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on May 4, 2016
...and will probably read it again. I haven't seen another book like this out there. She thoroughly researched her subject and really knows her stuff. She compares different versions to the KJV, and does it with charts, comparing different verses. This method shows the reader that the modern versions are omitting or changing whole verses. In some cases big portions of scripture are missing. This changes doctrine all together. She also makes a legitimate case for how these newer bibles are helping the New Age movement. Anyone who denies this is blind or just willfully ignorant.
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on May 19, 2014
In my opinion, Gail clearly has been given wisdom and discernment from God and I suspect she asked for wisdom and discernment. She clearly studies a lot and I enjoy how often she cites sources or books (which she probably read in full). It is very rare to encounter somebody as studied as her and she has the sources to back it up. Many authors I have encountered do not put half as much effort into a book as she did this book. This book has about 650 pages of reading material with medium sized print, not including the notes and such.
I only disagree with her on some minor levels and I wish she would give more emphasis on the Hebrew language which is the Original language of the Bible in my belief. For example, she has in one chapter where she has typed Greek words in the actual Greek alphabet but then on the few occasions where she mentions Hebrew words they are transliterations like Jehovah, Adonai, etc, in the English language and not by using Hebrew letters. I enjoy that she upholds God's name in KJV English "Jehovah" but i wish she would have given the Hebrew pronunciation of Yehovah יְהֹוָה . I also do not like some of her methods like for example by doing something that looks like a crossword puzzle with NIV and NASB acronyms to get the word SIN and explaining it as if she is conducting some kind of algebra, which again, looks more like a crossword game. Don't misunderstand me, she is gifted and I value her book and feel she did a good service for God but I wanted to present a review that also showed some of the annoying things she did in the book. My point is that she didn't need to use this 'crossword' method and the other few methods that I disliked because she has given so much proof about how the KJV is the best English translation. I would have also liked seeing her suggest that people learn Hebrew and try to read some of the Hebrew that the KJV was translated from. I bought my copy of this book used in order to get a better price.
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on December 14, 2015
Highly recommended!!! This books may seem aggressive, tough, or offending, but if you read it together with Bibles and compare the differences between many Bibles, you will totally agree with her. Don't beat around the bush, but focus on the Bible. Her writing style may not satisfy you but her messages (which are actually the KJV's) tells the truth.
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on November 18, 2015
Gail Riplinger spent 6 years reviewing all other versions next to the KING JAMES BIBLE, and it is shocking what she found. Most of the Christian world uses the NIV, but it has over 64,000 words and MANY verses gone. I am constantly reviewing her book. Extremely well done commentary on all written material out there that calls itself "bible".
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on August 15, 2015
In the summer of 1999, I came across this book while I was staying in Visalia. An acquaintance, who was a friend of the person who was hosting me, gave me this book to read. I was closed-minded to the message of this book and had my mind all made up; most of my Christian life, I had sworn by the New American Standard Version and believed it to be the most accurate translation. However, as I started to read this book, I saw that much of Riplinger's claims were irrefutable facts, and I went and bought a King James Version Bible. When I did that, I felt the sweet presence and comfort of the Holy Spirit in an awesome way, and I felt that God was very pleased with my decision.
My overview of this book is that, no, the 1611 King James Version is not 100 percent free of error as Gail Riplinger claims. However, it is very, very close to being error free--so close, that the few problems that do exist in this translation are so very, very small that, for all practical purposes, it is the trustworthy Word of God.
I'll do my critique of Gail Riplinger first. There are some things that she says about certain word comparisons between the KJV and modern translations that don't hold water. A few examples are devils versus demons and Master versus Teacher. These are examples where the KJV and modern translations are on an equal footing.
Now for the commendation of this work that far outweighs the criticism: Riplinger does an excellent job of documenting the real cutting out of spiritual vitamins and minerals that has been done to modern translations of the Bible; namely, the multitude of omissions. These omissions may seem small, but remember this: just a tiny bit of poison in drinking water is still going to adversely affect your health. In the same way, these 'little' changes in modern Bible versions will adversely affect your spiritual health. Also, she is right in her claim that there is a New Age conspiracy behind the modern translations. She is right in her criticism of Westcott and Hort, two wicked men who were deeply interested in the Occult and did not truly love the Lord Jesus. She is correct in pointing out the strange experiences of certain people like Schaff, Taylor, and several others losing their voice; I believe this was truly the PUNISHMENT OF GOD. Perry Stone relates in "Everyone's Guide to Angels" a very sobering account of a lady who lost her voice as a consequence from railing against Perry Stone's dad, who was a godly man. The lesson from this is that we must be very, very careful not to come against God's anointed men and women lest we offend the angels--and we must be very, very careful not to tamper with God''s Word lest we bring His judgment upon ourselves.
Riplinger also does an outstanding job documenting the superabundant manuscript evidence favoring the authenticity of the KJV. She reveals the huge problems with the Aleph and B manuscripts and how, not only do they greatly disagree with the Textus Receptus, they ALSO DISAGREE WITH EACH OTHER.
I would like to add a few of my own thoughts in favor of the KJV. First off, it is easier to defend the charismatic gifts still being in operation today with the KJV than it is with most modern translations. What do I mean by that? Well, a lot of the answer revolves around the disputed passage of Mark 16:9-20. I firmly believe that Satan hates these verses, not only because it highlights the resurrection of Jesus a lot more clearly, (many scholars consider Mark to be the first gospel to be written}, but also because those verses reveal the signs that are to accompany those who believe (i.e. casting out demons and speaking with new tongues.) It is important to realize that Jesus is still baptizing with the Holy Spirit today with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.
Another thing concerns Bible codes. It has been discovered in recent years, due to the rise of computers, that there are hidden messages within the Bible that don't appear on the surface, but are embedded within the text itself. What I mean by that is that you can go in a series of say five letters apart, or seven letters apart in a series, or different numbers of letters apart and find encoded messages. Interesting enough, it only works properly in the Masoretic text of the Old Testament and the Textus Receptus text of the New Testament.
One other comment: I believe the worst modern translation of the Scriptures is Eugene W. Peterson's, "THE MESSAGE." It is very New Age and full of errors.
Overall, I think "New Age Bible Versions" is a very good book and merits careful study. I believe it's okay to read modern translations, but it's best to use the 1611 KJV as your final authority. The KJV is very, very beautiful literature as well as being very trustworthy. Even many scholars who are not Christians have a great respect for the KJV. I believe the KJV is so beautiful because we serve a very beautiful God--Jesus is mega, mega beautiful!
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on June 9, 2013
Some of what the author has int he book I do not agree with, as each person should decide for themselves. For the most part, on the issues with new versions she makes some very valid points, and people should consider these before studying any version of the Bible. I have no issue with reading the KJV Bible at all because I was raised with it. So as the author says, by using this version it really becomes quite easy. To get used to it by having another version alongside will aid the reader into learning the KJV, which is truly clearer to understand. She has issues with the NKJV, which I do not see as problems. The rest of the eliminations of words and phrases, and even verses of the other versions is definitely something to consider as major problems.
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on October 21, 2015
One of the greatest books ever written proving the satanic nature of modern bible versions and their corrupt Greek texts!

Before I begin, let me say that the author, Gail Riplinger does have a few problems to answer for. 1. In her book, she mistakes the occultist William Wynn Westcott with scholar Brooke Foss Westcott. 2. There are a few out of context quotations of other authors (though not many) and 3. She hid the true nature of her college degrees and where she earned them.

Other than those few problems, this book is unanswerable!!! Sis Riplinger truly shows the connection between the occult world, New Age belief and modern versions by comparing the writings of actual occultists (like Helena P. Blavatsky, Benjamin Creme and others) with the phrasing used in modern versions. Her critics have NEVER been able to refute the massive number of facts found in New Age Bible Versions and never will! She also proves the corrupt attitude of modern Bible scholars and new version producers, from their own writings!

One of the finest exposes ever produced, much to the chagrin of modern Bible critics and enemies of the King James Bible!

Highly Recommended!
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on July 8, 2001
It's baffling how such poor logic and misinformation can convince so many people. This reflects a deep malaise in Christendom, where people are disobeying what Christ called "The greatest commandment", i.e. "love God with all your ... mind." E.g.
* P. 149: Riplinger indulges in acrostic algebra to prove that the letters of the New International Version and the New American Standard Bible (which she conveniently abbreviates NASV to fit her "equation") minus the abbreviation for Authorized Version equate to "sin". As a reductio ad absurdum, the Passantinos did the same trick with seven modern versions, subtracted the letters KJV, and were left with "Christ". So by Riplinger's own "reasoning", the modern versions must affirm Christ!
* P. 232, Riplinger writes, "Watch out for the letter 's' -- sin, Satan, Sodom, Saul (had to be changed to Paul). The added 's' here is the hiss of the serpent." At first, I thought this was a signal that that her book was an April Fool's joke, but sadly all indications are that she's totally serious. What about salvation, Saviour, sanctification, Stephen, Sarah, to say nothing about sober, which ironically Riplinger commends the KJV for using (p. 174)?!
* P. 231: the "Five Points" of Calvinism form a Satanic pentagram! Whatever your views about Calvinism and Arminianism, this numerological quackery is no way to argue -- the Bible alone must be the basis for deciding the truth. Riplinger also fails to realise that the Five Points of Calvinism were a *response* by the Synod of Dordt to the Five Points of Arminianism in the "Remonstrance". To be consistent, Riplinger would equally have to brand the Five Points of Arminianism as a Satanic pentagram.
Other reviewers have noted much of the misinformation in this book, and in my own reviews of both pro- and anti- KJV-only books I've explained many of the issues involved. So there's little need for me to document many other errors. Also, this has already been done so well by James White in his book and his Alpha and Omega site. My challenge for future positive reviewers is to explain why we should take her in the slightest bit seriously with just those three examples I've raised above.
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on August 19, 2014
Excellent research quality review of the various versions of the Holy Bible, and the becoming very unholy by the editors of these versions. Have your eyes opened to the attacks of Satan on the various Bible versions.
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on August 10, 2015
This book is a must reading for every Christian. Gail Riplinger has enlightened the truth of God's Word to those who have deceived by the New Age Bibles. All those that preach, tutor or teach youth and children groups should, not only read and study what is in this book, will enlighten them of how they have been deceived by these New Age Versions. I have always been a KJV AV Bible and have compared some of these New Versions Bibles and know that new converts to Christ will suffer malnutrition not knowing the truth of God's Word as depicted in the KJV AV Bible.
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