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on September 28, 2009
The refurbished Nikkor 18-105mm AF VR Lens has been functioning very well. The lens is used with a D-60 Nikon. Both autofocus and manual settings have been easy to work with. Great results.
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on June 3, 2012
I have several Nikon film cameras and nikon lenses. I received a Nikon D90 with the Nikon 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S DX VR ED Nikkor Lens as a birthday present. It has been great being able to see images instantly on screen.

About 6 months ago, after becoming more proficient with the computerized manual settings of a digital camera, I started using my old Nikon lenses, which are much heavier than the newer lens (and the camera, as well). Nikon smartly designed their digital SLR cameras to be able to shoot with old Nikon lenses. This means that there are no automatic settings on the lens. The camera cannot "read" the lens. So there is no auto-focus, no ability to set the aperture digitally or meter the light digitally. You just have to do everything manually, which is what we used to do with our old Nikkormats, F's, FE's, etc. It has been beneficial being able to use the old lenses with the new digital camera because some let in more light, others have longer zooms, and fixed lenses are much sharper than the zooms.

The problem is that the Nikon 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S DX VR ED Nikkor Lens is made of plastic, including the mount. It does not like to be mounted or unmounted on a regular basis. Tonight, as I took off this new digital lens to mount an older lens, part of the mount fell off. A curved, thin shard of plastic hit the floor. As I looked more closely at the lens, one of the two remaining mounting brackets was about to fall off as well. I have been mounting lenses for years, and I know how it "feels" when it is mounted correctly. So for the first year of not changing the lens at all, it worked fine---because I never took it off the camera. In the last six months, I would say I have taken this lens off the camera once a week--around 25 times. A lens should be able to withstand mounting and unmounting. It is an inexpensive lens (comparatively to other Nikon lenses) because it is plastic. It may be light weight, but it is NOT sturdy.

Another problem I have had with this lens is that the autofocus is not reliable. Unless the depth of field is long, the subject is not focused. I quit using the autofocus because the focal point would be off most of the time. I thought maybe it was my vision until I started using my old manual lenses. The images are ALL sharp from the older lenses.

Fortunately, there are some youtube videos that show one how to repair the plastic mounting bayonet (part available for $9-20) as opposed to paying $150 or more to have it shipped off to Nikon for repair (reviews for Nikon service on this part are not favorable). It can easily be repaired, but in six months, I will have the same problem, again. I will repair it, but I am going to save my money for a Nikon metal mounted lens so that I can have the auto features when shooting sporting events.

I would not recommend this lens to anyone unless they only use THIS lens (keeping it on the camera) and have a long depth of field for more focus accuracy. For the price of this lens, you can get a nice point-and-shoot from Canon (their S-series have a few manual settings, as well.)
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on November 5, 2013
This lens has become my favorite Nikon "walk around" lens. The perfect range for close up and far away without going to the super heavy and much more expensive lenses.
I am getting super sharp images with this lens. I highly recommend this lens especially for beginners.....
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on November 8, 2012
This lens offers significant improvement over the standard Nikon 18-55mm kit lens in all regards including zoom range, sharpness, geometric distortion and color fringing, and tactile feel. It also produces some "wow" factor based on it's larger size, especially with the Nikon tulip sun shade attached.

The zoom range of 18 to 105mm covers about 95 percent of the range most avid hobbyists will ever need. The ideal portrait range falls right in the middle of the sweet spot of the zoom range.

Across the entire 18-105 zoom range, this lens has noticeably more sharpness than the 18-55mm kit lens. There is less geometric distortion and less chromatic abberation as well, with low levels that are excellent for a kit lens. It is significantly better than the Canon 18-135 lens in the same price range.

Even though it's an F3.5 to 5.6, it stays open a bit wider through the same zoom range as compared to the 18-55 kit lens, which means at 24mm, this lens is at F3.8 instead of F4 for the 18-55. Images will be just a tad better in low light at similar zoom ranges as compared to the original 18-55mm kit lens.

The lens has auto-focus and built in vibration reduction that works with all Nikon DSLR bodies, including the D40. The construction quality is on par for an upscale kit lens with a little tighter and better feel. The plastic mount fits snugly onto the camera body. The plastic mount does not seem to be a problem during normal use, and it certainly offers no loss of optical performance. It's more of a psychological problem than a real one unless you're prone to carelessly smashing your lens into solid objects. That said, if Nikon had spent the extra dollar on a metal mount, this would have been their best selling lens.

For the price of this lens, I'd say it's Nikon's best bang for the buck, especially from the point of view of optical quality.
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on January 27, 2011
I used to use the Nikkor 18-70 that came with my D70. When I upgraded to the D90 I also purchased this lens. I find the image quality a bit better than the 18-70 and the vibration reduction an added advantage in slightly lower light situations. I also like the extra reach. It makes it less likely for me to need to switch to my telephoto lens. This is not a professional quality lens so the build quality is a bit lower. But for a zoom lens of this range and at this price point I find it quite nice.
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on April 8, 2015
I have had this lens for over years and it's my primary travel lens. Paired with my Nikon D5200 it make for a great all around one lens solutions. Took this combo to Maui Hi in 2014 and produced excellent photos. Now Nikon has introduced it's 18-140 focal point lens, no need to change out for 35 extra mm. Very please that I purchase this lens. It's my number one go to lens for my D5200.
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on September 28, 2010
I pretty much like this lens. I have been using in for about 3 months.
I bought it as a single lens solution for a trip I was taking back east and did not want to carry 5 lenses with me. I do have a Sigma 18-200mm which I really like but it's a non VR (OS). After some experimenting I see the real value in a VR type lens.
The Nikon 18-105 also is in the zoom range of my flash and using TTL keeps things simple for me. The images with this lens on my D300s are really good. Some bad shots but they were like my fault (still learning the secrets of shooting with the D300s.
I do agree with another review that the build on this lens is a little flimsy. My two main complaints (1) the focus ring is really easy to grab and easy to rotate. I am uncomfortabe with that cause of the warrning with the D300 as well as other Nikons about using manual focus when you are in Auto Focus Mode (IT COULD HARM THE AUTO FOCUS MOTOR). So maybe it should not be so easy to grab and turn. I guess the solution was the same I used to get to Carnegie Hall (practice, practice, practice). (2) The lens hood is really cheaply made and is hard to get on and off (funtionaly ok). Unlike my 18-55 kit lens shows no vignetting when wide open and the lens hood in place, so that's a good thing. It has become the lens I keep on the camera most of the time and covers about 90% of my shooting. I have not seen any practical degredation in my images in any portion of the zoom range and it's close focus is usually good enough to get a little creative. Anyways,,, A good lens for the price for sure.
So untill they build a lens mount on a turret so you can quickly change prime lenses. This lens is a practical solution for my needs.
review image
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on July 16, 2009
I really like this lens a lot accept for one thing....... I bought a uv filter to protect the lens only to find out that I had to return the original and order a step up ring and larger filter. The 67mm filter when tightened actually touches the lens, so with the step up ring and new filter I was able to avoid the glass on glass that was occurring.
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on December 12, 2010
I use this lens when on trips our just around town. gives lots of flexibility when traveling with one lens to very those portrait shots or landscape/cityscape photos. Definitely recommend this over the 18-55 lens many people have.
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on June 17, 2010
I had this lens for 6 months, paired with my d5000. This is my first Nikon lens (having shifted from Canon). For the price, focal length, built and image quality, its just right for an enthusiast. I used to crave for longer focal lenght but have realized that most of my shots were never past 100mm. This lens surely fits the budget and I am planning to buy a 35mm 1.8 as a compliment to this lens.
During my recent trip to HK, I was able to take great shots with this gear and I'm very happy and satisfied with it!
If money is not an issue, an 18-200 would add more versatility though but the only advantage of it is the extra long end (as I have compared pics using my friend's 18-200). Quality wise, performance, reliability, they are pretty much the same.
Now with the plastic mount, its not really an issue for me. SInce I'm not a pro, a little distortion and light falloff is acceptable. Both this and the 18-200 has these imperfections.
Overall, this is a good buy!
review image review image review image
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