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on November 14, 2008
I love my Iphone 3G. It seems every day I find something new it can do. But all the function comes with a price - really lousy battery life. The darn thing drains like a sieve when I use wireless - which is a pain as that is often the fastest connection and offers the best flexibility when using all those fantastic Apps.
So I started to hunt down external batteries - especially for those long flights when I was in the middle of an audio book or new series of TV shows and blimmpppp there goes the battery. The first one I tried cost me $80 and never got to a full charge on the Iphone, only giving me an additional 3 hours of battery- big whoop - I still couldn't make it overseas. I tried another that promised 20 hours but it actually drained the Iphone!!! So imagine my surprise to find this Tecyer that cost half the price and charges like a champ! It is a fast charge too. I can't say how long it lasts but I have gone past 25 hours using video and audio and it hasn't run out. It got me back and forth across the country, over to Germany and France and now I plan to take it to South America. I highly recommend this unit. It is slightly smaller than the Iphone and lighter, and because it doesn't connect directly onto the Iphone but through a cord I can keep the phone in its case.
As for the Kindle - it has a great battery life, but it is great to have a backup should you forget to charge it. I read about this trick on a Kindle blog - and I bought the USB Sync Charge Cable (for Palm Zire 31 72 Tungsten E) and I now use this adapter cable to connect to the battery pack and it successfully charges my kindle! I love it when I get multifunction out of a unit!
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on March 28, 2011
I recently purchased the Verizon iPhone 4 and had been looking at all of my "extended battery" options for weeks and finally decided to get this one. I was initially going to get one of the more expensive extended battery cases, but I thought that since I don't travel THAT often, I didn't want to add the bulk to my phone for everyday use. I use my iPhone on planes to watch movies, play games and listen to music and podcasts and having some extra power with me is great for longer flights. I'll always be able to get off the plane with a full phone battery.

I decided I wanted to see how it would perform so I ran my own little experiment and here are the results:

:: Day 1 ::

I exhausted the iPhone 4 battery by streaming video until the iPhone shut itself down
I connected the fully charged Mobile Power Pack
In about 10 minutes the iPhone was charged enough to power back on (5%)
After 2 hours of charging iPhone had 73% charge;
at 2h 40m iPhone showing 92% battery
at 3hrs iPhone showing 95% battery
within 3hrs 20min full 100% battery on iPhone
several hours later the mobile power pack still shows as having "High" charge available

:: Day 2 ::

I exhausted the iPhone 4 battery again by streaming video
I plugged iPhone into mobile power pack (I did NOT recharge mobile power pack; the pack briefly showed High charge and dropped to Medium in a few seconds)
6 minutes into charging, the iPhone powered up showing 4% battery
15 minutes into charging, the iPhone showed 11% battery
40 minutes into charging, the iPhone showed 26% battery
1 hour and 30 minutes into charging, the iPhone showed 55% battery
3 hours and 20 minutes into charging, the iPhone showed 100% battery (Same as Day 1)

:: Day 3 ::

Normal use of my iPhone brought it down to 76% battery.
I plugged it into the mobile power pack which still showed medium charge.
When I looked about an hour later, the iPhone was at 94% charge and the mobile power pack had been depleted.

Recharging the Mobile Power Pack
Plugged MPP into wall outlet after being completely depleted by prior testing. LED indicators lit up in succession indicating charging in progress.
1 hour and 20 minutes from charging start the MPP was showing low light solid; still charging.
2 hours and 20 minutes from charging start the MPP still showing low light solid; still charging.
4 hours from charging start MPP showing medium light solid; still charging.
6 hours from charging start the MPP showing full charge, lights stopped flashing. (May have been done sooner.)

(NOTE: The manual states that Low indicator means 1-20% charge remains; Medium means 20-80% and High means 80-100%. It would be much more helpful if it was 0-33%, 34-66% and 67%-100%, but it's not THAT big a deal)

Conclusion: A fully charged Moblie Power Pack has TWO full charges (with a little left over) for iPhone 4 before having to recharge the mobile power pack and you can easily get the MPP recharged during a standard workday or overnight while sleeping.
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on July 1, 2009
After receiving the imaxpower, I was going to rate it five stars right off the bat, simply because of the strength of this piece. It states that you can watch 11 movies on a fully charged imax, and even though I did not test it on 11 movies, I did have it plugged in for a while, and I it worked fine, as well as leaving my iphone fully charged afterwards. The thing that separates this piece from similar pieces like the 3gjuice and the mophie, besides from about 3 times the strength, is the simple fact that it charges just about everything you can think of. If you have a wire that connects to basically any of your electronics (I personally tried it on my kindle, blackberry, and Bluetooth) and has a usb plug on the other, it should work without a problem. The reason why I think that this piece the best in its category, and frankly one of the best items you never heard of, is the fact that you can use it on almost any of your handheld's, and simultaneously. I was messing around with this piece, and decided to use a 4 port usb hub and try a few pieces at the same time. To my surprise, it charged them all at the same time and the imax showed no signs of dying( I posted a few pictures so you can see what I mean). Everybody owns something that plugs into a usb. Most people own more than one. I am a tech freak, and can actually charge a lot of my gadgets, AT THE SAME TIME. If there was 10 stars then I would rate it an 11. The only negative I can think of about this product, is that it only comes with an adapter for my iphone (I guess that's what it was marketed for) , and doesn't come with an ac plug, which basically means that you have to charge it with the usb that is comes with; not such a big deal for me. I don't know how this is not the best-seller, I guess its cause nobody heard of it yet, which is why I recommend getting your hands on it now, before they realize that they can easily sell it for double, and still be pretty cheap considering the capability of it. I rate the imax 11 stars, and i think this is the next generation of batteries.
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on July 12, 2009
I will chime in with the comments on the battery capacity of the IMP-500. We used it extensively on our trip to Birmingham, England and back. 26 hours of flight time and a good 8 hours of airport time. It kept our two iPhone charged nicely.

When we purchased our first two IMP-500's one would not charge. We shipped it back to the vendor and received a new one. No problem.

Now the on/off switch on one of the IMP-500's will not work without excessive force. My sense is the switch consists of two metal plates which touch together, and they are no longer closing the circuit.

I don't think it has anything to do with the 2-3 second delay, which is a nice feature and keeps the battery from accidently turning on when bumped in the briefcase.

Without the ability to turn the battery on and off easily the battery is pretty much unusable.

So, while I like the capacity of the battery and it's ease of use, as well as the good product support, the switch is most definately a design weakness in my mind and I would probably not purchase another IMP-500.
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on March 1, 2010
In my opinion believe all the positive reviews, BUT be aware that it does not come with the AC adapter charger when ordered through Amazon. If you go to the IMAXPOWER website, the same item is availble for only $45.95 with free shipping and no tax (at least for my state). Plus, it includes the AC adapter charger!

Seems like a no brainer to order from the IMAXPOWER website when you get more for less, plus you can pay by credit card or PayPal.

I still love Amazon though.
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on September 15, 2011
Got this for a trip overseas so I'd have plenty of battery power. Received the unit in late July/early August. On its first charge it charged 2 phones no problem. Then it charged another a few weeks later. On/off switch did not provide good feedback when it worked so I think it may be the switch. Checked the charging cable and it appears to be fine w/an ohm meter. Preparing to go on the trip and guess what? Charging lights don't come on, depressing the on/off switch and no response. Great, just before I left on the trip I bought it for. We didn't pack this thing!
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on June 1, 2011
I bought this product from New Trent and found it to be okay. Not great, but okay for the price so I did not complain. Weeks later, a representative from the company sent me an e-mail saying they would like to thank me for my business by sending me my choice of a free battery pack phone charger. Of course, I accepted. The representative then e-mailed me again requesting that I post a positive review on Amazon in exchange for the free charger. I replied that I would not wholeheartedly support a product if I didn't feel that way and that bribing someone for a favorable review made me question the ethics and products of the company. Furthermore, there was absolutely no mention of any review in the original e-mail proposing the free "thank-you" charger. New Trent's representative quickly backtracked and offered to send me the free charger if I did not mention this exchange to anyone. After all the e-mails back and forth, I ultimately received a charger that does not even work, aside from my original purchase which was mediocre. Since the charger was a "free gift," I didn't expect much out of it. However, New Trent's request for a positive review on Amazon has now caused me to question how many of these reviews are actually real. Based on this and my experience with their mediocre products, I would think twice about dealing with this company in the future.
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on May 17, 2012
This device seems to be working fairly well - at first it was confusing and the manual provided minimal information -

I wasn't expecting it and I'm not sure why, but the IMP52D has a laser pointer - a quick click of the single button turns it on and off -

A 2 Second Hold Click of the single button turns the charging battery pack on and off - blue lights 2, 3 & 4 indicate the current level of charge - when I first received the IMP52D, only blue light 2 would illuminate - after a few hours of charging all 3 (blue lights 2, 3 & 4) illuminate when I turn the battery pack on

If the IMP52D is being charged, blue lights 2, 3 & 4 indicate 'charging status' - at first, blue light 2 would come on, blue light 3 would come on and blue light 4 would come on, the all 3 went out and the cycle was repeated - after a while blue light 2 remained illuminated while blue lights 3 and 4 would come on sequentially and then simultaneously go out - eventually blue lights 2 & 3 are staying illuminated and light 4 is blinking on and off - after a while (about 8 hours) all 3 lights remain illuminated presumably indicating the the IMP52D is fully charged -

Apparently blue light 1 only illuminates when a device is connected AND the battery pack is on -

Lastly, another I wasn't expecting it and I don't know why, but the IMP52D has an LED light - a 3 Second Hold Click will turn the LED light on or off - if the battery pack was not on, the 3 Second Hold Click will also turn the battery pack on when it turns on the LED light - Turning the LED light off also turns off the battery pack -

Be aware, the IMP52D does NOT include a 110V USB charger - and it does NOT include an iPhone USB cord - it does include a USB cable with a USB 5-Pin Mini B connector and a USB 5-Pin Micro connector - the USB Micro 5-Pin connector will connect the IMP52D to a 110V USB Charger - it will also connect the IMP52D to my Kindle Reader - A cloth carrying case is also included -

I have chargers for my iPhone when I'm at home and in my vehicle - I'm hoping that I can put this in my purse and for those times when my iPhone is dead or almost dead, I can plug the IMP52D in and use my iPhone until I get a chance to charge it -
Details -

At first I was quite confused on how to use the device and whether it was even working or not, so I kept notes as I 'played' with it - The IMP52D has 4 blue indicating lights, left to right - I'll identify them as 1, 2, 3 & 4 - and one button that can be 'Quick Clicked', 'Click and 2 Second Hold' or 'Click and 3 Second Hold' -

Plugged into USB charger with a cable to charge the IMP52D:
* First received it, lights 2, 3, & 4 come on, one at a time, left to right and stay lit until all 3 are on - then they shut off and the cycle repeats -
* After about 1/2 hour, blue light 2 is continuously lit - light 3 & 4 come on, one at a time, left to right, and stay lit until all 3 are on - then lights 3 & 4 shut off and the cycle repeats -
* After about 6 hours, blue lights 2 & 3 are continuously lit - light 4 is blinking on & off -
* After about 8 hours, blue lights 2, 3 & 4 are continuously lit, presumably indicating the IMP52D is fully charged

The IMP52D charged from both my 110V Apple USB charger and my Amazon Kindle USB charger - the IMP52D also charged using either the included cable or my Amazon Kindle Reader cable -
The manual identifies 3 button clicks

Quick click - this one is easy - it always turns the laser light on or off - although at first, I was mystified at why this red light kept coming on & off -

2 Second Hold Click - also pretty easy, it turns the IMP52D battery pack on & off -

I believe blue lights 2, 3 & 4 indicate the charge available - when I first received the IMP52D, turning the battery pack on displayed blue light 2 - after about 3 hours of charging, turning on the battery pack displayed blue lights 2 & 3 - after about 5 hours of charging, blue lights 2, 3 & 4 illuminate when I turn the battery pack on -

I believe blue light 1 indicates IMP52D is charging a device, that is the battery pack is on AND a device is connected - both must be true for blue light 1 to illuminate -

IF my iPhone is connected to the IMP52D and the battery pack is on
* blue light 1 lights and stays on -
* the battery appears on the iPhone lock screen indicating the IMP52D is charging the iPhone battery -
* additional blue lights (2, 2+3 or 2+3+4) may be iilluminated indicating the charge level -

A 3 Second Hold Click turns on the battery pack (if it's not already on) and also turns on the LED light - again at first, I was confused by the white light going on & off -

A 2 Second Hold Click shuts both the LED light and the battery pack off - I don't think it's possible to turn the LED light off and not turn off the battery pack at the same time -

If the battery pack were on and you perform a 3 Second Hold Click, the battery pack will stay on and the LED light will come on - if you attempt to do a 3 Second Hold Click, the battery pack and the LED light will both shut off after 2 seconds -

The above Clicks all work
* if nothing is connected to the IMP52D or
* if the IMP52D is being charged or
* if the IMP52D is charging a device or
* if the IMP52D is both being charged and charging a device -

If the IMP52D itself is being charged, blue lights 2, 3 & 4 indicating the charging status, whether or not a device is connected, that is they will continue the blink pattern -

If a device is connected to the IMP52D to be charged AND the battery pack is turned on, blue light 1 will illuminate, whether or not the IMP52D is itself being charged - if the IMP52D is not itself being charged, the blue lights 2, 3 & 4 may illuminate depending on the battery pack charge level -

Update: the IMP52D will fully recharge a depleted battery (1420 mAh) on my iPhone 4 twice before needing a recharge itself - when I attempted to recharge my iPhone a third time, the IMP52D was able to raise the charge from 15% to 25% before it quit - also, it takes the IMP52D about an hour to recharge my iPhone -
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on February 20, 2011
I bought this hoping many of the stellar reviews would trump the many poor reviews, but unfortunately it turned out to not be the case for me.

I ordered the item to be able to charge my new AT&T Inspire 4G, by HTC. It's a battery hog, so having a portable recharge would be great.

I opened the box, and was really excited because the product is sexi to look at... it's not one of the dark black boxy electronics you usually associate with this type of product. It's curvy and nice looking.

Initial read of the instructions proved to be a challenge, as it's clearly a manual that was written in Chinese and then translated and converted to english for North American sale. It was a bit contradictory and vague in a couple aspects, so I went online and watched the how-to, just so I could say with certainty I was using it properly.

I charged it initially for 24 hours (it recommends 4-6 hours), and the instruction manual that came with it said one light will flash when it was completed charging. After 24 hours, TWO lights were still charging. I went onto their website and it states that when charging is complete, the light should remain on and solid. However this was not the case for me.

I decided based on the specs, 24 hours should have been more than enough to charge it (by technological spec 5 hours from complete drain to full charge is all it should take). I plugged in my device, and immediately all 4 lights lit up on the battery pack indicating full capacity. After 5 minutes, it dropped to 3, then after 10 minutes it went to 2...

At this point I contacted the manufacturer. They were quick to respond that it's likely defective. I questioned if they see this a lot and they said yes. I asked why they don't resolve it and they said (in broken english) that it was what people expect for half the price of the competition. Seems a bit odd of a response from them. To me I'd want to put out the best (usable) product for the price, or not put out a product, but hey, whatever.

BOTTOM LINE: Amazon is issuing me a refund as I'm sending this one back. Normally I'd give the benefit of the doubt and re-order another one, but given the less than impressive response from the manufacturer, I'm planning on returning for a refund. I'm going to order the Zagg Sparq 2.0, which gets great reviews. At almost 2x the price, I'll have to suck it up and pay for it, but I suppose if I want a product that comes with warranty and support, that's the cost of it. I also learned that Amazon doesn't have a lot of flexibility in their marketplace seller practices, so they said their hands are tied. I'll stick to ordering direct from Amazon going forward. :-(
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on July 22, 2011
BUYER BEWARE!! I ordered this item and thought it was the best thing ever, used it one time, perfect. Did not need it for another month, at which point, it DID NOT WORK! (Will not function, will not charge.) And guess what? This seller only offers 30 days returns. And what else? The factory warranty is no good when purchased from this seller! So there really is no warranty to protect you. I warned you!
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