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on December 18, 2000
If you've never heard this album before, you are either only 15 or have been asleep since 1990, either way you missed out on one helluva ride. NWA made all the headlines with their first album, "Straight Outta Compton," but on "Niggas4Life," they nearly acheived perfection. Granted, had Ice Cube never left the group, this album would be considered one of the greatest of all time ,but that is a "what if." Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, MC Ren and Yella had their backs against the wall after Cube left, amid an array of diss songs, Dee Barnes beatings, etc. Quite simply, they came out swinging. Dre and Ren handle most of the lyrics themselves, spinning wild and gruesome tales of murder, pimpin', and how it relates to L.A., while Eazy provides the punchlines. This formula was masterful, despite the complaining that Eazy wasn't on the album enough. .... Dr. Dre and Yella provide the ultimate soundscape for their hardcore flows, and most of the album strongly hints at what was to come with the whole "g-funk" sound. Like it states above, if you like "The Chronic," pick up "Niggas4Life," it will not disappoint.
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on July 19, 1998
Despite its comedy, Niggaz4Life is in many ways a sad album. Ice Cube had left, and the boys were doing their best to continue after being written off. The production on this album is superb and is coupled with some great rapping, especially from the late Eazy-E. The amount of coarse language may offend many people, but it acts as two things; comedy and impact. The album also features several scenes featuring a cameraman being shot at an NWA concert, the band shooting a prostitute and a guy who's been arrested swearing his head off. Excusing the vulgarity and the comedy, there are some really good rap numbers like "Real Niggaz Don't Die", "Findum, F***um and Flee" and "The Dayz of Wayback". NWA were the revolution, but by the end of the album, the wheels had fallen off and the group had stopped working as a unit. Eazy-E does not rap enough on the album and is left to two hilarious solo numbers including "Automobile" which resemble! s a bar-room singalong. The final track, "The Dayz of Wayback" is an indication that there wasn't going to be anymore. A great album, for those who are not easilly offended.
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on December 7, 2001
If you thought that DMX was "hard" and Eminem was "shocking", then you aint heard nothing yet. Before them, stood the true masters and pioneers of gangsta-rap, causing more shockwaves, and controversy across America than any other rap group since. Niggaz with Attitudes were the guys who started it all, elevating hip hop into mainstream conciousness, marketing music about the realities of ghetto life, to white, middle-America. So much outrage, that even the FBI intervened to censor publication of their records. Beat that Slim shady!!!
This is an undeniable classic. Forget about NWA's much remembered "Straight outta Compton"-this followup surpasses the heights reached from the groups debut album.
From the onset, "Niggaz4Life" has you gripped,with its raw intensity, and gangsta bravado. The music is dark, dangerous and threatening, bringing the listener into a world of chaos, despair, violence and misogyny. You can almost sense the security of your surroundings loosening, metamorphosising into a world, where pushers, thieves, pimps, hoes and gangsters, provide the only focus of reality. The sidewalks of South Central, are brought to you, with all the ferocity from the buckshot of a 12 gauge shotgun. The harshnest in voice from the likes of Ren and Dre, provides the perfect deliverance of unsanitised, explicit lyricism.
What seperates this album from "Straight Outta Compton" is the way in which NWA have stepped up a gear, bringing the fans a combination of full on extremities, dark humour, and progression in musical accomplishment. Listen to "SOC", and you'll find the music incorporates the usage of the typical electronic keyboard sounds prevalent in the 1980s (which were kinda cheesy and non-threatening). In "Niggaz4Life", the background music has shifted into a more sinister, dangerous theme, providing the foundations for the West-coast G-funk sound of the early nineties. The instrumentals alone, for "N4L", could provide a musical score, within a horror movie.
The standout tracks are "Real Niggaz Don't Die", "Niggaz 4 Life","Alwayz into Somethin" "Real Niggaz" and "The Dayz of Wayback"-probably the best one of the lot.
Eminem's lyrics are supposed to be "shocking" in todays society. Pah!! The Marshall Mathers LP pales down to insignificance compared to "N4L". I feel the same energetic intensity today, which I felt seven years ago, every time I pick up this album. If you want to know what quality, genuine gangsta rap is about, without the thugged-out nonsense which seems to be defecating the charts today, then listen to this album. It is definetely one of the greatest rap albums ever made, regardless of the crudility involved. Possess it now.
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on July 1, 2005
Even after loosing their premier lyricist Ice Cube, N.W.A. released another classic record before the group broke up for good. Without Cube's in-your-face political rymes the group was definately less threatening, but Dr. Dre truly upped his game to create some of the best production heard in that day making this album classic for completely different reasons than those that made STRAIGHT OUT OF COMPTON a classic. Dre was coming into his own more than ever with production that signified what was to come with his solo debut and legendary album THE CHRONIC. The beats are all alot smoother than the raw, Bomb Squad influenced sound of their previous work. With such excellent production the fact that MC Ren was no Ice Cube didn't even matter and Eazy E's unique vocals complimented the music and made it appealing to the ears. While the lyrics here are often refered to as parodic (and rightfully so) they are often quite entertaining succeeding the most when they are comedy based. In back to back to back sex tracks "Automobile", "She Swallowed It" and "I'd Rather F*** You" the guys narate sexcapades even Too Short and 2 Live Crew couldn't top that will make anyone laugh. "Automobile" actually sounds like a guy playing piano in a 1890's saloon and would seem extremely out of place on this album, but fits in perfectly due to it's lyrical content. Of course the guys don't hold back from taking shots at former partner Ice Cube either in the heat of the battle between them. This record may not be as groundbreaking as STRAIGHT OUT OF COMPTON, but it's another stepping stone forward toward the landmark LP THE CHRONIC and is still a very enjoyable listen today.
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on February 19, 2000
OK how do you follow up a classic album that got the feds scared? now how do you do it with your premier lyricist gone? SIMPLE...LET DRE MAKE THE BEATS, MC REN WRITE THE RHYMES AND HAVE EAZY-E COME WITH THE HUMOR. I like this album much better than straight outta compton. im not saying that SOC is not good. IM sayin that they stepped up a level on this album. the beats on this cd are still funky enough to bump today. on SOC, you can tell that theyre more old school. the only part that shouldnt be on the album is when they make fun of ice cube for leavin the group to go solo. but that skit is still hella funny. this is one of the top 10 albums of all time. a true classic.
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on March 13, 2000
I heard this CD for the first time only 3 years ago -- a college roommate had it, and to this day I think of her when I listen to it and laugh hysterically. For some of the material, even though misogynistic and graphic, is funny as hell. Songs 13, 14, and 15 or 'Automobile', 'She Swallowed It', and 'I'd Rather F--- You' are the reason I bought this CD in the first place. I'm black and I'm female, but I'm also too busy enjoying the old school beats and pointed lyrics (MC Ren is much better than I remembered him to be) to get indignant about some sexist references that in the end have little to do with me. If you have grown up on hip-hop the way that I have, you'll appreciate this CD within the context of the early 90s, when bangin' beats were of the utmost importance and groups such as N.W.A. were groundbreaking in their efforts to represent a facet of black American life that had previously garnered little attention. Anyone who considers him- or herself a hip-hop fan should not sleep on this CD, or the previous one, when Ice Cube was still a member of the group. After almost ten years, their message still carries more weight than the ghetto-fabulous fantasies flooding the airwaves courtesy of Jay-Z, Puff Daddy, Lil' Kim, etc.
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on November 27, 1998
This album like every other NWA album is the definition of a rap music classic. The worlds greatest group ever, the people who really put west coast on the map, drop their last album this time without talented rapper and lyricist Ice Cube. He went away because of money dissagreements and the groups menages perfectly without him. The music is again ruthless hardcore gangsta rp over some of the greatest production ever held by Dr. Dre and Yella. The lyrics are hard as ever - MC Ren is incedible as usually and Dre and Eazy come up perfect as well. Accept a few comedy tracks, this album does it all. A true great album, a must have for a real rap fan. It's the definition of greatness. it even Has the greatest intro ever.
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on January 16, 2014
If you're into old school rap, and if you're going to by this album, it's best to get this album because it's the original album and NOT the remastered album. Also if you're wanting to buy original albums from back in the days, it's bet to buy this album!

*Printed in the USA if you're buying new or used
*original album
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on August 23, 1998
this album is stacked from begining to end with hard pumpin' beats and strong ass lyrics by the best rap group ever assembled they saved thier best for last even without cube, but it is still an instant classic
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on August 17, 2005
I was vacationing with my first wife, Penelope, in Paris when I first discovered this album in my valet's room. I had become quite ill after an altercation with Penelope (I had discovered information about two of her lovers, both in Paris, and she inadvertently stabbed me in the stomach with an ice pick as I began my interrogation of her). As a result, I was confined to my hotel room for three days. Bored, I popped N.W.A.'s "Niggaz4life" into the CD player, presuming that it was a comedy album in the fine tradition of Bill Cosby or Dick Gregory, but instead: I enjoyed the most enlightening experience of my lifetime.

The rhythm, the rhymes, the gats and the ho's - the singers on this album introduced me to a brave new world that I didn't want to ever leave. Repeated listenings over the next three days ocurred without my mind ever wandering from the intense lyrics shooting from the speakers at me like stray bullets from a drive-by shooting.

The album starts out hard, loud and fast and furious all the way through, but it picks up in intensity around the time "Too Kill a Hooker" kicks in, followed by an all-too true "One Less Bitch."

This was unfortunately the band's final album, and what a wonderful farewell it was. I wish I'd have experienced them live in concert when they were still together. My current wife, Juniper, feels this music has no place on the golf course, but I play it constantly at cranked-volume as I drive my cart from green-to-green. The guys in the club know what I'm all about and no one messes with me.
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