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on April 25, 2012
Ok, so here goes my review. I run 5 Ipads in an office setting, and I have bought numerous styluses. Of all the styluses bought this one is by far the best. I think that any of the styluses with a rubber tip are junk. The rubber breaks and renders the stylus useless. I stumbled upon this stylus on Amazon and bought one. The price was great, but that made me cautious about how good it could be. The other ones I bought were much more expensive. When this stylus arrived, I gave it to the person, who has been known to kill a stylus very quick. After a couple of weeks, I asked him what he thought of it? I was told that the felt tip was the best he had ever used, the stylus was much better to work with and the Ipad was much more responsive to it. The tip is virtually indestructible, and the twist pen is good in a pinch. With his seal of approval, I just ordered 4 more. Great job Trent, you really nailed it.

9/28/12: I just ordered 4 more of these for spares. These are still the best stylus that I have ever bought. I just love them and so does the staff.
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on August 3, 2012
The New Trent stylus is much better quality stylus than many out there.

Outside: The metal is solid and feels like you're actually holding something. It's well-constructed, no gaps in the metal, the paint doesn't wear off in a day, and shape is stylish and attractive.

Inside: The retracting spring works smoothly with no failure.

Nib: The nib is softer than it looks in the pictures. I was a bit worried when I purchased it that it would actually scratch the surface because of the metallic look. But no fear! It's a soft microfiber that glides safely and gently across the surface.

I previously purchased a stylus through The Friendly Swede and it was totally junky looking and feeling. The end was rubber and wide. It looked cheap and felt even worse. I'm really glad I made this purchase.
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on August 30, 2012
So I started researching styluses in more depth, since even my nice PenGo stylus's rubber tip grabbed at the screen a little, and I discovered the world of "micro-knit fiber" styluses. These are rubber tipped, like the typical stylus, but with a very fine metal mesh fabric layer on top of the rubber. They're still squishy like a balloon, the way all rubber-tipped styluses are, but they are supposed to have a lot less friction on the screen, and supposed to be more responsive. After researching and reading reviews, I couldn't decide between two micro-knit fiber styluses: the New Trent IMP63T and the amPen Hybrid. Fortunately, the New Trent 2-pack was only $10.95 with free shipping, and the amPen Hybrid was $8.95, with free shipping through Amazon Prime... so I decided to get both.

What I liked right away about the New Trent stylus(es) was not just that they were retractable, protecting that micro-knit fiber tip, but that the tip was narrower than most stylus tips that I've seen--almost as narrow as my PenGo narrow tip! It's true what they say--there is less friction with the micro-knit fiber than with rubber tips. I like the narrower tip, the ease of movement on the screen, and if what they say is true and that it responds better (maybe in cold weather? I've heard people with cold hands can't always get their screens to respond...) then that's a good thing.

What I don't like about this stylus, and which really starts to bother me after using it for a long stretch, is the plastic sleeve that the tip of the stylus retracts into. It's got a square-on edge that presses against the tips of my fingers in an uncomfortable way. If they would taper the plastic, or at least round the edge, this would be a near-perfect stylus.

What of the amPen that I bought at the same time? Well, its headphone-jack tether was the only "feature" it had that the New Trent stylus didn't have, and I doubt I'd use that very often... but what was really bad was that the amPen SQUEAKED on my Kindle Fire screen! Every time I moved it! It didn't squeak on my phone's screen, but I do most of my stylus work on the Kindle Fire, and that squeaking would drive me crazy. I may give that stylus to my mom, who has an iPad, and see if she wants it.

So overall, this is a very good stylus--probably the best I've used--with only one real downside that I could find... and I think that a little time with a nail file will probably fix that sharp edge issue, at that.
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on May 2, 2012
The micro-knit tip on this stylus is absolutely the way to go. It slides over the screen so much more smoothly than any of the foam rubber tipped styluses. I have four foam tip styluses, but they are going to only be for back-up in case I loose my micro-knit stylus.

However despite the great tip, I can not recommend the IMP62B because of the very short length. I am a guy with fairly large hands and the top of the stylus barely reached the web between my thumb and index finger. It needs to be at least 2 inches longer. I passed it along to my wife who has very small hands. And even then it was borderline too short for her. I ordered the Boxwave micro-knit tipped stylus and am much happier with the longer length of the Boxwave.
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on August 2, 2012
This stylus is one of the best that I've used. It's an essential piece of equipment when trying to keep greasy fingerprints off of your touchscreen devices. While it is a bit shorter than my Targus stylus, it is not too short, and fits comfortably in my hand. It's easy to hold as a traditional pen for drawing or handwriting on my iPad, as well as the hunt-and-peck approach of typing on the smaller iPhone on-screen keyboard. Unlike the Targus, which uses a rubber tip, the Micro-Knit uses some sort of soft, metallic mesh material. I say metallic in that it appears silver in color, but it does not scratch the screen. I have found this material to be much more accurate and responsive than the rubber tip on the Targus. The Micro-Knit is a bit light for my taste, but that also means it's effortless to carry around in a pocket thanks to the included clip, or in a purse; meaning it's always there when you need it. I think the fact that it's retractable is a great touch, allowing protection for the delicate surface that touches the screen when not in use. (Having a retractable function on the stylus is also useful for those restless moments when on hold on the phone, and you have to fiddle with something). The two pack offers an incredible value, allowing you to share with your significant other, or simply have one dedicated to each of two devices. Coming in black and white is also a nice touch, allowing those of us that are more fashion minded than others to color coordinate our devices and accessories. Overall, 4 out of 5 stars for a solidly constructed, exceptional value. The missing star is simply because I'd like to see the stylus a little longer, and a little heavier.
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on October 11, 2012
Alright folks, I know most you who read these reviews are cautious with your money as I am. Long story short this stylus is absolutely gr8 when it comes to being light compact AND... Writing on your protective screen. Most styli have those soft rubber types, or foam tips, or tips with a "disc" (A.K.A. flying saucer) attached to them - all fine and dandy. I happen to be a student who takes notes like there's no tomorrow while attending college full time. This is MY stylus of choice and I'm not ashamed to say it! Yes, I may sound like some cheesy ad for the thing, but so be it.
I've been through numerous styles (6 to be precise since Jan-12) and none work better than this one! I've had from Pogo Sketch Pro down to the generic 3-pack from CVS and then... well you know.
I am a mega note-taker. I use Notability taking notes about 6-9 hrs a day depending on whether or not it's a lab day. I totally forgot I even had this thing. I was shopping for another stylus due my Pogo didn't stand the test with my Gumdrop Ipad2 case - so I'm writing with my fingers, right... Then I saw a review where this guy (or gal- I think it was on Verge) said that steel wool-tips are a way of the future - BAM - epiphany! I had one as a spare (because it was bought cheap) in the bottom of my book bag. I whipped it out tried it on the Gumdrop screen and... BAM - excellent writing with little pressure. Mind you I do a lot of writing this the Arcadia has served me well!!!
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on April 23, 2013
Just received this stylus, so this review is based on first impressions, but so far excellent.

They look good and feel well weighted in my hand and balanced in use. They are quite short, so may not suit someone with large hands. They literally glide across the Kindle with very little pressure needed to register. With other styli (especially rubber tipped), there is sometimes lag between the stylus path and the app producing a line, but I haven't seen any with this one - immediate response from the screen.

They work well and are responsive in all apps tested so far - from drawing to handwriting to navigating to clicking. Very pleased.
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on June 19, 2012
-Feels very good in your hands. Doesn't have that light cheap feel some other products do. Not too light or heavy, which is a plus for myself.

-Gloss black finish looks good out of the box, not sure on how long itll last that way. Not very easily scratched up

-Pen style pocket clip is very good quality and thick. Takes a good bit of force to push unto a pocket/shirt, but will definately stay in place. Don't think you will be breaking it so easily unless you put excess force on it. It is very stout!

-Metal mesh tip is very strange in appeal. When feeling it with your hand its almost like it would scratch your iphone/Ipad/Similar screen when used, but it does not. I pushed as hard as I could on both my Ipad and Iphone screens and got zero marks on either screen. Great technology!

-Tip response is very good. Even the lightest touches will respond on the Ipad/Iphone. Takes a little bit extra pressure when using a thick screen protector, but nothing more than you would normally use.

-The tip is REALLY durable. I pushed it as hard as I could on my Ipad/Iphone. I also picked at it, tugged it, pulled it really hard, and tried to seperate the fibers, but nothing I did even did anything. The tip just goes back to its normal position and is ready to go. You would really have to try to get the tip messed up, because for any sort of normal use this thing looks like it'll last a long time.

-Pretty precise when doing Drawing type games or apps on the Ipad/Iphone. Center precision is alot better than the foam/silicone combinations on other stylus. You don't get that "guessing" where the line is, as its always in the center of the stylus tip. Drawing thin lined objects where alot easier and more precise with this tip.

-I do wish that you offered a "Matte" version of the stylus. People with sweaty palms may not appreciate gloss stylus's as much as they tend to slip in your hands. Matte finish will surely offer more refined grip when using for longer periods of time.

-Could use a bit thinner of a stylus, but that may be personal preference.

-I feel the end cap may be overly large. It seems as tho it is larger than it needs to be to get the tip out of the stylus.

-No real negatives honestly. This thing is great, and at a great price point. Build, feel, and performance are far greater than anything else in its price range for sure.
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on July 1, 2012
This is the one and only stylus I would recommend... It has been a pure pleasure to use this wonderful item from New Trent... I have several other items from them and love them all... Finally, I have found a stylus that will stand up to the use and abuse that a good quality product should endure on a daily basis... Thank you to New Trent for crafting such an awesome product, once again...
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VINE VOICEon April 9, 2013
Get ready for a rave review.

Rubber-tipped styli are trash. They're adequate if all you want to do is write an occasional short note, but if you want to draw, they stick to the glass and change the feel of your pen-strokes. They also make it harder to get meaningful effects from pressure variations in programs like 53's iPad app, Paper.

These Styli solve those problems. As in, "yee-hah! Solved them!"

The metal mesh tip glides over the surface, works well from angles that aren't the perpendicular (straight up and down for those of you who failed geometry) and allow line-weight variation while sketching by varying the speed and pressure of your strokes. Your handwriting with one of them can be absolutely gorgeous, as good and disciplined as paper once you get used to the near absence of tactile feedback.

In terms of its physical design, there are some who don't like the size of them but that is a matter of taste and technique.

People with larger hands may find themselves touching the stylus to the screen and having their hand touch another point. Using one of them is, in some ways, like using a pencil stub, but that small problem is compensated for by the stylus's small size and retractability. Since the tip retracts like a pen, you can carry it in your pocket like a ball-point and that makes up "I've-got-these-meat-hooks-for-hands" factor.

Here's the summary:
1. It writes and draws incredibly well.
2. The price is amazing (you get a package of two for a third to a quarter of their original list price.)
3. It retracts, making it a sort of eternal ball-point pen for your tablet/kindle/iPad/etc.

It's main bad point: You have to watch it like a hawk. if you hand it to someone and let them try it, the kind of people who robo-pockect your pens and lighters will walk away with it.

I think every good person who can have one of these should. As a matter of principle, I only give five stars when the product is not just good, but good, undeniably good and surprising. *These* styli get five stars.

Don't think this is a rave review. Be sure. It is one.
review image
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