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on December 12, 2001
New legends, like Halo, was originally was announced for the PC. Microsoft has since made this an XboX exclusive. This game is an Action/Adventure game with a twist of 3-D fighting. Your main character must destroy the evil that is plaguing the lands. Through out your adventure you will pick up weapons, mostly meelee weapons. You can dual wield (means use 2 weapons at a time) weapons, but some requires you to use 2 hands like axes and bow. Weapons and combinations will be associated with different combos, but there will be six main weapons you must get to progress in the game which will be from 6 warlords you must defeat. The enemies seem to spawn constantly so you will not run out of things to kill.
Having been just released, New legends might be a new game but
it will remind you of old school gaming. Why? It is simple yet
addicting. The graphics won't impress you, it doesn't take full advantage of XboX's potential and there is not excuse for it. The gameplay is what will make you stick to your TV, the variety of
weapons available and combos are just too many and the controls is quite easy. One thing you have to keep in mind is that however
many times you save, once you die you will restart that level,
one major flaw that will irritate you.
New legends is a good game, but its replayabity is questionable.
There are no modes or gametype you can choose, and no multiplayer
whatsoever. Might be an advisable rental. The game roughly is 5-7 hours to finish.
Graphics and sounds = 2/5
Gameplay = 4/5
Replayabilty = 1/5
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VINE VOICEon May 5, 2002
New Legends has gotten poor reviews from numerous sites due to its graphics, which are not up to par with other XBOX titles. This game, however, offers outstanding gameplay which fans of old school beat-em-ups like Final Fight will love. This game was developed by Infinite Machine, headed by the designer of the original Jedi Knight. Not surprisingly, this game has a lot in common with LucasArts' Obi-Wan, which happens to use the Jedi Knight engine. It has the same fun mission based kill-everyone-in-sight 3rd-person gameplay, but instead of wielding a lightsaber, you wield numerous weapons of Eastern theme, ranging from samurai swords to razor claws to guns. Being that you can hold one weapon in each hand, you can either spin around, slicing opponents as you go, or shoot opponents with a gun while at the same time hitting them with a sword attack from your other hand; there are two attack buttons, one for each hand. Though the action in the game is very repetitive (like any beat-em-up), the levels are diverse and a blast to play through. The graphics in this game are better than Obi-Wan, but more on the level of Dreamcast than XBOX. In addition, you also see sub-30fps framerates at points, which also detracts from the graphics. All in all, a worthwhile purchase due to its addictive gameplay, as long as you can get over the graphics.
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on March 10, 2002
I just got New Legends and I think it is one of the best games for Xbox (HALO is God). First of all, it's storyline isn't bad. The evil Xao Gon is trying to take over China and it's up to you, Sun Soo (not the best name) to save it by battling Xao Gon's army and defating the 5 generals (Xao Gon's half demon offspring). I like the concept of futeristic weapons like flechette gun and tank puncher (my favorite) meets historc blades and staffs like tiger claws, Soo blades, and the infinity staff. The cool thing about this game is you can wield two weopons at once (unless it's double handed). Every time you beat a general, you recieve a "Forbidden Blade of Heaven" like the axe hammer, triple wind, or chaos spear. You encounter different allies throughout the game that can help you out. The music is kind of annoying because it's some old Chinese guy singing very nasal Chinese lyrics. New Legends has a save feature which is very useful. The graphics aren't bad at least near your character. The characters (including allies and all enemies) probably have the best. Every thing else is well... so so. Not the best Xbox can do. AI is medioker (I could never spell that). If your allies see a huge band of difficult enemies coming, they would really just stand there until the bad guys were in range (either bad AI or they were just brave...). Also, your friends can't die if that effects that in any way.
-Good storyline
-Cool futeristic and historic weapons
-Good graphics around the main character
-You can use two weapons at a time
-N64 level graphics everywhere else
-Annoying music (in my opinion)
-The main bad guy has a really bad taste in clothing
If you like FPS games with OK graphics, New Legends is the game for you.
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on February 22, 2002
The game is quite enjoyable with all the charaters who help you through your mision, and the story is engaging. The best part of the game is the fighting. As you progress through the game you get more weapons that each have a multitiude of combinations and even more combinations when you combine various weapons. The enemies also fight well and react well to how you fight them. I would have given the game more stars except for a few things, The graphics are pretty poor for the x-box, the camera gets weird in tight spaces, the characters who are susposed to be helping you don't do a whole lot to help you, and finally there are glitches such as in certain areas my character would fall through the floor of bridges and die for no apparent reason and sometimes when I am fighting my character goes off in a direction that I don't want him to go. All in all I would say the pros out weigh the cons and anyone who likes a great fighting game with a good story should get New Legends.
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on February 21, 2002
You've been reading in the other reviews how wonderful this game is especially because of the many weapons the character may wield. Here are the "cons" to this game and they are substantial enough for me to wish I had never bought the game. Combat is elementary, bland, repetitive and, at times, quite annoying. The graphics are not to the level one would expect with Xbox. The story is weak. The most annoying element is the save feature. You cannot save as you go despite the menue and the process leading to this possible conclusion. This ends up being one of the most annoying and aggrevating features of the game. This game is definitly not worth your money. Imagine a worse version of Obi Wan.
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on June 6, 2005
new legends was just a bad game eveything about this game is horrible lets just list the pros/cons


the game was cheap


bad voice acting

horrible story plot

bad martial arts fighting
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HALL OF FAMEon October 16, 2002
The lack of a story line, confusing names, bad voice acting, and so-so graphics are the least of this game's problems. The worst aspect is the poor gameplay.
1) This has to be the worst of the worst: when you are hit, it takes 2-5 seconds to recover, during which time you cannot fight but will continue to take hits and damage from your enemies. It doesn't matter how hard you hit any buttons. Your character will spin for a few seconds and bleed away. And get this: when you hit an enemy, he doesn't suffer from this problem! So if you play this game, be prepared to die many unnecessary deaths.
2) While there's an impressive list of weapons in the game, many are very poorly implemented. Get a machine gun or shot gun, and you'll find that you can't really aim accurately. Sometimes... even when you aim and fire at the enemy, he doesn't suffer any damage! I don't know if this is a bug, or just another way for some sadistic programmer to make a gamer's life miserable.
3) Enemies are strong. As mentioned before, they don't get immobilized temporarily like your character does, and they are really tough... I'm talking about the non-bosses! And there's no difficulty option in this game.
4) Even though you can access the save screen at any time during the game, it doesn't really save the game at the point you think you are saving. Instead, when you load the game, it starts from the beginning of the mission! And what exactly constitutes a savable mission is also confusing.
In short, this is a terrible game. There's some fun factor in it, that's why I give it 2 stars instead of 1. But I truly think it'll take a few years off your lifespan because of its high degree of frustration.
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on March 23, 2002
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on March 2, 2002
New Legends is the type of game that could have been awesome for the Xbox, but ends up lacking in several key areas. The game has an interesting story and a very neat combat system, but the graphics are terrible.
The storyline keeps you interested, as you try and regain your kingdom in China. At first, things are a little confusing because of the way you view things. This can hurt some because you basically are thrust right into the game without a tutorial. But after awhile, things get easier and you start to progress with ease.
The game is your basic hack and slash third person game with the goal to kill your enemies and get to the end of the level. Occasionally, you have to complete tasks, like planting bombs or opening gates, but these are straightforward and usually easy to do. The game does get tougher later and figuring out how to complete certain levels can take a long time.
You can use up to two weapons at once, either one of two kinds of two of the same, and they can do some interesting combos. There is a lot to choose from, as well, from swords to bows to guns to other special weapons you get from beating regular enemies and bosses. The variation allows you to pick and choose what weapon is right for you, which is a plus.
What makes this game fun is working your way through some pretty huge levels. Each level looks different and has different characteristics, which is fun. Also, you have help from allies in most of the levels, although they tend to go off on their own, leaving you to dispatch the bad guys, which isn't hard.
That leads me to my next point. While I like facing easy enemies, the lack of variety can make fighting almost seem like a chore. There are only basically a few types of enemies and, while they vary what weapon they have, each is roughly the same. It gets to the point where you wonder if the developers developed the enemies last, although the bosses are very cool and present their own unique challenges.
The main problem with this game comes from the graphics. It looks like a Playstation game. That's the original Playstation, not the Playstation 2. Characters, for the most part, are blocky, as are the foregrounds. The motions are also very choppy and not at all smooth. There is also framerate slowdown like you wouldn't believe in certain parts of the game.
Another problem is that there are times when the gameplay stops momentarily to restart the music, which isn't worth restarting for the most part. Also, in order to check your goals when they change, you have to pause the game, which can get annoying. Finally, the camera angles swing around enough to make you seasick. It also can make fighting extremely difficult.
Overall, this is one of those "rent before you buy" games. Some people can look past the surface and see the great gameplay elements at the heart of New Legends. Others won't be able to look past the poor graphics.
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on March 10, 2002
i dont know why everyone is saying that this game is so bad. Its awesome. you can bust out combos with lots of different weapons. It has a defend button that lets you stop attackers in the middle of their move. its y k. this game takes you all over china blending all sorts of weapons. Awesome game man
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