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on August 21, 2010
I have purchased many items for my Iphones in the past, but never felt compelled to write a review until now.
I recently purchased the New Trent IMP880 8900mAh External battery pack to go with my new Iphone 4. I am a mobile professional who uses my Iphone 4 for my business needs and can't afford for my phone's battery to not be at full charge. As any Iphone 4 user will tell you, the battery on this new Iphone is terrible. The first place I went to look for a charger is New Trent. Why?? I have purchased several external chargers from them in the past and their products AND service have ALWAYS met my needs.

Now on to specifics of the device. It looks like an external hard drive, but it looks sleek and and has a rubber feel to it that makes for the perfect tactile sensation. I never feel like I am going to drop it. The ports are clearly marked and the on/off button is big and easy to press. When you connect your device and turn on the IMP880, a cool blue led light lights up markers on the side to show you how much charge the IMP880 has left. It looks like something out of a futuristic movie and has a Wow factor when people see it. I had 3 people at the doctor's office ask me what it was and even the non-tech people were impressed!

From a functional standpoint, the IMP880 is an impressive beast - in that it provides up to 500% of the Iphone's battery life. I have already fully charged my Iphone 4 three times without needing to charge the IMP880 yet.
I can't stress how convenient that is - not needing a computer or wall outlet to charge up my phone.

The IMP880 comes with several different attachments and an impressive cord specifically for the Iphone 4. The last charger I had, the cord would frequently come loose, but this one is a solid fit with perfect length.
When I went to Disney last year, I used a New Trent charger for my Iphone 3G and words can't express how convenient that was. These things are small and easily fit in your pocket or backpack etc..

Here's the rest of what came in the IMP880 box:

Imp880 external battery pack
A Regular USB cable for charging cell phone device
iPhone adapter for 4G 3Gs 3G iPhone, 3G iPad and iTouch
MiniUSB adapter for Blackberry, Tour, Curve and Bold
MicroUSB adapter for Blackberry, Storm
UL certified AC Wall Outlet plug with voltage range 100V-240V suitable for worldwide travelers
English user manual

Last but not least is the manufacturer's service. I could do an entire review on New Trent, but I will give you the highlights. Before I purchased the IMP880, I emailed the company some questions. Not only did I get an immediate response back (10 minutes), but I believe the owner himself responded. Mr. Huong is his name and he was more than happy to answer my questions in a clear and enthusiastic manner. I rarely see this in today's business world. Secondly, my dog chewed up my ac wall outlet plug to charge the IMP880 and I didn't know what to do. I contacted New Trent and Mr. Huong quickly responded to my email(minutes again)and arranged for me to get a replacement. That folks, is service and how business should be.

In conclusion, if you are in need of an external charger for you mobile device, these products by New Trent are second to none. Great build quality, functionality and customer service that is truly customer friendly and
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on January 4, 2012
Enjoy my video review as I showcase the device and its peripherals. I also show how it charges various devices. At the end I compare it to the Energizer XP4001.
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on February 28, 2011
Bought one of these IMP880 batteries from Idealpoint. Nice looking battery, great stats, but didn't hold a full charge and I couldn't quite get 3 full iPhone recharges on it (it's rated for 5) so I contacted Idealpoint from whom this was purchased through Amazon. Wow, talk about great customer service. As I didn't have time to deal with a lengthy return process as I needed this battery ASAP for a vacation just around the corner, they really took care of me, shipping out a new one while I sent back the defective one. Seriously beyond my expectations and I got the replacement just in time - whew! Thanks Idealpoint and Sammy who took care of me!

About the battery - well, great stats, great looks, portable (although you need to carry it's own AC adapter charger with you, but that's not such a big problem), and functionality is nice. But reliability? Well, the first was bad, and the replacement, although it's holding a charge and I assume I'll get 5 full iPhone recharges out of it (gotten 2 already, will post with update if there is a problem), this 2nd one doesn't fully recharge either of my 2 iPhones fully (only to 92% on my older 3GS, and only 95% on my wife's new iPhone), before it turns off by itself (the first defective one charged each to 100% full). So...well, that's not such a big problem, but it makes me worry if this replacement is going to last with the electronics not working ideally. Thus, the 4 stars and that's on faith that I'm going to get at or near the 5 full iPhone recharges as stated, else I'm going to have to return it and go with another model I guess - perhaps the 1100 maH one. We'll see, but if you see no "UPDATE" on this review, then it otherwise worked fine, and gets the overall 4 stars with the caveats mentioned above...

UPDATE (March 2011): Okay, it's not looking good for the IMP880. Got 3 full recharges and 7% on the attempted 4th (so 3.07 recharges) - that is a FAIL. Plus it only recharged to 95% at best on my wife's phone, so when you take that into account, it's actually the same as the first one I returned - less than 3 recharges. I will fully recharge this fully drained IMP880 overnight for over the stated 7 hours but I'm NOT IMPRESSED. As an electrical engineer, I can state that the phones were on standby & were unused with no texts or phone calls received (bluetooth and wifi were off) so the light periodic "chirps" to the base stations should only have accounted for 1%-2% of effective extra drain on the IMP880 at the most for the approx. 1 hour charge cycle which doesn't come to a fraction of accounting for being an entire 2 iPhone recharges short of its stated rated charging capacity. I expect after one more full test with a 100% full complete solid recharge (from dead, fully drained)that I'll know for sure if this is going back and I'm going to have to try another model or brand. I don't recall seeing anyone doing a thorough test on these IMP880's to verify their stated capacity - 2 in a row shows something is seriously wrong with these...

UPDATE (5/4/11): Returned my 2nd (bad) IMP880 to New Trent last month for testing & sought an e-mail exchange with the engineers at New Trent to get to the bottom of this. As an electrical engineer, I provided my detailed test results for both batteries, and over several weeks time of e-mail exchanges regarding my and their own personal retesting, it turns out New Trent did have a production (factory) side problem with a batch of their batteries, as is obvious by the 2 failed IMP880's in a row that I purchased. Although going through all this uncertainty over such a long period of time was not fun, New Trent customer service (Sammy) and engineers/testers (John, Helen, Vivian) really spent much time with me to get to the heart of this matter, always taking my concerns seriously, and testing an IMP880 off the factory floor personally to find and guarantee one that would charge an iPhone 3G(s) 5 times as advertised and rated. All of this without any cost to ship my failed batteries back, and no cost to send me each replacement to me! I finally finished testing this 3rd IMP880 and WOW, this is how these batteries are supposed to work! This IMP880 works not just as advertised, but better - I got a full, entire 5.36 recharges (from 0% dead iPhone to 100% 5x then a 6th charge up to 36%). Thank you John, Vivian & Helen!

For those that want to know if they have a bad battery from the production problems New Trent had (which they're now looking into and correcting), you should ideally see how many full charges you can get (0% to 100%) after having your IMP880 fully charged over night (keep a log so you don't lose track). If you don't want to go through this hassle, then here's the quick test to get a pretty good idea: Charge your IMP880 over night then unplug it. An hour later turn it on. If you see 4 LED lights, then it's holding a charge, and should likely be good! Each of the first two failed IMP880's I received would NOT hold 4 LED's for more than 1 minute after charging over night (meaning it could not hold a charge in addition to not having capacity to charge an iPhone more than ~3x).

So my FINAL REVIEW and comment is this: Once you get a proper, fully functional IMP880, you will be quite impressed - at least 5 full charges for the iPhone (3G(S) tested in my case), and if you don't, New Trent will stand by their product more than 100%, providing for a free return to them and a new unit sent out for free, and even time via e-mail to talk with their engineers and product testers if you really want to. What better customer service could anyone possibly ask for? I'm VERY PLEASED overall with the final result, and highly recommend this company who stands by their products, makes no excuses, and wants very clearly to build their reputation via the best customer service possible, with a very good product (that has had some hiccups admittedly, but you now know how to test yours and you know they'll take care of you if you had one of the bad batches).
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on June 5, 2010
Let's face it, the battery life on the iPhone is awful. While I don't see myself as any sort of power user, I'm lucky if I end the day with 5% left on the phone. I chose New Trent (formerly iMaxPower) because I rarely see products from any company on Amazon that are consistently rated 4 1/4 ro 5 stars across the board. Every review praised the quality of the product, and even better - the technical support.

I needed a case with battery for my new iPhone, as well as a standalone booster charger because our family is going on a 6-hour plane trip and I need the iPhone to last the entire trip. My kids are also bringing their DSi, so we needed the booster to charge that as well.

So this review covers all of the New Trent products I purchased: the IMP130, IMP550, and IMP880.


The IMP130 is an iPhone case that contains an integrated 1700mAh battery. That battery is higher capacity (according to wiki) than the one in the iPhone 3GS (which is supposedly around 1219mAh). Capacity isn't everything; battery quality varies greatly. After using the IMP130 for a week or so, I estimate the it to effectively double my time between charges.

The IMP130 case completely covers the iPhone (other comparable cases leave the top exposed). To put the iPhone in the case, you detach the top of the IMP130 case and slide the iPhone into the bottom part, where it docks to the standard Apple connector built into the case. You then have the option to re-attach the top piece, providing protection to the top of your iPhone, or leaving it off. The only reason to choose to leave the top part off is that when the IMP130 is fully assembled, access to the iPhone buttons is difficult at best. You need to use your fingernail to mute the phone and access the volume controls. I hope New Trent addresses this in a future version. The standby button and headphone jack are much more easily accessible. NOTE: If you do decide to leave the top off the case, there is not much friction holding the iPhone in the bottom part of the case. It feels secure, but I would not trust it - I don't think the designers expected you to use it that way, but the case design is very clean even without the top piece (as if it was designed with that in mind). I find no degradation in 3G signal due to the case, nor are the speakers degraded.

Now the best part - for those of you who (like me) have a full-body Invisible Shield on your iPhone, the phone WILL stil completely fit in the the IMP130! I have not heard of that with any other case.

The IMP130 is about 3/4 the weight of the iPhone, so it almost doubles the overall weight. It also adds a bit of bulk around all sides - but provides a good feel in your hands. The texture of the case provides a good amount of grip, but I still prefer the grip the Invisible Shield provides. To me, the IMP130 case could use a little more anti-slip texture.

The IMP130 is charged through a standard Micro USB cable (included). Say good-bye to the proprietary iPhone cable. This is a very good thing. The case has an on/off switch in the bottom. When the switch is Off, you are running on your iPhone battery. When the switch is On, you are still using the iPhone battery, but it is being charged at the same time by the IMP130 battery. When the IMP130 finally gives out, the "charging" indicator on your iPhone turns off and you are solely using the iPhone battery. Whether the switch is on or off, you can still sync through the Micro USB cable. Any off-the-shelf Micro USB cable will work with this product. Here's the typical scenario: you come home with your iPhone at 90% charge and your IMP130 at 0%. You connect the cable to your PC to do your sync. The IMP130 begins to charge and the iPhone starts to charge once the IMP130 has enough juice. After a couple of hours, both are at 100%. The IMP130 has 3 LED indicators that show the current charge (100%/66%/33%/0%).

Finally - and this is a GREAT one - the IMP130 has a built-in super-bright white LED that can be used as a flashlight (say good-bye to those stupid "flashlight apps"). It also solves the problem of those impossible low-light pictures. The LED has a switch to turn it on or off.

In all, the IMP130 is really a great product. The only negative is the hard-to-access volume and mute controls. And remember, if you have an Invisible Shield full body wrap, it WILL fit in the case nicely.


While the IMP130 is great, there's no way it will take the iPhone on a 6-hour flight of pure video and 3D games. So that's why I also got the IMP550. This is a brand new product from New Trent. It's the big brother of the IMP130 (much bigger in fact). It has a very large 5500mAh capacity. That pretty much quadruples the iPhone battery.

Unlike the IMP130, this case does not fully enclose the iPhone; it leaves the top exposed - granting easy access to all of the iPhone buttons. The case is lined with a velvety material which not only feels neat, it helps keep the iPhone in place. An iPhone with a full-body wrap Invisible Shield DOES fit in the case.

Also unlike the IMP130, the sync interface is not Micro USB, but rather standard Apple. That means there is no cable included with the IMP550; you can use your original cable that came with your iPhone.

Because this is a serious battery, the case adds serious weight to your iPhone, as well as bulk - mostly overall thickness. However, unless you have very small hands, I think you will find that the case feels much more comfortable in your hands than the iPhone itself. I find it to be quite ergonomic. I also find the grip of the IMP550 to be slightly superior to that of the IMP130.

The IMP550 does not have an on/off switch; it provides a charge to the iPhone when it needs to. Like the IMP130, you will charge both the case and the iPhone while you are connected to your PC, wall charger, or car charger.

Personally, I don't think the IMP550 is suited to be a full-time case solution for your iPhone. It is simply too bulky and heavy for that (as is any other 5000+ mAh battery case). It's great for long trips, golf courses, or any other time you will not have access to a charger for many many hours.

Sadly, the IMP550 has no flashlight LED (maybe on their next revision?). Three LEDs indicate charge, and a fourth tells you if the IMP550 is charging your iPhone.

In summary - another 5-star product.


When I am on that long trip, my iPhone is covered by the IMP550. But what about my kid's DSi and my wife's smartphone (not everyone has an iPhone)... New Trent has that covered, too. The IMP880 is a standalone battery that charges a multitude of devices. It has a staggering 8800mAh of capacity - almost two IMP550 worth, or roughly 6-7 times the capacity of an iPhone. That's some serious capacity. The unit is quite small - about the size of a man's wallet. It weighs about the same as a man's wallet (before a Vegas trip).

Four LEDs indicate battery charge and a Test button lets you know the current capacity. NewTrent made a Youtube video demonstrating this unit. In that video, they say you need to turn the unit on by holding down the Test button for 5 seconds before you charge something. I find that the unit always charges a device if needed; maybe I have a newer revision.

The battery may be small, but the wall adapter used to charge the IMP880 is not. The Youtube video shows a nice, small wall-wart. My unit came with a very bulky in-line AC adapter. It is larger than the IMP550 itself. Not a big deal, but much larger than I expected. Remember, the AC adapter is something you pack in your suitcase; you carry the small IMP880 on the plane fully charged.

The IMP880 can charge a variety of items, and has several ports:
DC-IN jack connects to the AC adapter. This is how you charge the IMP880 from the wall.
DC-OUT jack is only used for charging specific notebook PCs. My unit included a cable for this, but I am not certain NewTrent will support notebook charging going forward. I do not see notebook devices listed as charge targets any longer on their website.
Type-A USB connector is used to charge your iPhone, Blackberry or DSi.

At this point, I need to speak about the USB cable that is included with the IMP880. The IMP880 replaces a smaller charger called the IMP500. This was the workhorse of the imaxPower line of products. In fact, the IMP550 is basically the IMP500 designed into an iPhone case. The reason I bring up the IMP500 is that - like the IMP880 - it charges devices through a USB cable. This cable has a standard USB-A connector on one end, and a generic adapter on the other. You can configure the cable for different devices by connecting a different plug on the adapter end. That way, you can use the USB cable to charge an iPhone, or Blackberry, or DSi, etc. The USB cable that was included with the IMP500 had a FEMALE adapter on the end. All of the flavors of connectors had a male adapter. The USB cable that is included with the IMP880 has a MALE adapter on the end. All of the flavors of connectors have a female adapter.

So what does this mean? For me, it meant a slight problem when I tried to use the IMP880 to charge my kid's DSi. You see, neither the IMP880 nor IMP500 come with a DSi adapter. Not a problem - the website clearly points that out. So when I purchased the IMP880, I also bought the only DSi adapter they sold (it was about $5). Unfortunately, that adapter is male, and only fits the IMP500 cable. It will not fit the USB cable that came with the IMP880.

My solution was to then buy an IMP500 USB cable. NewTrent sells them, and so does EBay. But that means I now have one cable that only fits the DSi adapter, and another cable that fits all my other devices. Plus, I had to spend money on the extra cable. NewTrent says they are working on the problem, and will standardize on the cable.

Again, this was only a problem for me because I wanted to charge a DSi. All my other charging needs are met with the cable that comes with the IMP880.
By the time you read this, the issue may have been resolved, but contact the company if you intend to use the IMP880 to charge a DSi (or consider getting the IMP500 instead).

When the IMP880 is charging a device, the IMP880 remains cool. I believe the main reason for this is that NewTrent has a current limiter in the IMP880 that keeps charging current lower than what you get from a wall or PC. Devices will charge slightly slower, but the IMP880 will not get hot.

On those very long trips, the IMP880 can charge either the IMP550 or IMP130 directly. NOTE: I am told by the company that this is not a wise thing to do on a daily basis, but a few times on a long trip is fine.

Because of the adapter compatibility issue, I'd have to give the IMP880 4 stars. I'd ding it more for the trouble I went through, except it just works so darned good. I had the time to get the adapter issue straightened out; had I discovered this the day before my trip, I'd not be so happy.

A word about NewTrent customer service: EXCELLENT. I had a couple of questions that I sent via E-mail. I asked if someone could call me back, and I got a phone call within 10 minutes - from the owner of the comapny. Show me one other company where this happens.

Three great products from a great company. The customer support quality is amazing. What is also amazing is how poorly written the instruction booklets are. If you want to see the devices in action, there are videos on the website that explain it all, but hopefully this review did that as well.
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on September 16, 2010
Listen, for a more detailed explanation, you can read "Brian Fuchs" comments....but, for the more shorter, consumer-ready version, just read this...

YEAH, it works on my iPad3G AND iPod Touch 4,3 and 2 gens~!!

it comes with this "curly-looking" connector that says "iPad Only", but you can use this for connecting to the iPod Touch(es) too!!

I commute every day with this thing in my Backpack, charging whichever "Apple" goodies I'm carrying that day(usually, I have the iPad3G in the backpack, iPod Touch in breast pocket)and it doesn't overheat!!

GREAT JOB, Trent Products...just what the consumer needs, a really small size AND Powerful output!!!!

"5" thumbs up (and Stars too!)Rating....
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on December 4, 2009
It is easy to use. It can power up my iphone through a USB cable and be recharged up through AC charger. By now, I have used Imax Power IMP880 to charge my iphone three times and it still has half of the battery. By the way, it's comparatively small, so I can put both of it and iphone in my coat pocket.
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on August 23, 2010
The first battery I bought stopped working after a few days and since I had thrown away the packing material I figured it would be too hard to return. I was not happy and left a review that reflected that situation. Within a day a representative from New Trent had contacted me to see if they could help. They shipped me a new battery very quickly. Unfortunately, this battery would charge all of my other devices very well, but it would not charge my IPad 3G, which was the primary reason for purchasing the battery.

I do appreciate how fast New Trent acted to help solve my problem, sending me the new battery as well as a prepaid envelope to return the old battery.
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on July 15, 2010
I bought the IMP880 directly from the imaxpower website (now [...]). Took very long to get it, but this was due to the customs at the airport (I live in the Netherlands). When I finally had it, charged it and used it: iPhone 3gs recharged and this did not took that long, I guess not longer than with the power adapter.

It went wrong the third time I used it: a small dark cloud emerged from the IMP880. It got really hot and was discharging like hell: all power gone in just a few minutes. A total failure of the device.

I contacted imaxpower (John and Hellen) and he replied that this was the first time he heard about a failure of this kind for the IMP880. After some more e-mail from me and him I got a RMA address and returned it. John offered me to replace it with an IMP500, never complains, but I wanted to have the biggest capacity. To be sure that if the IMP880 failed again, I requested an IMP500 as well.

This time I used priority shipping, and within 2 weeks I got both devices. Now, months later, both do function flawlessly.

To sum up:
+ excellent customer support
+ IMP880 has an enormous amount of energy, can charge the iPhone 3gs at least 5 times
+ fast charging of iPhone
+ IMP500 little bit less power, but better looking
+ it charges my iPod Clasic (6 years old, first version with color screen) as well
+ tested both charges on the iPad of a friend and it works, but only when the IMP880/IMP550 is fully charged
+ tested it on various other MP3 players and as a power supply for an external hard-drive (2.5 inch inside enclosure, [...] -> site is in Dutch...) and it all works

Only one point of concern:
The IMP500 has a little cover over the USB connector: this might break off in the future. This cover makes it better looking, but it is not necessary. THe IMP880 does not have it, and when you travel with it in a proper way, it will do no harm not having it. My advice: remove the cover.

Very positive! Good products from a trustworthy company. Recommend to buy if you're looking for a large capacity battery pack.
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on September 27, 2013
They were good for a couple of months then we had a problem recharging. You plug them in to recharge and even after 24 hours you only get, at best, a quarter charge. In fact I have one unit that won 't even recharge. I have sent some units back to Amazon who were good about replacing them. But even then the replacements are garbage. Most of those positive reviews are people reporting after a couple of weeks. Wait till they are several weeks and they will find that the units no longer hold a full charge. I loved my batteries when I first bought them so I got additional units for my wife and son. We all found these units are defective after a few weeks. Pure garbage
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on August 8, 2010
This thing works great for any portable device that charges off of a USB, Mini USB, or Micro USB. It has all the connection tips included! I would say that it holds true to the charging capacity of 8900 mAh, which translates into 8.9 amp hours. For those of you who don't already know..the average iPhone has a battery capacity of around 1700-1900 mAh. So, this portable battery (when fully charged) should theoretically be able to charge an iPhone approximately 5 times!!! Anyways, it appears to be built with good quality and it is surprisingly small and easy to carry around. If you charge it up before you head to the airport, I don't see the average person running out of juice. Highly recommend this product!!!


To say that I enjoy the IMP880 Battery Backup is an understatement. I have been using this device for nearly 7 months now and have had great success. Once this battery backup is fully charged, it is able to recharge my depleted iPhone 4 nearly FIVE times! Of course since this device has a standard USB port it is able to charge ANY electronic device that in capable of USB charging. The durability and quality of this product appear to be superior. The weight and size of this product are manageable and make it convenient to take on vacations. I keep this device charged and ready to go at all times just in case my power goes out. I couldn't imagine being without my iPhone 4 during a black out!!! This product is awesome and comes with my highest recommendation. Also, amazon's customer service along with the vendor (IDEALPOINT) are sooooooo GREAT that they offered to replace the charging cord that I have misplaced for FREE. Thanks guys for making sure that your customers are SATISFIED!!!
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