm now eating 1350-1550 calories a day and I've lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks. That's a miracle for me because I wasn't even losing one pound on other diets. I always lift weights 5 days a week - because of the muscle mass I'm building the scale usually won't budge and I have to use a tape measure to track my results. So, seeing the scale go down 5 lbs in two weeks is incredible.

I can't believe this is a diet and every day when I'm eating all the foods and snacks I feel like it will make me gain weight. This seems like a lot of food to me, but it's a healthy amount. I do NOT feel deprived at all. I feel very full and satisfied, but I've always been a healthy eater and I'm used to the foods in this diet. This program has been a life saver for me! I finally feel like I've found my solution to a healthy caloric intake.

I'll come back after the full 6 weeks and give a final review!

UPDATE: March 16, 2013.
After much research of the Abs Diet I have learned that it is recommended by many nutritionists and fitness experts. In fact, a lot of people doing the P90X program use this diet plan instead of following the P90X nutritional guidelines and have had much success. My own experience has been that when following this diet and exercising I easily lose weight, but when I'm not exercising, I'm only able to maintain my weight. I use this eating plan daily to maintain my weight and to make sure I'm feeding my body the right amount of calories and getting proper nutrition. If I want to lose a few pounds I increase my exercise and it comes off. Some people report that they lose weight in the first few weeks just by following the eating plan and not exercising, but that did not happen for me. I only lose weight on this diet when I exercise.
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on July 19, 2011
This is a very good book, however Kindle is absolutely the wrong format for it. Some books must be in hard copy, and this is one of them. Time and again, there are helpful demonstrative graphs and charts showing foods, diets, nutritional values and they simply get chopped off in the Kindle alignment. Also, this book is a TOOL. All books like these are tools for you to use. You may read the book but after that, you read from it. You must flip around, look at a chart, use an exercise plan, then pull a few diets, then the power foods list. Kindle doesn't support this.

Well written, but wait the extra few days and spend a few extra bucks for a paperback edition. You will get the full value of this excellent source of information and diet plan.
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on August 5, 2012
Being a part of the internet generation, I'm sceptical about most things I see and read on the web.
However, this book has changed my life. Not in the way that I woke up one day and way mysteriously transformed from head to toe, but in my understanding of how your body works.
After the first year of college I was stuck with the dreaded 'Freshman 15'. Only it was more something along the lines of 25.

I wasn't really overweight, just very bulky. I enjoy sports a lot and had field hockey practice, swimming sessions and jogging sessions during the week. However, none of this worked due to my lack of understanding of how your body processes food, and how to build muscle effectively in order to destroy fat. The pounds didn't go away, I was merely working on my physical condition and endurance. This book changed my whole view on that.

Your college years are by no means easy years in terms of weight management. Irregular hours and even more irregular sleeping patterns. Unhealthy food and midnight snacks all around. Let all of that sip in the most alcohol-infused time of your life and you've probably got one of the most unhealthiest regimes in the world. So I decided to grab this book.

The key to the success of this book is that it doesn't say like other diets 'Do this, eat that.' It explains you WHY you SHOULD eat this, and not that. It tells you what happens when you eat this, it tells you what happens when you eat that. I believe the success of the whole diet is in that. After reading all of the facts and studies David presents you with, it makes a mental click. You are going to WANT to follow his instructions, just for your physical wellbeing. Unline other diets, you won't be looking at the diet like a teenager looking at homework. You won't try to find every single chore just to procrastinate and avoid starting it. You are just going to get to work.

The book doesn't do magic. It isn't packed with magical formulas, and you're not going to wake up one day transformed. What it does however, is provide you with a HUGE list of healthy foods, their nutritional aspects and what they do to your body, and why they're good for you. If you're like me and almost never ate breakfast due to a lack of time and/or envy, the powershake recipes are going to be a game-changer.

One of the biggest critiques I read in other reviews about this diet is that it doesn't define a 4-6-10-52 week meal and exercise plan and therefor isn't really a diet. Once again, I believe therein lies the success of it. It doesn't obligate you to follow a fixed set of food rules, nor a meal plan. It educates your mind about what you're eating and what you should eat. It lets you make conscious choices out of a list of foods that are good for you, and that will constitute a healthy meal. Therefor it doesn't feel like you're following a diet, it feels like you're bettering yourself and therefore you'll never feel like you're on a diet. This leads in the fact that you won't have the urge (like when you're on other diets) to go 'off' the diet. In the long run, you'll incorporate his advise in your everyday life and that'll bring balance.

Off course, there are examples of 6-week meal plans you could follow if you really want to, so you're set if that's what you're after.

The 6-week plan to see your abs might be a little liberal. After 6 weeks I didn't see mine, but that's allright. What it did however, was lose 4,5" of my waistline, I dropped 23 pounds, and my body fat percentage dropped from 22% to 14%. I combined the plan with regular exercise, which led to increased speed results. This has been a revolution for me. As I said before, you'll just keep working towards the ab-revealing-goal, because if you're like me, you're never want to go 'off' the diet, since it allows you to make your food choices, and therefor you'll never feel like you're on one.

The first couple of days are the toughest because you eat 6 times a day which is counter-intuitive, but after the 4th day I started noticing changes in my body. I usually had bowel movements every 3-4 days but after the 4th day I had daily movements which lead to a light feeling, and a general increase in energy. The more your body flushes away, the more you're burning away fat because your metabolism has increased. It's the first sign that the fat-burning-furnace has been ignited.

I bought the 2004 and 2010 versions of this book. The 2010 'New Abs Diet' claims to have more research and stuff, but I'd skip this version and buy the 2004 version. All the 2010 version adds are a few recipes and some research, but nothing really important. With the couple of bucks I saved I bought the New Abs Diet Cookbook (or what it's called) which is far more useful and jampacked with healthy recipes.

All in all I can say this book changed my life. I didn't wake up one day transformed, but I now know what I eat. I know how to eat. I know what to eat. The 12 powerfoods section is fantastic. I lost a hell of a lot of weight and never felt on a diet.

Mad props David, mad props!
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on February 1, 2014
Hubby and I enjoy staying fit. The first time we decided to get healthy and stay healthy, we did it wrong. We starved ourselves and worked out like crazy. We ended up looking gaunt. This book, at least for my goal of being lean without the "skinny" look, helped me start over. Follow the recipes down to the ounces, make sure you choose the right whey protein (isolate) for your shakes. Gold Standard works best for me. Substitute if the ingredients are unavailable.

Awesome guide. Not 5 stars because it doesn't necessarily point out how best to use the book aka a calendar, a start and end goal.

FYI, we had our third baby in November. I was 190 lbs. post partum. In 2 months, I am down to 150 lbs. and still going. Goal weight is 130 lbs (within normal BMI range). DON'T STARVE YOURSELF! The only difficult time is to START by training yourself to eat differently and eat in moderation ;) This book teaches you the POWER FOODS. Stick to it!

TIP: For women, the general guide is 1200 - 1500 calories per day TO LOSE FAT, not muscle. Stick to good proteins like fish, white meat and eggs. Look for healthy options to your bean dip/bean dish recipes. Lastly, EXERCISE MODERATELY. :) Good luck!
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on July 28, 2014
I normally don't even bother rating fitness/diet books, because many of them say the exact same thing the rest of them say. This one is a little bit different, because it goes more into which nutrients your body needs and WHY. Zinczenko does a beautiful job of explaining basic physiology, as well as relating everything to how it must be adapted for females. I also appreciated the way it acts more like a lifestyle change rather than a diet. A lot of other diet books say that but it ends up more like a regular diet. He does mention maintenance and how to adapt this to maintain weight rather than lose it. I think it lost points when it insists that the first two weeks is when the body loses the most weight. I did follow the diet darn near exactly, using the recommended recipes, etc, and I only lost about 3 pounds in the beginning. The only way I started losing more was with a calorie deficit. I also can't eat after 8 pm, otherwise I cannot lose weight.
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on December 11, 2014
The Abs Diet for Women has been my bible for years. This first time I had ever read this book was in 2007-2008. I have struggled with my weight since I hit puberty. I have been so up and down and this book really changed my perspective on life in general. I fell off the wagon for the past couple of years because I was dealing with depression and anxiety. I didn't know where my life was heading. I now have that all under control so I decided to start down this same path I did many years ago.

Exactly 2 weeks ago to this day, I have lost 10 pounds. That is without being in the gym. I'm starting the gym routines today. I wanted to do an experiment to see what would happen if I did what I did years ago. I have many more pounds to go but it's only the beginning. When I first started back in 2007-2008 I lost 12 pounds in the first 2 weeks. To me, this proves that it really works. David Zinczenko makes this process so easy and the best part is you aren't starving and miserable the whole time. I am so thankful this book came into my life. It has truly become a life saver and I wouldn't do this any other way.
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on April 7, 2013
This book is easy to read and understand. There are multiple do'able meals you can prepare on your own. Workouts are perfect for beginners and advanced workout guru's. I lost 8lbs in 2 months and 2 lbs away from my ideal weight of 140. I gained muscle and went down 2-3 dress sizes. The best part you get a cheat day once a week.
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