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on November 21, 2011
Updated Review of the New Trent Airbender 1.0 - Wireless Bluetooth Clamshell iPad Keyboard Case. Compatible: iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPad 2. (upgraded version)

This is not your Grandfather's iPad accessory!

Gone are the days of hybrid, add-on, "sort-of-kind-of", considerations of converting your iPad gen 2, 3 or 4 into a productivity platform. Thanks to this updated version the Airbender 1.0 Bluetooth Keyboard Case for the iPad gen 2/3/4, you now have a business class iPad productivity system that will rival your and Netbook class notebook for portable business output.

Thanks to Newtrent's engineering and quality considerations the Airbender 1.0 Bluetooth Keyboard Case for the iPad gen 2/3/4 is designed to convert your iPad into a full-time notebook.

Gone are the earlier versions were the lid could be removable. Gone are the earlier versions where the keyboard was cramped due to extra real-estate being devoted to iPad auto-off magnets. Simply snap your iPad gen 2, 3 or 4 securely into the confidence building protective Airbend lid, quickly pair the keyboard to your iPad via reliable Bluetooth connectivity and away you go!

The Airbender 1.0 Bluetooth Keyboard Case for the iPad gen 2/3/4 has a "front tooth" tab that only allows you to close the lid in one orientation, but it now positively guarantees every time instant auto-offs of your iPad simply by closing the lid, thereby helping save valuable battery life.

The Airbender 1.0 Bluetooth Keyboard Case for the iPad gen 2/3/4 has a non-removable lid extension and a molded two position lid-ledge affording a mind boggling 56 different combined portrait and landscape screen angles to choose from.
While traveling public transit and using the screen in portrait mode, on my lap I never had the screen and keyboard slip or falter.
The Airbender 1.0 Bluetooth Keyboard's reach is improved, offering better touch typing ease as it also supplies a smart row of Function (fn) keys giving your iPad productivity short-cuts to everything from cut/copy/paste to audio and media controls to screen brightness.
Thanks to lighting quick Bluetooth pairing with your iPad, a long-life USB-B (cord included) charging port advertising 500+ charge cycles of battery life, and durable, elegant and professional construction, the Airbender 1.0 Bluetooth Keyboard Case for the iPad gen 2/3/4 is not well suited for someone who is wishy-washy about using their iPad as a tablet one moment and longing for a full business-class productivity platform the next.

Instead this Airbender 1.0 is perfect for the iPad productivity user who wants a 22mm thin powerhouse of efficiency transforming your iPad from a toy to a notebook.

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on November 3, 2011
You can't have it all, but this keyboard really gives you more than most at a budget concious price which makes this an outstanding value. This is my third ipad case in as many months due to the fact that the others just did not deliver on expectation and need. However after tooling around with this keyboard case for less than 30 minutes, it's easy to see that it is a fully functional accessory with exceptional tactile response and my speed of typing vs the native on-screen keyboard and a input speed increased by a factor of 5. In addition the screen can be placed in 3 angles for either landscape or portrait layout providing for a total of 6 different screen viewing options. The keyboard itself can be removed from the case to provide a much more ergonomic setup when sitting at a desk or table. Matching feature for feature and all-around versatility places this New Trent bluetooth accessory keyboard case at the top of it's class. I've seen the others constructed with expensive materials and maybe a sleeker look, but I'm on a budget and looking for performance. The performance of the IMP39B is unparalled in the industry and is my top recommendation for anyone that requires speedy input package to get up and go!
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on January 13, 2012
I am typing this review on the keyboard right now. I read the previous reviews, and I think New Trent must have made some revisions, because most of the negative comments I read do not seem to apply here.

I have fairly large hands, but I can touch type on this keyboard quite easily, with very little mis-pressed keys. The right shift key is, as previously stated, located in a weird place, but this is not a huge issue to me. The keys are very tactile and responsive, a fact that I really like.

Two previous issues mentioned by other reviewers seem to have been resolved:
1. iPad cannot be charged while case is closed: Not true... I charge my iPad every night while sleeping, and the charging connector plugs right in, even with the case closed. Other reviewers have said that they need to slightly open the case for the cord to plug in, but this does not seem to be an issue anymore. I just wish the keyboard charger had a wall outlet as well so I could charge the iPad and the keyboard at the same time. I might purchase a USB to A/C adapter so that I can do this. The cutout on the side of the case accomodates the iPad charging cord just fine.

2. iPad falls out of keyboard case when closed: They must have fixed this as well, because there are notches on the iPad portion of the case, which not only clips the iPad into the base (keyboard portion) when folded up/closed, but also serves the steady the iPad even better when standing in the keyboard base. Other reviewers have said that the iPad simply sits in the keyboard base when closed for storage and that it easily falls out when carrying. They suggested adding a clip or wrapping a band around the closed unit to keep it together, but the clips I previously mentioned seem to keep the two halves together. You even have to depress two side clips to release the iPad from the base when opening.

I wondered, before buying, what to do with the keyboard when you simply wanted to hold your iPad and use the touch screen functions. Did the keyboard tuck under the iPad, or did I have to set it aside? Well, unfortunately, you don't seem to be able to put the keyboard securely under the iPad and carry it around. I either have to set the keyboard aside, or rest the iPad in the keyboard tray loosely, which is fine if I am merely resting the whole thing in my lap, but not so good if I want to hold the iPad in my hands.

I'm not a fan of the iPad's thinness. I prefer a bit of bulk so that I feel secure carrying it around. The naked iPad feels much too vulnerable and thin to me, so I like the back cover that comes with this keyboard. It doesn't add a huge amount of bulk, but enough for me to feel better carrying it around. I would really like New Trent to find a way to securely put the keyboard behind the tablet for times when you want to just use the tablet by itself, so I don't have to figure out what the heck to do with the other half of my case.

Bluetooth linking is extremely easy, so no worries there. I love the dedicated buttons on the top row of the keyboard for volume, brightness, media functions, cut, copy, paste, etc. The only other changes, aside from the one mentioned above, would be perhaps more colors available. Not that big a deal, just would be cool.

So, to sum up my rather lengthy review, I really like my keyboard/case and would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a keyboard/case combo for a decent price.
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on August 21, 2013
I bought this for my wife and she has only used a few times. We had it for only 2 months (I would say she only charged it twice). We went to charge the 3rd time and won't charge.

We contacted support and clearly they have not idea what their product is! Here is the questions they sent me and my responses. They asked if I tried the battery on other devices. This is a non removable battery, then asked if I help down the power button. There is no way to do this as it is a mechanical switch that is on or off. I will update as this goes on...


Can I ask you what seem to be the issue can you explain in detail of the defect for me to assess and further assist you.

- I turn on the keyboard and I can't connect to the iPad, appearing the battery is dead. I plug in the charger and the charger light does not come on and no matter how long it sits it never charges.

Can you please discharge the battery and fully charge it to see if that revitalizes the battery cells?

- It is already discharged, it won't charge.

Have you tired the battery on multiple devices?(May we please know which devices?)

- This makes no since to me at all. This is Airbender case : NT38B/IMP38B with a built-in Li Ion battery (non-removable). you can
remove the battery!

Have you tried using other USB cables?

- Yes, we have tried micro-USB cables and chargers.

May we please know if you are using the original ac wall charger that came with the device?If not, may I please know what charger did you use?

- There was no charger that came with this device. It states to use your orginal iPad Charger, which we are doing...

Are the lights flashing during charge or coming on when power button is engaged? May I know how the flashing pattern is?

- There are no light coming on when trying to charge.

Did you hold the power button long for 2-5 seconds for the battery to turn ON when unit is not plugged into power source?

- I don't think you know the product at all. Please go to your website to look at the product ([...])! the power button is a slider that clicks to off or on, there is no button to push or hold. Yes I have clicked to on and have tried off. No change in any postio
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on December 4, 2014
First, I should mention that I had one of the earliest version of this iPad cover which had one fatal flaw: the clasp broke and after that the clamshell would never stay shut. That issue seems to be fixed with this version of the Airbender, but at the cost of a few features I enjoyed in the previous version. Bottom line: This version does seem improved and worth the money if you travel, your iPad needs protection, and/or you want easy keyboarding.

Shared attributes between old and new cases: Plastic. Lightweight. Rotates 360. Adjustable viewing angles. Bluetooth. Soft-touch keys. Good keyboard footprint. Stable typing surface even while on lap. Easy access to all controls.

Airbender (1st version): Shiny smooth plastic with "hammered" or "clotted" effect; regardless, it was hard to hold onto sometimes. Awesome little storage "pocket" to carry the mini-USB charger cable. Weird and easily lost / misplaced silicone cover to protect iPad face from keyboard. Also, I would often accidentally press the lock button instead of Delete key--Oops! iPad while still in the cover was detachable from keyboard which allowed me to just use the tablet or use the keyboard with other devices, but easily put them back together again.

Airbender NT38B (this new version): Velvety plastic which makes it comfortable to hold and touch. Very lightweight. Looks modern and professional, perfect for the boardroom. Nice little rubber feet in various places keeps it steady, quiet, and my iPad screen free of keyboard impressions. Doesn't seem to be detachable, but maybe I'm simply not applying enough force (but what I have been applying seems really excessive and I'd hate to break it trying to find out).

Just for kicks, I also connected the Airbender Bluetooth keyboard to an iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4 Active; it worked great and without issue for both of those.
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on November 20, 2011

For the person who wants a light and versatile setup with a keyboard with good battery life, the IMP39B is a handy product to have.

This is a useful keyboard "kit" consisting of four items: the keyboard, the USB charging cable for the keyboard, the stand, and the back cover for your iPad 2. Below I will compare the IMP39B to the IMP38B.

I have been and will be making use of the IMP39B package in situations which may have little space or weight allotment to store my iPad yet wish to have it handy for writing and/or note-taking, reading, web surfing, etc.

I will probably use the IMP39B back case with my PadPivot [...] (a product I purchased as a supporter when it was on KickStarter [...]. The PadPivot will allow me to place the iPad 2 on my knee when using various forms of transport, and I may not use the keyboard under those conditions.

I can rest the entire, integrated/connected IMP38B on my knees or lap and use the keyboard, although it is awkward.

I will still be using my IMP38B for extended travel when I will be using it on tabletops for writing, reading, note-taking, web surfing, etc. because everything stays together with the IMP38B, while you can use the IMP39B all together or all separately. They are different; mostly similar, fairly equal, although I find the IMP38B overall a bit more satisfactory for my needs.

THE IMP39B Has a wider keyboard than the IMP38B (almost 1" wider!) which makes extended keyboard use a lot more comfortable. Not sure why anyone thinks either keyboard is better than the Apple Wireless Keyboard w/out Keypad, which I use daily with my iMac. Nevertheless, the IMP39B and IMP38B keyboards do the job when on the road. The silicone cover gives a nice tactile feel and keeps out the cat hairs from our three felines. It is also easy to clean and to dry. Both the IMP39B and IMP38B include a keyboard cover in the package.

The IMP39B keyboard can be completely removed from the case. The IMP38B keyboard remains attached to the case, but you can slide it out/away from the iPad far enough to make for comfortable typing.

The extra function keys on each of the keyboards are a nice touch.

Pairing is easy and "lasting" with either keyboard, unless you pair it to another device, then you have to re-pair. My Jawbone headset, which also uses Bluetooth, can be paired to two different devices without having to re-pair when you move from one device to another. This would be a nice feature to have in both keyboards.

The IMP39B has a click-on cover to protect the back of your iPad. The transluscent keyboard cover helps keep the screen of your iPad 2 from having direct contact with the keyboard when you nest it, face down, in the bottom part of the case.

The IMP39B case provides three positions for landscape or portrait viewing. You can also position the case quite far away or at a different height from that of the keyboard, since they can be completely separated.

However, for portrait mode you'll need to weigh down the case so the iPad 2 does not tip over if you want to use the keyboard outside of the case. Using the landscape position works with the keyboard in or out of the case, without needing to weigh down the case.

I prefer the rubberized texture of the IMP38B case, although it adds a bit of weight. The IMP39B has a rectangular panel of leather on the back which is not as *grippy* as the rubberized version. Also, on the IMP39B I have, one edge of the leather panel is slightly raised; I expect it to eventually snag on something and then to pull away frome the back cover. However, I'm careful with my stuff, so that may not happen.

It is harder to remove the back cover of the IMP39B from the iPad 2 than either the IMP38B or the Arcadia back cover (just a cover). So, I've chosen to use the Arcadia back cover, which also works with my Smart Cover from Apple when I am using the IMP39B. The iPad 2, with the Arcadia back cover and my Smart Cover nests over the bottom piece of the case, which also holds the keyboard and its charging cable.

The USB keyboard charging cable provided for the IMP39B and IMP38B appear to be the same. Yet, there's not an easy, neat way to store the cable in the IMP39B case.

When preparing to nest the iPad 2 and back cover into the bottom part of the case (where the keypad also rests) you *can* fold the cable into the space where you stand the iPad 2 when in use. However, you can't reliably clip or tuck it in, and it's likely to fall out when you open the case. There's really no safe place to put the cable when you are using the keyboard.

Storing the cable in the IMP38B is easy - there's a little sliding compartment near the back where the cable lives unless you need to use it. Safe, out of the way, less likely to be misplaced.

WISHLIST for IMP40B, maybe?

I'd love to have a keyboard set with the rubberized feel of the IMP38B, the connection of the back case to a pivot as in the IMP38B *but* with the ability to slide the back case free from the IMP38B pivot when I'd like to have it to use alone.

I'd like to be able to use the back cover with my Smart Cover for storage/travel and when I want to just slip into a situation with the back cover and Smart Cover and not use a keyboard - say when at the movies, or in a meeting where the sound of keys being typed upon is not welcome.

I would like to be able to store my keyboard charging cable and my iPad2 cable together in the case. Being able to store the charging (AC power) plug would be nice, but does not seem practical.

I would definitely prefer the wider keyboard of the IMP39B versus that of the IMP38B.

I would like a way to keep the case from falling open without my having to hold on to it. The IMP38B has a latch, but the IMP39B does not. I am currently using a Book Bungee (by Levenger) to neatly and simply hold my IMP 39B together, but I wish for a more integrated solution.

Would really like to be able to pair with two devices (e.g., iPad 2 and iPhone 4G S or iPod Touch 4) instead of having to re-pair when switching devices.

Definitely still want the transluscent keyboard cover, the good battery life, and the overall NewTrent value for the money to be included.

That's a wrap!
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on August 11, 2012
Let me preface this review by saying I'm writing it -- literally -- at 0334 on a Friday night / Saturday morning. What would compel me to write a review at this time of night? Mathematically:

Airbender-encased iPad2 + 44oz Soda + Nyquil x dachshund = spill

Allow me to explain.

I went to bed (early) after taking a Nyquil because I didn't feel well. My wife came home with my favorite drink, a "Route 44" Diet Dr. Pepper (with vanilla and creme) from Sonic. Seeing that I was nearly asleep, she set the drink on my nightstand but in my Nyquil-enduced near-comatose state, I failed to process her saying "I brought you a Coke".

(We're in Texas...all carbonated beverages are "Cokes". But I digress...)

Our friendly, overweight, well-meaning dachshund awoke around 3 and needed to go outside. Again, in my tranquil (Nyquil) slumber, I didn't hear his whine to be let out and, the urge obviously too great a burden to bear, he dropped a deuce. In our bedroom. At the foot of the bed. Said decue began to smell, which (ironically) DID wake me up.

I then entered into the following "conversation" with my wife:

Me: "I think the dog pooped."

Her: "What?"

Me: "Howie. Pooped. In here, I think. It SMELLS like it's in here."

Her: "What?"

Me: "I wonder if it's in here..."

At which point I proceeded to reach for the lamp on my nightstand...

Very quickly (and in spite of the Nyquil) I realized what had happened. Let's just say 44 ounces of "Coke" makes an unforgettable sound as it lands on your iPad.

Me: "CRAP*, CRAP*, CRAP*" (Note: this isn't actually what I said. But it's pretty darn close.)

At any rate, and as you've probably figured out by now, the "soda" (for your northerners who have read along this far) had been spilled. Onto my iPad.

I sprang into action (I am a firefighter when I'm not spilling drinks) and immediately began to triage the scene. My priority patient was quite obviously the iPad, and apparently in critical condition was the next-most-valuable thing visible: my recently-acquired New Trent Airbender ClamShell Keyboard Case.

As you have probably figured out by now, neither was damaged by the spill. I attribute this, solely, to the Airbender Case.

Now, I am not recommending that you try to re-create this scenario to test the case, nor am I saying that the case is waterproof (or Diet Dr. Pepper-proof). What I AM saying is that I spilled 44 ounces of deliciousness on my iPad and keyboard case, and everything -- EVERYTHING -- still works.

Buy. This. Case.
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on September 1, 2012
I don't often write a review and I've never given a one-star rating, but this product--or at least the one I received--had such a poor keyboard that I spent nearly as much time erasing failed keystrokes as I did typing. The space bar was bowed down at both ends, and it only worked if pressed right in the middle. The 'a' key jammed on a couple of occasions, and on one occasion the only way I could stop the repeating was to do a hard shut down. The 'a' and 's' keys both required pressure to the right of center to work, otherwise nothing registered.
In addition to those manufacturing issues, there is a serious design flaw, IMO. The shift key on the right side is small and outside the page-up key, so often when I went to capitalize, the cursor would instead move up a line and I would get a lower case letter 'a' or 's' in the wrong place.
There are some clever design aspects to the product, but the implementation is so bad that it made me less productive, rather than more.
All keyboards take some time to get used to them, so to be fair I used this for over a week. I can stand the pain no more.
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on August 4, 2012
I ordered this so that I can sit at my kitchen island and respond to emails on my iPad3. I read reviews on Amazon and CNET and decided on this product. It looks nice and, at first glance, appears to be of good quality but I'm very disappointed in the functionality of this product. First of all, getting the screen to the right viewing angle causes the whole thing to topple backwards clumsily. Secondly, typing is uncomfortable and unreliable as the keys only work if you press firmly yet quickly, resulting in a lot of this: "Amazn"... backspace and try again... "Amazoooon". So frustrating! This one is going back!
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on November 12, 2012
Overall this keyboard case was good when it was in one piece. When I first got this keyboard case, I liked almost everything about it except that the hinge was very tight. I didn't think it was too much of an issue but it turn out to be a huge problem. I'm a very careful user and never dropped this keyboard case or let it crash into other things. The case hardly shows any signs of wear and use. But still, this morning I felt the hinge suddenly become loose, and upon inspection, I realized that the plastic holding the hinge in place was cracked. Like I said earlier, I never had this hinge bump into anything and this is a result of normal use. Then I checked the design of this hinge, and it seems like that every time you open the case, the metal piece of the hinge will exert pressure on its plastic casing, and overtime weakens the plastic piece, causing it to crack. I'm not quite sure if this happens to everyone but I think it is safe to assume that if you have a tight hinge, given the way it works, it is almost certain that this hinge will crack the plastic piece open sooner or later.
review image
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