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on December 4, 2015
These shoes did not fit me and here's why...


New Balance put most of their popular retro cool shoes into the hands of Asian manufacturers, so the sizing on these models is completely off:

574, 363, 501, 565, 515

That is why you will find so many reviews stating the fit is "too tight" and "too small" and several people explaining how they were too tight and too small even though they ordered a size larger and wider than usual like 2E or even 4E extra width sizes.

I found a website explaining this but since links may get removed in a product review, I'm just explaining what I learned.

The only people who are not going to think the sizing is off are people who have been buying these lines for the last 10 or 15 years and already are used to the weird sizing. These sizes are completely different from the New Balance models made in the USA or UK.

576, 577 and 996 are all Made in the USA or UK and will be very comfortable and regularly sized. They will also be much more expensive. New Balance models made in the USA or UK will almost always be over $100, typically about $139 and sometimes on sale for as low as $79, but never lower than that unless it's the most unpopular design ever... For example, there is one model of 996 on Amazon right now that looks nothing like a retro cool sneaker; I have no idea why they called it a '996' anything. It looks like a futuristic mini-van:New Balance Men's MC996 Lightweight Tennis Shoe, Grey/Green, 10 2E US. So, if you're looking at a shoe with price range of $39 - $79, chances are that it is Asian made and the size will be too small and too tight.

I have skinny feet and if I am ordering any cheap shoes from New Balance, I have to order 1 full size larger and at least 2E width, which is still a bit tight. 4E width would be better, but they rarely have those for sale on Amazon in my size. To put that in perspective, my dress shoe size is 9.5 or 10. Since these retro-cool New Balances are supposed to be running shoes, it makes sense that you would follow the typical advice to buy one size larger, so size 11 makes sense...right? The problem is this isn't exactly right. Size 10 fits me extremely well length-wise for walking, but are way too tight. Why would I want running shoes in walking size? Because most people actually wear these retro cool shoes as casual sneakers. However, you basically have to buy one full size up and extra wide to fit even skinny feet, so that makes your casual kicks slightly longer at the toe box than feels necessary, but it's not too bad. It's nowhere near the same comfy fit as you would find on a pair of USA-made 576 New Balances, though.

Having shoes that are too tight in the metatarsal area is very bad for your feet and lead to problems like plantar fasciitis. So, for the Asian-made New Balances such as 574, 363, 501, 565, 515, etc., it is much better for your feet to have "room to grow" in front of your toes (as if you're a little kid buying shoes) rather than having the arch area placed in the wrong spot and squeezing the heck out of the front part of your foot at the metatarsal area.


These Asian-made models will be too small and too tight: 574, 363, 501, 565, 515
These USA/UK-made models will be correctly sized (and cost twice as much): 576, 577 and 996

Before wasting your time trying to "break in" your new kicks, head on over to New Balances' own website (do a web search for 'New Balance Size Guide' and scroll down to the bottom and read the first bullet point):

• New Balance shoes are made to fit directly out of the box. They do not need to be broken in.

If they are too tight, they are Asian-made, so just return them while you still can and get 1 size larger and 2E or 4E width instead of D width.
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on February 18, 2008
Great color to add to the collection. Own roughly 15 different pairs of New Balance 574s, currently. Have received many comments on the color from people. Make sure to spray with water proof/stain resistance before wearing to ensure long dirt free life. Would recommend to anyone looking for a colorful sneaker. Order a half size larger than you would normally wear as the shoe seems to run small.
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on January 6, 2009
I got these sneakers for my husband after months of searching in stores. New Balance must not make them too much anymore. Anyway, our entire family owned a pair at one point and we must say it is by far the most comfortable, lightweight sneakers we have ever worn. Considering the price and comfort it is an excellent deal.
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on August 2, 2014
8/2/14: Soles have worn down surprisingly quickly, considering I only walk in these shoes, plus the occasional short run just to catch the bus or something. I don't exercise in them at all, and the tread from about the front of my arch all the way to my toes is completely worn flat except maybe about a one-inch wide strip from my big toe back to the arch, where the tread looks fine. This is on both shoes, and is symmetrical.

Update: 9/26/14: The tread under the ball of the foot is completely gone except along the inner edge of both shoes. Right shoe has a hole in the sole, and the foam mid-sole is showing. Left shoe is starting wear through to the foam mid-sole as well. Purchased 3/24/14, so they arrived exactly six months ago today (two-day shipping). They're very comfortable, and I think they look nice, but I wouldn't buy them again for how quickly they wear out. I have never exercised in them, unless you count running like half a block to catch a bus as "exercise." Other than that, I've gone on some long walks, but generally just wear them daily for school, going out, etc. I'll include pictures if I can figure it out.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on February 6, 2014
I ordered the same size that I have been using for New Balance in the past for a perfect fit. However, with this show the fit was tight. The fit is good with lighter weight socks. New Balance have always been Five-Star shoes for me, but with this shoe fitting tight, I can give only a 3-star rating.
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on June 21, 2013
I buy New Balance shoes because they're one of the few manufacturers that provide widths. Typically, a EE is wide enough for my feet, but this particular shoe seems to size a bit narrower than others. I don't blame NB or the seller, as I could have done a bit more research (or maybe tried to find one to try on first) - I knew the risks when I purchased. But hopefully this review will help somebody else who may be on the fence. Look for one of the other models that has a different cut.

I should also say that the shoe is stretching out, so I expect it to eventually fit comfortably. But it's a slow process :-/
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on September 3, 2013
When I got the shoe and measured it against other size 11 shoes, it was a good 1/2 inch shorter toe to heel. So I ordered another shoe in size 12 double e. To my surprise, this New Balance shoe, which I always think of having a wide toe box, was too narrow. So we sent it back again. Won't be trying a third time.
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on August 5, 2010
UPDATE (11/24/14) I wrote this goofy review over 4 years ago and these shoes are still in my closet and still look almost new. Now, I have NOT been wearing them daily for four years...that would be pretty impressive. I've gone over to the lower-profile look of Converse shoes. However, I still think these shoes look pretty good, and compared to my flat-bottomed Converse they have better grip on the soles. During a snowstorm last winter, I went out for groceries and didn't want to drive in the harsh conditions, so I threw on a parka and walked to the store (only a mile away) in these shoes...which worked great for that purpose. To keep with the theme of the original review...I wouldn't recommend climbing Mt. Everest in them, but they are great all-purpose shoes. (Also the color I have is still not pictured here...I'll see about uploading a product photo at some point because you might be able to find that color elsewhere if it suits your fancy).


I must say that a large part of the glowing review I'm about to give is due to the color of my shoes, which, incidentally, is not shown among the dozen or so variants available here. My pair of 574's are mostly black, with light grey "N" logos stitched on, a white strip above the sole, white portions by the top lace eyelets, and a PALE YELLOW rear "kick guard" or whatever you'd like the call the plastic strip on the back. This particular combo looks killer, and I don't see it here.

But I digress... Typically, when one goes to buy a casual sneaker, they have two things in mind: Looks and comfort. Sometimes, comfort even comes AFTER looks if you are really bent on your appearance. Versatility and longevity are OFTEN not primary factors. It's a street sneaker; you aren't looking for high-end sprinting performance to rival Usain Bolt, or the ability to wade through crocodile-infested swamps while silently pursuing a band of ruthless mercenaries.

The New Balance 574 delivers soundly in both leading categories of looks and comfort. For the first 20 minutes of wearing them and strolling around, I was alarmed by the awkward feeling they provided, as with every pair of new shoes (particularly New Balance) that I have bought. This quickly subsided as my feet readily accustomed to the shoes, and now they feel like part of my body. So...comfort, check.

And the LOOKS... When I first stumbled across the 574, I had frankly gotten sick of the typical shoe design--lots of cheap "synthetic uppers" made of whatever synthetic material it is they use, and "bling" in the form of gaudy, glued-on plastic trash that usually peeled off after a few weeks and contributed a frenetic, busy appearance reminiscent of a Jackson Pollock painting. The 574 does away with this nonsense. First off, forget what cliches may exist for suede shoes (especially blue ones), the suede used for the uppers on these is MUCH nicer than the typical "synthetic" [material]. In addition, the shoe is simple (at least mine are, with only neutral tones) and lacks glued-on tidbits, meaning that you won't be leaving a trail of spare parts behind you once the shoes age a bit. The big "N" logos scream "retro" and I think they look pretty cool. I see a lot of folks wearing New Balance shoes, and although all of them are pretty good quality, mine seem unique and a step above the typical "generic" style.

But wait, there's more! So they are comfortable, and look the part. What about those "bonus" features? Well, I haven't gone on a mercenary pursuit lately, but I can say that I jog, cycle, exercise, walk around the kitchen, go to class, go to work, drive, and push cars with these problem. What's more, and this is entirely true, I rode a camel up Mt. Sinai and then walked all the way back these shoes. And they literally look "none the worse for the wear." Seriously, they aren't high-traction hiking shoes, so I slipped a bit on the gravel, and these shoes didn't have a mark on them afterward.

Moral of the story? If you like suede, retro-ish, comfortable, durable, and generally great shoes that don't require a trip to the loan officer at your local bank, then don't hesitate to buy the New Balance M574 sneakers. They really are that good.
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on February 17, 2014
These shoes (built on the SL2 platform) will probably be perfect for my feet, once I get a size I can wear. They are narrow and short for a 10. It is a little aggravating the Amazon won't exchnge since it is "my fault". In my defense, my crystal ball is in the shop, and the size 10's that I have been wearing for decades have never been this small and narrow. EVER.
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on January 2, 2015
This is my third pair of NB ML574 shoes. While each of them are basically the same except color there have been slight differences between the pairs. This pair like the last 2 is well made, comfortable and fits very similar to all the NB's I have had. They last as long as you would expect an inexpensive shoe to last. With each pair I buy I coat them in a waterproofing spray which helps them stay clean and last longer. I usually end up washing the shoe several times to keep them looking brand new as long as possible.

At this point I will keep buying the 574 series of shoes. I recommend these shoes to everyone.
review image
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