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Ni No Kuni vs The Last of Us

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Initial post: Aug 11, 2013 3:07:44 PM PDT
I've recently started playing Ni No Kuni and have been quite impressed with the production value of this game. It has excellent graphics, a moving score, wonderful story and it's RPG elements give a certain depth to the game not found in others.

As a game, does it compare to The Last of Us? I've heard TLOU is the best game on PS3. What are your thoughts?

Posted on Aug 12, 2013 12:24:40 PM PDT
They're not even remotely similar. Sigh... it's like comparing a Banana to a Chicken Parmesan.

But to answer your question, The Last of Us is one of those very rare games that actually can touch you emotionally and mentally in ways you most likely have not felt before, much like with the Metal Gear Solid series, Shadow of the Colossus and Bioshock. It's unique, and no other games present themselves in ways like The Last of Us does. Rent it, and find out for yourself.

Posted on Aug 12, 2013 1:25:34 PM PDT
My question I guess was whether you are getting a multi-layered game with The Last of Us with a lot of depth or are getting mostly a cinematic experience / story (cut scene heavy). What are you paying for? Should I rent the game or buy it is mainly my question?

With Ni No Kuni I'm getting a deeply engrossing RPG that has lots of menus to navigate, side quests, grinding to level up your character, etc.

Posted on Aug 12, 2013 5:10:31 PM PDT
JJ says:
I'm about 17 hours into Ni No Kuni. It has a wonderful story, but it also has some serious issues once you get further in the game. One thing about Ni No Kuni, which I find absolutely infuriating, is the friendly AI. While the Last of Us' friendly AI isn't detected by enemies, which is immersion breaking, Ni No Kuni's friendly AI makes stupid decisions and dies VERY easily in battles. They'll use all of their MP, and they'll run up to the enemies and get themselves killed in a matter of seconds. It's frustrating and annoying because it's hard to control their actions, so then you're left with all the enemies honing in on Oliver. There are ways to get around it, like setting your teammates to no do anything so they don't get themselves killed. Or make everyone defend/attack at the same time, but the battle system is a bit flawed. It doesn't ruin the game, but it takes away from it a bit. You might notice it later one. It's still a wonderful game though. I look forward to playing more. The story is very engrossing, and the characters are very charming.

To answer your question, The Last of Us doesn't have as many quests or things to do because The Last of Us is more linear in design. That doesn't make the Last of Us bad, in fact, I think The Last of Us is a much better game.

In terms of story in the Last of Us, you're going to get twists and strong emotional beats. You'll be very immersed while playing the Last of Us because the story is so good. Ni no Kuni, you're immersed in the charming world. Imo, Ni no Kuni has a very good/charming story, but there is a lot of fluff. A lot of the story is dragged out. Still a wonderful game, I just prefer The Last of Us' more.

Ni no Kuni is a deeply engrossing RPG, The Last of Us is a deeply engrossing survival action game. Each game has different goals. They are completely different. The Multiplayer adds replay value to the Last of Us, and I've played through the campaign 3 1/2 times. While I'm enjoying Ni no kuni, I don't think I could play through it again. That's because the first 3-4 hours of ni no kuni is a giant tutorial that holds the player by the hand. It would be annoying to play through it again. There's more variety in The Last of Us' combat. Each time I play through the game, I can tackle a situation differently. In Ni No Kuni, you're going to get the same RPG battles.

Imo, so far, The Last of Us is a 10/10 game. Ni no Kuni is a 8/10. I would give Ni no Kuni higher, but the combat is a bit flawed and infuriating when the friendly AI can't stay alive during a battle. So you have to do most of the work with Oliver.

Posted on Aug 12, 2013 5:36:07 PM PDT
JJ...thanks for the reply. I'm about at the point in Ni No Kuni where I receive team help from Rasshad and Esther on the way to the Temple of Trials. I'm a little bit confused now with the battle system menu since everyone seems to be doing something at once whereas before, I was only controlling one familiar or Oliver. I'm just starting to progress to the Temple and I'm about level 13 or so. It appears I have some grinding to do to reach Level 16 before I can proceed inside.

I haven't picked up The Last of Us yet. This game is so layered as an RPG - it just seems so meaty! Do you know what the level cap is? Thus far, I've only briefly had enemies run away from me having been leveled up high enough. What about you? I could honestly see how people could sink hundreds and hundreds of hours into this game especially buying things at the Cawtermaster's shop. There are a lot of different things to equip. Do you even have this much depth to The Last of Us?

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 12, 2013 6:10:53 PM PDT
JJ says:
The Last of Us has depth, but it's not an RPG. So there aren't as many things to do. The Last of Us has a brilliant story, and a brilliant campaign. Ni no Kuni gives you a lot of quests, sidequests etc. You don't get that kind of depth in The Last of Us because The Last of Us isn't an RPG.

I remember that part in the Temple of Trials. I would recommended leveling up as much as you can, because there is going to be a huge difficulty spike soon. Once you sail on a boat, the enemies are going to be a lot tougher to fight. A lot of people complained about the game once you get Esther and the other guy (totally forgot his name at the moment) in your party. They tend to die a lot, and can be more of a nuisance than a help in battles. But you do get the ability of All out attack and All out defend soon, so that should help. Those commands make all your party members either attack, or defend.

Make your level higher, because the enemies started getting really hard once you sail on the boat.

Posted on Aug 12, 2013 7:11:04 PM PDT
Yeah...the more I play Ni No Kuni, the more I am enjoying the game. The demo sucked though for me. They just threw you into battle with the Forest Guardian and it was pretty brutal. The game did a better job of introducing you to everything at a slower pace. The more I play the game, the more I appreciate it. To be honest, I never thought I'd like RPGs let alone a turn based JRPG.

You played through TLOU 3.5 times!!! Wow!! I guess I should potentially trade in a couple of old games to GameStop and pay like 10 more dollars to pick up a copy. I think that's the promotion they're running now. Have you tried the demo? I hear it's available now and was thinking of downloading it to see if I'd like it although the demo for Ni No Kuni really didn't do the game justice.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 12, 2013 7:56:23 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Aug 12, 2013 7:57:36 PM PDT
JJ says:
Yeah, I played through it 3.5 times. I'm currently in my 4th playthrough, but I've been addicted to the multiplayer, which is surprisingly good. The Multiplayer is like a fusion of Socom and Gears, with a survival twist. It's pretty fun. I'm definitely going to beat it for the 4th time, and probably 5 times by the end of the month to get the platinum trophy.

I agree with you. The Ni no Kuni demo was awful. I was so confused while playing it, that I just hated it. But the actual game is great. It's much better to learn the mechanics before you get thrown into battle.

I havent played the Last of Us demo, but I saw the demo on youtube before i bought the game. It puts you in a situation about a hour or so in the game where you first come into contact with the infected. Prior to the section you play in the demo, there is a tutorial mission that really gets you familiar with the controls. So the controls might be hard to get a hang of in the demo, but it does give you a taste of the game. It's a short demo that gets you excited for the game, but it doesn't nearly give you everything the game has to offer.

Posted on Aug 13, 2013 11:32:54 AM PDT
JJ... So far I've been more impressed with Sony's offerings than Microsoft's especially now that I've gotten into Ni No Kuni. It appears that Ni No Kuni and TLOU are some of the best story driven exclusives for PS3. I haven't really played Halo yet but thus far it hasn't really grabbed me. I did enjoy Gears 3 though.

The one thing that's weird that I'm finding with Ni No Kuni, is that I'm not getting any trophies? I only got "En Guardian" early in the game after defeating the forest guardian. Do you think something is wrong with my PS3? I have an older fat one. According to the trophy list, I should have gotten the Gateway trophy for teleporting to Motor City? Are they all awarded at the end of the game? How was it for you? Seems weird to me...

Posted on Aug 13, 2013 7:16:06 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Aug 13, 2013 7:16:40 PM PDT
JJ says:
Hey Joel. Yes, I got the trophy for casting Gateway. I think there may be something up with your system. The trophy is called "Out of this world". I have "En Guardian" "Out of this world" and "Anchors Aweigh" I've played for 18 hours and it's only awarded me three trophies, so they don't give you a lot. That suggests it's a very long game. So that's good. I gotta start playing it again. I started getting frustrated with the difficulty spike and the dying comrades, but it's a great game, so I'm gonna get back into it soon.

But yeah, I was awarded the gateway trophy. If you weren't, there might be something up with your system.

My old PS3 fat actually got the ylod after two years. After fixing it repeatedly for about a year, I finally got fed up and purchases a slim. From what I've been reading, people with PS3 fats have been having issues with The Last of Us. Just a warning. Hopefully it'll handle it. However, I have a cousin with a launch PS3 and he was able to play the Last of Us and had zero issues. So idk..

Posted on Aug 13, 2013 9:33:40 PM PDT
Yeah...I am wondering if I should Pre-order a PS4 especially if it's inevitable that they release an improved model down the road like they did with the slim. My fat is clearly getting old as the touch sensitive power button doesn't really work to power it off anymore and I audibly hear the fan. I dusted it off to play Ni No Kuni. I really only play a handful of titles a year.

I'm finding that Ni No Kuni requires a lot of grinding to effortlessly get through the levels. I spent some time in the desert surrounding Al Mammoon just leveling up people and going back to a waystone in The Temple of Trials to heal up MP and HP. Right now, I'm at the second Waystone up in the Smoky Volcano. I'm about Level 18 or so for most of my party. Hopefully, this is enough to beat the boss. I also bought a bunch of weapons and other gear improving my abilities. Yes, this is a deep game...probably the deepest I've played on the PS3. Reminds me of old school NES titles like Faxanadu.

What's your PSN ID? Add me or I'll add you. Mine is yontcigan.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 14, 2013 3:29:13 PM PDT
JJ says:
Yeah, I've wondered that too. Looking at it from a specs perspective, the PS4 looks very powerful and it seems like it would run smoothly. I think PS3 had 512MB of RAM. The PS4 has 8GB of GDDR5 Ram. That's amazing RAM, and it'll make the system run smoothly with little issues. So while future versions will most likely be more refined, I don't think we'll see overheating issues like on the PS3 fat.

Yeah, I didn't like that about the PS3 Fat. The touch button can get messed up.

The grinding aspect of Ni No Kuni doesn't appeal to me. That's why I'm glad there is an easier option. While I'm very capable of leveling of those characters, I just don't feel like grinding. To me, Ni no Kuni is about experiencing the story and atmosphere, the gameplay shouldn't feel forced. So I lowered to Easy because I don't feel like grinding to get my level high enough to beat a boss.

Level 18 around there should be fine. There's a pretty big boss at the top of the smoky volcano, so be prepared for it. Stock up on items. Personally, Esther got killed alot, so I didn't bother reviving her, and I just beat him by myself. Did you get Swaine yet?

I'm gonna sign into PSN now, and I'll add you.

Posted on Aug 14, 2013 7:39:51 PM PDT
Unit543 says:

Posted on Aug 14, 2013 10:14:35 PM PDT
Not sure if I mentioned it but I'm playing it on Normal. Maybe I should switch to Easy mode like you because I am too getting fatigued of restarting at the previous Waystone and grinding through the same enemies over again until my level is sufficient enough to proceed further. It's very repetitious.

Right now, I saved my spot outside of Al Mammoon. I'm trying to decide whether or not to do some of the bounty hunts before proceeding to Castaway Cove. I'm at Level 19 or so and most of the desert enemies are already running away from me. I also fully stuffed most of my familiars with treats and bought all the gear I could at the Cawtermaster's shop. I think I'm good to go for the time being. I wonder if there is a trophy for doing all the side quests. But to answer your question, I have not met Swain yet.

I like PSN but for PS3 it's social capabilities are pretty ancient. Typing to people using your controller is pretty tedious. I hope they do something about this for the PS4 as that's why I've turned to threads on Amazon. It's just easier for me to use my iPad to type reviews and make comments. I guess they're trying to integrate the capabilities of the Vita which I don't own.

Posted on Dec 5, 2013 4:28:29 PM PST
Gargus says:

They have absolutely nothing at all in common in any way, shape, or form.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 9, 2013 3:25:00 PM PST
netman says:
I kept the AI set on "Keep Us Healthy" throughout most of the game and I never had the problems that you experienced.
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