New Model Softer? I read somewhere that Fisher-Price came out with a new model that was softer by the neck. The person said the new ones were either cream colored or pink and brown. Checking the Fisher-Price website it seems those models are sold exclusively at Target.

Does anybody know if there is anything different with those models other than the design? It seems unlikely that Fisher-Price would have made a change such as softening the plastic (or adding more cushion) and only selling those versions at Target.

We just brought our newborn home from the hospital and got the yellow one as a gift. My wife is very excited about this product as all her friends swear by it but reading some of these reviews does have me a little concerned. I'm now trying to find out if the Target version is actually softer (and less likely to cause neck issues) or if somebody imagined it and then posted.
asked by Keith on September 5, 2011
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i just bought the one from is not softer at all i laid her in it for 15 min maxx and picked her up and her little head was already red...her bouncer does the same thing for half the price
Jonathan A. Brown answered on October 12, 2011
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