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on October 31, 2012
This is Lacey's last album with Flyleaf. I was disappointed that it clocks in at only 36:30. I opened the CD to read the liner notes/lyrics before I popped it in. Instead I got a mini-poster and a list of folks associated with the album. Sigh. So if you are debating on getting the actual CD or downloading it, you're not missing out by saving a few bucks and simply downloading it. Overall the album is solid. I liked it better the second time around, so you may need to listen to it a few times to get into all the songs. There are a few that need to grow on me still. That said, there are some here that will blow you away the very first time! So there you have it. If you're already a Flyleaf fan, you'll like this, if you're new to them and you like the harder stuff go with their first disc, but this one will give you a taste of that one, most notably Call You Out.

Fire Fire: A nice way to kick off the disc. The song is short but has an edge to it.

New Horizons: The first single is more mainstream oriented, but listening to it in the context of the album it seems to fit in well.

Call You Out: Simply the best song on the album! You might think this was on their first (and IMO their best album). It has that hard Flyleaf edge and is Lacey and the band at their best!

Cage On the Ground: Things slow down a bit here. I'm biased, I like Flyleaf better when they're full on straight-ahead. It's certainly not a throw away though.

Great Love: I like the words. The song gets better as it progresses. Listen to it all the way through. It may be one of those songs that has to grow on you.

Bury Your Heart: Wow! Oustanding! I could listen to this song over and over.

Freedom: Another winner! Play it loud!

Saving Grace: My least favorite song on the album. It just doesn't do it for me.

Stand: I like this song, but again, I wish the lyrics were included.

Green Heart: Oh yeah! I guess my worries about Flyleaf losing their edge were unfounded. This smokes!

Broken Wings: A fine closer to the album. It slows things down a bit after the assault of Green Heart.
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on November 26, 2012
I've loved Flyleaf since 2007, I started out as the typical fan, I first heard All Around Me, at first for some reason I thought it was Gwen Stefani... I have no idea why, I was in 7th grade when this song was re-released, so please forgive me. I started out as the typical fan, but when I heard more and more songs, I fell a little deeper in-love with them, I fell in love with Lacey's voice, I fell in-love with Pat, Sameer, and Jared's agression of their guitars and bass. And I fell in-love with James drumming rythem. Than one day in 2009 I heard Memento Mori was coming out, so I begged my mom to take me to Best Buy to buy the T-shirt and CD bundle, and it was the best CD I've heard yet. I got to know more about their message, and Lacey's Testimony, and being someone constantly facing family deaths, cancer, and childhood deaths: I've gone to 6 funerals for people under the age of 21, and one of them was my own brother. And so I was regretting being alive for a long time, but whenever I heard her insperational story I felt inspired enough to keep going because (this might sound cheesy, and I don't mean it to be like that) it might get better. It has gotten better, I lost my brother, I say a few children die way to young because of cancer, but it made me realize how short life can be for a lot of us. Than I was impatinetly awaiting the 'New Album' from Flyleaf, because it seemed as if they were working on this album for 2 years. Finally news broke in July 2012, from their twitter and let me tell you I've checked their website, and twitter multiple times a day. I downloaded the single New Horizons, and than in September the other single Call You Out, I pre-ordered the Super Fan bundle on their merch site, but I pre-ordered the CD months in advance on Amazon.

Now for the albums track, and art.

The art is really cool, Pat Seals their bassist made a wood-cut themed album for Remember To Live EP in 2010, along with their cover art for their rendition of "How He Loves" I love how much work went into the album art, I thought the album was going to be the tan color Remember To Live had, but it is so vibrant.

My favorites:

Fire Fire: This song is weird for the first track, I would've started with Call You Out, but I love the song. It just has so much to do with what we say everyday, and think everyday.

New Horizons: The first single, I love the music video, I love message, and the meaning that is covered with. New Horizons: New Start.

Call You Out: A more agressive song, I thought this whole album was going to be a lot like Remember To Live; Calm, and quiet. Absolutley not.

Saving Grace: Has lots to do with Lacey becoming a mother.

Broken Wings: My all time favorite. After becoming much more interested in their music, I searched the whole internet for all the music I could find by them, and I have for the most part, I hace 134 Songs, 17 Albums. I found a bunch of acoustic tracks, live recordings of Tina/Okay, Much Like Falling, Music as a Weapon EP, Holiday songs, Flyleaf (Demos), Heavy Pray, Memento Mori Standard, and Expanded Edition, Courage, All the Singles, Remember To Live, How He Loves, A recording of Lacey's testimony (as of 2009), and New Horizons. I have in physical disk versions: Flyleaf (Demos), Flyleaf (CD/DVD/Ringtone), Memento Mori (2), Remember To Live, and New Horizons.

The reason I say tragic is because Lacey has officially stepped down as lead singer of Flyleaf. That was a mistake, but I understand why. I just sort of wish that they went on a hiatus after this period of touring, instead of Lacey calling it quits. However I am finding myself not being so religous anymore, I am more spiritual now, so I suppose it is for the best, but I will probably check out a song by this new girl. Not to be mean or anything, but you can't just replace a lead singer. It's just going to sound like a Flyleaf Tribune Band.

Anyways thanks for reading,
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on December 16, 2012
Instantly loved this cd. I believe it to be their best and also Lacey's finest performance! What a way to go out. When she is on top of her game. Some of her vocal arrangements are outstanding and very catchy. I would give this a perfect 10 out of 10 but the only flaw is the single "New Horizons." Honestly I can't even believe that song made it on the cd. It is def the weakest track on here. So for that poor choice of making it the "single" I give this a 9 out of 10. Great Great Effort and very worshipful! Love iT!
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on July 2, 2013
I've been a Flyleaf fan since 2005 when their first album came out. The music really spoke to me, and I was able to relate to a lot of their lyrics. It played a big part in my journey to God, and it continues to guide me in my walk with God today.

This album is no exception. As usual, beautiful metaphoric lyrics combined with Lacey's stunning voice makes for a great set for Flyleaf fans. The sound is quite different from their previous albums (I'm used to their music being more minor-key dominated than major-key dominated, if that makes any sense). However, I don't think that makes any difference in the quality of their music.

Flyleaf is one of the few bands that I've actually liked every single song of. Of course, I still have my favorites:

- Great Love - A very powerful song, and my all-time favorite from this album. It seems to depict a beautiful love song exchange between God and His child, as the lyrics suggest (the verses "There I was awaiting death for you, and all I did was love you too" being Jesus on the cross; and the chorus "I am in awe of who You are, and it's Your love I'm living for" being the response of the child).

- New Horizons - Great song, in my opinion. A perfect depiction of the phrase Memento Mori. Time is short, indeed. So let's remember to live.

- Cage On the Ground, Bury Your Heart, and Green Heart - All three of these songs serve as great reminders of what's truly important in life. As Luke 12:21 states, it's not good for us to go after earthly possessions and desires and forget to seek God. I've been learning that one for a long time, and I'll probably be stuck learning it for much longer.

On the topic of Lacey leaving, I understand her motives completely. She will be missed, but I think her husband and son will be grateful that she's around. I've listened to Kristen May's voice a bit, and I think she has great potential. I wish both of these ladies the best of luck, and I look forward to what Flyleaf has in store.

- Sam
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VINE VOICEon December 3, 2012
Few bands can wear their inspiration so readily on their sleeve and never have their music become preachy or redundant, Flyleaf is one of the few bands that have successfully done it their entire career. In the span of three full-length albums and two fantastic EPs they've built an army of loyal fans and spread their message far and wide.

New Horizons does just exactly what the title would suggest, it sees Flyleaf set in a new direction. This album is something vastly different from their debut and even differs greatly from Memento Mori. This is a somewhat more melodic approach than what you might be used to but the end result is something truly beautiful that weaves a feeling of hope, beauty, and belief. I think this record is so hopeful due in large part to Lacey's departure.

Lacey knew she was leaving, that much is obvious, but you get the sense throughout the duration of this CD that she wanted to go out with a bang, emotionally and sonically. Songs like Fire Fire, Cage on the Ground, and Saving Grace are some of Lacey's best lyrical offerings to date and offer some of her most poignant insights ever. Her goodbye, Broken Wings (an updated version of an old demo), is tear jerkingly beautiful as well.

But, amidst all the beauty in this CD, Flyleaf didn't forget their roots and put some very heavy, riff-roaring, anthemic songs throughout. Call You Out, Green Heart, and Freedom remind you why you fell in love with them in the first place.

From beginning to end, I can't think of a better send off than what Lacey has given us. She basically took four recordings worth of passion and put it into one of the best Swan Songs rock has seen in a while.

When all is said and done, New Horizons ends up being a milestone in Flyleaf's catalog. There is so much passion, energy, and raw emotion in this CD that it becomes clear that Lacey is leaving at the top of her game. From beginning to end New Horizons doesn't let up one bit. I couldn't recommend this to someone more. We'll miss Lacey for sure, but she did give us an impressive send off.
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on December 14, 2012
This is the most bittersweet album I've heard in a long time, because while every song is excellent, just prior to the album's release Lacey stepped down as lead singer to follow "another path." I was truly shocked and saddened to hear this because out of the many bands that I follow, Flyleaf has been one of the more important ones to me. While the band plans to continue on with a new singer, I just don't see how it could be as good because Lacey's unique vocals and powerful lyrics really set the group apart from everyone else. Anyway, at least she went out with a bang, because this album is as good as anything they've done before. The title track was the first single, and at first I was only slightly put off by it because it sounded very 'pop' to me, but I've grown to like it as Lacey's swan song. While most albums require time to grow on me, this one was full of songs like Fire Fire and Call You Out that brought a grin to my face on the very first listen. The only songs that venture anywhere near Metal territory are Freedom and Green Heart, but most of the album has a more uplifting vibe such as Cage On The Ground, Great Love and Saving Grace. It's a short album, but it's very sweet. Sadly, it also serves as a reminder of what we'll be missing in the future. Still, this has been one of the best rock albums of 2012.
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on December 14, 2012
So sad that Lacy is no longer the lead singer of Flyleaf, but I respect hwy she steped down, This is by far the best flyleaf album yet and Lacy sang her heart out. Its a must own for any fan of Flyleaf and any body else looking for amazing music.
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on December 6, 2014
I purchased this album. I will say it is a Decent album with much thought put into the music and words. Lacies voice is simply beautiful, some of the lyrics are metaphors and that just shows there was a lot of depth and deep thought into this album. Not my favorite album, I prefer her style from her first album. Just disapointed to see lacy go, but it's in her best interest and I totally understand why she had to go.
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on December 13, 2012
I had the pleasure of seeing Flyleaf some years ago when their first album had just been released. Instantly I was in love with the sound, the energy, Lacey's intense voice. Flyleaf is just the right combination. It works so well. Lacey puts so much into her vocals... more raw emotion then I have ever heard. I didn't think the last album was as good as the first, but it was still incredible. This album is a culmination. Everything they have is displayed in this. I will admit, a couple of songs on here are a little to pop for me. Songs like Fire Fire just crush it though. Caged on the Ground is another incredible song. When I first heard the song New Horizons I was like, Flyleaf went pop? When did this happen. Now I hear it and I hear the amazing vocal talent Lacey had even more so. This song was a little more vocally diverse for her. All in all, I think this is the second best album with two of their best songs on it. I will truly miss Lacey. I hope that Kristin's lyrics can be as deep as Lacey's and that her energy level can come close to Lacey's. Kristin has a great voice and I heard her sing Fire Fire and was really good. If you are a Flyleaf fan, this album should not disappoint. It didn't for me.
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on March 17, 2014
For this CD i had went to many stores. These include Target, Walmart, Barnes and Noble and Best Buy. No one had this CD at all so i purchased it online. I got a digital copy right as i made the purchase so that i could listen to the soundtrack while i waited for CD to come in the mail.
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