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on January 6, 2005
Like others are saying on here, I was completely devastated by the loss of Dimebag Darrell. The music world has lost one of the best guitar players of our time. I considered Dimebag almost a modern day Jimmy Hendrix, and I think "Vulgar Display of Power" and "Far Beyond Driven" are two of the all time greatest metal albums. I can honestly say that Dimebag was not only a great inspiration to me (he made me want to play guitar!), but also the entire metal community. Dimebag will be sorely missed.

I urge you to move on, past Pantera, and pick up Damageplan's debut. If you're a Pantera fan and you need something more, Pantera related, to listen to, Damageplan is exactly what the doctor ordered. To me, Damageplan is, musically, a continuation of the Pantera legacy. Many of the songs grind like Pantera's "Far Beyond Driven", with blowtorch riffs, great solos--although not as many-- and great hand and foot work by drummer Vinny Paul. But the vocals are where Damageplan differs from Pantera. Most of the time, the vocalist, Patrick Lachman, belts out a "throaty yell/gurgle," but he can also switch to crooning and staccatto barks. He may be more of a trendy singer than Phil Anselmo, but so what?! This C.D. rocks!

Highlights include:

"Wake Up" has a slow beginning, which builds into a heavy breakdown and Pat's yell of "Wake up!" It then turns to an almost galloping beat with calm growling.
"Breathing New Life" is a personal favorite. I can't get enough of it (or any of the C.D.'s first six tracks). This song begins with a small drum intro, then explodes into hard rock. Patrick Lachman sings "Can you feel it building?" That's an appropriate line, because this song builds and builds like many-a-great Pantera song. The chorus is a catchy breakdown which I have had running in my mind for days.
"F*** You" is almost like a Damageplan version of Pantera's "F***ing Hostile". The verses are fast and brutal, with blowtorch riffs and double kick drums. A great song to mosh or headbang to.
"Reborn" has verses which almost groove. The real highlight here, though, is the two wailing guitar solos contributed by equally-as-talented Zakk Wylde. I wish there were more of those guitar solos on here.
"Explode" is as heavy as you'd think a song with the title "Explode" would be. It begins with guitars that chug and churn, leading into the brutal chorus and some great guitar work by Dime.
"Save Me" fuses some melody into the typical Damageplan brutality (with big choruses and some of the aformentioned metal crooning and staccatto barks). That's the only reason why I gave this C.D. 4 stars instead of 5, because I think the vocals could stand to be a bit more multi-faced than they are, as in this song. And a few more guitar solos would be nice, too.
"Blink of an Eye" features wah-wah guitars and "Moment of Truth" hits as hard as ever, but "Soul Bleed"--an acoustic track with more guest guitar work by Zakk Wylde-- brings the C.D. full circle. Two tracks like this, one in the middle of the C.D., would have been nice.

Dimebag may be dead, but help his legacy live on. As a Pantera fan, a Dimebag fan, or even as a heavy metal fan, you owe it to him to help the legend of Dimebag Darrell live on. Pick up this C.D.
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on February 22, 2005
The tragic and senseless end to 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbot's life on December 8, 2004 in Columbus, Ohio has affected not only those that were closest to him, but also the many fans that knew him only through his music in the bands Pantera and Damageplan. It was from the ashes of Pantera that Dimebag and his brother Vinnie founded Damageplan in 2003, and recruited the powerful vocals of Pat Lachman and the talented bassist Bob Zilla (a.k.a. Bob Kakaha). The release of their first album early in 2004, entitled "New Found Power", is, and will forever be, a testament to Dimebag's resilience and musical talent as he co-wrote and co-composed the album's 14 songs (just over 1 hour of music) with brother Vinnie and Pat Lachman:

1. "Wake Up" (5). A soft, but relenting start prepares for the burst of sound from Pat Lachman, Dimebag, Bob and Vinnie and never lets up until the very end.

2. "Breathing New Life" (5+). A no-nonsense start with double-drumming, artful guitar work and Pat's haunting & very aggressive vocals.

3. "New Found Power" (5). Awesome percussion, guitar & bass accompany Pat's aggressive vocals.

4. "Pride" (5+). A slower, but no less powerful song featuring Pat's ballad-like and aggressive vocals. One of my favorite songs on the album.

5. "F*** You" (4.5). No-nonsense, straight to the point thrash. Great lyrics too! Love the speed-up midway.

6. "Reborn" (4). This song features some great guitar & bass work accompanying Pat Lachman's aggressive singing.

7. "Explode" (4). Relentless percussion and guitars precede Pat Lachman's deliberate singing.

8. "Save Me" (5+). My personal favorite song on the album. Awesome singing, perfect guitar, bass & percussion.

9. "Cold Blooded" (4.5). Intense guitar & percussion with very aggressive singing that is somewhat reminiscent of Henry Rollins.

10. "Crawl" (4.5). Slightly slower percussion begins, then gives way to Dimebag's great guitar work before doubling in tempo with Pat's singing. The tempo then goes back & forth between the two.

11. "Blink of an Eye" (4.5). Singing reminiscent of David Bowie before giving way to a more aggressive style.

12. "Blunt Force Trauma" (5). Good chord progression starts then is joined with percussion and finally, Pat's aggressive singing. A well devised song that exemplifies Dimebag's masterful guitar work.

13. "Moment of Truth" (4). A mix of quickly changing tempos, guitar & percussion start this unusual song.

14. "Soul Breed" (5). An acoustic ballad with a rich harmonic chorus. An impressive finale to a great album.

There is no rationalization for the acts of a madman such as the one that took the life of Dimebag and the three other innocent people at the club in Columbus, Ohio on December 8, 2004. Though Dimebag will not have another opportunity to perform or compose, we can celebrate his life not only through this album and the many albums of Pantera, but also through those that will be inspired by him to compose and perform music of their own. Hence, Dimebag's musical legacy will live on, and heavy metal will never die. R.I.P. Dimebag.
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on May 26, 2006
After Pantera went their separate ways in 2001, Vinnie Paul Abbot and the late Dimebag Darrel Abbot went on to form Damageplan and this CD "New Found Power" was the first CD of the unfortunately short lived venture by the Abbot brothers. From reel to reel, this is a great album (and again, I'm not just saying that because it's the right thing to say about Dime but SERIOUSLY, it's great).

Just like the rest of you, I would consider myself a Pantera purist first for several reasons. Dime was the reason I stopped playing guitar in Grunge bands and graduated to the sophisticated Metal that bands like Pantera made famous. Damageplan doesn't follow the same stylings as Pantera but the direction of this group was still very good. This CD may not be as heavy as Cowboys From Hell, Vulgar Display of Power or even Far Beyond Driven but nonetheless, the music is artistically sound and Dime and Vinnie show their technical prowess as well.

There aren't as many guitar solos on this but the ones that are on here are classic Dime. The bass lines are also very heavy, almost Korn like in a way on some tracks. And vocalist Pat Lachman reminds me of a younger Max Cavalera (of Sepultura and Soulfly) who can still croon like Layne Staley on some of the slower tunes. I think one mistake people make when they get this album is that they spend too much time comparing Lachman to Phil Anselmo. Well, DON'T! You're wasting your time if you're doing it that way. If you ask me, Lachman helps Damageplan be a little more unique.

I highly suggest this album. It doesn't matter if you're the avid metal head or a newcomer or even a true Pantera fan. This is an album for all to enjoy. I'll admit, there aren't many metal albums that I can listen to all the way through without skipping any tracks (my list of albums like that are Slayer "Reign in Blood", Slipknot "Slipknot", Pantera "Vulgar Display of Power", Anthrax "Persistence of Time", Soulfly "Soulfly" and System of a Down "Toxicity"), I can now easily add this album to my list. Also, check out the other albums and artists I've listed.
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on December 9, 2004
Sad day for Metalheads. Sad day for Metal and sad day for Music.

We will always remember them in our hearts. Randy, Cliff and others have left. Now them.

I don't have too many things to say. Fashion and posers come and go. Appear and dissapear. But not Metal. Metal is alive and will always be alive. A very misunderstood form of art. Metal means virtuosity. Metal means HARD WORK (Are all those pathetic pop-punk wannbe bands reading this?) and Metal means integritiy.

We will remember them forever. Metal will remember them forever.

Metalheads will stay UNITED.



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on December 11, 2004
Obviously, like everyone else flooding this review page, I am deeply saddened and absolutely enraged by the senseless murder of Darrell Abbott (a.k.a. Dimebag Darrell). As someone who picked up Pantera's "Far Beyond Driven" and "Vulgar Display Of Power" albums at the crucial age of 16, the same year I picked up the guitar, I can honestly say that Dimebag was, and always will be, one of the biggest inspriations to me. Say what you will about Damageplan and the break-up of Pantera, but when I listen to one of Dime's riffs, my ears melt and my jaw hits the floor. Nobody does it like he did, and nobobdy ever will. He is an irreplaceable member of the metal community. Even if you may have a distaste for this particular album, for whatever reason, show some respect and just remember the man as all of us, even those who never met him, have: one of the most skilled and enthusiastic players this genre has ever seen. Remember him for the music he gave us, because we will never hear anything quite like him. He defined metal for all of us who grew up in the 90's.

Now, onto the Damageplan debut, "New Found Power." This was an album that I really anticipated heavily before it came out. I have to say, the first time I listened to it, I was disappointed. I was honestly (and with a closed mind) expecting the next Pantera, which Damageplan isn't. This band takes the brothers Vinnie and Darrell's vision one step further. The signature sounds are all still here, the scorching riffs and fierce drumming, but the band attempts to fuse some new elements into the music and create something a little different, while staying true to themselves. Sure, tracks like the bubbling-under-the-surface "Breathing New Life" and the mind-melting opener "Wake Up" pick up where Pantera left off, but other tracks like "Save Me" and "Blink Of An Eye" fuse more melodic and somewhat grunge elements into the music. "F*** You" is a roaring anthem that speaks for itself, and the guest appearance by Zakk Wylde on "Reborn" playing guitar with Dime is a match made in Heaven. Any metal purist has to find something to love here. Some call this nu-metal, but I disagree. I just see it as a melding of Vinnie and Dime's influences, outside the realm of the Pantera standard. It's a great start, no doubt, and definitely was a bright sign for future music to come. An overall positive attitude emerges from this album, and is the sign of the band overcoming various hurdles. For that, they must be respected. Surely, Dimebag is one of a kind, but hopefully Damageplan do not give up on their dream. Dealing with this untimely loss is a horrible thing, and I cannot even begin to imagine how hard it is for these guys to come to grips with it all. The important thing though, as with any death, is not to focus on the actual death, but the life, and in this case, the years of beautiful and stunning music that will live on in all of us. I know Pantera affected me musically, and there are millions of fans with their own story. Do Dimebag right; don't forget the gift of music he gave all of us.
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on February 28, 2005
When i first heard that Pantera broke up i was down right upset, they were the greatest most unique band of the metal genre and each one of the members made that band special in their own way. Come 2003 Phil makes the decision to take a break from Pantera to persue "HIS" band Superjoint Ritual. Leaving Dime and Vinnie in the dust for two years! He wouldnt even return their calls when questioned to make another Pantera record. Obviously Phil's ego got the best of him, well that or the heroin. Trying to put the tragic end of their band from day one behind them they get Pat Lachman on vocals and Bob Zilla on bass and form Damageplan. The debut "New Found Power" came out in February to mixed reviews. When i first bought it i was expecting really angry, hardcore, pissed off metal. Kind of along the lines of "Southern Trendkill". But to my surprise it actually sounded nothing like Pantera, which at first i was a little dissappointed but the more i listened to the hardcore riffs and solos by Dimebag and the hard hitting double bass of Vinnie Paul, i realized that this is one of the best metal albums in the last four years. Each song musically and lyrically are amazing. Every song is excellent from beginning to end, "Breathing New Life"-"New Found Power"-"F*** You"-"Reborn"-"Explode"-"Crawl"-"Blunt Force Trauma"-"Moment Of Truth"-and "Soul Bleed" are my personal favorites. Sadly nobody could have known that this would be Dimebag's last album. As every fan should know now he was tragically murdered on stage in a small night club in Ohio on Dec.8th. Only about 10 months after the release of their groundbreaking new album. I never knew Dimebag Darrell but from hearing his music and watching the home videos i realized how down to earth and how extremely talented he was. His music will forever be a part of me. If your a fan of Pantera or not buy this album and get with the plan. ROCK IN PEACE DIME!!!!
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on February 16, 2004
I bought this album hoping that the Pantera "sound" would continue, since I'm not impressed by their former vocalist's new band (Superjoint Ritual) AT ALL. For the most part, this album didnt let me down. It is refreshing to hear that trademark "Dimebag" sound, without Phil Anselmo's screaming all the time. Damageplan is a good transition, that shows potential. There's enough of the "Phil" type vocals on some songs to keep the hardcore Pantera fans happy, though this new vocalist suprised me, in that he can actually sing (some would argue Phil could at one time too, and I don't dispute that.) Overall, I enjoyed NFP, and think it shows this band has great potential to produce an album on the greatness scale of "Vulgar Display of Power" in the future, which I'm looking forward to. Keep up the good work, Dime and Vinnie!
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on February 14, 2004
I knew that Damageplan wouldn't sound like pantera for certain reasons (the departure of Phil and Rex) and because in interviews dime said that it was going to have less solos; and it was going to be more melodic. I love guitar solos and dime does serve up some cool solos on the record as well as some cool rythym sections, but the album just doesn't have the whole package. I have no problem with melody, but not when it sounds like nu-metal, which I hate. Most of the songs don't sound like nu-metal, but some songs do, like "Blink of an eye." The other problem with the album, are the lyrics. I don't know who wrote most of the Pantera lyrics, but the lyrics on this album just don't cut it. What puzzles me is how the music is so much worse than Pantera. This is the same musical band as Pantera minus Rex, and Rex was really good, but so is Bob Zilla (also, with the exception of Cliff Burton, in rock/metal, a bass player is usually the least influential member of the band). Pat Lachman's style is very similar to Phil's; he can scream well and he sings even better than Phil, but why doesn't Damageplan serve up some thrash metal like Pantera? I know they don't want to sound like a copy of Pantera, but Dime and Vinnie are 70% of Pantera, they don't need Phil or Rex. Thrash metal isn't as popular as it was 15 years ago, but Pantera helped to bring it back and they were enormously successful at doing that. If anyone needs to take charge and set a precedent of what's considered "cool," then dime and vinnie are the best candidates. If Pantera were still together and released an album like "Vulgar display of power" today, people would dig it. All things considered, Damageplan are still ten times better than most heavy music that's out today, so buy this cd before any crappy new band. Also, I saw that one reviewer recommended "the blessed hellride" for fans who are looking for a pure metal record, and I completely agree - Zakk wylde doesn't give a f#@k what's popular and he still remains succesful, Damageplan should follow suit.
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on October 27, 2005
I can't believe the bad reviews I am hearing about this album. I am a huge Pantera fan and to be honest, I believe Damageplan doesn't have quite as hard core a sound as the CFH lineup, but come on...did every Pantera album sound the same as the one before it? I think not. So why does this album have to sound the same as a completely different band (Pantera)? When Zakk Wylde formed BLS, people either loved it or hated it. But I never heard those who hated it compare BLS to Ozzy. They're different bands, just like here. I think BLS is more hard core than Ozzy but you don't hear me saying "Ozzy sucks cause he doesn't sound like BLS".

I am still giving this album 5 stars. Why? Who says that it must equal in comparison to a Pantera album? I bought this album when it first came out in early 04' and it is still,...still the one you will find me listening to most over everything else.

Each track on here has a different and unique offering of it's own. Every time I hear "Breathing New Life" I still see the guitar God Dime strolling out from backstage at the beginning of their set when I saw Damageplan at Rock Am Ring in Germany last year. My personal favorite tracks are Pride and Soul Bleed.

I remember reading an interview where Dime once said he liked all guitar work he heard. Even if it sucked, somehow the "suckiness" was "filtered out" and all he heard was the beauty in it.

I truly believe Dime was the greatest guitar player this world will ever see. He was the most well rounded player as it was obvious in his own playing style rooted in blues, country, southern rock and of course metal. The only other I've seen that comes remotely close to this mix would be John 5, formerly of Marilyn Manson.

If you are a Dime fan or simply appreciate good music, this album is worth every penny.

Rest in Peace Dime... You are sorely missed brother

\m/ \m/
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on February 20, 2004
First off... I am a huge Pantera fan. Pantera brought me out of the world of Alternative and Grunge with "A Vulgar Display of Power" and introduced me to thrash metal which has become my favorite style. With that said I did not know what to expect when I found out my favorite band had broken up. Phil has gone on to make some great albums with Down and Superjoint (I don't care what you fools say). Damageplan is a new and exciting chapter for Dime and Vinnie and just about every track on this CD kicks a**!!! Pat Lachman's vocals are excellent, Dime is still kicking out killer riffs and Vinnie will always be one of the best drummers out there. Personally I find it very exciting that Damageplan explores territory that Pantera never covered. Songs like "Cold Blooded" and "Wake Up" are perfect examples. All of the trademark sounds are there with a new refreshing edge. Why would they even try to make a Pantera cover band?? The only thing keeping this band from earning 5 stars are the few songs where they took their exploration too far. "Blink of An Eye" and "Save Me" sound like crappy "nu-metal" with a great guitar player. Even with those songs I think this CD is a must buy for metal fans!!! To quote Dime "Get with the plan, the Damageplan!"
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