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on December 3, 2011
If you can't wear five fingers (i.e. you're in the Army and they've lost their minds declaring five fingers faddish and prohibited) then these shoes are a FANTASTIC alternative! I've been severely injured bilaterally from the knees down, and had many a foot/shin/knee problem since...the natural gate you revert back to when running in such a minimal shoe has given me back the freedom to enjoy my pass time once more. It is true, cold weather work outs are an issue in these, and it will take time to get used to the rocks. However I must point out that the complaints I see on here about tread on soles seems to be more superficial than anything. I'm on a base covered in nothing but gravel and uneven terrain and the high here is definantly below 40 degrees and I have zero issues. If you want cushion and comfort verses natural gate and function, then you need to buy another shoe because these aren't for you. I would recommend them to anyone who can't deal with the sensation of something between their toes (meaning you can't make the switch to five fingers) or for anyone in the military look for a minimal running shoe that is authorized.
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on January 4, 2012
I have been researching and experimenting with barefoot running. I love the concept behind it however need a little protection from the cold ground, and rocks. I absolutely love these running shoes. In my opinion they are as close to barefoot running as a person can get. They allow a mid foot strike and use the toes to push off. Because the whole foot is used I feel my muscles in my legs and feet being strengthened. The shoe has a snug fit. I went a 1/2 size larger. I will purchase these shoes again.
Additionally the service from Amazon and their partner was superb!
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on January 10, 2013
I'm glad I read the reviews before I purchased these shoes. I normally fall somewhere between a 7.5 to an 8 but purchased an 8.5 based on everyone's suggestions. SO happy I did. They are a great fit. Great for hiking, walking and running. SO much lighter than my other sneakers and have experienced no foot pain while adjusting to the minimus style. My feet feel way happier in these shoes. SO many people have complimented the trim appearance.

UPDATE: OK. Now that I've owned this product for a few months I have two things to add. I still love the shoes. They are still great-looking, comfortable etc. however they do get smelly REALLY easily. I shower daily, change my socks daily and yet within a few weeks of having these shoes they smelled horrible. My other sneakers that I've had for two years have no odor to them and I've never washed them. I washed the shoes and now they smell fine but just be warned. :)

ALSO- I developed a stress fracture after a month of wearing these. From what I've read this is very common when jumping in to wearing minimus/ 5 finger shoes. I did NOT follow the instructions to slowly incorporate these shoes into my routine so it is ultimately my fault. Basically after wearing cushioned shoes while exercising our whole lives our feet are weak and need time to develop and get used to barefoot-style exercise. I will definitely go back to wearing these when my foot is healed. I will follow the instructions this time.
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on October 4, 2012
I don't think I've ever been happier with a shoe purchase!

After running in these shoes for over a month and hiking up and down a mountain in them, I can safely say this is a great shoe. If you're interested in this, I highly recommend you visit an actual store to try on different sizes and see what fits you the best; this is really important for running. You don't want something too big or stiff that just clomp around when you run, and you don't want something so tight it's like Chinese foot-binding. I tried on several different brands and lines, including the running version of the Minimus, but none of them fit my feet as well as the Minimus Trail did. I like that the sole is more grippy than the running version, even though running is what I do, and the black-pink combo is very cute in person, yet not overly girly.

For shoe sizes, my feet are usually an 8 in sneakers. This is already bigger than my non-sneaker size, since I have wide feet and no arches. In a Nike, an 8 fits me perfectly. On this shoe, I went up to 8.5B since my usual size was a little snug, and I wanted to be able to wear thick socks with this. It's perfect - fits more like a glove and moves with my foot just as well as the Vibram 5 Fingers does, except with more *give* in the mesh than the 5 Fingers (and therefore I think Minimus is more comfortable). Once again, try this on or be willing to exchange for your proper size to this brand. When I first tried the Minimus WT10 on, I thought it was too snug and was concerned it would crush my toes. There's a band that wraps around your metatarsals, before your toes, and I thought this would be an issue. The fancy sports store in my city lets you test sneakers out on the treadmill, so I did and was amazed to find that my feet were able to splay comfortably as I ran....the shoe's snugness never got in my way. There's just enough heel in it that if you do accidentally heel strike, which sometimes happens on longer runs, it doesn't hurt like it does going truly barefoot.

I love how light, snug, and flexible these shoes are. They're amazing, and even hiking, the roots and rocks didn't bother me much at all. Of course, some of that is due to careful foot placement, but shouldn't you be watching where you're stepping anyway? As a side note as well, when I was a heel striker I was labeled an "over-pronator". It was true, I have flat-feet and even if they didn't record my run on a camera, you could tell I was an over-pronator by the way the soles of my old shoes were worn down. Now that I've switched to fore-foot striking in the barefoot/minimalist style, I've somehow gained the coveted "neutral gait". Usually I do not put much stock in these types of terms, but I can definitely say minimalist running has enabled me to run for close to a year without any knee injury or shin splints yet. And the Minimus WT10 is the perfect shoe for me to keep that going.

***UPDATE: May 28, 2014***

I've had this pair of sneakers for 2 years now and they're still amazing. I've taken it on hiking trails, gone bouldering in the outdoors, and went rafting in them. They held up well and give me awesome grip; I can curve my toes around a rock to hang on better than someone with an unflexible hiking shoe, and the treads really keep me from sliding on even smooth rocks. I took these on a 1-week camping & rafting trip and they worked out great as my hiking/water shoes too - the ventilation in it let water out easily and my feet stayed comfortable...even without socks. It was so convenient not to have to change shoes when I hopped off the raft and went to hike....and jump off waterfalls. Overall an amazing shoe, my "holy grail", if you can say that for shoes. The treads haven't worn out yet, but when they do I'm definitely buying the same pair again!
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on March 5, 2013
I like the shoes. They are very light, but they run a little small. I normally wear a women's 11. I'm hoping they will stretch out a little. I would have possibly ordered only a half a size larger.
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on July 24, 2013
These are my go to shoes for hiking, going to the gym, biking, anything active, and just plain walking around campus!
My friend recommended them to me as a 'minimal shoe', close to not wearing anything. Considering that I walk around barefoot all the time I would agree. It is a shoe, but it's a minimal, bendy, flexy awesome shoe. There is actually very little arch support or padding in the shoe (which is what I was hoping for), just the bottom, which makes for a more realistic feel, and that made me happy!
But the fit is just slightly off. I bought these shoes a few months ago at my regular, average, size I try on most - 7.5 . They were a little snug. I say snug because my feet never hurt from wearing them, and I never had blisters, but there really wasnt even a need for laces - they were snug. Now after a whole semester of using them they are much more comfortable and have stretched accordingly. I suppose the snug feel might be for more emphasis on a real strike or more realistic feel, being so conforming, and with that thought, if I ever bought these again I would order just a half size up. Save yourself the time of having to break them in and go a half size up. Or a full size if you like a little more room for socks (I wear mine without socks)

I still love the shoes and would recommend them to any active/outdoor individual.
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on July 5, 2013
I bought these shoes for my first mud run. Having a bad knee, I was nervous about running on rough terrain with a shoe that has hardly any cushion. Much to my surprise, these shoes were fantastic and I absolutely love them! Super satisfied overall. Thank you!!
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on January 11, 2013
I bought these shoes in May of 2012 and, like most other reviewers, I found them too be small. I had to return the original pair and buy a half size up which fit perfectly. I wanted to wait to write a review because this was my first time with minimus type shoe and it took me a while to get used to them. I am not a runner. I bought these as a type of crossfit shoe for the gym. I did suffer through a small adjustment period. Primarily, my achilles ached sometimes after use. But now I really like them. They are super lightweight and comfortable. I do use them in bench classes and kickboxing, both requiring lots of movement. I am now buying a second pair. My only complaint is the smell. It's pretty terrible. I thought if I had 2 pairs and alternated between the them it would allow them to dry out. I work out 5x a week. I hope I am right. Otherwise I will continue to store them in my laundry room inbetween workouts. They will smell up my closet if I don't.
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on July 13, 2013
About me:
-Running for 4+ years, 5-10h/week.
-Under pronator.
-Used to be heel striker before these shoes, midfoot-er now.

I bought my first pair of Minimus shoes in March 2012. It took a while to adjust to them, it took me 4 months just to build up to 2h runs. I used to run 2 hours easily in cushioned shoes, so the problem wasn't my fitness, it was the way these shoes "forced" me into different running style, engaging my calves and Achilles more.

Shoes don't have any support or cushioning. Every time I landed on my heels, I felt the shock go through my ankles, knees, and upwards. Body is great at adapting, and to avoid jarring, my stride got slightly shorter, position more erect, and I started landing gently and quietly on the forefoot.

I now exclusively run in New Balance Minimus shoes. I have 4 pairs, all in funky colours. Two months ago, I tried my old cushioned shoes, and it felt like a shoe prison. It felt constricted, strange, inflexible. Would never go back to the supported shoes.

-- Will improve your running technique
-- Super light - easier than losing weight
-- Shoes don't smell, and I wore them occasionally without socks
-- Good design and conversation starter ("Oh my god, are these the minimalistic shoes?")
-- Toss them into washing machine and dry them in a drier. I kid you not! They've been 20 or so times through my washing cycle and they are fine.

-- Possible Achilles problems. I had them for almost a year, till my calves adjusted.
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on October 6, 2013
I don't know what I have against shoelaces -- maybe it's because they usually come untied? I dunno. In any case, when I saw the black/pink/yellow variety of this shoe that was laceless, I knew these were the new shoes for me! I've been running in Merrell pace gloves and I love them, but the gravel on our bases and compounds in Afghanistan does a number on shoes and I knew it was time for a new pair. These are super comfortable and fit perfectly! I usually wear a 6.5 in street shoes but I always order 7s in running shoes to give my feet space to swell and for my toes to have enough room, and the 7 fit as expected. I've only run in them a few times, but so far so good!

Edited to add: it's now 1 December here, I am now an official NB addict, I love running in these shoes! I've put some decent mileage on them and they are so comfortable. I had this mental block against running longer periods of time (i.e., greater than 25 minutes), but I'm running 30+ minutes at a time now (which is great for me), and loving these shoes while doing it because I don't even know they're there. There was a little break-in time with the back of the heel vs. my skin, but that didn't last long. These are now my go-to shoes.

Edited again to add: it's now almost March, and I think these shoes may survive Afghanistan! I am now running more than 13 miles a week, and I don't want to run in anything else. I even put these through our industrial washing machine on our compound, and they came out looking great! But I went ahead and ordered another pair to await me at home in the States for when I get home next month. These things have held up in snow, mud, our dirty gym, and have even survived being splashed with the JP8 (diesel fuel) we have to use to heat our showers and latrines. Best shoes ever!
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