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on February 14, 2014
The remaining Filmation episodes of the New Adventures of Superman are finally coming out. Even though it's still several months away, this news made my day. And so even though I haven't seen the DVDs yet, I've seen the cartoons often enough to give this DVD five stars right from the get-go!
This series is under-appreciated and even ignored by most fans, if they ever heard of it at all. But I was 10 when this series came out on Saturday mornings and it - even more than the live-action George Reeves Superman show from the 1950s that was being syndicated at the same time - was what prompted me to begin what has developed into a life-long habit of buying and reading Superman magazine and Action Comics on a regular basis.
Granted, the animation is sub-par compared with the older cartoons from the 1940s, and sometimes the plots were a tad silly. But I always loved the imagination art, and the plots were no sillier than the source material was at the time! It was 1966, and i was only 10, and I wasn't the least bit fussy! I was rooted to the TV every Saturday morning when this show was running, and it was difficult to pull me away until the show was over!
In fact, I still love this show. Besides the fact that Bud collyer was the perfect voice for superman, I loved the musical score; no one ever seems to appreciate the musical score. I still love to listen to them - especially the one where Superman is flying to the rescue once again. I can listen to them over and over again all day long!
Superman is my hero, and finally my Superman TV collection will;be complete! Hooray!!!! :-)
Edit: Well, not so big a Hooray after all. Just got my copy of the DVD set and the sound and video quality are very disappointing. I knew these weren't remastered or anything but... Golly, they looked and sounded better when they were available on Youtube than they do on these dvds. I've seen bootlegs of cartoons with better quality than this. What the hell? Was this the best they could do? The episodes are all there, but they seem so faded and faint compared with the Season 1 set that I can't help but wonder what went wrong.
Therefore, I have downgraded my original rating from five stars to three. It's okay, but lacks even the basic quality I'd expected from an official release.
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on July 16, 2014
Warner Home Video’s star has certainly waned over the years, as they’ve put less money and effort into their releases, but this is the worst!

In this release, they have simply pulled the degraded reels off the shelf and digitized them. Warner is one of the biggest media corporations, and no effort was made not just towards restoration, but even the most basic color correction. A multitude of issues affect this release, including discoloration, image flickering and dirt & scratches throughout. The episodes are presented in entirely the shape they were found in, so if the materials were in good shape, then we were fortunate. Most of the time however, the episodes needed some kind of basic work which is otherwise standard before bringing a video to market in this digital age.

It’s unfortunate that people give five star reviews for the product before watching the DVD themselves, as it misrepresents the quality of the release.

I have included some screenshots in the image gallery to show the low quality of this DVD release versus the much higher quality versions on the original 1985 VHS release.
review image review image
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on March 12, 2014
Cannot believe they are finally going to release the remaining episodes of this fine set. It has been a long 7 years since the first set was released.

I grew up with this cartoon and have loved it since. The music and simple plots back in the day make this cartoon the classic that it is. Yes the graphics are cheesey by today's standards, but these type of cartoons bring you back to your youth when life was more innocent and simple. Just the way we like it.

Looking forward to seeing the remaining cartoons like the previous ones along with the 2 part cartoons such as, "The Japanese Sandman", "Luminians on the Loose", "The Ghost of Kilbane Castle", "Rain of Iron", "Team of Terror", "Luthor's Lethal Laser", and "Can a Luthor Change His Spots".

I noticed under the product details that one of the actors is Bob Hastings. He was the voice of Superboy. I wonder if that is part of this set?? I hope so. If not, let's get "Superboy" released to complete this awesome collection!!
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on August 19, 2014
Terrible transfer!! You could see it coming with the last three releases of "Super Friends" those need to be remastered as well. I don't need a disc full of extras and I do realize the source material is almost 50 years old but this was just poor. Some of the stuff released on DVD-R in the last 5-10 years by Warner Archeive look better than this!! (ex. "Dukes" and "Thundarr") I don't mind bare bones episode releases in minimal cheap packaging, but at the very least clean the video up.
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on September 19, 2014
Continuing the New Adventures of Superman episodes, Season 2 & 3 presents the second set of 1960s Superman TV cartoons. Filmation does a nice job remaining faithful to the source material (comic books of the time) and the stories are action packed. The animators knew the DC Comics utilizing villains such as Brainiac quite similarly to how he appeared in the magazines and used other innovations of the time such as portraying Jimmy Olsen and Lois as more adventurous than just involved bystanders. The studio made a lot of these for CBS around 1965 and 1968, anyone interested in the history of the character will seriously enjoy these discs.
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on July 16, 2014
As a kid I used to watch these cartoons without fail every Saturday morning while they ran on CBS. So seeing them now for me is a real treat. Season 3 you will see that Superman will fly in the air a little different and the episodes are divided into Part 1 & 2 short segments. It also introduced the Jimmy Olsen signal watch in more use during the episodes. I will still take the better looking old school animation over the Japanese animation (which looks cheaper in my opinion) any day that was used to make these cartoons.
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on January 22, 2015
classic 60s television. Yes, it is cheap animation. There are cheesy stories here. It was made for children at a time when TV was not allowed to have any kind of violent stories at all. But it is definitely family friendly. Superman is voiced by Bud Collier who voiced him on radio in the 1940s. You do need to know what you are buying. It is nothing like the newer episodes you see now. But it is very family friendly and little children will probably like this series as well as baby boomers like me who remember it from childhood.
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on June 6, 2014
If you are a fan of the 60's era Superman, this collection will take you back to a simpler time when Superman was Superman! Very unlike a cosmic powered dark Superman, like the one in the live action Zack Snider film. This collection is the classic Superman I grew up with in 1966. An era when cartoons were made for kids of all ages. ironically they were cancelled due to pressure from parents groups who said that they were too violent. When I look at TV today....I have to say ....what were they thinking?.
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on July 21, 2014
Filmation's Superman cartoon series ran three seasons and remained enormously entertaining, combining enjoyable visuals and character designs with the superb voice cast of Bud Collyer, Jackson Beck, Jack Grimes, and company, the potent scores of John Gart - aka John Marion - and Gordon Zahler, and respectable scripts, primarily by DC Comics writer George Kashdan and Filmation staff writer Oscar Bensol.

When the series aired as part of a one-hour format with Filmation's version of Batman, the format changed to two-part cliffhanger stories, the best of which are "Luthor's Lethal Laser," "Can a Luthor Change His Spots?" and "Rain Of Iron." The character designs also changed, acquiring are harder edge and becoming part of Filmation's template for the time.

If there are nits to pick, they lay in that the animation can at times be frustrating, and also Hal Sutherland's direction in the 1968 entries at times seems choppy. Overall these do no detract from the overall quality of the series.
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on June 23, 2014
THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN: SEASONS 2 & 3 were a staple of my saturday morning TV diet growing up. Some say the plots were silly but I was a kid growing up way back in the 1960's and the plots were fine to me. The plots as I remember them always had a basic honorable moral. Superman in the 1960's era animations was made to appear far more human and approachable than the later versions which added layers of "Darkness" to super heros.

My memories of this THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN: SEASONS 2 & 3 DVD set center around Superman being just plain fun. There was a basic moral to each episode but it was not thrown into your facelike the politically correct crap of today. In THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN: SEASONS 2 & 3 you can see Clark Kent more as the corn fed homespun country boy turned city slicker news reporter at the Daily Planet.

For an animated series THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN: SEASONS 2 & 3 havea certain weight behind them. You look at the animation and the plots and you can tell the people working to create the show at leasted loved the Superman mythos. I was never a big comic book reader. I was too busy reading books about atomic power, electricity and other weird stuff but come Saturday Morning rain, snow, sleet or shine I was so totally there in front of the TV soaking up THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN: SEASONS 2 & 3. I've puchased all the animations of my childhood as to this will become part of my collection. I highly recommend this series to all who love Superman in his many incarnations.
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